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  1. You are absolutely correct. I’m afraid some of our higher up decision makers feel this way as well. It’s not Auburn. No Auburn I’m familiar with.
  2. Minnesota has a coach. We have a Sunday school superintendent.
  3. That’s the problem. Malzahn having job security. Gonna be a chit show.
  4. How you hang 48 on bammer and do this against Minnesota. Malzahn will always be inconsistent and mediocre.
  5. War by God Eagle! I love you all! Happy Thanksgiving Murray Christmas holy $@!* where’s the Tylenol?!
  6. In Helen,Ga. hope we find a way inspite of Gus. WDE
  7. Where can u listen to this show?
  8. Hell Baylor is beating OU 14-3 right now. Why do we make it so hard? Nobody better say “that’s what she said”. Ok thanks
  9. Remember when everybody was making fun of Orgeron? Remember that.....Good times....
  10. Like no other in the world! That’s makes me feel a lot better actually. WDE