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  1. Sweet Jesus send us some Alpha wide receivers and some Big Uglies on the oline. Amen
  2. Goodman is trash. No Auburn person should give him the time of day IMO.
  3. Sports columnists ain’t what they used to be.
  4. I agree completely. Hurts to hear and hoping change comes sooner rather than later. Tired of always waiting for “next season”.
  5. Targeting! Targeting. It’s getting to where I cannot enjoy a single game. This is pretty much the only game I watch. It’s no longer enjoyable. Sad. Something I’ve loved since I can remember remembering things. The game is just almost ruined for me. WDE anyway. Love Auburn regardless
  6. Just off putting that a grown man would whine like this. Good grief. Hell maybe he’s trying to provide bulletin board material. Who knows. Strange times they are.
  7. Fine by me. Could’ve done much better than Bobo. Nobody misses him but his mama.
  8. Good riddance. If I never see another sugar huddle it will be just hunky dory. Buh bye
  9. Also should’ve beat Penn St.
  10. Maybe the mean streak was born today. Maybe.
  11. I’m afraid this dude took the paycheck. I don’t blame him. We should do better hiring a head coach. Same ole same ole. Some can and some can’t and this dude looks like another one that can’t. Also recruiting is below what we should be doing. First year or not.
  12. I hope you are right my friend. So disappointed with tonight’s outcome.
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