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  1. If live he would have taken a massive hit and that may have affected the pass but still impressive that he kept the eyes down the field and still executed.
  2. since this went off the rails a few pages back and got way off topic to a point of going back to old posts....can we either keep it back on topic or just lock or delete the thread? Or take the snipping to PMs or chat?
  3. Not too long ago some people on the board were calling for him to be fired. My how things change. He is a good teacher given time. He may not be the best recruiter. I have seen improvement from last year and hope it continues. This and next year will be the test. Need to get some of the backups some playing time this year to be ready in case of injury.
  4. Don't forget the young ladies on the Horses...SEC Champs and haven't lost all year!!
  5. That is AUsome!!
  6. The Refs are keeping Ky in this...there are so many fouls that they aren't calling...making me sick...hard to beat both ky and the refs...
  7. 16-0 baby going for the double ship again!!! Way to go girls!! Now onto spring practice...heard that Joiner is lighting it up running...not a H-back type but evolving role...Joey G...also showing out a little...but again only one practice in pads and Tega stopping the rush...but that is all that I have no means am I an insider so take it for what it's worth...
  8. He may have started drilling in the position late but by no means was he not a WR...stats from HS HIGH SCHOOL: Tallied 2,040 receiving yards as a senior for Coach Kevin Kelley … just the second receiver in state history to gain 2,000 yards in a season … Bruins won the state title in 2011 and 2014 … MaxPreps All-American … AHSCA all-star game … also played soccer … honors graduate … member of FCA and Green Club Dude was a baller in HS as a WR and a walk on at AU....
  9. Our video crew has stepped it up the past couple of years...great for the coaches twitter game. Not to mention how well some of the guys did.
  10. Going to Bottom of the 9th...just 3 outs away...