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  1. Thanks, will have to see if they have them down here. I get the cost of the logo thing but want to see better styling. the current crop is meh...I do have a cool one that I bought while traveling through AL on one of my trips a few years ago but lately haven't found something that really floats my boat.
  2. I just want a cheaper Polo than the UA stuff that I see and looks better. When I can get logo Dry Fit shirts for work relatively inexpensive compared to UA gear. I like my plain UA polos but the Dry Fit has come a long way. So for me, I just want decent gear that doesn't cost an arm and leg. If it helps recruiting then switch. I don't wear either of the shoes from either company although my son swears by the UA shoes. Nike shoes don't fit me well at all. They are way too narrow. But I don't hoop it up so there is that...I like a polo that I have made by UA but I have seen some dry fit that had some great designs.
  3. AUsome! Congrats! Gotta ignore the negative. Worm is a fine running back and needs to be used more in our offense to emphasis his strengths. I hope next year will be a special year for him.
  4. It might surprise AU folks how many grads are in those organizations. TigerHorn you are correct on the coastal elites. Those orgs heavily recruited from the Ivy league but those universities are now putting out some who don't believe in the US and protest everytime recruiters come a callin.
  5. Dude it isn't about winning or loosing (I guess you don't understand nor care to try and see what I am talking about). It is about hustle, game planning, executing, coaching and all of the other facets of the game. This coach needs to go and her contract shouldn't have been renewed. Maybe if you got out and watched some of the games you would understand but by your own admission you haven't watched. So since you probably don't watch HS ball then you probably couldn't comprehend my posts about HS teams and prep, coaching, etc....Maybe for you I should have used non-power 5 conference teams to make it easier for you to comprehend....Maybe if you get out and watch some teams no matter what level you may understand when people do compare play to other levels.
  6. since you admitted that you don't watch then please don't say that I haven't seen High School teams that play better than our women's team. I haven't seen the hustle in this team. I have seen them take really bad least with some HS womens teams that I have seen they have that hustle and the ability to take decent looks. That is what I am saying. We had a big lead against LSU that almost turned into a loss this weekend. We couldn't protect the ball down the stretch and almost lost. There were plenty of time outs called so it isn't like the coach wasn't drawing up plans but they were disorganized so it seemed. AU deserves better, those women deserve better and this overpaid coach isn't getting it done. There are plenty of coaches out there that can at least game plan better than I have seen our team. Sorry if you don't agree but tough.
  7. I watched part of the game against USCe and it is sad how bad we looked. I have seen HS teams that would have played better against them. As far as the recruiting class that she brought in, I believe some of them have already left. So what is the point in keeping a coach around that keeps us mediocre? Earlier posters are right, when you have a good entertaining product on the floor people would come. I remember when we were regularly on the national stage that the place was packed when I was in college.
  8. Or more likely an easier path to be the DC in a couple of years. Also, reunited with old staff members, raise, no income tax state and better line to DC if that is what he wants. AU tried to counter but he moved on.
  9. And it has a beach on campus...pretty nice place actually...only a couple hours south of me.
  10. From all indications Grimes stepping down caught this staff off guard. So if this was preplanned then we would have had a hire like the OC. Old out one day new one in the next.
  11. I agree and stated that after the 2018 season. I know they extended the contract due to the recruiting class she was bringing in but I think a couple of those left the program already. She is in her what 7th or 8th year? We haven't been competitive since she has been here. I remember the years we were going head to head with the lady vols and getting to the dance. I guess I am spoiled but saw some good basketball during those times in both Mens and Womens teams.
  12. I noticed that also. Wonder why they couldn't get some under armor gear...
  13. This could be great especially if CCM could put different player packages together and keep them on the field for a drive. Say a combo of Schwartz, Shivers,Williams, Joiner and another that could do a lot of different things. Imagine the plays that could be run and how you could either quickly tire out the Defense or catch them off guard. That would be some exciting offense.
  14. or it could be Gus nudging him out if he knows Morris would accept the position if offered....
  15. well I guess you answered one of your questions...👍