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  1. Altima

    LSU postgame thread (merged threads)

    sure thing chief... though i bet my pee wee team would’ve hung 27 or 28 on coach o and the the corndogs. get your head out of the sand... that’s not a good team.
  2. Altima

    LSU postgame thread (merged threads)

    no man... the time management was atrocious. we were not prepared. orgeron our coached him, AGAIN! and i’m sorry... but the db’s are on him too. he recruited them. he’s the one that missed on literally every big-time corner we’ve gone after. it’s his program that is so depleted that we have to play a wide-receiver at starting corner. he’s in charge of who coaches our secondary. gus is the boss... the buck stops with him.
  3. Altima

    LSU postgame thread (merged threads)

    we got exactly what we paid 49 million for... mediocrity. no consistency whatsoever! big recruiting weekend, and we look like s***. if i’m greene, malzahn’s in my office tonight... unacceptable! typical auburn... that’s it
  4. Altima

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs. LSU

    db’s will cost us... god-awful
  5. Altima

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs. LSU

    won’t happen... we have the best qb in the sec, but our stubborn-ass coach refuses to lean on him and let him carry the offense. He goes away from the pass... literally the only thing that will work.
  6. Altima

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs. LSU

    our db’s is what will cost us this season... they’re god-awful. just recruiting misses...
  7. Altima

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs. LSU

    malzahn strikes again... stubborn and stupid
  8. Altima

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs. LSU

    we have a stubborn stubborn coach.
  9. Altima

    Men vs. South Carolina

    these refs are cowards
  10. Altima

    Men vs. South Carolina

    it’s real easy for #30 to play defense... knowing that the refs will NEVER call anything on him... he’s dirty as hell
  11. Altima

    Men vs. Florida

    i don’t know???? i say that only because there is NO WAY the gayturds will hit 15 three’s next game.
  12. Altima

    Men vs. Florida

    bammer will beat this uf team by 20+ on tuesday night.
  13. Altima

    Men vs. Florida

    horrible last 3 possessions.... why chuck up 3’s?!?!? get a 2 and foul... florida will NEVER shoot that well again.
  14. Altima

    Men vs. Texas A&M - game thread

    a&m is hardly a bad team. they will be a tournament team, actually. they had a rough stretch early in conference play, but they are back to playing like the top 5 team they once were. needless to say, this a&m team was a match-up nightmare!!! literally so, this game will be remembered for au playing like s*** in the first half... coming all the way back... and losing by 1 on a questionable call with under 5 secs to go. all this without bryce brown! so it’s not that bad of a loss...
  15. Altima

    2018 4* SDE/DT Malik Langham

    anywhere but auburn...