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  1. If that is the case then they should have played him at least on special teams...
  2. Mistakes happen all the time and people aren't always fired for those mistakes...some yes but not all...if a company acts that way then you get no one to innovate or make decisions...let's be real and not make some crazy statements like this....yeah, you are upset and I understand but there are two parties to this the coaches and the player....the player knows if the plan is to redshirt or not so they play a minor role also when told to go into their 5th game....ultimately the coaches fault...
  3. Not all of us are angry...yes the coaches burned the redshirt because they didn't have controls in place to prevent it....however, ASA also knows how many games he played in and if the plan was to redshirt him and he knew it then he should have stepped up and said something before going into the 5th game...blame to go on both sides...more so on the coaches. but still ASA played a role in burning his own redshirt....once they found out they should have played him more at least on special teams if he wasn't going to play his position this year....just my opinion....
  4. AU_Tiger_88

    Malik Willis

    I saw enough of him from his High School days to know what folks are now saying about him are true. He can run Gus' offense now and do it well. He sees his reads pretty well. I haven't seen Joey nor Bo to know how they operate but Cord is a darn good QB from my opinion.
  5. AU_Tiger_88

    What would you do if Bo Nix decommitted right now

    Now it won't happen...why you ask...well just like Gus you told the opposing defense exactly what is coming at them....
  6. AU_Tiger_88

    Auburn People Deserve Better...

    You may not like what I do but here goes, I am solicited each year by AU to provide scholarship money. There were years that I gave and then we had issues with JJ so each time I was called, I stated that I would no longer be giving until JJ was gone from the University. I had some interesting conversations with the callers and most agreed with my reasoning. (Leadership that keeps incompetent people in high positions when scandals are not addressed, ticketing etc shows no leadership). I also asked them to put notes in their file about my statements of why I wasn't giving. Now forward to the beginning of this year, and I get a call post JJ departure. I laughed and talked about Leath doing something like he did with Gus' contract and again talked about leadership & stewardship of the university that I love. So until he is gone, and this mess stops, I will not donate to the university. I do work with my local group to raise scholarship money for local Florida students as I think that is important. We should not accept incompetence at the helm. Not in sports and not leading academics. If we do we hurt our brand and do harm to our students and our great University.
  7. AU_Tiger_88

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Alabama

    well there goes our coverage again...come on
  8. AU_Tiger_88

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Alabama

    CBS has crappy coverage for reply compared to espn...
  9. AU_Tiger_88

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Alabama

    It did but they didn't call the holding that was blatant
  10. AU_Tiger_88

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Alabama

    come on D
  11. AU_Tiger_88

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Alabama

    guys are starting to settle down...good thing...
  12. AU_Tiger_88

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Alabama

    Home cookin with the refs...not calling that offsides.
  13. AU_Tiger_88

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Alabama

    So the question about uniform violation...tua didn't have his knee pad over his knee are they not calling that now?
  14. AU_Tiger_88

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Alabama

    Refs getting their pay early....BS Calls...and who put grease in the stickem?
  15. AU_Tiger_88

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Alabama

    Totally dislike these announcers...