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  1. Good for Tony... not surprising, he had all the measurables to be really good.
  2. I don't want him benched... I just want him to play defense!
  3. ummmm... how did I bash him?!?!? I never said he sucked... what gives???
  4. Oh, I'm sorry... didn't mean to hurt your feelings TJ. Cry me a river... Maybe you should get some thicker skin... it might help you play some better basketball.
  5. Dunan's is lazy as hell... on the offensive end and defensive end!!! He singled handedly just accounted for 6 Kentucky points. Fool just don't care!
  6. free-throws, free-throws, free-throws we'd literally be winning by 20...
  7. We're really bad... AWEFULL ...on defense!!!
  8. I'd run their asses for missing free-throws! freaking inexcusable!
  9. Do we still not have the numbers to fill out a roster??? Why are we playing walk-ons??? Not a good look...
  10. We'll never win with Waddell on the floor...
  11. but, can he recruit?
  12. but, can he recruit?
  13. Had the look... Gotta hit the shot
  14. The bull**** goal interference call... is gonna comeback to kill us!!!
  15. Relax... He's the best off the dribble! There's your coaching!!!