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  1. lost to colorado earlier in the week
  2. Yea it hasnt been working for a couple of weeks now. Weird thing is that tiger talk was fine but the game broadcast wasnt
  3. Would probably target Cliff Omoruyi and Rongie Gordon pretty hard if that were to happen
  4. The article your talking about is quoting Bruce Pearl direclty from preseason interviews. Auburn recruitied Turbo as a 2 guard before they knew Jared was leaving his junior year. Turbo was actually supposed to be Bryce's replacement but kinda got forced into a backup PG role, which is fine cause we'll need him for the next 3-4 years to play that position for us in limited minutes. Hopefully he gets some good experience this year.
  5. He missed most of summer workouts due to a stress fracture (a lot of high school kids are getting them nowadays from playing too much with AAU + highschool ball). Plus it takes time for a young PG to learn Bruce's system. He will be good, it will just take some time. Even Jared was slow to start, just give the kid some time. I'm hoping he gets a lot of minutes within the next week to grow into the role more.
  6. the info is from "Not an Insider" on the bunker. He said its not kessler or brakefield. Been on point in the past but not sure if he's an insider or gets second hand info.
  7. jalen green is there next to sharife in the commit video
  8. Sharife was on campus according to Devan Cambridge's instagram story, along with his brother and dad
  9. Hope he ends up at UAB. could be one of their better PGs in a while!
  10. Powell is on the rise lately. Last weekend shot 58% from the international 3pt line at AAU camp (the new 3pt line). Gonna be a stud!
  11. srry to disappoint you jeff, but im a 2015 auburn grad with 0 years of eligibility left
  13. I'm still missing the JwgreDeux previews to the games. Those were awesome reads last year!