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  1. I think gus malzahn has been the wosr coach in the world when his team is ranked top 5. He has a way of letting his teams be complacent
  2. Sights and Sounds - Iron Bowl Week

    What time is the tiger walk? Anyone kno
  3. Sights and Sounds - Iron Bowl Week

    Attending my first iron bowl ever this saturday! Super excited
  4. Jeff Holland / The Beast

    Better than lawson. Same production as ford but with more swag. Holland is one of my all time favorites. He was my favorite player in his class coming out of high school. I just always loved the way he plays. He will be a heck of a player on sundays
  5. ***Auburn vs. Arkansas -- Game Thread***

    Can we see willis sling it around a little bit?
  6. ***Auburn vs. Arkansas -- Game Thread***

    Chance this is beleima's last game as HC?
  7. ***Auburn vs. Arkansas -- Game Thread***

    Darius slayton is the new tony stevens
  8. ***Auburn vs. Arkansas -- Game Thread***

    For the 100th consecutive game, play calling is our achilles heel. Whod have guessed
  9. Bama v Texas A&M

    Makes me sick when offenses give up on 3rd down and run the ball just ti he safe. That makes my blood boil
  10. Bama v Texas A&M

    A&M oc should win the game FOR us
  11. what we need to do to beat Lsu

    If lsu learns anything from the film from today, its that quick short passed will give us absolute hell. They will have a gameplan ready for us
  12. ***Auburn vs. Ole Miss -- Game Thread***

    I cannot stand the wildcat. I dont like it when it scores 5 touchdowns and i dont like it now. Its the biggest waste of a play in college football
  13. ***Auburn vs. Ole Miss -- Game Thread***

    If we are going to run 3 and outs can we at least do it without our starters in the game?
  14. ***Auburn vs. Ole Miss -- Game Thread***

    These quick passed are getting annoying
  15. ***Auburn vs. Ole Miss -- Game Thread***

    I want to see malik willis throw it around a little bit in the 2nd half