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  1. Just playing devils advocate. Didn't mean to initiate the anti-Cole pack. While I agree with you that college athletes should be compensated in some way, I think there are other larger issues with universities that need to be fixed first.
  2. Tim McGraw threw a free concert when the draft was in Nashville
  3. You can't go wrong with any of the places mentioned in this thread. Here are some additional places for food: Edley's BBQ, Pharmacy Burger, Smiling Elephant, Rotiers. If you are traveling a short distance around town, I would recommend using Bird or Lime scooters. They are everywhere so they should never be in shortage.
  4. Leave them out, then they will actually have a reason to join a conference
  5. My top choice would be Chris Peterson, but I don't see him leaving the northwest
  6. We don't have to worry about a 3 team tiebreaker if we win out and LSU wins out.
  7. That is a :homer:/> statement if I ever saw one. Sorry bud, but Clemson, UNC, FSU Pitt, Iowa, Baylor, Ok state, ND Mich St, Michigan, and Oklahoma are all teams that could beat Bama or Florida and do so easily. The B1G, ACC and Big 12 all have teams playing better than most of the SEC. Heck AAC is looking better than the SEC this season. About the only P5 conference that looks worse than the SEC is the PAC12. And quite frankly, Stanford, Utah or UCLA could beat Bama on any given day. Face it, the SEC dominance is done. Its the SEC that really needs rebuilding. :-\/> UNC lost to USCE. Oklahoma lost to Texas and took UT to 2 OT FSU lost to a Georgia Tech team that has 3 wins. Iowa has played 1 ranked team all year.
  8. Mark my words: Baylor will lose 3 games Mark my words: Tennessee will win the East Mark my words: Louisville will play Miami in the ACC championship game Mark my words: Kansas St will be the first team left out of the playoffs
  9. Vandy is now the first/only SEC Team to lose to a C-USA School. At least that is what the announcers said. But didnt UAB beat LSU as C-USA? I really dont keep up with UAB tho.Mason, he is gone. That Vandy team had no fight and they are not well coached. Seriously, this might be one of the worst Vandy teams in years. I don't think that is true. I know they like to forget anything unflattering about bama's coach, but I think UAB was C-USA when they beat LSU in 2000. what conference was ULM in 07? They said most recent was UCF beating UGA in a 2010 bowl game
  10. An undefeated Auburn team was more deserving than EITHER Oklahoma OR USC, because in spite of USC being clearly superior to Oklahoma, Auburn's strength of schedule vastly trumped that of either team. We beat defending national champion LSU, undefeated Tennessee (at a packed out Rocky Top...that was extremely quiet for all but maybe the first half of the first quarter), a Georgia team whose only loss had come in a nail biter (after the starting QB had already gotten hurt), and then beat Tennessee AGAIN in the SEC Championship. All of those teams were in the top 10. However, the talking heads all focused on the strength of the bottom of the schedule, because we don't get to play in a conference that has a built in range of bad-to-middling teams with no more than 3 legitimate contenders to afford the luxury of playing a heavy out of conference schedule. Of course, I don't think AU was clearly better than USC, I just believe we had the better case for playing in the national championship game. But had it been AU-USC, as it should have would have been one for the ages, I believe. However, every bit of that is completely beside the point, because no matter what, there was no way to get all of the truly deserving teams in. In 2011, however, one loss Okie St was CLEARLY more deserving of playing for it all than one loss Alabam for two reasons: 1) They won their conference, and 2) They hadn't already played and lost to the other team in a two team championship game. ^^^This