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  1. Tyler Queen transferring

    I think he had more potential than Franklin as a QB.
  2. Kyle Davis may be out rest of Spring

    For some of you who are wondering why if he is on campus and not participating in Spring ball. When your mind is not on practice but home events you are more susceptible to injury. You do the same thing in other jobs where you need your full concentration or you risk injury to yourself or others. If he is not in school and helping out at home then that is a different story. Either way it will come out and we will know more by fall. I think too many people are assuming the worst. Let's give the kid the benefit of believing that it is personal reasons and not assume the worst until it is known. That is what I plan on doing.
  3. New Game Room

    If you have a pool table or you may be buying a table then you can pick up the felt here some nice designs.
  4. Interesting comment about Woody

    He was also injured at some point in the season which could make sense for him not being put in post Sean''s injury
  5. Men vs. Purdue

    Need to clean up this play or it will be a long season
  6. Misconceptions

    We know what we know: JJ didn't pan out, it happens (there have been many 4/5*s over the years that didn't pan out) SW: Gutsy player who has gotten hurt 2 years in a row but has gotten better over those 2 years Queen: Has been injured since he has been here (tough break but has shown promise in his spring appearance), I would have liked to have seen how he passes but understand that we were up by a lot before he saw action Franklin: Always has been sort of a work in progress. It would have been nice to see if he progressed in his passing but understand why they didn't let him on Sat. Woody: Great Unknown right now. Should be interesting battle in the spring and he might just beat out SW but we don't know yet. 2/3's hit on Juccos while they have been here knowing that they may need help in the QB arena for different reasons. For those saying that we could have had L Jackson, did you check reality at the door? Did you ever listen to the kid why he picked UL? Connections and he liked Petrino and thought Petrino would give him a better shot at the NFL. Period. Can't fault the kid and the HS coaching connections to UL. Same goes for some of the other names mentioned. We aren't going to get everyone but we do get some they sometimes don't pan out. Have we had a bad streak. Some will say yes but looking over it all we haven't done that badly but have been hit by the injury bug as of late and that takes a huge toll on the production. Could we have done better possibly but if we had put in someone else in UGA would we have won? Who knows the real answer but we also could have lost by a much larger margin. I look forward to seeing how Woody does next year. I think he SW and Queen can run this offense and we should be rolling next year.
  7. Johnathan Ford to WR

    There are some crazy rumors going around this time of the year....
  8. There is no justice for the politically connected. It is a shame that there are people sitting or served time in jail for less than what she did. The fix was in before this announcement. If it wasn't then there would be no rally with O in NC today. Lost a lot of respect for the FBI director. He laid out a case for prosecution but failed in his role and actually made the statement that "no sane prosecutor would indite" or something to that effect. Darn Shame that lady justices scales are not working...
  10. His investments went south when the leader of Greece decided to hold a referendum and a vote by the people of greece to accept the terms of the bailout...when they refused the terms all that was set up went south...just because he had inside information doesn't mean that he would have made a killing....especially when the the people were able to vote it down...the prime minister at that time was on NPR not too long ago talking about how he was elected and what drove him to call for the was pretty interesting and he even stated that the EU power brokers were against him doing the very thing he decided to do....
  11. Seriously? You have got to be kidding...there was no reason for such heavy handed tactics....especially when the mother is right there to help calm the situation...not to mention that brain tumors can cause havoc on people and can cause that confusion...yes the TSA agents didn't know about it but could have had they taken the time....
  12. Yeah the old pay for play and let's help out family...totally corrupt but she won't be charged on any of it, the only way that she may even come close to being charged is if she looses the election and trumps new AG brings charges based on the evidence from the FBI but I think O might just pardon her...or if she wins she could pardon herself...It is sad to see so many Americans say that she did no wrong or at least turn a blind eye to it in the name of their is also sad to see that our political offices have been turned into cash making machines for politicians...sad state of affairs for our government.
  13. Party of Free Trade no more?

    All of these deals that our gov has entered sound good using the terms Free Trade but in reality when other countries cheat our gov does nothing unless really pressured by the populace "ala the cheap steel dumping by china"...however, when china devalues their currency, nothing is done...TPP would have allowed H1Bs to be able to come in by the droves and take over American jobs ala what Disney and other have done but to a greater yeah it is about time to take a strong look at these deals and see if they really benefit america...the most hurt by these deals are the middle class...globalization creates middle classes in many other countries and boosts them up but it has been devastating to our middle class over the past 40 years or so...these so called free trade deals are promoted by companies and once these companies move jobs and then create themselves into multi-national companies only hurt the US.
  14. Yeah the dems report that they just released, it was a real eye opener....believe it even mentioned Donald Trump....not sure why because he wasn't there nor was he running or in office at the time....they did a really good job :-\
  15. 2017 4* QB Kellen Mond (aTm commit 6/27/16)

    That is also what I hear from my source at IMG. However, they haven't come out and asked him just going by what they hear him talking about with the schools...we shall see...