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  1. Just got to learn how to do everything in moderation.
  2. Edwards, Norton, and Roundtree are not going. Bridges, Queen, and Smith are expected to be there. Arden Key told LSU 247 site he would be there this weekend. He has LSU in his top 5 so I would think he goes there instead.
  3. Tenn will struggle until they get a legit QB. Gibson doesn't fit their system and will be a mistake if he ends up there.
  4. He is all Auburn and I think Ivey will be up for grabs between AU and UF.
  5. Patterson didn't show. Some headlines from articles... AU leads for Colbert AU top 2 for Wilkerson Roundtree had excellent visit with praises for coaching staff and family atmosphere AU in top group for Burt
  6. The 6 foot comment was based of a writer on FSU 247 site. In that pic he looks 6'2".
  7. Jalen told me he is visiting this weekend.
  8. Teammates with WR Jayson Stanley and and OG Marquel Harrell
  9. Venzell, Boulware, OT Fairburn, GA (Creekside) Ht: 6-4, Wt: 270 lbs - Recruiters: Rodney Garner (P), J.B. Grimes (S) - Visited Auburn 2/28/14; obtained offer Offers: Alabama, Auburn, Clemson, Florida, Kentucky, Michigan State, Mississippi, Ohio State, Penn State Purdue, South Carolina, Tennessee and USC, among others. 247Sports: 3* Rivals: 3* Scout: 3* Hudl Highlights http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGa8KG144s0
  10. I'll ask the guys on 247. He wasn't on their list.
  11. 4 star WR John Burt (one day visit) 4 star S Rashad Roundtree 4 star S/LB Jordan Colbert 4 star OG Javon Patterson 3 star TE Jalen Wilkerson
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