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  1. Why does it matter if it was 30 ft or not? Doesnt it still count as 3 regardless?
  2. Wasnt Anthony Davis similar in that he grew up as a guard and had a late growth spurt to put him at 7'
  3. I agree. He was a jump shot away from being a great college player.
  4. Yes, you are expecting him to perform preinjury when it is one of the hardest injuries to come back from. Not everyone is able to come back from that injury. Coming from experience it is so physically and mentally draining
  5. I would love to see Cambridge expand his game. He is such a high flyer, and if he could figure out his shot, could be a dangerous offensive weapon. Right now his shot is so bad that teams have been leaving him alone in the corner, daring him to shoot, while they are sagging off and helping defend the paint. Guards need to take care of the ball better. At times in the game, it looked like they were forcing their shots because they felt they had to score to contribute / be noticed. A lot of their passes were telegraphed and were so obvious who they were passing to. I think they need to learn to make the easy pass instead of tunneling on I have to score or I have to get the ball to Jabari. I think this was the first game where it looked like the game was too fast for Jabari. They did a great job of sticking to him on defense and not giving him any space. If he can learn to drive just a little more, it will help him out so much. Teams will have to respect him getting to the basket which will open up his shot. Miami was focusing on taking away his jump shot and we had no answer. In the off season, I would look for a guard that can distribute, a 3 and D wing, and a replacement for Jabari
  6. The MAC teams have a good history of winning atleast 1 game in the NCAA Tournament
  7. I'm still very surprised we renamed the arena based on a donation. I understand it was a lot of money, name the new practice facility after them. To me we should've stuck with naming the arena after former coaches like the football arena, or gotten a corporate sponsorship for x years as a placeholder
  8. You are actually kind of proving my original point that Bo's biggest flaw was his inconsistency. Let's keep focusing on this game. 28 points in the first half (good Bo) compared to 6 in the second half (bad Bo). I'm of the opinion that you can't put blame of a collapse soley on one unit or person. Could the defense have gotten a stop to swing the momentum back to our favor, of course. Could the offense have scored to stop the bleeding of course. Neither of those happened and that is why it was a collapse. A 40-0 run is a team wide collapse, not just the QB and not just the defense.
  9. I understand Nix got hurt in that game, but Finley only played 2 snaps in that game.
  10. I dont agree with this. From what I saw from Bo was you never knew which Bo you were going to get. And even when Bo was having a good game, all that meant was that we had a chance to win. When Bo was bad, we had no chance of winning. Look at the A&M game, the Ga St game (would not have won if he didnt get benched) and the late collapses vs Miss St. If he was a Freshman and having those swings it would be expected, but he was a 3 year starter. The lowest of lows should have been corrected by now
  11. I agree 100%. I was just explaining how RPI works
  12. RPI is only dependent on Your Win %, Your Opponents Win %, and Your Opponents Opponent Win %. It doesnt take into account win differential. So RPI views beating Bama by 1 as the same as beating Bama by 30.
  13. 2013 OLine was also very good. Everyone knew what play we were running and couldnt stop it
  14. I wont be watching and will be playing The Last Man Running game. Last time both played in the National Championship, I played alone and it was awesome. It was kind of like schrodinger's cat. In my view since I didn't know who won definitively, neither had won. Last Man Running Article
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