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  1. So proud of these guys. All timers for sure regardless of how this goes the rest of the way. War Damn Eagle!
  2. Glad Auburn ending year in much better way than last year! Gus will come and go but Auburn will always be Auburn! Gonna try and stay positive this next year. No matter what happens.
  3. What the? Give this man a new contract!!! ;)War Eagle!!!
  4. I’m really struggling today. Can’t find any light at the end of the tunnel. Oh and Satan won another conf title. With 1minute or so to go with backup qb. This is gonna be a long long offseason. Btw I hate turd fans.
  5. You suck. Pretty funny though.
  6. Yes sir. It’s way way past put up or shut up time. He wants to beat the odds have at it I guess. I’m not a believer.
  7. Anybody else seeing this hashtag from turd fans? Seems we have a little Mike Shula situation here at Auburn. I myself never felt concerned while he was there. Any thought?
  8. I hate Alabama and always will. Worst fans in the history of the world. Family or no. Worst. No humility. They don’t know the meaning of the word. I want them to lose everything. Always. I’m just glad I’ll Godwilling live long enough to see saban retire or leave. WDE forever. Auburn men played hard. Had one hand tied behind there backs all season due to the suck butt coaches.
  9. Let’s run it again and see what happens
  10. Well supplements are available boys.