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  1. Caddy is great but he ain’t the answer. If we screw this up it’s curtains.
  2. Freeze would be a major disappointment to me. This is a major crossroads. We need Kiffin or Prime. No more shenanigans. It’s time to compete for players everyday. It’s Jimmy’s and Joe’s.
  3. Just glad he’s gone and ain’t coming back. Buh bye thanks for what’s about to happen. WDE
  4. Had a lump in my throat after reading that. Great stuff. Auburn people know the opportunity before us. Let’s hope this is the new beginning we’ve all dreamed about. War Damn Eagle 🦅 Forever
  5. First game New Mexico State vs. Auburn Nov 6th 1993. 14-55 Good guys! Best game in person - 1997 Iron Bowl Auburn November 22nd 17-18 Scissum fumble and FG as time expired! Went with a good Bammer friend who had two tickets and sat in their endzone in my Auburn Hoodie. How sweet it was!
  6. I’d still say Kiffin is way more scary to Coach Satan and Kirby than Gundy would be. Not a terrible idea though IMHumbleO. I’ve heard worse last few days.
  7. Must there always be a “villain”? I’m just glad it’s over. Best Halloween ever.
  8. You ain’t gotta go home but you got to get the hell outa here! Peace
  9. It’s Kiffin for me until he turns us down.
  10. Good luck but good riddance. War Damn Eagle!
  11. Yes. We need better players everywhere.
  12. When I got married and had a child it all changed for me. Love Auburn and always will but it is what it is. I don’t hate CBH. What good does that do? Can’t blame the guy for seizing a once in a lifetime opportunity. He just doesn’t have what is required to be successful at such a place as Auburn. This too shall pass. Just a matter of time. Just like Tom Petty said, “The waiting is the hardest part!” WDE FOREVER! We will rise from this and it will be glorious! Just hang tough brother!
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