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  1. totally agree... no joke, i wouldn’t mind seeing steele get a shot at it... let’s be real, he can’t do worse than malzahn. he knows what it takes in the sec. why the heck not...
  2. seriously tho... i am hoping and praying arkansas comes calling just 1 more time. it would be wise for gus’ career to accept it this time. i am very impressed with pj fleck... i think you can pay him, and ‘maybe’ talk him in to keeping steel. either way, we have become stale and boring. players see it... fans, media, recruits as well. gus should be ashamed of himself... because, we ‘legitimately’ have a championship defense. we should be heading into amen corner 9-0... but gus has successfully ruined a special season. get’em gone.
  3. what the hell was #31 doing on that touchdown?!?!? horrible...
  4. lard ass... from stand by me
  5. man... the joys of throwing to a tight end... the mismatch it causes. our knuckle head coach hasn’t thrown to a tight end (outside of the 5 yard line) in 7 years. lutz and uzomah are the last tight ends we’ve used.
  6. it happens every year... our senior db’s need to hurry up and graduate. danny reminds me of a struggling comedian... just stop bro!
  7. we’re an average football team... with a good front 7... 8-4 / 7-5 is all we’re good for.
  8. saw this one coming a mile away... anywhere but auburn kid... he lied to coaches and recruits. the main goal was to hurt auburn. niblett was in on it.
  9. it’s crazy... we’re down 31 and running the ball. the cousin ****ers are up 31 and airing it out... i wonder if gus was ever trying to win this game?!?!? he actually took a 1 possession game to the half with 2:40 on the clock and 3 timeouts...??? who was actually trying to win this game?!?!?
  10. my blind niece has better vision than the boob...
  11. supporting him getting kicked out of the game, for stupid plays? that wasn’t an effort play... that was selfish.
  12. selfish ass play by bryant... that’s what pisses me off about this team... players giving him fives. bull****. get his ass off the field!