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  1. So if we go to tradition how about these or these... so the all blue unis and helmets are actually tradition...the green jerseys were from when we had coaches from Notre Dame...so if we want to change the unis for a special game then it is ok in my book but it really doesn't matter...
  2. Swimming and Diving have fallen. There are teams that we should be beating beat us up pretty bad this year. Men's #8 Women's #9 in the conference. WBB & Football were past times for a coaching change. Track...not competitive. Enough has been said for Softball and Baseball (SEC is stacked in baseball but still blowing large leads late in the game...), Volleyball stunk (was going to drive up and see them play in gainsville, glad I didn't would have wasted 3+ hours). And our Bass Team not allowed to compete? Really? It is fishing for goodness sakes...your boats are well over 6ft apart. I think overall we are in a sad state. Wait and see on Harsin and the new WBB coach. Disapointed in the BB team but I understand they are young and the weird stuff going on with the team from NCAA sitting to concussion issue...Well there is always next year and if it doesn't go well...then maybe a change at AD might be in order...
  3. Considering that Gus was doing it when he became a coordinator at Arky...so he has experience...remember when the HC was taking over the offense from him there because he didn't like some of Gus' plays? And then Gus was speaking to boosters behind his back? Sound familiar...
  4. That is what the tea leaves are saying....
  5. Bird, I think you know the answer to that one. Running the same play over and over, the many throws behind the line of scrimmage. The personnel groupings telling you whether it was a run or pass play. The non-dev of QBs. WRs not getting open. Lack of adjustment by the O. D not adjusting until half...I could go on but you already know.
  6. You may want to check where we were to where we are now...
  7. I would be shocked but ok Great with it. I don't like he handled some of his stops but if we want to win and get top classes and compete within the SEC he could do it for us. Like others, don't know how long he stays but if he were to bring in an assistant that would take over we could be on a run for a few years...
  8. I used to love talking to the WR at the LOS to get them off their game...I didn't use trash talk but asked them different questions right before the ball was snapped or say something like..."man that chick has the hots for you, she can't stop staring"...sometimes it got in their head...Did the same thing when I was a catcher in high school talked to the batters about stupid things...it worked a lot of the time....
  9. Yes if that is the agenda then that is how you start. However, that could be stopped quickly if we had a unity of condemnation. What I was referring to is the kneeling, walkouts, etc. They say they want it fixed but fail to come to the table. There are many people in this country that see the problems but don't let the emotions get in the way. We all know that people are people. Basically there are good people in every org. But there are also people who do bad things. Unfortunately some of these folks who do bad things are covered by their unions etc...so until we are willing to take that on..nothing will change. Also people need to recognize that some of these individuals who die at the hands of police are doing wrong and put themselves in that situation....there is a balance that needs to be achieved. However, it is easier to protest, riot and loot than it is to do the change...
  10. Again...complaining about the symptom...what does that fix? seriously, there are problems with many government institutions, but rather than talk about how to resolve it people would rather protest than have a logical dialog about the issue. We know how to resolve the issue with policing but few politicians are afraid to take on the unions. Police know who are the bad cops and yes there are scenarios where they have to make split decisions and may guess wrong where they don't have a reset button. But if politicians decide to take that on then they need to go after the bad teachers, doctors etc. Oh, protesting is fine but when your start looting and rioting that is a huge problem also as it affects that community. These riots are staged and others join thinking that they are protesting. If you don't think they are staged then you are kidding yourselves...at least here in FL there were bricks and other objects being left at certain places that they wouldn't normally be and the local police got word and made sure they were cleaned up before protests were held. After that word got out then magically some of those protests didn't happen...however, if you follow the money trail of some of these professional agitators that would lead to some interesting findings. And these pro-players who have money ties to china but say that you can't speak bad about china (James comes to mind) don't have a leg to stand on in my book because if it was only about America they are wrong. Slavery is alive and well today in the world and it comes in all colors.
  11. https://www.mysuncoast.com/2020/07/19/concerns-arise-some-receive-positive-covid-results-never-got-tested/ And for those calling BS on the false positives here in FL for people who haven't taken the test....
  12. Good for you...Not all hospitals are the same. I never said that. If businesses want to allow someone to smoke then that is up to that business owner. People will make a choice to either be a patron or not. That business will survive or it won't. They have a choice. Actually I am not. I am pretty well versed having worked in WMD for the military for a few years and how to remove nations capabilities of creating them so I am pretty well versed. Yeah...You still don't get or refuse to understand my point but want to tie it back to you and how we should all act according to you.
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