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  1. I actually can imagine what you and your family are going through. Not the same malady but a medical issue that complicated and inhibited their lives (two sons) and consumed ours (my wife and I). The youngest missed a year out of school, and my wife had to give up her job to home school him. You just keep going, keep pushing, keep on keeping on, one day after another. Fortunately, they both grew to be healthy and normal adults but there was no way to know that at the time. I hope you get the same outcome with your son. In the interim, I will keep you and yours in my prayers.
  2. Thanks for identifying some of the key blocks and blockers during the run back. I have wondered about who hit who very often. I also appreciate your directional arrows showing Davis's initial vector slightly to the right before breaking for the left sideline. This maneuver had to hold some of the Alabama defenders near the middle of the field momentarily and gave the Auburn blockers a little more time to set the wall down the left sideline. Excellent!
  3. This has always been my favorite video of the Kick-6. Have always been amazed that every AU fan in the stadium is hysterical but the AU band has to stand and deliver a perfect rendition of "War Eagle". I think it just shows how much skill and discipline is required to be in the Auburn University marching band.
  4. I observed that one key to the success of the runback was Davis running straight back up the field from the back of the end zone to about the five yard line before breaking for the left sideline. This maneuver forced the Bama defenders to hesitate briefly because of the possibility that Davis could have gone for the right sideline which was wide open. If you watch the replay carefully you can see Brian Vogler (Bama #84) trying to make sure Davis does not get to the right sideline and in the process of doing this he is only able to get a hand on Davis's shoulder. Vogler, a tight end that could run, was probably the only defender to touch Davis on the runback and he made the only play he could make. It just wasn't enough thank goodness.
  5. Start Rocker - Pat Dye thought he was mean. I think CPD is a guy who knows mean when he sees it. (Prayers for Coach Dye) Bench Brown - Rocker has got to have a blow now and then Cut Fairly - Only option left
  6. The only explanation I could offer would be "home cooking".
  7. Thanks, these are spirit lifters during a difficult time.
  8. A bad place to have a bad problem. The blind side, for a right handed QB.
  9. I hope you are right. 2-2 doesn't seem all that bad with a new o-line and no spring practice.
  10. Does any one remember the name of the radio announcer? I think it was Buddy Rutledge but I am not sure. I know the color commentator was former Auburn linebacker Gusty Yearout.
  11. Just watched the whole clip. It was awesome! Thanks.
  12. A careful look at the second blocked punt will reveal Roger Mitchell (25) trying to hurdle over the up back thus drawing his attention away from a charging Bill Newton. Maybe Newton would have gotten the ball anyway or more likely the up back would have picked up Newton and 17 - 16 would never have happened. Regardless Roger Mitchell played a significant roll in one of the all time great Auburn wins.
  13. I will tell you who is getting their money's worth, Clemson. Clemson, not even listed in the top (15) for football revenue. Two national titles in the last (10) years. Amazing! Was also surprised to see Auburn slightly ahead of Alabama in revenue. That can only mean that the totals do not include university logo apparel sales at Walmart, that epicenter of crimson tide pride.
  14. Burrow had multiple big bodied receivers that could get position on the defender and catch the ball when it arrived. He was also deadly accurate. I think that accuracy was partly due to believing that his receivers were going to get position and make the catch. To me those receivers were the key to LSU's offense. So yes, I think Stidham could have been very successful in that offense.
  15. Here are the top fifteen revenue producing football programs: Power 5 — Top 15 1. Texas — $156 million 2. Georgia — $123 million 3. Michigan — $122 million 4. Notre Dame — $116 million 5. Ohio State — $115 million 6. Penn State — $100 million 7. Auburn — $95 million 8. Oklahoma — $94.8 million 9. Alabama — $94.6 million 10. Nebraska — $94.3 million 11. LSU — $92 million 12. Tennessee — $91 million 13. Wisconsin — $90 million 14. Florida — $85 million 15. Washington — $84 million Here is the link: