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  1. Have you looked at the buyout at the end of this season plus the money owed to assistants? We may well lose five games but I think he will be back in (2020). My guess is that a new facility, the existing staff financial obligations, and the cost of a new coaching staff might be north of (90) million. Yikes!
  2. I would like to listen to the entire podcast right now @JMR but my wife has me booked until at least Sunday afternoon. She is on a campaign as I write to get ready for a very early start to Stone Mountain for the Yellow Daisy Festival . Saturday morning we are off again to some place south of Atlanta and Sunday morning we will be off to church. She hasn't had time to plan for Sunday afternoon just yet. Thank goodness I am retired and can recover several days during the week.
  3. It appeared to me, watching the game on TV, that Whitlow was getting a lot of yards after and during heavy contact. He was probably taking a beating for his effort. Martin seemed to be picking a soft spot and getting through it pretty quickly. I also thought he ran with determination. Shivers, I just don't know. I don't think he had very many good opportunities. I suspect it was like, as Terry Henly once said, "It was like running in a syrup bucket". I read @StatTiger post before the game comparing Auburn and Oregon national player rankings by position group. The Auburn defensive line was far superior to the Oregon offensive line. On the other hand, the Auburn offensive line was slightly inferior to the Oregon defensive line. The game, after the first quarter or so, unfolded according to those two comparisons. We had a very difficult time getting push on their defensive line and they could not run on ours (AU). Thank you @StatTiger for doing this analysis work and letting all of us benefit from it.
  4. I just looked at the latest computer model output graphics and the compiled forecast track has shifted east. Keeping my fingers crossed that this will be a "fish storm" and the people of Florida and the southeast will be spared. Link: I always read the forecast discussion in addition to looking at the computer model outputs.
  5. 1) OL play 2) Lack of a pass rush 3) DL and linebackers not stopping the Oregon running game
  6. If I list a score it would be nothing more than a SWAG so I won't. I do think the key to the game will be the battle between our O-line and their D-line. If AU gets good push on their D-line, we win comfortably. If they don't, we are all going to have a bad case of indigestion.
  7. Welp, I was wrong. I still think JG is a better choice for CGM's offense. That is especially true given all of the reports of drops from the receiver's and the number of that group that are coming back from injuries. Anyway, JG just became the best quarterback on the team, without question. The number two guy always is.
  8. Don't be surprised if it's the two's. Last scrimmage I think the OL struggled against the one's and the two's.
  9. I agree. It has been my contention that the wheels come off in 2020, mainly because of the OL and maybe a few holes in the defense. Skill positions should be good, but you can't win without the big guys up front.
  10. We are talking about a ($7) million/year man here. It seems to me we are banking on external influences to prod him in the direction we think he needs to move. I find this very concerning.
  11. Did I miss something? I don't see Smoke Monday listed with the first or second defense.
  12. Maybe Oregon is doing their own evaluation and they are probably going to try to force which ever quarterback is in the game to do what they percieve that individual is less proficient at or least comfortable with. Using this logic I believe JG will be the starter for the following reasons: We have a veteran offensive line that should be proficient at run blocking We have some pretty good running backs and JG is reportedly a very prolific runner JG is bigger than BN and should be able to handle the physical beating a running quarterback is going to absorb better The running game is going to be harder to stop than the passing game, especially early season If we are able to control the ball on the ground it will keep their offense off the field If the running game is keeping the ball away from Oregon, eventually they will have to bring their safetys down. We know that CGM likes to run the ball and throw deep I know I am not qualified to instruct you or most on this board about football strategy but this stuff just seems like common sense, at least to a layman.
  13. When I wore a hard cast for a Radius bone break at my left wrist, I used a liberal amount of "Odor Eaters" foot powder as a preemptive measure to control any uncivilized scents that might develop. It actually worked pretty well. If he was lucky enough to be fitted with one of the removable casts he can just employ normal daily hygiene.