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  1. Praying mercies for you and your son. I know your heart must be broken. Mine would be.
  2. Well maybe we owe a tip of the hat to coach Garner.
  3. I have to respectfully disagree with you on this point. The contract is why Gus is still here, and the contract is why he will be here until the buy out is small enough to swallow. Thank you Steven Leath! I don't think we will know who the starting QB will be until well into fall. In the end I think Gatewood is named the starter.
  4. The dramatic improvement in fumbles lost might be a statistical anomaly due to a relatively small sample size (thankfully).
  5. Sadly this sums up the current situation for Auburn Football and will until the money owed decreases to a manageable amount. We just have to hope that CGM can turn the football program around. While the probability of that happening is, admittedly, very small. It is our best hope for the next couple of years. I just hope everyone remembers that Leath is the culprit here, and I believe he should be held accountable if the aforementioned turn around does not happen.
  6. I am not convinced that this is true. I think people are underestimating Leath and how determined he may well be to keep CGM as head coach. If a buyout actually occurs, the people that have to fund it are going to want justice in the form of Leaths job. He is, after all responsible for this situation. My thinking is, that he will do anything to protect himself, including seriously damaging Auburn football.
  7. I agree with all you have written here and I believe most pragmatic Auburn fans will also. Did not intend to disparage the legacy of Coach Jordan, but the record is what it is and probably explains why we are where we are. Your point about Clemson is very relevant. If they can do it why not Auburn? Why not Auburn? As a side note my Dad landed in Normandy on D-Day and he was a life long Auburn fan. My thanks to Coach Pat Dye for making Auburn football competitive again so my Dad could enjoy a few more "Iron Bowl" victories , "Bo Over The Top", before he passed away in 1984.
  8. Funny you should mention that name. I was thinking about this the other day and did a quick Google search on his record against the "evil empire". For his career, 9 - 16 and against the "Bear" 5 - 13, and we renamed the stadium after him. The precedent may have been set a long time ago and Leath may have found an appropriate place to land. JABA.
  9. I think Willis might be a player. He might be pressing to much in the limited playing time he gets. I noticed him running through his progressions pretty quickly and that gives me some hope. I don't think Nick and Cam were great passers at the beginning of their tenure as starters. I remember watching Cam in the A-day game, throwing wounded ducks, and thinking, no way this is going to work. History tells a different story. Cord looked pretty good running the ball the few times he played. Haven't seen Gatewood enough to form any opinion.
  10. Very dumb call, the fake punt on 4th and long at near mid-field. All the backup QB accomplished all night was putting Frhom in 2nd and long. To keep trying that was dumb I have to admit. Still the bama DB's got away with molestation on the Georgia receivers and the bama O didn't get called for holding all night. The officials gave bama the usual pass on penalties and that is not Kirby Smarts fault.
  11. I am thankful for my wife and my two adult sons. I am thankful that I served my country and that I came home safely. I am thankful for all of my professors at Auburn that were willing to impart some of their knowledge to me. I am thankful to be an Auburn graduate. I am thankful to have been an Auburn fan since I was a small boy and, I just can't imagine that it could have been any other way. War Eagle!
  12. And here's to Bill Newton for blocking both of those punts. The radio call said Roger Mitchell blocked it but it was actually Bill Newton. I think Mitchell did block the extra point after bama's first TD and how big that play was!