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  1. sevenlee36

    XFL Thread

    PJ Walker looking good for the Roughnecks. So far the league has been a success but it’s still early.
  2. XFL XFL XFL Sammie Coates playing now for the Roughnecks... he gotta few dropseys PJ Walker of the Roughnecks going off
  3. Yes but it’s not the same product. Looks to be a better product right now, still early. Pretty entertaining.
  4. It like the year we thought we were going to have a loaded back field with like Mike after, TJ Yeldon, OMac, some other guy and then it seemed we got screwed by TJ and Dyer left or got kicked off team
  5. I figured. JB could coach good to idk how good he was at evaluating talent because he didn’t seem to land any recruits.
  6. In the XFL should teams more often go for the 1, 2, or 3 point extra point play?
  7. He’s going to be a star, as in a great play, not the position
  8. Exactly. Although most people act like he’d be a terrible hire. We’d be lucky to get Chizik
  9. He coached secondary while at Auburn. The guy can coach but I don’t think he’d want the job.