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  1. Thank you for continuing to prove my point. Let's take a look at that big bad Michigan you are referring to: Last National Championship: 1997 Conference Championship: 2004 Beat OSU: 2011 The most known thing Michigan has done since 2004 was lose to App State in 2007. My point still stands, you calling us irrelevant is the same as you calling yourself irrelevant. You do realize that with the NIL players are able to be legally paid right? Not sure how our basketball program is relevant to this conversation.
  2. I'll spell it out for you since you are struggling to see where I am coming from. If the whiteout game is reserved for your biggest home game of the year, and you schedule Auburn (you consider irrelevant). What does that say about your program, your schedule, and your whiteout games? If we are irrelevant and your whiteout game, doesnt that mean the rest of your home games are cupcakes and not entertaining? I'm truly sorry if that is the case. If you win, doesn't that make you the king of irrelevancy, since the rest of your home games are cupcakes, like Cincinnati or UCF (both good teams but ha
  3. It's comical that is you only take on the post. I'm still wondering why we are your whiteout game if we are so irrelevant?
  4. 1. From reading the comments on this board, most expect a close game. 2. If you are going to put OSU in the same level as Bama, why not bring up our record vs them instead of relegating OSU to UGA's level. 3. If we are irrelevant, why is this game a white out game and why was your student section chanting "We want Auburn"
  5. 1. I never said anything about speed. Don't be putting words in my mouth. 2. That's the exact same record of PSU vs OSU. 3. I'm still not sure what point you are trying to make about UGA when you are in the same situation with OSU.
  6. No because last time I checked neither UGA nor OSU is stepping a foot in Happy Valley on Saturday night.
  7. I don't see how this is helping whatever point you are trying to make when Auburn's last 10 game record vs UGA is the same as PSU's last 10 game record vs OSU, with Auburn having the most recent win.
  8. Oh right. My bad...so you haven't beaten OSU since we last beat UGA? Why continually bring them up?
  9. I'm not sure why you are obsessing over UGA. The last time we beat UGA was the same year you last beat OSU, 2017. In case you forgot about that 2017 season, Auburn beat both UGA and Bama....both ended up playing in the National Championship. It's heartbreaking hearing you come in talking about "facts" but refuse to do your homework to know what you are actually talking about. Then when real facts are pointed out that disproves your takes, you resort to name calling.
  10. That's tough to argue with that equation. To me there are other variables that come into play that actually help the shorter running back. Leverage is one. This is why the saying low man wins is such a common saying. I can tell you from personal experience that it is much harder tackling a short power back than a tall power back. The other is that if there is a myth about qbs being smaller than 6'0 cant see over the oline, wouldn't that mean that the LB and safeties would have a harder time finding the shorter RB?
  11. You should try Ma Fia's Ristorante in Opelika
  12. Can someone please help me understand why a running back needs to be tall to run between the tackles? Just because you are short doesnt mean you cant be a power back or even run between the tackles successfully. Wouldn't the shorter power backs be more difficult to tackle since they have a lower center of gravity?
  13. Even better, make them a punter and no one will want them. Then change their position to rb
  14. I thought he looked more like Kyler Murray than Nick Marshall
  15. From looking at his measurables alone, I was thinking we could convert him to a OT. After watching his highlights, Imo he reminds me of George Kittle when he has the ball in his hands. It looks like he has the mentality of "one guy cant tackle me." Granted it's only high school and he has a long way to reach that level, but it will be fun watching him develop.
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