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  1. You kidding? This thread has the beef to make it to 200 pages!
  2. I played. And no coach i ever played for would have allowed us to lay down and just give up. Down by 27 in the forth? Then man the hell up and give them all they can handle until the end. You NEVER phone it in in the 4th just because you THINK the lead is impossible. The game isnt over until it is OVER
  3. This is a team and coaching staff full, top to bottom, with losers. Down by a good bit in the 4th, so what should we do? Run it up the gut. Get out of there. Its a losing mentality. No philosophy can change it.
  4. What game are you watching. They give him NOTHING to work with. And when they finally do (once or twice a game) he is so rattled by the previous 20 attempts that he cant function. This offensive line is outdone only by the WR corps in terms of poor performance and underwhelming effort
  5. You can see as clear as ever, why we all crave a change in coaching
  6. Flea flicker. The center just watched Q come through and literally watched him to the end of the play.
  7. Can someone confirm my eyes? Did we just pass the ball to our kicker on 4th down?
  8. Our WRs dont get enough credit as the single worst position group i have seen at auburn
  9. HOT DAWG! ALL ABOARD THE GUS BUS!!! Lmfao. Auburn football is in a world of its own
  10. "Fortunate that wasnt targetting"... ---what..?
  11. I ******* LOVE when its 3rd and 27 and you just give up and run up the gut. Why not give some effort?
  12. Is this a ******* joke?? Edit:referring to the drops