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  1. Men vs. Florida

    i don’t know???? i say that only because there is NO WAY the gayturds will hit 15 three’s next game.
  2. Men vs. Florida

    bammer will beat this uf team by 20+ on tuesday night.
  3. Men vs. Florida

    horrible last 3 possessions.... why chuck up 3’s?!?!? get a 2 and foul... florida will NEVER shoot that well again.
  4. Men vs. Texas A&M - game thread

    a&m is hardly a bad team. they will be a tournament team, actually. they had a rough stretch early in conference play, but they are back to playing like the top 5 team they once were. needless to say, this a&m team was a match-up nightmare!!! literally so, this game will be remembered for au playing like s*** in the first half... coming all the way back... and losing by 1 on a questionable call with under 5 secs to go. all this without bryce brown! so it’s not that bad of a loss...
  5. 2018 4* SDE/DT Malik Langham

    anywhere but auburn...
  6. Prayers please

    my god... prayers sent. please keep us updated.
  7. Men vs. uat

    tough match up, unfortunately... maten is the truth.
  8. Men vs. uat

    yeah ours aren’t comin back, tho... sexton will play next time... he’s good for 15-20, on a bad shooting night.
  9. Men vs. uat

    i don’t know... they just beat us without their best player.
  10. McKenna-Doyle out of running for AD

    you laugh, but the d-bags on “the round table” in birmingham said they’re ‘hearing’ timmy jackson is a definite possibility... somebody will burn the building down if this happens....
  11. Looking ahead to 2018 RBs

    mike dyar, tre, roc, and kj all contributed significantly as true freshmen. not that hard to imagine...
  12. Looking ahead to 2018 RBs

    asa, will be in the mix...
  13. Pettway Declares for Draft

    bubba will do well if he gets a shot... he’s a big strong back with outstanding vision... will be very valuable on an nfl roster. his decision has nothing to do with gus or anything like that. bubba simply ran out of chances at au. he was in the the dog house even when he wasn’t in the dog house... just stayed in trouble. but seriously, if he can stay out of trouble and stay focused, i really think he could be the one to have a decent nfl career. somebody’s gonna have to take a chance on him though...
  14. Holland going pro

    hate to see mud leave, but he deserves it. get paid son!!! big cat... come on down!!! he’ll be the 3rd down pass rusher next year. kid can get after it!!!
  15. OU’s offense

    1) that goes without saying... 2) as long as gus is here, unfortunately, you’re gonna go hungry...