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  1. Somehow i feel like something like this gets said in nearly every qb thread
  2. Fields decomitted from psu today
  3. Post of the year
  4. I get the feeling the jf3 experiment is over
  5. Only saw the 4th quarter tonight but what a match! great win. i dont remember the last time i saw a running back run so hard on his 30th carry. pettway is a bad man
  6. Jut tuning in. what a game!
  7. I think this team is preparing for each game as though they are overmatcher and that allows us to come out on fire. I dont think i foresee ole miss being an issue at all. I think kelly takes a beating and im usually not all that confident in our pass rush (past few years will do that to you) i think auburn wins handily. 52-17
  8. The positive side of me sees that it is far from impossible for this season to be GREAT. Lot of undefeated teams ahead of us an cfb neve finishes with even close to that many. So if a huge chunk of them lose and we win out, look out. The top 4 is ACTUALLY NOT OUT OF REACH
  9. Dont know how to link it but 247 has a "recruit reaction" slideshow for us from yesterday. Hugely positive. Also, derrick brown's brother (a 2018 LB prospect i think) could not look more like derrick if he tried...just saying
  10. That was such bad PI. I know it didnt matter because of the TD. But that was horrid
  11. The officials of this game should be fired. Calling a terrible game. Not favoring anyone imo. Just doing a terrible job
  12. Tam cant tackle to save their lives right now.
  13. What a freaking game this has been
  14. I must say i have been heavily on the fire gus train. But i will refrain. Very interested to see us beat arkansas and i DO think, and always have, that we match up extremely well against arky and i dont think it will be much of a contest. I know they are really good but i think we are better where it really matters
  15. When i watch the bigger games (clemson, tAM) it seems like the coaches try to do far to much. Almost as though they feel we cannot win. I put that entirely on can only execute the whirlybird so well.