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  1. CodeRocket

    No Matter What

    "Alabama fans love Alabama football. Auburn fans love Auburn." Pat Dye Sorry, text did not post with link on first try.
  2. CodeRocket

    No Matter What

    “Alabama fans love Alabama football. Auburn fans love Auburn.” — Pat Dye
  3. I read that the culprit on the last drive was the field judge named "Phillip Davenport". Don't know if this has already been posted here.
  4. CodeRocket

    So what's to come?

    I concur with everything stated here except that I am hopeful that CJBG will get some of the o-line issues resolved. I remember reading on this board earlier in the summer, I think it was anonymous quotes from other SEC coaches, that our QB would lower his eyes when feeling the rush. If true it would explain not seeing some of the open receivers. My guess is we finish 9-3 if this was the one we typically lose that we should have won and 8-4 if not.
  5. CodeRocket

    LSU postgame thread (merged threads)

    Very disappointed in D-Line play. I really thought they would dominate and pressure the QB.
  6. CodeRocket

    Best football coverage is here

    I would like to add a shout-out to a couple of poster's that I always look for: BigBird, AuGolf, CoarchJay and of course JMR. I know there are others and I certainly don't mean to offend anyone. I just appreciate all of the insightful information that one can find here. By the way where is AuStudent23 ?
  7. CodeRocket

    When and when not to look for the ball.

    Thanks, this explanation will prevent a lot of future frustration.
  8. CodeRocket

    2018: AU vs. LSU Kickoff Set

    Thanks for the clips "Red", My favorite is Eddins getting the LSU quarterback. He closes so fast after getting around the tight end.
  9. CodeRocket

    My thoughts from the 2017 season

    The YouTube video of the band at the end of the (2013) Iron Bowl taught me something about the Auburn Band. Specifically how disciplined they are and how much practice it must have taken to achieve that. It has become my second favorite highlight from that game. For those that haven't seen it they are as excited as any fan during the kick return, but at the very end of the run back they all refocus to play the fight song. Take a look if you haven't seen it before or just want to see it again.
  10. CodeRocket

    Demographic Curiosity

    69 Male Georgia 1975 - BSME I read this board everyday. Can sometimes find out more here than on the pay site I subscribe to. Life long Auburn fan. Went to my first game when I was maybe (8) years old. Former Auburn great Bobby Hunt taught me to swim while he worked in the summer for the local recreation department. Malon Kent (backup QB when Auburn beat Alabama 10-8, Jimmy Sidle was the starter) was from my hometown. Old timers might remember that he threw a touchdown pass and completed another long pass to set up a field goal in that game. I think Tucker Fredrickson caught the TD pass.
  11. CodeRocket

    Expectation Management

    Absolutely correct. War Dam Eagle
  12. CodeRocket

    What happen on the first play of the game???

    Funny comment from my wife when this play occurred: Wife: "What happened on that play? Why didn't he get the ball?" My response: "He's just a freshman dear". Wife: "Well it is not his first rodeo, I mean he played football in high school. On a play like that you throw your butt on the ball, and find out later if you had to." She doesn't know much about football, but it is hard to argue with her logic.
  13. CodeRocket

    A reflection on Nick Marshall

    From an old war veteran (RVN 71/72) and Auburn graduate (1975), I believe Nick Marshall is an absolute warrior.
  14. CodeRocket

    ***Auburn vs. Alabama -- Post Game Thread***

    Defense sucks !!! Auburn wins with just an average defense.
  15. CodeRocket

    ***Auburn vs. Texas A&M Post Game Thread***

    So many missed tackles. Defense seems to be getting worse each week. I have to wonder if this team is mentally exhausted after so many tough opponents in succession.