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  1. I think the UGa visit but that's why I am asking for clarification.
  2. ClaytonAU referred to his visit not going so well. Any news about what happened?
  3. We aren't taking another RB unless Stephen Davis Jr. Signs. KN says that we are recruiting him as an ATH because he might play RB.
  4. Here is the link: It is VIP and wondered if anyone knew anything on their own.
  5. Saw a pic of him on a 24/7 article that suggested we might be in the race late on this guy.
  6. Here is a link only four players:
  7. #Auburn received WR Kyle Davis' financial aid agreement paperwork today. He enrolls in January. - Keith Niebhur
  8. He was not recruited until really the last week I believe. He received a commitable offer when it became apparent that he wanted to go to school with his brother... That's at least what happened on the thread here.
  9. Ok I just wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything. We do have some young LBs though who I am interested to see play. If we miss this year, we need to follow up with a good class next year.
  10. Hope this doesn't turn out like the Mackenzie and Mackenro Alexander deal. We get the guy who we don't care about and the brother heads to another school.
  11. I thought we are out of this completely... We are at the bottom of his top 5. Why does his thread still show up.