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  1. AU_Tiger_88

    Commission on College Basketball - Report

    I would agree but once those cases are documented with the "uncle" and moma then you could also ban that player from playing D1 for a couple of years. If you want to fix it you have to come at it from both ends. After a few examples then that would help clean it up. Especially if "showcasing" doesn't make the draft of G league. People with their hand out will stop putting them out and if not then they get passed over.
  2. AU_Tiger_88

    Baseball vs. Vanderbilt

    Score update please?
  3. AU_Tiger_88

    Auburn in the 2018 NFL Draft

    I don't know BB but I think Smoke will make strides this year.
  4. AU_Tiger_88

    Auburn in the 2018 NFL Draft

    I know the local radio down here is nothing but complementary on Davis. They are excited to have him. They keep reminding the Audience that 2nd rounders make the pro bowl just as much as 1st rounders....I think you are right that some just wanted him to come back but the secondary should be ok next year.
  5. AU_Tiger_88

    Auburn in the 2018 NFL Draft

    If you want a model for kids to come back to play if not selected or even if they are selected, take a look at how college hockey does it. This model could be employed for basketball and football, this could also take some of the money out of the hands of handlers and the leagues where shoe companies pay those basketball coaches to steer players.
  6. AU_Tiger_88

    Harold Joiner sets sights on Heisman

    I look forward to him and Whitlow. Some of the moves Whitlow did at A day was great to see. Yeah, I know it won't work against big SEC D's but at least he has that fire not to give up and I think in space he will leave people looking for their jocks....
  7. AU_Tiger_88

    Any Coach Flo news?

    I was thinking about it today and think that the best jumpers and somewhat taller women compete in volleyball and since their seasons overlap they may choose volleyball.
  8. AU_Tiger_88

    The Official Meltdown Thread

  9. AU_Tiger_88

    Any Coach Flo news?

    ND handled her pretty well. I agree that most of the women bigs are just bigs. Few have good skills. I don't if that is due to development or what but one would think that nut could or would have been cracked by now. The video of the girl dunking earlier in this thread. She is what 6-5 and barely elevates above the rim. Great that she can dunk but would like to see it in the game. How many bigs shoot outside of the paint in the women's game? I have not seen that many but there are many guys that do. I tend to think this is a development issue overall. again just my two cents.
  10. AU_Tiger_88

    Basketball Probe

    I remember the names for some reason but have never seen them play at all. I don't watch pro unless there is a player that I really want to see play. There haven't been any that I have cared to watch since Jordan and the Admiral. I used to watch Drexel, Magic, kareem, bird & Rambis but that was back in the day. I did love watching Chuck and Auburn players but don't really care for the pro game. So I can see both arguments. I don't like the 1 & done concept and would rather they not play college to be honest. I prefer the team concept that happens on teams that don't load up on those players. I think that if they go to college they should have to adhere to the rules with class, grades, etc. I think that if a player wants to go pro that they should be able to skip college and not forced to go. I know that they have that option now by playing in a foreign league but the G should be an option. And if they do go pro and end up broke well then maybe they should have went to college and studied finance or something to help them understand about money. Just my 2 cents.
  11. AU_Tiger_88

    Any Coach Flo news?

    So the question is why don't we train them to jump? Some do jump. I never understood that some of these tall women couldn't dunk. Is it a matter of not training to jump or the fact that there is such a difference. I don't believe it would be a physical thing but more of a training thing.
  12. AU_Tiger_88

    Softball vs. uat game 1

    not having a good night. leaving too many on base.
  13. AU_Tiger_88

    Auburn Is A Tough Place To Play

    Dag - I can agree with you about everything except for the Swimming and Diving program. We have been in a slide since before 2010. We dominated in this sport for a great stretch. Former Marsh assistants are now eating our lunch. Time to bring one of them back into the fold or for that matter, Marsh himself (if he is willing). We need to build this one back up. WBBall may need another year but that program has been stagnant for a long time. Extremely happy with MBBall, Baseball and Softball as we have improved or maintained. I believe we keep Pearl if at all possible and support him as we have a high ceiling to go there and I think he can take us there.
  14. AU_Tiger_88

    Auburn Is A Tough Place To Play

    And we almost won that game on the last shot that was just a little short.
  15. AU_Tiger_88

    football tidbits

    for those that are worried about size....see Little Train...I was bigger than him when we were in college but he could tote that rock.. i say give them a chance...