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  1. We live in a nation now where everyone wants their rights (get some money now) and nobody wants any responsibility (play out your eligibility, get an education, then go to the NFL or go to work). You know, boring traditional college athlete stuff. College football has become big business, really big business. After working (41) years after college for "for profit" companies, one thing I can assure you of is that companies are absolutely ruthless when it comes to increasing profits at the expense of any and everything else. What does this mean for college athletes? It means that they are
  2. Pretty clear that he doesn't trust his protection. Easy to say, well he had good protection on a given play and didn't make a good throw, but how many times before that was he running from an unblocked rusher? I don't think he makes footwork mistakes because he is nervous or afraid, I think he is hurrying because he is afraid he is not going to get a chance to make a play. Consistent pass protection will go along way toward improving Bo Nix's footwork. Paraphrasing what I once heard Pat Dye say, "You get enough pressure on em, they all just ordinary". Don't know who will come out of the q
  3. From what I have read on other sources, his reluctance was rooted in the cost of the change, and not an approval of CGM's performance. Have also read that ADAG did not fire Gus, Dr. Gouge did. I would really like to see ADAG succeed at Auburn University. I don't know if that is possible now.
  4. The 2020 Fall SEC Academic Honor Roll is based on grades from the 2020 spring, summer, and fall terms. Football Zion Puckett - Mechanical Engineering Jacob Quattlebaum - Electrical Engineering Malcolm Russell - Civil and Environmental Engineering Clarke Smith - Master of Engineering Barrett Tindall - Civil and Environmental Engineering Jacob VonEschenbach - Industrial and Systems Engineering Brooks Walton - Aerospace Engineering Amazing these young men were able to accomplish this while being members of the football team and all the demands tha
  5. I know a lot of people on this board are very high on Finley as the heir to or even replacement for Nix, but I still like D.Davis. From what I saw in the spring game, he moves around in the pocket really well, was pretty accurate on deep throws, checked down quickly under heavy pressure, and when he did run, he was pretty dangerous. Showed a lot of poise for someone a few months out of high school. People say that spring games tell you nothing but I think the guy can play. Time will tell.
  6. Good thoughts, but I fear that the offense will leave our defense on the field for too many snaps over the course of the season. Tank is an outstanding back. He might be better than most of the great backs that have played at Auburn, but he is running behind a less than elite o-line. I think the biggest problem the team will have will be executing the passing game and not entirely because of the offensive line. My guess is the receivers are going to have difficulty knowing how to adjust their routes based on coverages. The receivers are mostly young and inexperienced with only spring
  7. Coach Harsin and Coach Bobo will put the guy out there that they think gives Auburn the best chance to win. I hope we all believe that at this point anyway. That will decide the issue. Maybe this thread has run its course.
  8. He didn't play much in the A-day game but the few plays he did have he looked great. The check down throw he made to (#44) was made under very heavy pressure and the go ball to (#16) was perfect. I can't predict what he will become, but I don't recall seeing a more impressive freshman quarterback at AU. He reminds me of Condredge Holloway at Tennessee (72-74) in just the way he carries and conducts himself on the field.
  9. I think Harold Joiner is the biggest loss for AU on the transfer list. I thought he showed a lot of determination the few opportunities he got, and I didn't see any evidence of him shying away from anyone. When thinking of the situation we have at RB, I definitely think he is the biggest loss. Next season will tell us how big of a loss.
  10. I didn't attend the pep rally but I did play a lot of pickup basketball in that place. Some of the football players would come over and play. I remember specifically Scott Blackmon and Mickey Zoffco. Zoffco had the best hands of anyone I have ever seen. You could not bounce a pass to him that he couldn't catch. Blackmon had ferocious elbows and would use them when rebounding. Fond memories from long ago. I didn't go to the game but listened on the radio. It was pandemonium after the second blocked punt. One of those moments in time that you can never forget.
  11. Nope, you are not the only one to remember them. I think they played on the same team. Wasn't Walls the starting quarterback in the 1972 Iron Bowl, and didn't he engineer the late drive for the field goal that had the fans unhappy, but turned out to be pivotal in the (17-16) AU comeback victory.
  12. Tank is the best one cut back I have ever seen. If the o-line can get him to the second level, he will be a threat to score every time. Don't know if the receivers were getting knocked off their routes or were running the wrong routes, but there did not appear to be a lot of separation, and the quarterbacks struggled to get the ball to them against the one's D. Definitely need to get (transfer or develop) an SEC back to help Tank before fall or he won't last the season. D. Davis is a bit short. Not sure how he will get the ball downfield against SEC defensive lineman.
  13. Ok, so he threw three interceptions in a SEC game against South Carolina. Help me if I am wrong here, but in order to throw an interception, you first have to be in position to throw a pass. Being in a situation where you are allowed to throw a pass in organized, competitive football at any level is reserved for only a few. Being in a situation where you are allowed to throw a pass in organized, competitive football at a division one SEC school is even rarer. I wonder how many critics of Bo Nix have ever been in either of the aforementioned groups?
  14. I assume you are referring to the game of golf and not our very own "Golf". 😄
  15. I found this link about a book his wife authored covering the shooting of a moonshine runner named "Don Hudson" in Chattanooga, July 20, 1957, and the trial that occurred in later years. https://www.chattanoogan.com/2010/9/25/184891/New-Book-Details-1957-Bobby-Hoppe.aspx
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