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  1. Disclaimer: I am an engineer and not a football coach, but these were my thoughts. I noticed against PSU that our right tackle was having a very difficult time controlling the edge rusher on his side. It looked to me that he was giving it his best but his feet just weren't quick enough, and the edge rusher was leaning his shoulder against him and using him as a pivot point to circle into our backfield. It occurred to me that maybe wider splits would have helped our tackle control the rusher, but then that might create gap control problems, so maybe combine wider splits with slide blocking while rolling the pocket to the slide side?
  2. Like everyone on this board I have an opinion and mine is that nothing happens until the season is over. Here is my reasoning: Dr. Roberts is our new President and he is by all accounts an extremely intelligent man. I don't expect an impulsive decision from him, and if we get one (Ref: Steven Leath) I will be surprised and disappointed. I don't think there is much to be gained by an in season termination, except that the adversarial news media will use the event to ridicule AU for persecuting another coach and coming up with numerous malicious rumors concerning the evil PTB and their contentious involvement in AU athletics. Much of this faux sympathy reporting can be nulled by simply waiting until the end of the season when the record will very likely be undeniable. Fans want immediate results but fans don't really enter into the decision making process and mostly are not part of the equation. We have a major problem with our OL and that problem will not get fixed quickly. Even if you could an entire experienced staring unit out of the portal, they will not have had any experience working in a new system and working with each other. OL might be the hardest position on the team to recruit, develop, and synchronize into a smoothly functioning unit. Anecdotally, I have observed that many OL are oftentimes some of the most intelligent players on the team. I don't think they get nearly as much respect as they deserve. I have always believed that if you have a good OL and a decent defense you have a chance against almost any team. Dr. Roberts has an entire university to be responsible for and part of that responsibility involves the public's perception of our beloved Auburn. It is not the just the football program he will be thinking of in this situation. I
  3. For the fans, possibly, for the players definitely not. Most fans want CBH gone and it will almost certainly happen, but not until the season is over. Firing CBH now will be a very bad look for Auburn University. I don't think our new president will make that decision until the season is over because by then the record will very likely tell an undeniable story. We fans want a quick fix, kind of like grabbing the remote and clicking to a winning channel, but that is not happening. We did not get into this situation overnight and we won't get out of it overnight either. If anyone still doubts the importance of the guys in the trenches in football, they didn't watch the AU quarterbacks being pressured the last two games. We have big problems with our bigs and it is going to take some time to repair.
  4. I like Dell or Deion as the HFC. Deion Sanders is a HFC now and Dell McGee was a successful high school coach, and has been an assistant for a while. Both are proven recruiters, something AU desperately needs right now. I am not sure if either can muster a calm enough demeanor to withstand the flak that an AU HFC is going to receive, especially with the rebuilding job that lies ahead. Assuming that they could unite all the factions within AU, then as far as X's and O's, they both played the game at a high level, and they will have coordinators that would be responsible for that anyway. There would be some critical in game calls that a HC has to make, and there are many other responsibilities that a HFC has to own, but nobody knows how that will play out until it plays out. At the end of the day, we have to get someone fearless enough to not be intimated by Saban and Smart, and someone able to successfully recruit for the SEC West. That might just mean, someone with an edge, and someone with something to prove. I think these two possible candidates fit.
  5. Sir, that is not an old guy. I graduated Dec. 1975. Prediction: PSU will definitely try to shut down the AU running game and force our QB to win it. TJ will need to elevate his game to a previously unseen performance level. I hope he does. For that matter the skill position people need to elevate their game along with the back end of the defense. The offense cannot leave the defense on the field most of the game. Tossing all logic aside I will say: AU - 21 PSU - 17
  6. Dr. Gouge made a terrible mistake allowing a public investigation involving CBH's relationship with departing players and allegations swirling in the media concerning his relationship with a staffer. The fact that insufficient evidence of wrongdoing was uncovered to take termination action or even issue a reprimand made Auburn a joke in the college football world. The stain from that investigation continues to color everything Auburn in a way that is not beneficial to the university and it's football program. I am not an attorney but I have often heard that one of the fundamental laws of being a trial lawyer is to never ask a question in a courtroom you do not already know the answer to. Perhaps Dr. Gouge should have heeded this axiom. I also, have a hard time seeing a future for CBH at Auburn. Even if CBH is strong enough to get past what happened he is surely aware of the emotional damage done to his family. I certainly hope Dr. Roberts leads Auburn with more intellect and vision than the past two presidents have done.
  7. I believe that TJ is our best bet going forward this season. He has the size to see over the defensive line and the arm to stretch the field. If he can keep the defense honest we don't need him to make plays running the ball. Of course he has to stop throwing interceptions. RA is a great athlete but I think that better defenses are going to show him man coverage and put everybody else in the box to try and stop the run. They will force him to beat them with his arm. Maybe he can and maybe he can't, but the better teams will surely give him the opportunity.
  8. We won't see the "Whirlybird" because if we do JHS will riot. I expect us to still struggle on third and short (2->3) yards, even against Mercer. Hope I am wrong, but I need to see it to believe it. I think the success rate in that category will determine what kind of season we have.
  9. I remember watching Cam Newton in the Spring game and thinking he was awful. Never entered my mind that he would be a serviceable quarterback much less win the Heisman. This team needs for TJ to be much improved and just maybe he is. Not expecting another Heisman winner but I wasn't expecting it in 2010 either.
  10. I apologize if this has already been posted. Here is what Wesley Steiner had to say about Auburn quarterbacks: An Auburn football defender weighs in on quarterbacks: How one reminds him of Bo Nix Bennett Durando, Montgomery Advertiser Tue, August 16, 2022 at 7:06 PM·2 min read AUBURN — Wesley Steiner's scrimmage experience illuminated his least favorite Auburn football quarterbacks to match up against. The junior linebacker shared his unique perspective on Auburn's QB competition Tuesday, three days after the first preseason scrimmage. His main takeaway: One candidate has a trait that reminds him of the Tigers' previous starter. "A lot like Bo Nix, Robby (Ashford) is a pain in the butt," Steiner said. "I'm not going to lie. A lot of times, your defenses are designed for 10 players, because you normally don't expect the quarterback to scramble, and the quarterback creates extra gaps in the run game. Robby has definitely been a problem, and it has put me on high alert every time he's in the game. Because there's definitely a chance he'll scramble out and extend plays." QB EVALUATION: Auburn football 2022: Bryan Harsin reveals details from Tigers' first preseason scrimmage PRESEASON POLL: Auburn football unranked in preseason AP Top 25 poll. See our writer's ballot. The order of practice reps Tuesday offered a glimpse of Auburn's post-scrimmage depth chart, and it showed progress for Ashford. T.J. Finley took the first reps, followed by Ashford second and Zach Calzada third. They worked on out routes with running backs then moved to a drill in which they practiced going through progressions with several targets running routes in the red zone. "The other two quarterbacks are just as deadly and just as accurate as they usually are," Steiner said. "I know people are going to bash on T.J. T.J. is a good passer. I'm not going to bad-mouth him. He's a good quarterback. Zach Calzada is just as good of a quarterback. ... I have no idea who's going to play. I just know that they all give me problems, but the one I hate the most is Robby, because he runs the ball." https://autos.yahoo.com/auburn-football-defender-weighs-quarterbacks-223515464.html?guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZ29vZ2xlLmNvbS8&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAAAPSdVfMcFCuiqjZa7qYDqeQkutXD_Vi6GpdNI6wHkI3cpP4rx2z1d_UZfCMxUD8h5jiOsbZmeROtW19JLarHfNCdf_gw6mcrKq4eey8IALBzlkg1x6tONslBjHgCVTwc8oMyiCi5LB8Rt0ulAQLyRHA4cjvO9NmuJ3i_jYlUuTS
  11. Perhaps this entire fiasco left CBH with a deep wound to his family, his reputation, and his career. Maybe he has a axe to grind and maybe he is grinding it right now. One thing is for certain, he is definitely in the power seat, with respect to any buyout negotiations that might take place. If we win more games than expected this season he will be viewed as a fine coach who had to overcome a lot of obstacles (This is the outcome I am hoping for). If the season doesn't go well, there is still that substantial buyout, and poor recruiting results to deal with. A few years of poor recruiting could be disastrous but then there is that contract. All of this with the buyout of CGM's contract still fresh in everyone's mind. The Auburn family could find itself in for a few years of static status quo.
  12. Never met the man and didn't know him, but I have been an Auburn fan all of my life and for as long as I can remember, I have been hearing the name "Buddy Davidson". Thanks for all you did for Auburn and may you RIP.
  13. FYI. I hope things get better. https://www.si.com/college/2022/07/14/texas-am-auburn-michigan-fsu-ole-miss-dissapointing-2022-recruiting-classes-updates
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