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  1. Auburn's next Head Coach

    He will be hot target after this year. Second year at UCF and he has them rolling...
  2. Auburn's next Head Coach

    until that happens, I won't be holding my breath. JJ is another millionaire salary in the ADs office but what has he really done to earn that salary? Too many issues under his watch...
  3. Auburn's next Head Coach

    With the problems that we have in the AD office we won't be able to get higher.
  4. Auburn's next Head Coach

    Here is my suggestion. Go Hire Scott Frost but tell him to keep the defensive side of the coaches...come in and turn this around. He has done a wonderful job at UCF and is young enough to put in the time. His offense is clicking and has made his team tough. Thoughts?
  5. AU Gear

    I also prefer the artwork on the back with a small logo on the front...I don't like a lot of the apparel out there for that reason. There are many shirts that I would have bought had they been in that design.
  6. It's AU Gameday

    Hopefully today is the start of good play by our Tigers in all phases of the game.
  7. celebrating stidham

    Seems our route running is poor at times except for Hastings. Our receivers should be able to get open against Mercer but it didn't look like it. Need more protection of the ball..5 turnovers is just way to bad. We keep this up and we will be lucky to win any more in SEC play.

    Except you will be on the right side of the storm and it is large. It will be tracking closer to me over here in Bradenton so we are not our of the woods. Hope for small or no storm surge...trying to help my son figure out where the better place to be or over by UCF when this thing hits...waiting to see the latest track.
  9. ***Auburn vs. Georgia Southern -- Game Thread***

    So you do you think will go into spell KM when he needs a breather? Wouldn't mind seeing the True Freshman from Tampa...
  10. ***Auburn vs. Georgia Southern -- Game Thread***

    Brown is coming into his own so far. Great to see!
  11. ***Auburn vs. Georgia Southern -- Game Thread***

    I am hoping our Offense shakes off this and starts clicking. Also need legatron to get his groove back.
  12. ***Auburn vs. Georgia Southern -- Game Thread***

    Nice Run by JS!!
  13. Tyler Queen transferring

    I think he had more potential than Franklin as a QB.
  14. Kyle Davis may be out rest of Spring

    For some of you who are wondering why if he is on campus and not participating in Spring ball. When your mind is not on practice but home events you are more susceptible to injury. You do the same thing in other jobs where you need your full concentration or you risk injury to yourself or others. If he is not in school and helping out at home then that is a different story. Either way it will come out and we will know more by fall. I think too many people are assuming the worst. Let's give the kid the benefit of believing that it is personal reasons and not assume the worst until it is known. That is what I plan on doing.
  15. New Game Room

    If you have a pool table or you may be buying a table then you can pick up the felt here some nice designs.