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  1. Softball vs. uat game 1

    not having a good night. leaving too many on base.
  2. Auburn Is A Tough Place To Play

    Dag - I can agree with you about everything except for the Swimming and Diving program. We have been in a slide since before 2010. We dominated in this sport for a great stretch. Former Marsh assistants are now eating our lunch. Time to bring one of them back into the fold or for that matter, Marsh himself (if he is willing). We need to build this one back up. WBBall may need another year but that program has been stagnant for a long time. Extremely happy with MBBall, Baseball and Softball as we have improved or maintained. I believe we keep Pearl if at all possible and support him as we have a high ceiling to go there and I think he can take us there.
  3. Auburn Is A Tough Place To Play

    And we almost won that game on the last shot that was just a little short.
  4. football tidbits

    for those that are worried about size....see Little Train...I was bigger than him when we were in college but he could tote that rock.. i say give them a chance...
  5. Basketball Probe

    UNC out lawyered them. It was academic related vice athletic related and that is why they won. NCAA covers athletics and not academics so UNC took their lunch because those same classes were open to other students. (well if you want to call them classes).
  6. Basketball Probe

    Actually very smart in not talking very openly to the administration due to the FBI investigating and if they get different stories from the Admin and CBP then they will dig much more (essentially they could be saying the same thing but you know how conversations sometimes get distorted). Best to wait until it is all over for all parties. Then the NCAA can't use things against CBP also. SO if the FBI finds nothing on him then that is much better for him and AU. NCAA can't punish for something that is not enticing players to go to AU. However, they could pull that PSU crap and try and punish us anyway. Other teams should face the same fate. So they would have to go after UL, USC, etc
  7. Women at uat

    Not forgotten...just a bad product put on the floor in my opinion. We are 4-9 in the SEC about to be 4-10. We have a great D for pressing sort of. It does provide some turnovers but it can easily be broken as it is being shown today. It looks like our offense isn't playing that well and we are fouling like crazy. I have been watching this team whenever I can all season and it may be time for a coaching change. We are mainly playing Sophomores and my question is why don't we have more juniors and seniors playing? Coach Flo is in her sixth year here. I guess I am just frustrated at the product we have been putting on the floor. We were neck and neck in going into the miday of the 4th and we will probably loose by 10+ when this game is over.
  8. Basketball Probe

    I understand that they are federal charges but like anything there are 6 different counts and they are kind of flimsy charges. For what the gov is alleging and what they probably will get him on are two different things. I don't think he will see time and it looks like the feds did some questionable things so we will see how this plays out. The trial isn't until next year so I imagine other trials will go first but since I am not a lawyer, I don't know how serious they would be treating it. And yeah a lobbyist is exactly what he was doing. take a look at what lobbyist can get away with when it comes to politicians and what the lobbyist pays for and contributes.
  9. Basketball Probe

    Dude, I read the charges and I am no lawyer but I think I could argue out of them. They are trying to use bribery and wire fraud. However, if I was CP's lawyer, I would argue that CP was just being a lobbyist for that firm and that I was paid to do advertising or something or other
  10. Basketball Probe

    So what laws were broken? I haven't kept up with it...I can see avoiding taxes but is it not a capitalistic society where someone can be paid to sign with an agent of a shoe company post college career? I can see where the NCAA has their panties in a wad but it wasn't about getting kids to a school but post school career and what you were going to wear while in the NBA. Now if it was about going to a particular school I can see a NCAA violation but still can't see what law was broken....I am sure you could probably always go after a tax violation but am not that sure...any help?
  11. Auburn has a pretty good weekend

    Vandy was a 6-19 team coming in. I am not looking down on the win. I applaud it. However, there is no reason that we can't put a good product on the floor and be competitive. You can't tell me that we can't get talent to play competitively in the SEC. We used to be a powerhouse in women's basketball. I remember watching them play in the coliseum.
  12. Auburn has a pretty good weekend

    Did you watch the game? 101-87 record over 6 years isn't getting it done. I get that most of our starters are So & Fr but that is on the coach. They have been her players for many years. I will give her credit for the full court press and the turnovers but shot selection and finesse when doing a layup is on her coaching. Don't know if she need to change her offense but it isn't aggressive enough with the talent that she has on the floor compared to the competition.
  13. Auburn has a pretty good weekend

    add to that the womens basketball team barely beat a 6-19 vandy team...when they were up by 11 at different points and almost lost it in the last minute.
  14. Pettway is a mess

    There are students on campus that are under threat of a Drug test at any point in time. You have active military there getting their degrees and ROTC students unless they have changed things.
  15. Locker Room Renovations

    Thanks for sharing RunInRed. Love seeing the pictures