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  1. I voted for Calzada named as the starter for game one, mainly because of ticket sales. I have heard a some people say they won't buy a ticket if TJ is named the starter. Ashford - Don't pay any attention to A-day performances. If he is named the starter it will be because of what he does in fall practice. Geriner - A true freshman starting behind this years O-line? I hope not, for the sake of his career. Harsin may be "as stubborn as a mule", but if this team doesn't demonstrate meaningful improvement and win some games, he might be looking for a new pasture in 2023.
  2. A lot of people are convinced that the PTB are behind this but several message board owners and Mod's have stated that this came from inside the athletic department. I agree with this idea for several reasons: I personally know a million dollar donor to the football program and he would never be involved in circulating a rumor about an illicit affair between the head football coach and a staffer, even if it were true, which is looking less and less likely. If they had clear evidence of such an affair CBH would already be "cooked". I saw it happen to people several times during my work career and the response from corporate was swift and decisive. The PTB are the very people that would likely have to pay for CBH's removal and installation of a new staff. Before they would do that I think they would ask themselves, "How do we get better from here"? I am not sure anyone has a definite answer for that question, although there are many opinions. Do we honestly believe that people that have amassed or inherited large fortunes would be dumb enough to start a dirty rumor that they didn't have evidence to prove? I know I don't believe that. Do we believe that the PTB would want to see Auburn University athletics scandalized, and to freely hand over so much negative ammunition to our competitors? Don't we believe that our competitors will use it against our recruiting efforts? My gut tells we that someone inside the athletic department started the affair rumor for a personal reason or to accomplish a personal objective. Maybe the accusation had merit and maybe it was a complete fabrication, I don't know, but what happened next was analogous to throwing a lit torch into dry timber, and now the wildfire is burning out of control. I suspect the person or persons responsible never imagined how this event would unfold and expand, and before all is done they will probably wish for a do over. Immense damage has been done to the reputation and perception of Auburn University, and the Auburn football program, and for that, the original perpetrator or perpetrators need to be identified and held accountable. At this point President Gouge has authorized an investigation to try and separate "Fact From Fiction". The result of that investigation will determine what happens next. No matter what path Auburn University takes moving forward, it is likely to be a bumpy road.
  3. Considering the rumors about an affair with a staffer, which may be completely unfounded and appear to be fading, the division of opinion among current and former players, the number of players in the portal, -1 on NSD, the loss of multiple coaches he hired, our two closest rivals recently playing for a national championship, I would say the football program is at an all time low. I lived thru the Barfield years and nine straight losses to the turds, but this is the worst to me, and it is a public relations nightmare. The worst part is the division among the players, and them publicly expressing their opinions, some of which carry significant influence because of the credibility they earned on the field. Think Smoke Monday and John Samuel Shenker.
  4. This is what I meant by saying "Watching a bad wreck in slow motion".
  5. This is like watching a really bad wreck in slow motion!🙄
  6. https://www.wrbl.com/news/successful-columbus-businessman-former-auburn-football-player-russ-carreker-dies-at-57/ He was reportedly instrumental in bringing the new Mercer College Of Medicine to Columbus. COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — Russ Carreker, a successful Columbus businessman, civic leader, and former Auburn University football player, died Tuesday. He was 57. The funeral will be Thursday at 4 p.m. at Grace Presbyterian. Visitation to follow. Carreker died after a lengthy battle with stomach cancer. Columbus Mayor Skip Henderson announced the news of Carreker’s death at Tuesday night’s council meeting. The family confirmed it to News 3. Carreker was president of C3 Property Investments, LLC. In 1998, he started a successful firm, Starrett-Bytewise Measurement Systems, which he sold in 2014. He also worked as a vice president at Columbus Bank & Trust Co. At the time of his death he served on the Georgia Department of Transportation Board, a position he was elected to by members of the General Assembly last year. He also served a number of years on the Development Authority of Columbus, a city board. Retired Synovus Chairman Jimmy Yancey knew Carreker from the time he was a young banker throughout his community involvement. “He developed into one of the real leaders in our community,” Yancey said. “You know, he wasn’t a young up-and-coming leader anymore. He was there. And I, for one, was really looking forward to seeing what he was going to do for Columbus. This is a tremendous loss.” Mat Swift, the retired president of the W.C. Bradley Co., Real Estate Division, agreed with Yancey. “This is a huge loss on several fronts,” Swift said. “Once he sold out of his business, he began to devote his whole life to helping out Columbus. That became his job.” And it was the way he did it that caught the attention of Swift and other seasoned leaders. “He had the ability to have a big vision,” Swift said. “And not only did he have that big vision but from a strategic standpoint, he could zero in on the specifics.” Amy Bryan, now the CEO of Direct Services Inc., spent more than a decade at the Greater Columbus Chamber of Commerce and she saw Carreker’s community involvement first hand. “His legacy will live on forever,” she said. “He is the sole reason that Startup Columbus exists. Being an entrepreneur himself and seeing the impact that entrepreneurism has had on our community, he knew the investment would pay dividends.” Startup Columbus is a business incubator that helps people grow fledgling businesses. “But more than anything, Russ was a man of his word,” Bryan said. A native of Americus, Ga., Carreker graduated from Southland Academy. A Boy Scout, Carreker attained Eagle Scout status. He played for Coach Pat Dye at Auburn from 1983-to 1986. He was a linebacker who fought his way into a starting position during the 1985 season. He was a starter in the 1986 season when the Tigers went 10-2. Former Russell County and Smiths Station Coach Mark Rose played on some of those teams with Carreker. “Russ was the consummate teammate,” Rose said. “He was a great example and leader for our young players. Russ was not a man of many words, but he led by example, tremendous ethic, care and compassion for his teammates.” Carreker told a story once of a meeting he had with Dye, a hard-nosed football coach who demanded a lot from his players. At the end of spring practice, Dye would call the players into his office, one by one, to discuss their progress and what was expected of them going forward. Dye’s meetings with Carreker always took a turn. Like Carreker, Dye was a Georgia farm boy to his very roots. And Dye had a farm he was developing just outside of Auburn. “He would pull out his farm plans and we would just talk about them,” Carreker said several years ago. Rose, a native of South Florida, heard that story for the first time this week. “I was in some of those meetings,” Rose said. “What that tells you is how much he was worried about Russ getting the job done on the football field. Solid as a rock.” He was a volunteer football coach at Brookstone. When Carreker was diagnosed with Stage 4 stomach cancer, everything that people close to Carreker knew about him was confirmed. “The real mark of a man is not when things are going good, but in true adversity,” Swift said. “When he was diagnosed, he knew the odds were not good. But he kept a positive attitude. It was so inspiring. Over the last year, he stayed involved and embodied servant leadership.” Columbus businessman Billy Blanchard agreed. He had a close relationship with Carreker. “He was a strong Christian and he lived his faith,” Blanchard said. “He lived it every day and we were able to see that. My prayers go out to Patti his daughter, Avery, and the rest of the family. It is a tremendous loss for all of us, but especially for them.” Carreker is survived by his wife, Patti; daughter, Avery; parents Doug and Joyce Carreker; sisters Vicki Jones and Susan Daugherty; and a number of nieces and nephews.
  7. I heard a funny story about him from a lady in my Sunday school class. She had recently married an AU engineering student and they were living in the married student apartments ( a real thing in the 60's and 70's). Now this lady is from Tuscaloosa and from a die hard Alabama family. It so happened that she washed their clothes on the same week night that Sullivan washed his and his wife's clothes and they became acquainted. One night he asked her if she would keep an eye on the clothes he had brought in because he had forgotten his detergent and needed to go back and get it. She said there was no need to do that and that he could borrow some of her's. She pushed it across the table to him, he looked at it and pushed it back saying "I can't wash our clothes with that". It was "Tide" washing powder. She said from that moment on she has been an Auburn fan.
  8. When I read this yesterday I thought to myself, "This was an inside pick all the way", of course the other two qualified candidates withdrew their names. That is exactly what I would do if I were applying for a new job, and the potential employer wanted we to go public with my interest in their company. Who actually informs their current employer that they are looking for other employment? Am I missing something here?
  9. I try not to criticize players and I hope that I haven't. They are just (18 to 23) years old, and I know I did some stupid things when I was that age. Coaches are a different story. I complained about CGM a lot and Stephen Leath for the completely unjustified contract.
  10. I come on this forum because I love Auburn and Auburn football. Also, I want to learn more about football and there are some knowledgeable posters on here that sometimes offer useful insight into the game and that I can learn something from. That's it.
  11. Concerning Bo Nix, "Let he who actually played college football cast the first stone". Truth is, most of us on this board have no idea what determination, dedication, sacrifice, and toughness is required to play any collegiate sport much less SEC football. "It ain't rude if it's true".
  12. To be honest, I felt bad when I couldn't remember the player's name that chased down the runner and knocked the ball out. I intended to try and look it up but @bigbird did it for us. I did remember the play because it might have been the most incredible play of the game, and we desperately needed something good to happen at that point. You're absolutely right about sometimes players not getting the credit they deserve.
  13. I think it was in the 2010 Iron Bowl, when somebody on AU's defense chased down an Alabama running back, and knocked the ball out of his arm, AU recovered and that started the "CamBack". A play isn't over until it is over. Play till the whistle.
  14. That should help explain exactly where our football program is today. 🤔 Maybe, but I don't think he could have played oline.
  15. Nah, my guy was Harold Joiner.
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