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  1. The truth is we are better off without Rocker he obviously don’t like recruiting and left for the NFL so he doesn’t have to. We really don’t want someone who doesn’t want to do the job.
  2. I hope he works hard to where he can throw a football clear over a mountain
  3. That Tracy Rocker pulled a Rich Bisaccia on us!
  4. Well when you will have a run heavy offense coming in, you will need a great back like Tank. Bringing back Caddy could have only been a good thing in regards to bringing back Tank.
  5. The highlights to me are: For recruiting need to improve facilities. Apparently Auburn is moving forward to make that happen. Need to be able to prepare players better for the pros. Gus’s system did not do that at all and was very simplistic. Harsin will do a better a job. Some coaches got lazy with recruiting and that Jeff Grimes was a go getter on the recruiting trail, which we all suspected by his results. Ryan Russell is much more innovative in SC then Pittman. Pittman will bring that mental toughness back though. They would like former players allowed to come back
  6. I’m 24 minutes in “and um you know” so far “you know” it’s not a bad listen “you know” “and um you know” I think I’ll finish listening “you know”
  7. Wonder if Rodney and Twill be on staff
  8. I believe you are correct, I’m holding out hope. I think we all would like a Twill return.
  9. Hope he will recruit and develop at least 2 Nick Fairley’s every year
  10. Great just hope he will actually recruit
  11. He wasn’t the greatest when at Boise but now that he’s at Auburn he’s the best coach ever.
  12. Need Twill and an elite defensive line coach
  13. Probably upset with the departure of Cadillac
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