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  1. just keep chuckin up 3's boys... i realize we're not makin them, but keep chuckin anyways! we've shot 24 three's already... how's that workin out for us?!?!?
  2. Good lord... I know it's said every week, but Purifoy is SO bad on the defensive end. aww hell, they're all bad on defense
  3. i literally laugh out loud every time I hear announcers say we have NBA caliber players. We have nobody, not one player, that can make a pro roster. I keep hearing Wiley's gonna be a 1.5 and done... that is preposterous! He's getting owned by a&m's big freshman!!! That's how a big is supposed to play!
  4. For those who are pissed off with the coaches... just stop! There is LITERALLY no one on god's green earth who could do any more for Auburn Basketball than Bruce Pearl has done in less than 3 years. AU is not a basketball school... and it sure as hell isn't gonna become one overnight. He has brought excitement to this program that we haven't seen before! Should we be lucky enough to have Bruce stay here for a long time, he WILL succeed! He's a winner, he WILL win... but it will take time (expecially at a place like Auburn).
  5. with that loss... they might be out of the NIT as well...?
  6. No matter how much these guys score... Purifoy is a liability on defense. Wiley is no good to us if he can't make free-throws. Dunans is about the most inconsistent player we have. This was an inexcusable loss... nothing else can be said. Because of this loss right here, we will not make it to 20 wins, and we won't make it to .500 in conference play.
  7. I wonder if our super-stars, who can't play defense, are gonna bitch and whine because people are being mean to them on twitter?!?!?
  8. why foul right there?
  9. will be a humiliating loss... we have no clue how to play with a lead. buncha grand-standers!
  10. Do you know Dameyune? I mean for real, how do you know he's a pain in the ass?!?!? This is ridiculous... you need to stop taking to heart what info butt-hurt beat writers are trying putting out there. It's not Dameyune's fault that Ricardo Louis and Sammy Coats couldn't catch a football. Take a look, they still can't catch and they're two years removed from AU. Dameyune is a damn fine coach, and we'd be lucky for him to ever come back! And for the record, he left Auburn because he didn't like Gus... it had nothing to do with his coaching abilities. Same as LSU... he wasn't let go because he wasn't doing a good job! ps - I've heard Cam praise Gus as man and as a person, but I've never heard him praise him as a great coach. Because let's be honest... he basically had to forget everything Gus ever 'tried' to teach him at Auburn, in the 4 months leading up to the draft. (thanks be to George Whitfield)
  11. see my response to the post above...
  12. Year 1 at Tulsa - Sr QB Year 2 at Tulsa - 5th year SR QB Year 1 at AU - 5th year SR QB Year 2 at AU - JUCO transfer QB Year 3 at AU - SR and JR QB's (bad) HC year 1 ASU - 5th year SR QB HC year 2 AU - JUCO transfer QB (good) HC year 3 AU - JUCO transfer QB (not much better) HC year 4 AU - JR QB (bad) HC year 5 AU - rsSoph QB (just ok) My point is, it's very hard to see where Gus has shown he can "develop" a QB... His offenses have done well when there's already an established QB in place. Gus cannot take credit for Cam and Nick. They both played in different systems before arriving to AU... and they both excelled on pure athleticism. And... you can't really say Nick progressed from year 1 to year 2. So really and truly, all we have to go on is Jeremy and Sean. JJ was a complete disaster under Gus for 4 years... and honestly, I wouldn't say Sean has 'regressed' in 3 years, but he definitely hasn't gotten any better since arriving at AU as a freshman. Hopefully Chip is gonna be the answer we've been looking for.
  13. Christian Ponder, EJ Manuel, and Jamies Winston (all 3 first rounders, go figure) have each gone on record praising 'Coach Craig' for excelling under his tutelage. Sure, Fisher has a lot to do with that offense at FSU, but as a position coach Dameyune has done extremely well. Unfortunately, for Dameyune, his expertise is with QB's... and 9 times out of 10, the QB coach is the offensive coordinator. So it's gonna be tough for Dameyune to catch on somewhere working soly with QB's because he has no coordinator experience.
  14. ummm... yes. have you been watching auburn football the last 4 years?