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  1. I don't think this is a dumb question at all. We definitely should have gone for two at this point. Nothing else makes any sense. By not doing so we agreed to match our red zone offense up against Bama's. Not a good idea. I think our offense had maybe (150-160) total yards for the entire game. Our defense at this point was gassed, probably already played (80) snaps. Our backup quarterback was struggling on an injured ankle. Our oline could not run block and was struggling in pass protection. (6 sacks and 15 TFL) We had a great two point play in our arsenal (t
  2. My sister told me a story that happened to her. One day she was climbing some steps going to class in Haley Center. She dropped a couple of books and when she turned to pick them up, Pat Sullivan was already picking up the books. He just handed them to her and smiled. She said thanks and that was it. I guess she was too surprised to say anything else. I think it just shows the kind of person he was, and it certainly created a memory she will never forget.
  3. I have had (6) bone fractures confirmed by x-ray. Some of them I knew immediately that something was very wrong, others, I was vowing to the medical personnel that it was only a sprain or a laceration until they showed me the x-ray and proved me wrong. It depends on the type of fracture and where it is.
  4. The guy closes on his target like a missile. Don't know why he hasn't been playing before now. First time a saw him play I thought I was watching a future star.
  5. Very proud of and for Brodarius Hamm. I am sure it has been a long hard journey for him, but he didn't give up and he didn't give in and today he stands victorious over the disease. He is an Auburn man and a football player, something a lot of us once dreamed of being.
  6. Thank goodness for some specific data relevant to the thread topic. Why do so many threads end up as verbal disputes laced with insults and name calling?
  7. I feel confident that LSU will play man press on our wideouts and then load the box to get after the QB and RB. LSU will definitely be focused on lighting our QB up, doesn't matter who it is. Our O-line cannot handle D-line stunting. Saturday I saw a looping defensive lineman run right by Tank while getting after Bo. I don't think Tank ever saw him. The way we have been playing it could be a long and difficult night. If we are to have any chance of winning the O-line will have to dominate the line of scrimmage like they haven't done so far this year. I hope they do. War Eagle!
  8. Your explanation makes sense but whether the intended route was the post (85 AU) or go route (0 AU) the ball was not thrown close to either one. The safety is obviously reading the ball and has split the post and the go route trying to make a play on the ball. This play early in the game troubled me greatly at the time because I knew we needed a big play early and this was a great chance to get it. The point of all this is, I just don't think our QB is that inaccurate and something else must be wrong. He may not be Joe Montana but he is not as bad as this throw would indicate.
  9. I noticed the first example at the beginning of the game and realized he should have been throwing to the right side of the end zone (the E in STATE). That area was completely undefended and this was a chance for a TD if D.Rob makes the catch. Instead the receiver was led back toward the defender closer to the middle of the end zone. If you watch the video you can see D.Rob trying to dive under the defender to make a play on the ball. If that ball is thrown to the right side of the end zone the defender would not have been close to D.Rob or the ball. I sat there wonder
  10. Just so you know, most on this board do not believe that we lost the game because of officiating. It was not a perfectly officiated game. I have not seen a team lose a down before. There were calls against both teams that were not correct. I think this game was about execution. PSU executed just about everything they tried and we didn't. Good luck to PSU.
  11. PSU (29 of 33)! I just can't believe we are this bad talent wise. The DC and his assistants have to come up with a plan to scheme around some of our weaknesses. Isn't that what good coaches do? Almost (80) % completion rate after three games and two of those weren't competitive!
  12. How many yards receiving did the PSU tight ends have tonight. On at least four plays, they were running like they were out to practice early. There were some questionable offensive play calls for sure but this loss is on the defense. Somebody please tell Derrick Mason that tight ends are eligible receivers. On a positive note, the players fought to the very end. They never gave up and they never gave in.
  13. Saw the 757 departing CSG about (35) minutes ago. It used a lot of northbound runway. Appeared to be heavy. Just happened to be driving parallel to the runway.
  14. For a lot of reasons, I think this game will be a little closer than people are thinking. Think about it, there is absolutely nothing to be gained by embarrassing ASU. Auburn 35 ASU 10
  15. Given all of the veterans we have on offense, I don't think they will unravel because of a bad play or two. Penn State may win the game but it won't be because Auburn panicked. Nix, Bigsby, Shivers, Brahms, S.Jackson, D.Robertson and the rest of the O-line: Those guys "know a thing or two because they have seen a thing or two". I actually think that we take care of business in Happy Valley.
  16. It is your screen name represented in binary notation. I used to work with hexadecimal, octal, and binary number systems and your screen name hexadecimal (e808) is equivalent to binary 1110|1000|0000|1000. No point really it just caught my attention.
  17. Just curious: Does this mean anything to you? 1110|1000|0000|1000
  18. I had not heard this before and if true, it might explain a lot about our offensive dysfunction over the last few seasons.
  19. I don't know what CBH will do but I hope he doesn't run Tank (28) times (shades of Gus) against the Akron Zips. We have some other good backs and it will be a long season (COVID permitting). Auburn - 51 Akron - 7
  20. That's what he showed in the Spring game.
  21. Complete truth. A surgically rebuilt O-line, a brand new offense with very inexperienced receivers, a critical loss on the D-line, a murderous schedule, playing in the toughest conference division in college football. A lot of things have to go right and/or lucky to get to (8+) wins. We are a team with a lot of quality depth at some positions and very little at the "bigs". The defense might be pretty good initially, but if a struggling offense leaves them on the field for too many plays they will get worn down and beat up playing thru our schedule.
  22. The most highly ranked position group we have recruited out of high school, per your data, is quarterback. Yet the most notable quarterbacks I can remember: Cam Newton, Nick Marshall, and Jarred Stidham came to Auburn via JUCO. It seems that we haven't done the greatest job of developing high school quarterbacks. That is a common compliant on this board. I am not sure how to interpret the 240th ranking for all-sec players, except that we need to recruit more players ranked 240th or better.
  23. Yes, with CGM it was always around the fourth game of the season before we knew what kind of team we had. It was as if the team had to play itself into game condition and maybe they did.
  24. We live in a nation now where everyone wants their rights (get some money now) and nobody wants any responsibility (play out your eligibility, get an education, then go to the NFL or go to work). You know, boring traditional college athlete stuff. College football has become big business, really big business. After working (41) years after college for "for profit" companies, one thing I can assure you of is that companies are absolutely ruthless when it comes to increasing profits at the expense of any and everything else. What does this mean for college athletes? It means that they are
  25. Pretty clear that he doesn't trust his protection. Easy to say, well he had good protection on a given play and didn't make a good throw, but how many times before that was he running from an unblocked rusher? I don't think he makes footwork mistakes because he is nervous or afraid, I think he is hurrying because he is afraid he is not going to get a chance to make a play. Consistent pass protection will go along way toward improving Bo Nix's footwork. Paraphrasing what I once heard Pat Dye say, "You get enough pressure on em, they all just ordinary". Don't know who will come out of the q
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