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  1. Where can u listen to this show?
  2. Hell Baylor is beating OU 14-3 right now. Why do we make it so hard? Nobody better say “that’s what she said”. Ok thanks
  3. Remember when everybody was making fun of Orgeron? Remember that.....Good times....
  4. Like no other in the world! That’s makes me feel a lot better actually. WDE
  5. He will make those plays someday. WDE proud of how the team fought
  6. Again. Painfully obvious to the average football fan where the problem is. Lost every game the same way. Got lucky with Oregon.
  7. You should have to answer for being shut out by your second biggest rival at home. Especially with this idiots track record.
  8. Watch this chit. They will throw deep from 2 on first down. Book it.
  9. I hope somebody takes a dump on something Gus Malzahn loves someday. I really really do. I hope he feels Auburn fans pain. I don’t think he gets it. Even now.