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  2. Josh Gray is starting to get a lot of CBs to LSU
  3. get him a yearly subscription to the Cheeburger Cheeburger diet and he can go a loooooonnggg way
  4. yall are nuts, SC has supported all his friends decisions even JC yesterday
  5. ? jalen was just on SC's insta story last week
  6. very impressive. national analysts are usually pretty bad at picking correctly for auburn basketball, especially when theyre out of state (just go look at CBs for okeke, mustapha, cimeon, tj dunnas, davion mitchell, thor, trayvon reed, the list goes on). makes me respect bossi that much more
  7. no doubt. Penny got outcoached by ROB EHSAN for 35minutes...... Bruce is leagues ahead of the guy in terms of coaching
  8. He's really good friends with Kuminga as well, so it will be interesting to see how this one plays out (if Kuminga stays in the 2021 class)
  9. eric bossi has a futrecast for Green to Auburn as well today
  10. makes me respect the auburn reporters across all sites as more professional than this douchecanoe