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  1. This one hurts... I mean, this is the guy Gus signed over Lamar Jackson. For real, Gus LITERALLY would not accept Lamar's commitment because he said Queen was his first choice?!?!? What this tells me... "It gives me hope"! Because it means each of the four/five guys ahead Queen on our roster must all be better than Lamar Jackson!
  2. Who else would we put out there??? Lang? Wadell??? the problem is, this's what Bruce has to work with... it is what it is. Heron is our best player, and he had an inexcusable turnover late it regulation. Were we supposed to take out our best player. Substitutions (coaching) didn't cost us the game. Players gotta play.
  3. You can't change philosophies in the middle of the season! He coached them the same when they started off 11-2... to when they were 18-14. And that's understandable... I get that. But as far as being tough on these guys, say he were to change his philosophy, and turn in to Dr Death... he'd lose his team. Hell, he wouldn't have a team. A change in culture comes in the off-season... And this is gonna be a big off-season. I'm sure these guys learned a lot about themselves and what's gonna have to happen to be successful in this league. Believe it or not, the future is still bright as can be... They got in their own way, but these freshmen were on the cusp of having a pretty special season. Another year of experience will be huge for everyone.
  4. ding ding ding... hit the nail right on the head! here's to next year.
  5. yeah, you're right... they've never once worked on blocking out. they weren't taught in pee wee's how to block out. they've all made it through the aau circuit, and earned d1 scholarships... but they've never been taught how to block out. it boils down to effort... not coaching.
  6. And lets get real for a second... #24 for mizzou scored 30 points... when in reality, he should've been ejected in the first half. He struck an official! There is no excuse why he wasn't kicked out of the game!!! There lies the win for mizzou...
  7. are you kidding? these are division 1 athletes... and they've been playing 70 games a year, for the last 4-5 years. trust me, they know better! hell, everybody in the gym knows this! do you think harper knows better than to stick out a forearm to a defender??? do you want bruce to go out there and shoot the free throws for these athletes??? i'm sure mclemore knows he has to challenge every shot w/ 15 secs to go... in a tie ballgame??? sure they do... they all know better. players have to look in the mirror and (a) realize they have to step up their game... and (b) understand they're not near as good as they think they are!
  8. everything you just said has nothing to do with coaching... players gotta lookin the mirror. this was on them.
  9. That loss had everything to do with the immature weenies on the floor. We shat the bed at the free-throw line, and we were unbelievably lazy on defense. Those turkeys blew a 7 point lead with under 2 minutes to go. Players are gonna have to play... Coaching can't make free throws for you, and coaching can't make you challenge a shot... period!
  10. ******* defense
  11. we blew a 7 point lead w/ under 2 minutes to go...
  12. bout to lose...
  13. we deserve to lose... both teams in the double bonus for the final 10 minutes. we s*** the bed at the free throw line.
  14. this is embarrassing...