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  1. Four years later and I'm still mad

    bad, bad memories...
  2. Practice schedule format

    these youngsters will never understand...
  3. Practice schedule format

    unfortunately, the past 2 seasons, i haven't been able to get down there as much as i'd like to... my kids are at that age where my weekends are pretty-much devoted to them. we'll still go to some games, but it's just getting tougher to hang out as much as i used to. tho, i talk to several of my guys who still go down EVERY dang weekend, and simply put... this team is gonna be as good as the qb. so far... the stand-outs have been carlton davis, stidham, m davidson, and the little white receiver (#33)... crazy enough, he's all these guys are talking about... the kid's going off!
  4. DaShawn Hand arrested for DUI

    what about hootie and cam's stolen guns and drugs?!?!?
  5. DaShawn Hand arrested for DUI

    judging by saban's track record on discipline... this too will be swept under the rug. just saying. what we do know is that some poor tuscaloosa county deputy will be looking for a new job...
  6. 2018 4* WR Kearis Jackson

    just keep kodi away from the both of them...
  7. 2018 3* DE Andres Fox

    anywhere but AU...
  8. 2018 4* CB Jalyn Armour-Davis (Bama)

    trust me... this has everything to do with kodi! how Gus put our worst recruiter in charge of a hot-bed like mobile, is one of the stupidest things he's done! and it's starting to catch up with him...
  9. Best AU WR ever (besides Beasely)?

    Tyrone Goodson!!! better than all them cats... nuff said!
  10. good pick up... need bigs tho!
  11. 2018 4* CB Jalyn Armour-Davis (Bama)

    committed to bammer, apparently... saban lost out on the kid that committed to clemson, so armour-davis went ahead and committed. don't know how good this kid is, but we supposedly led from day 1... this has kodi burns written all over it! too awkward to recruit anybody, and couldn't close the deal... hopefully TWill will do better in mobile...? because kodi is, without a doubt, the worst hire of gus' tenure. imo
  12. Monty Adams and Carl Lawson Draft talk

    thank god...
  13. Monty Adams and Carl Lawson Draft talk

    rule is... if you are an underclassman, you have to at least have your degree to participate in the senior bowl... rule in place so 4th year juniors could play in the game...
  14. Monty Adams and Carl Lawson Draft talk

    Carl does not have his degree... the reason he couldn't participate in the senior bowl... ps - Troy has had a player drafted also...