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  1. sevenlee36

    difference between Grimes and Hand

    Texas must have seen something in him? I expected his recruiting to be better at Auburn. With Grimes I don’t expect we will see total collapses of the oline like with Hand. I don’t expect his recruiting to be that good either. I never understood why our oline took several games to play as a unit under Hand. Not saying Hand is a bad coach but at Auburn he seemed to be more hype than production.
  2. sevenlee36

    Official Postgame thread

    It was just a bowl game who cares!? Jk
  3. sevenlee36

    Why is Gus so bad in bowl games?

    Ya I agree with auburnphan a little more. He did the same ole plays no new wrinkles.
  4. sevenlee36

    Why is Gus so bad in bowl games?

    One argument is because Gus’s offense need to play on rhythm to be good, and the layoff hurts. This is true but when you play other spread tempo teams and lose, them what is the excuse?! They have the same challenge to overcome.
  5. sevenlee36

    Official Postgame thread

    Ya it’s not the Pro Bowl, the team, coaches, and fans want to win the game. I don’t get the whole bowl game means nothing, that’s just not true.
  6. sevenlee36

    Official Postgame thread

    Got beat fair and square. There was no excuse. Which means that we were out coached. Our player are supposed to be better by far. That is frustrating when you just paid a coach 7 mill and on paper you are better in every way. Wow.
  7. Love that KS defense baby smh
  8. Great special teams
  9. Not much faith in a defensive stop even if we score...
  10. That was a close game to, wasn’t it?
  11. Is Gus more likely to get 8 or 9 plus wins, or 4 plus losses?
  12. Smh this really stinks but not surprised.
  13. If we stop playing we forfeit? Jk
  14. We needed that, understatement