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  1. That's tough to argue with that equation. To me there are other variables that come into play that actually help the shorter running back. Leverage is one. This is why the saying low man wins is such a common saying. I can tell you from personal experience that it is much harder tackling a short power back than a tall power back. The other is that if there is a myth about qbs being smaller than 6'0 cant see over the oline, wouldn't that mean that the LB and safeties would have a harder time finding the shorter RB?
  2. You should try Ma Fia's Ristorante in Opelika
  3. Can someone please help me understand why a running back needs to be tall to run between the tackles? Just because you are short doesnt mean you cant be a power back or even run between the tackles successfully. Wouldn't the shorter power backs be more difficult to tackle since they have a lower center of gravity?
  4. Even better, make them a punter and no one will want them. Then change their position to rb
  5. I thought he looked more like Kyler Murray than Nick Marshall
  6. From looking at his measurables alone, I was thinking we could convert him to a OT. After watching his highlights, Imo he reminds me of George Kittle when he has the ball in his hands. It looks like he has the mentality of "one guy cant tackle me." Granted it's only high school and he has a long way to reach that level, but it will be fun watching him develop.
  7. Rugby tackle I know that I'm late, but I saw this video and thought of this topic
  8. I think they were going for most successful in terms of wins and championships, but used the wrong wording. Nobody would argue that Yale, Harvard, etc was a better program.
  9. Just playing devils advocate. Didn't mean to initiate the anti-Cole pack. While I agree with you that college athletes should be compensated in some way, I think there are other larger issues with universities that need to be fixed first.
  10. Tim McGraw threw a free concert when the draft was in Nashville
  11. You can't go wrong with any of the places mentioned in this thread. Here are some additional places for food: Edley's BBQ, Pharmacy Burger, Smiling Elephant, Rotiers. If you are traveling a short distance around town, I would recommend using Bird or Lime scooters. They are everywhere so they should never be in shortage.
  12. Leave them out, then they will actually have a reason to join a conference
  13. My top choice would be Chris Peterson, but I don't see him leaving the northwest
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