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  1. cammycam2

    Another loss to a rival

    It wouldnt be nearly as bad if we hadnt clearly shown the CAPABILITY of beating the damn team. I think we all expected to get obliterated and if we had, itd be whatever. But we are showing that we can clearly hang wih them, we just arent coached to do so
  2. cammycam2

    **Georgia Game thread***

    This team is pathetic at almost every level.
  3. cammycam2

    **Georgia Game thread***

    I reckon throwing a screen at this point in time is a lot like hiding in plain sight
  4. cammycam2

    **Georgia Game thread***

    How is gus malzahn a coach at any level of football, much less a head coach in the SEC?
  5. cammycam2

    **Georgia Game thread***

    Is gus trying to show us how bad he wants to lose?
  6. cammycam2

    **Georgia Game thread***

    Defensive backs are actually the worst i have ever seen i think
  7. cammycam2

    **Georgia Game thread***

    Is there no other group of humans that can play DB for us?
  8. cammycam2

    **Georgia Game thread***

    Can someone tell me why we have such a problem with dropping passes (not talking about the 3rd down pass). Is it coaching? I dont get it. I see all these players around the country making freakish catches and our couldnt seem to catch a cold. What gives?
  9. cammycam2

    **Georgia Game thread***

    Our pass rush is going to be in trouble if coe cant play, with big kat out already
  10. cammycam2

    **Georgia Game thread***

    word on the street is we had a great week of practice. Anyone confirm? Sources?
  11. cammycam2

    **Georgia Game thread***

    Judging by the history of gus malzahn, id say its a bad idea to get your hopes up
  12. cammycam2

    **Georgia Game thread***

    Hope our incoming freshman DBs can contribute early because these guys are just lost
  13. cammycam2

    **Georgia Game thread***

    Well. There goes our whole offense. Think thats about all we had
  14. cammycam2

    Uat as LSU

    Cbs crew acting as if devin white is going to be the reason lsu wins or loses. He isnt going to put point on the board. LSU's quarterback is one of the most overrated quarterbacks in the gane. And thats saying a lot considering he doesnt really get a ton of consideration as it is
  15. cammycam2

    **Texas A&M Game thread**

    Im worried we actually scored too fast?? Thats the very last thing i expected to have to say lmao