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  1. I would only add to this that sometimes young people just need a second chance to achieve success. They may not be "second best" in the long run.
  2. You know I went to an Eagles concert recently at State Farm Arena in Atlanta. The crowd was a mixture of 20, 30, 40, 50 somethings and of course, geezers like myself. Many patrons of all ages were drinking concession beers, I am guessing at least twenty ounce or larger, not really sure since I am not a beer drinker. Of course with all of the drinking, there were the required trips to facilities which meant unseating those of us between their seat and the exit isle for numerous egress and ingress junkets. While this was irritating, the most annoying thing I observed was people, apparently under the influence, acting like idiots. I admit we haven't been to a concert in a long time, but one lesson I came away with is this, "If you are an older person, and you are drinking at an event, you had better be able to hold your liquor, or you will appear a fool to all around you". I saw lots of fools that night. I feel reasonably sure the same thing will occur at AU sporting events.
  3. Speaking of bag-men, I can't believe that nobody has mentioned that infamous name, "Eric Ramsey". I suspect what he did then, "clandestine audio recording" might not pass a legality sniff test today. It cost Pat Dye his job has head coach ("loss of institutional control"). I wonder if it was worth it to him (ER)?
  4. I chose the cat card. Hope everyone has a purr-fect Valentine's day
  5. Bill Newton of 17-16 fame? If so he blocked the two punts that David Langner ran in for touchdowns! He should be everyone's favorite walk-on. Never realized he was a walk-on. Amazing! Another interesting tidbit was that the extra point after Bama's first touchdown was blocked by Roger Mitchel and he may have been a walk-on also. One thing is certain, there have been some great players that were once walk-ons at Auburn University.
  6. (5.1) Yards per carry behind last seasons OL is not too bad, especially considering the predictability of the play calling. I don't know who, in the current group, is going to best that number as the primary back. Maybe the OL will be better, I certainly hope so. Whatever you think about Whitlow, whether you loved him or hated him or just didn't care, I always believed that he gave every rushing attempt everything that he had. He made a lot of yards after contact, and just losing that mentality out of the running back room cannot be a positive. So in spite of the fumbles, I thank him for everything he did on the field for the Auburn Tigers and wish him the best in the future.
  7. Whitlow is the best YAC back we have. As a matter of fact that is his most significant asset. It also means he takes a beating for most of the yards he gains. I think he should definitely consider declaring early, because the physical abuse he takes is likely to produce a very short pro career and if he stays another year in college he is going to take more pounding before he can even get paid to do it as a professional.
  8. I am not exactly sure what year but it was before 1957 because I remember seeing Bobby Hoppe play and I didn't go to any games in 1957. I think that was Hoppe's last year and he would have been about (23) years old that season.
  9. Could CGM's poor bowl record be related to the typical issue of his teams having to play the first three or four games before we know what kind of team he has. I think the long layoff between games may allow his team to get out of game condition. They certainly did not appear game ready today.
  10. I noticed during the game that Nix seemed to be pointing downfield and then pointing and saying something to the sidelines or the line judge after Auburn got set. Is it possible that the officials would not have called the penalty if Nix had not pointed it out to them in front of a national television audience? If so, shame on the officiating crew!
  11. It was not on TV but it was broadcast on radio. Gary Sanders doing play by play and Gusty Yearout doing color. "Gusty your mouth will work".
  12. We are all going to hate it when an opponent's staffer or player gets injured in one of these events. It will bring more bad publicity for Auburn University, and denigrate the good that the football team will have done. A possible solution would be to allow a certain amount of time for the opponents to clear the field and then allow fans to come on the field and celebrate with the team. Impose a ($1000) fine for anyone violating this rule.