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  1. On ESPN 2 Rhett vs Gus Who you got? I’m pulling for the Gus Bust
  2. I say fire him, her, and everyone. Let’s fire, fire, fire, and fire some more. Then fire the person who fired everyone for firing everyone, and then fire him to.
  3. Harsin is a big dumb dumb, yeah. He needs to be fired, yeah.
  4. Schmedding coaches LB don’t he? Steiner misses to many tackles Troxs gets beat too much and is a liability. Is there anyone who could sure you the RT spot on the team?
  5. Like the navy shoes and striped stadium . Make it the norm
  6. Maybe if the field was blue
  7. This was only Ashford’s second start? He hadn’t been the guy getting the majority of reps. Let’s see how he grows and this offense grows. The protection was much better. We had a lot of turnovers but we played new young faces and changed things up personnel wise. Give ‘em longer than a week to grow would be very wise. If we lose Eku we will be at a disadvantage on defense.
  8. Little sunshine: The game reminded me of the 2013 Auburn LSU game. Auburn got beat but their offense starting figuring out what they were and what they eventually became. Clean up the mistakes and refine things a bit and we may have something. The difference is we looked better in the 2nd half of the 2013 game, instead of the first half. Still think we showed glimpses of hope and potentially turning it around in comparison to the Penn St game where there was no hope and nothing to build on.
  9. To be honest I don’t want another high school offense. Ready for a pro style offensive minded head coach, that can develop QBs.
  10. I would always feel comfortable with Muschamp as DC. I know he brings intensity, will recruit, and get the most out of his talent. I don’t think he’d leave Georgia to come back to Auburn.
  11. Matt Ruhle rebuilt the program so it’s hard to judge the job he’s done. He atleast is still winning.
  12. Or even better Rhett - Head coach Gus - OC Muschamp - DC basically 2015 just rearranging a bit
  13. Let’s get Rhett and hire Gus as OC and Kevin Steele as DC
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