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  1. CodeRocket

    Upon Further Review -Liberty Game

    This is a curious statistic. A (93%) possession recovery rate cannot just be luck. The coaches must have made this a point of emphasis during practice.
  2. CodeRocket

    Stidham: Stay or Go article

    I agree and I think those "facial expressions" tell us that the decision to go or stay has already been made. He gave us a great year in 2017 until KJ got hurt and 2018 has been a dumpster fire. I think most Auburn fans appreciate 2017 and wish him the best in the future.
  3. CodeRocket

    Stidham: Stay or Go article

    Maybe he would be better off to be a late round pick rather than a first rounder burdened with very high expectations. He might be drafted by a team that would give him a few years to develop. He clearly needs to correct some things but I am not sure all of the issues are fixable. NFL scouts and coaches will have their own opinion concerning how correctable some of the issues are and that will determine his draft status. My guess is that he declares for the draft.
  4. CodeRocket

    Could Gus be a good CEO coach?

    Completely agree with everything you stated. I would add this, If CGM is not a good recruiter, cannot develop talent, does not properly use the talent he does have, is stubborn, inflexible, paranoid, etc. How could he possibly have the vision, perception, intuition, flexibility, and intangible qualities required to be a GOOD CEO? Wasn't he calling plays for Nick Marshall and Cam Newton? He has had the most success on offense when he had a good dual threat quarterback, solid offensive line, and a top tier running back. I think going back to that is the only way he turns the program around. I am not saying he can get the players he needs to go back to that, I just think that is the only way he can be successful again. JAO.
  5. CodeRocket


    Do you think that is going to happen? KJ carried the ball (22) times last year against ULM. That was the game between Georgia and Alabama. You would think a coach would want to rest his starters against such a team, especially with Alabama the next week. I am serious, (22) carries!
  6. CodeRocket

    Deshaun Davis on fake FG

    Honestly, I don't think anyone on this board can educate Deshaun Davis on "big boy football". Really?
  7. My son said to me just before this possession started that if Auburn didn't score we would likely lose the game. When I saw the over throw to Whitlow I couldn't believe such poor execution at such at critical point in the game. I noticed Whitlow expressing his on displeasure / frustration / disappointment after that play. That one play certainly seemed to be the turning point in the game.
  8. Everyone has an opinion on this subject and there is probably some truth to a lot of them. I think the biggest problem has been recruiting or the lack thereof. I thought when Kirby Smart was hired at Georgia he would really hurt our recruiting and I think that he has. The ramifications of that have manifested themselves much faster than I expected. The reality now is that GCM finds himself geographically between two of the best recruiters in all of college football. I don't think he can match up with either of them so I don't see how the "future is very bright".
  9. CodeRocket

    Another loss to a rival

    I know everyone is upset but just remember, "The future is very bright"!
  10. 2014 Five losses 2015 Six losses 2016 Five losses 2017 Four losses 2018 Three to Six losses Does anyone truly believe next year will be better? Still, it would be a lot of $$$ to be paying someone not to coach. It is what it is.
  11. CodeRocket

    Next Years O-Line

    I hope you don't leave this board again. I and I suspect others follow your posts pretty closely. Too many knowledgeable posters are already not posting. Please keep posting and thanks.
  12. A little good luck is worth a lot of hard work and it takes a lot of hard work to overcome a little bad luckĀ  - ME

  13. CodeRocket

    This may be somewhat random

    I have wondered if a lot of our problems on offense this season are due to the absence of Kerryon Johnson. I am thinking of his toughness and playmaking ability not to mention leadership by example. Everyone should remember how the offense struggled last season after his injury late in the Alabama game. It was definitely not the same Auburn offense in the SEC championship game and the bowl game.
  14. CodeRocket

    Coach Gus

    I think I would change the motto to "Duck, Chuck and Truck"! I like it!
  15. CodeRocket

    Was a Barfield offense this bad?

    Yes football was really bad in those days but the offense was usually pretty good. The defenses were terrible. I posted the following in @StatTiger 's Game Report Card thread. "The third down defensive performance reminds of the tenure of P.W. Underwood as DC. I can remember dreading third and long situations when the defense was on the field."