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  1. Now where is my smoking hot wife? Oh well. Who’s got a beer?
  2. I like these. Pretty comfortable. But football? Not so much. Jump man would be my choice if I had one.
  3. Had high hopes for this one because LSU sucks themselves. Sadly more of the same. Can’t finish a game. Stupid 4th and 10 call. What a maroon. War Eagle folks
  4. I think you can subscribe to the app the pay version and your good but I could be wrong. It’s happened.
  5. Live from Orange Beach. Only juicy tidbits I have at the moment. WDE Beat the Corndogs!
  6. 17-27 Auburn Just a hunch. That’s it. WDE. Stranger things have happened.
  7. What a relief. Thought I was in the minority w Andy. He’s a great man but very boring. Haven’t listen to anything but pregame since Rod and even he had to grow on me.
  8. I don’t see any negatives to hiring Sanders. Coach Primetime has a nice ring to it and he/Auburn would without a doubt be an instant major player come signing day. Get him before he’s gone.
  9. Never. Every w is a w. Harsin will be old news while these w’s continue forever.
  10. Just making a point that this dude is not the dude. He’s not in the zip code of the dude.
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