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  1. 7-5 or 8-4 . I hope I am wrong. Freshman QB's are a big unknown. JG will have to be prolific as a runner early in the season if we are to get passed A&M. Some people are predicting a championship season but with our schedule it is going to be difficult Losses: Oregon - They are a solid team with an experienced O-line and a lot of returning players on defense. Their defense is not as good as ours but it won't have to be. First start for a Freshman QB and on the road Florida - Could go either way and I hope it goes ours LSU - At red-stick what can I say Georgia - Too much talent and experience Alabama - Too much talent and experience I think Gus returns for 2020 unless we have a losing record. I think the buyout will still be over ($25) million at the end of this season. I will say that if I were a wealthy booster I would be more inclined to subsidize a buyout now that Leath is gone. Still the numbers are pretty large for a buyout and new staff contracts plus a FOF. We are talking some attention getting $$$ even for a multi-millionaire. I have a couple of them in my wife's family and believe me they watch their money.
  2. I am a life long Auburn fan and an AU alumni but my oldest son graduated at UGA. He now lives in Arizona and occasionally sees a fellow Bulldog out there but he says that the tide fans far and away out number the Georgia or Auburn fans he encounters. They are ubiquitous and obnoxious. He pulls for Auburn except for the Georgia game and I reciprocate for Georgia. It does take some of the fun out of beating them knowing that it is causing him anguish. I guess that is one of the benefits of having beaten them only one time in the last five years. I have no such constraint when it comes to Alabama and so I disdain them all out 24/7/365. The truth is that there are some great people in all fan bases but a few idiots can give the whole entity a bad reputation. It reminds me that maybe we should remember that our behavior as Auburn fans could denigrate or enhance the reputation of the institution that we love.
  3. CodeRocket


    Just another person keeping you in their prayers.
  4. I don't think so. I don't think Leath was in any position to help Gus since he was struggling to survive himself. I think we will have a decent season in 2019, assuming the quarterbacks stay healthy and perform, but the wheels come off in 2020, and that is when the pressure really mounts. I think it is all about the contract and the buy out associated with terminating it early. The contract is why Gus is still our coach, and the contract is almost certainly one of the reasons Leath is gone.
  5. I do get the feeling that there might be some animosity between DC and at least some people in the football program. I don't have any inside information it's just the perception that I get. I do know that he did an awful lot for Auburn University, and for that I will always be grateful. He will forever be an Auburn Tiger.
  6. I find myself hoping that we could somehow win double-digit games the next couple of years and turn things around, but the way recruiting is going I just don't see how that is going to be possible. I think 2019 might be the best chance to have a great season although the schedule is very tough. Next year will feature a completely rebuilt offensive line and some losses on defense. I read a comment in another forum that rings true with me. Paraphrasing that here, "If Gus lasts thru the 2021 season because of the buyout, he will leave behind a roster that could not beat Troy".
  7. I have looked at Golf's stadium photo many times and it always reminds me of attending some games when I was a young boy, maybe 1958 or 1959. At that time I was (10) years old. If I remember correctly you could sit on the grassy bank for less than the price of a stadium ticket. After the game was over the players would walk to the field house beyond the North endzone that you mentioned, while little kids like me pestered them for their chin straps. Some great memories!
  8. I really enjoyed this video. It brings back a lot of memories. It really is "Great To Be An Auburn Tiger".
  9. Hey I was playing Church league basketball when I was a lot younger and one of teammates elbowed me in the corner of my right eye during a practice game. Knocked me out cold and required (11) sutures to close. I had the worlds worst black eye for several weeks after that. On another occasion this same guy ran over a teammate who was a former high school quarterback and knocked him out. Church league basketball can be serious. The guy wasn't Dabo Swinney, but he was a former Army Ranger.
  10. "After not having a player drafted in the first round of the NFL Draft for a fifth consecutive year, Stidham, Jamel Dean and Darius Slayton are three of a handful of former Auburn players hoping to be selected within the next two days." After reading this quote I think he needs to be evolving, specifically in the areas of recruiting and player development.
  11. I'm guessing that you (@StatTiger) are saying more than you stated with this post.
  12. Completely accurate statements. I would add that I suspect we will be three or four games into the 2019 season before CGM decides what offense he has the personnel to run, and which quarterback is going to run it. That would be just so CGM !
  13. Were they invited to the trophy presentation? Honestly the missed double dribble is the one I still can't process. An official was right behind the play. How does he miss that? The only rational explanation I can come up with is that the ref's had decided to just let them play. I guess Breedling missed that communication.
  14. It so hard to get to the final four and even harder to get to the championship game. Auburn got to the final four and should be in the championship game tonight. It was taken from them by three men who are supposed to be experts and are paid for what they do. If an official is going to call a debatable shooting foul on a three point shot with less than one second to play he had better be sure that they have been perfect on all of the rest of the officiating for the game. Otherwise they become the story and not the game. That is always a failure for officials. I wonder how those three men are feeling today, knowing that their error sent a team home that should be in the game tonight. If they have ever played the game they surely know how hard the team worked to get there and how difficult it will be to get back. They made a mistake (the no call on the double dribble) that can never be rectified. I suspect the NCAA is secretly hoping that Virginia loses tonight so that this entire sad saga will fade into history. Otherwise it will be resurrected every time Virginia's national championship is discussed.
  15. When Virginia went up by (10) I was thinking, well they have the better team and disappointed or not, we just have to congratulate them. Then Auburn mounted a furious rally and took the lead. Having played a little basketball I know that anything can happen, and so I just held on and hoped. Then the unimaginable happened. It has been a long time but traveling, double-dribbling, over the back, and reaching in are some of the oldest violations in basketball. It is incomprehensible that the official on the baseline, James Breeding, could call a shooting foul on the final desperate three point attempt, and miss the double dribble at mid-court maybe (900) milliseconds earlier. Here are comments from some coaches and the offending Virginia player: "A collection of prestigious coaches -- Jim Calhoun, Matt Painter, John Beilein, Tubby Smith and Bo Ryan among them -- added their two cents after the game, too. "It was a foul because he jumped into him," one coach said. Added another: "Yes, that's a foul." But they all returned to what they believed was the real infraction: the missed double dribble call on Jerome as Brown tried to foul him with 1.5 seconds left. Had the officials made that call prior to Doughty's foul, they agreed, Auburn would have regained possession and probably won. But Jerome said he thought the foul was the ref's priority. "No, the ref didn't call a foul," he said after the game. "[Brown] was trying to foul me on purpose. I lost the ball. He let that one go, so I didn't think he was going to call anything else after that. I think the refs did a good job tonight. You're not always going to get a perfect whistle. But they definitely did a good job on both ends tonight. It was a more physical game, and refs aren't perfect just like players aren't perfect." He is right, neither the officials nor the players are perfect, but when you make a call that decides the outcome of the game in the final few seconds of the game you put yourself in the impossible position of having to be perfect, and James Breeding was not perfect last night. It is a long difficult road to get to the final four, and I don't know if Auburn will go back there in my lifetime even if we have better players. I believe that CBP is the man to get us back there if it happens. Virginia may well win it all tomorrow night, but they will never deserve it.