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  1. AU_Tiger_88

    Ole Miss Game Report Card

    I agree. I would have liked to see the backup QBs play some in the 4th to see what they can do. Open the playbook for them instead of just hand offs. Let them do RPO. Keep the competition guessing and make them spend valuable practice time on defending the fact that if they see the backup QB come in. I would also have liked to see shots down the field with Schwartz, how about a wheel route to Shivers? Come one get the killer instinct and put the game more out of hand. We play too conservative at times and it kills us and the momentum. Just my 2 cents.
  2. AU_Tiger_88

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Mississippi State

    Technically Chip is the QB coach last time I checked. believe me, I don't have love for Gus and the play calling. I am upset also but the misques happening in this game is execution which is on the players.
  3. AU_Tiger_88

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Mississippi State

    For one. He didn't overthrow wide open receivers that would have been a couple of touchdowns. He didn't fumble punts one of which led to this upcoming score. That is on the players.
  4. AU_Tiger_88

    Auburn 24 Southern Miss 13 - Highlights

    The play calling isn't helping either. No intermediate routes or slants to alleviate the stacking of the box. Either deep or behind the line routes. The play where cox scored need more of those types of plays. We are too predictable and if I know what is going to happen then you know someone who football is their life also does. Just my two cents.
  5. AU_Tiger_88

    Kam and Sal considered leaving as well

    As far as backs, Kam doesn't see the lanes that well (IMO) I saw where if he went right he would have gained 10 or more yards but ran into a crowd and only made a yard. The O line needs to grow and gel. They are a little banged up but I believe they will come around. Our problem is developing a QB and O line together. When we have a QB and line we have seasons like 2010 & 13 but otherwise it is hit and miss. We need a good Freshman QB that will come in and sit a couple of years and take over. Unfortunately that doesn't happen in today's environment. I believe Cord might fit the bill and maybe Nix but we do need to recruit some good O-line and coach them up to gel for a few years. We can get to a point where we can reload but it seems that we stock up on WRs and some others but miss the main points of O like good linemen...of course my opinion.
  6. AU_Tiger_88

    Kam and Sal considered leaving as well

    Well I guessed you missed the memo when we were recruiting him out of HS when he went to the Gators...
  7. AU_Tiger_88

    Auburn 34 Arkansas 3 - Highlights

    Understandable. There are too many people who are the half glass empty that are posting many negatives. We are in a tough league. Its not the C-USA or American or is the freaking SEC and not to mention its the SEC West which is arguably the toughest division in college football who has put a team in multiple national title possibilities. And our special teams haven't been that good the past few years but look at what we have done this year, I am glad that we are improving in that area.
  8. AU_Tiger_88

    Auburn 34 Arkansas 3 - Highlights

    There were some great takeaways from this game. We are seeing a resurgence in our special teams this year!!
  9. AU_Tiger_88

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Arkansas

    Come on 3 and out? Martin shouldn't be running the ball
  10. AU_Tiger_88

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Arkansas

    No good!! Ok now the offense needs to put the foot to the pedal.
  11. AU_Tiger_88

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Arkansas

    Need to punch it in here...
  12. AU_Tiger_88

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Arkansas

    Seriously Driscoll
  13. AU_Tiger_88

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Arkansas

    Got to stop the penalties
  14. AU_Tiger_88

    Taylor Rowe'd Trip: Auburn Edition

    That was a great video...Thanks for Posting!
  15. AU_Tiger_88

    All Things Shaun "Worm" Shivers (merged threads)

    He was a hoss. I had advanced math classes with him and he was rock solid. Short yes but could truck it...