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  1. No he won't be terminated this year. It is just too much money. Here is a question. How many of you, even if your net worth was greater than say ($500) million, would donate the money for the buyout ($26.625) million to an institution that hired a university president (Steven Leath) who signed the ($49) million seven year contract in the first place? Remember that same institution rewarded the aforementioned university president with a separation package north of ($4) million when he was unceremoniously terminated recently. I know I wouldn't.
  2. There is plenty of Gus hate out there tonight and so I won't add anymore. I still think the biggest problem is recruiting on the offensive side, specifically o-line and running back. So if Auburn hires a new or interim coach they better be certain that the guy can recruit with Saban, Smart and Sweeny and possibly now Mullin, or history will repeat itself.
  3. The defense has an inherent disadvantage to the offense because the offense knows what the play is and they are attempting to disguise it from the defense. The offensive lineman are typically the largest players, as a group, on the field and can wear down a defensive line over the course of a game and linebackers too for that matter. I really feel bad for this years defense because our offense has left them on the field for far too many plays. At this point I just want to see all of our elite defensive players get to the end of the season uninjured and get to the NFL and get their money. Of course I would love for us to beat Georgia and Alabama but seeing those guys succeed is more important to me right now. So in summary I would rather have a good offense than a good defense if I had to choose one or the other.
  4. Maybe we could hire Steven Leath as a consultant, and he could convince the University to give CGM a seven year ($49) million extension. Yikes! You know, to keep him from bolting to Arkansas. Any support for this out there?
  5. Sounds about right. My prediction before the season started was (8-4) or (7-5) if we lost to one of the "ssippi's". We didn't so (8-4) looks likely. I just don't see the QB play improving that much against a really good defense even at home. I don't think we will be able to control the ball on the ground against their D forcing us to execute the passing game and that will be a problem. There is no longer any threat of a change of pace QB coming into the game so Georgia has less to prepare for. FYI, I read today that the buyout at the end of this season will be ($26.625 Million). I think he stays even at (8-4) in year seven. My other preseason prediction was that the wheels come off in (2020). I will stay with that prediction too. I would love to be wrong about all of this in the best possible way for my Auburn Tigers but it is what it is. Let's remember who is really responsible for all of this, so a big shout-out to that master of contract negotiations, Steven Leath!
  6. I have to disagree with this statement. I think everyone that is truly orange and blue wants the very best for Joey Gatewood and hopes for nothing but success in his future. I know I do. I wish it could have been with AU but it won't be, nevertheless hoping the best for JG including an NFL career. I am sure you feel that way too.
  7. I thought the same thing because I forgot just how stubborn CGM can be!
  8. I know a lot of people feel that Bo is going to be a great QB and I truly hope he will, but right now his footwork is so bad that I can't fathom how he is going to get to that level. He sometimes throws with his body parallel to the LOS using mostly arm strength to get the ball to the target. Sometimes he throws falling back. Seldom do I see him actually step into his delivery. It seems that when he does find an open receiver he is trying to deliver the ball as fast as possible before that window of opportunity closes. We know that he has been thoroughly trained in basic mechanics by his coaches throughout his development but somehow that training is disappearing in the heat of battle. Seems to me that the loss of good mechanics is a serious issue and one not easily rectified, especially for a QB with as much training as he has had. It would be interesting to know what some of the knowledgeable posters on this board think about the footwork issue?
  9. It is being reported that JG did not practice today. Speculation is he might be considering his options.
  10. There is no doubt and everything that goes with that!
  11. Here is a snippet from Gus's Tuesday Presser. -- Any temptation to turn to Joey Gatewood more when Bo Nix struggles? “Every game is different.” Translation: Not a chance unless my tail is really in the crack, meaning my hair is on fire and my tail is catching.
  12. I knew this was BS but I clicked anyway. Sad
  13. Exactly. It was a very clever way to give LSU a strategic advantage while statistically appearing to be calling the game fairly for both sides.
  14. If anyone gets away with anything in that game it will be Bama. My instinct tells me that with the attention the lack of holding calls is getting after the AU-LSU game, the officials will be watching the LSU O-line pretty closely in Tuscaloosa in two weeks.