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  1. AU_Tiger_88

    Calvin Ashley Transferring

    Correction...he put it in (if I remember correctly) the day before signing day and pulled it after their LB they were trying to sign signed with another like a total of 2 or 3 days..
  2. AU_Tiger_88

    Do we have a 5* Curse?

    I don't think Cowart was putting in the work to crack the rotation and the others were passing him by...where at Maryland he was the best player so he played...had he stayed this year he might have cracked the rotation and played a lot. Some kids don't have the temperment to play for Garner...he is a different kind of cat while coaching, just like when he was a player...but again this is just my opinion...we don't have a way back machine...
  3. AU_Tiger_88

    Do we have a 5* Curse?

    I don't think it is a 5* is the evaluation of those 5*s and Ashley wasn't a consensus 5*. I agree that Lolley was a good evaluator and some other coaches we have had. That is what we are missing is the good solid evaluations and then selecting those that can make an immediate impact and those that will take a little time. There are some 5*s that will be a bust and won't live up to that potential as they have peaked, but there are many more 4*s and some 3*s out there that can be coached up to hit that 5* level. We need both types of coaches on the staff and I think that may be a key point....however, most of our 5* D players have been pretty good.
  4. AU_Tiger_88

    2019 Offical NSD Thread

    They all have Kirby in common...tactic that he is putting to use...
  5. AU_Tiger_88

    2019 5* QB Bo Nix Commits to AU!!!

    Not me. That is the honest truth. If you don't believe me...I really don't care...dude was always the smallest in the class until we graduated, then he had his growth spurt...
  6. AU_Tiger_88

    2019 5* QB Bo Nix Commits to AU!!!

    Yeah, same here...went to HS with a guy and when we graduated he was maybe 5'6" saw him a few years later and the guy was about 6'2" or 6'3".
  7. AU_Tiger_88

    Latest Chatter On Every Target 1/29/19

    FSU where you don't get arrested for doing criminal things or thrown off the team....that is unless you are 3rd string and an example needs to be made...there was a incident where a player stole a scooter...trashed it and the police were saying that the guy borrowed it until the student's dad got involved and then someone bought the kid a new scooter or something to that effect....
  8. AU_Tiger_88

    Saban visit by helicopter to Jackson-Olin

    Don't forget that he was at Auburn before he went to Arky St. So he was here for while. I know what you are getting at but you are not telling the whole story...and yes it was a Gus guy....Ryan Russell
  9. AU_Tiger_88

    qb's - who will start in 2019?

    You are confused. He was a good in High School, took Manatee to its 1st State Championship in 19 years and took them to another. His first two seasons he threw for over 5k yards and 44 touchdowns and ran for almost 1400 yards with 20 TDs. His dad played pro baseball and was an assistant coach on the football. He had football offers as a sophomore in football...yeah even from Auburn yeah don't forget Clemson...I think Gus was the OC then and of course Gus left but he still had an offer from Loeffler... Dude decided that he preferred Baseball as the coach down here at the time had a lot of pro contacts with scouts etc...While in HS he was a very solid QB that led the team really well. But keep on calling AU & Clemson second rate or you could check some facts. I get it you may not know alot about him but try to find out some facts about the kid. Also he was 4th because he showed up right before the season...I get it he may not work out or get the start but he is pretty solid athlete.
  10. AU_Tiger_88

    qb's - who will start in 2019?

    I think we will see someone break out this spring. However, I think we could see JG take the lead and Bo come in as a change up. I wouldn't surprised to see Cord come out of the mix. I have seen him play where I haven't seen the others. I am not so sure on MW as we didn't get to see much of him the past couple of years which is a shame. We should have seen more of the backups in some of the games the past couple of years....I just hope we put the best one out there no matter who it is.
  11. Nope Michael Jackson Sr. out from UofM...Hurricanes
  12. AU_Tiger_88

    Patrick Suddes leaving

    Why does anyone leave a job? There are many reasons. Maybe he will be getting more money for less work? Why does it matter? As far as a replacement....well let's see what they post as a job req? That will tell you the pay scale and some folks on this board might apply...
  13. AU_Tiger_88

    Early enrollees reported

    Excellent news!
  14. AU_Tiger_88

    Feeling better about next year

    Oline should be hinging on who is the QB and RB play...
  15. AU_Tiger_88

    2019 O Line Recruiting

    We have Red Tide in some form or fashion every year. however, this year it was really bad. Part of the reason was they drained algae out of lake O in the south in August which cause an unusually large bloom this year and then the hurricane stirred it up offshore and blew it back in. It will get back to normal when it gets colder and the algae have less to eat...or so we hope.