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  1. Totally agree. The Big10 network channels are always playing different games. I hardly see anything on the SEC Alts. Really a shame....
  2. It will be interesting to watch all of this play out and we will still be where we are...hope that changes but we will see...
  3. I disagree but that is what message boards are for. He good year at Western Mich he didn't play anyone really except for Whisky in the bowl game which he lost also got schooled that year by Willy Frisk his last year at GA southern...So I am not sold on Fleck yet. Will have to wait and see how he does against the rest of the schedule. Willy might be a more interesting candidate due to what he has done at the schools he has been yet. If we do switch to him, I would hope we don't tie that much up in him so that we could get out of it easily if needed. Of course this is my opinion as I think he has done an ok job where he is but not great looking at his competition and watching some of their games the past couple of years....I do remember watching him at W. Michigan when he was there and they had some good athletes that became future NFL players.
  4. so for those "Row the Boat" fans who want him as our coach please explain why? Is it because he has them at 9-0? Because if that is the case please explain how you feel about the South Dakota State win by a whopping 7 points, Beating Fresno State by 3, GA Southern by a commanding 3 points, Big Purdue by 7 he took care of the others by respectable Margins and did beat Penn State (or did Penn State beat Penn State? watching that game...hard to tell)....Yes Minnesota is a hard place to win at times but is easily in one of the easiest conference divisions. So if they lose 2 out of their last 3 will you still be wanting him? Iowa & Whisky remains on their schedule....I get that he is young and energetic and can recruit some but do you think he would survive in this division? I have my doubts about it. I think he could do ok but may be a 7-5, 8-4 type of coach here. I would hope that I am wrong but I have watched some of their games and didn't see something that others may have seen. I saw them struggle against the teams that I called out this year...I don't think we have that luxury in our conference.... so I would be interested in hearing some of your responses...I am tired of the Gus experiment...especially since my wife who isn't a football fan but started watching the games with my Son and I and she calls out who is going to get the ball pre-snap by the formations that we run...kind of frustrating to see the non-progression of our offense and a waste of a championship defense...
  5. Agree that it is a bad loss no matter what Tulsa's record is but Tulsa has shot itself in the foot a few games with their kicking game.
  6. If Tulsa had a decent kicker they would have beat Memphis this year along with another game...
  7. I agree that Morris is build mode and getting guys that fit his system. I was just stating that there are a couple of factions of people...on one side there is a couple of billionaires and a few multi-millionaires and on the other are multi-millionaires....they all want what is best for Arky but they disagreed on the last hire. I think if Morris shows improvement next year he will be ok...if not then he will be gone most likely and especially if Norvell is on the market. Of course that is my opinion but just looking at how things are starting to stack up.... Wish we had a couple of billionaires that would be interested in getting us the best football coach on our next will be interesting to see what happens but I don't think we have that kind of juice because our factions are not on the same page....or else we could have the best...
  8. Actually that might not be true...there are two big factions in with the most money wanted morris...the other wanted norvell from Memphis...most money won out this time probably not...
  9. I don't think Clark will be picked up by Arky...I think they would rather have Norvell from Memphis...that is the guy that I really like. I think he will be the next big coach once he goes to a bigger program.
  10. Can you imagine the last couple of years if we had a competent offense that could at least score and minimize 3 and outs where we would have been last year and this year? Someone at worked joked watch out and you will get Lane Kiffin to which I responded at least he could run an offense and if he kept our D together, I would take him now....
  11. You don't have to do the whole disco thing but you can make a great light show out of them and overall they are cheaper in the long run. You can be tasteful with them and do some amazing things. I am not in favor of flashing just to flash but you can time them to music kind of like people do for xmas displays, etc...
  12. We need to find a head coach that is the head of the program and is a great leader who knows who to hire as Coordinators and get out of their way. He needs to hire some good recruiters on the staff but also have the balance of those that can coach. I like Steele's defenses over the past couple of years and this part of the staff. I think the OC should be able to run an offense that can change based on personnel. The OC has to be able to shake it up when things aren't working and be able to add wrinkles week to week and utilize the personnel appropriately. That is my biggest issue with Gus right now. We aren't utilizing the strength of our players to the fullest. I understand that he goes with what he has known but there is a huge problem when he gets stubborn (or seems like it). I hate sitting on the ball as we don't do that well but when we pace we do well. I don't really care who the new HC would be as long as he can do the above. I really don't care if they were a former coordinator or not. I just want a winner and not do anything to shame AU (i.e. keep hands off the help).
  13. Funk with slappin bass is still a winner in my book! That is why I learned to play bass.
  14. I think we need to see more of Joey with the first team offense. I really hate when we start going we kill it by substituting constantly. We have to quit subbing all the the plays that the team on the field can run...Bo was off in the first half...that won't fly next week. Killer D. Don't know why hastings was on the punt returns and fair catching all of them when he had some running room on some...
  15. UF's best pass rusher is out and has been since first half...before that he was a problem.