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  1. It’s really exciting news. Should help make the defense a very good unit next year.
  2. Yep getting invited to a bowl game used to be a big deal to players and fans. The playoff has killed bowl games.
  3. After a team loses 2 games should all players just quit for the season since their playoff chances are pretty much over?
  4. I don’t seek out to watch them or any other team unless it’s the Auburn Tigers.
  5. I’d rather have a guy who has coached in three SEC Championship games, 2 National Title games and has beaten Saban numerous times (assuming Saban can’t be my coach). I probably hate losing worse than BH, that doesn’t necessarily mean I should be head coach but if the money is right ya never know.
  6. TJ is the answer… to get 5 to 7 wins. If we are wanting more we need to find someone else.
  7. In 2017? We were not elite but a respectable OL. Braden Smith Golson Tega Darius James All these guys got some NFL playing time, some may still be in the NFL.
  8. We had a patchwork SEC line, not a top caliber SEC line.
  9. Cause we are trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. Gus recruited gadget players and Harsin is having them run a “pro style “ system. It’ll take a few recruiting cycles to get the players he needs. Look at Rich Rod trying to convert Michigan to a spread offense…. That didn’t work out. Then look how long it took to convert back to a good pro style offense.
  10. Will be a 1-3 round draft pick eventually. Going to be a beast if he keeps healthy. The interior is going to be sured up next year and will allow him to wreak havoc. Mason assembling a nice unit. We need to have the offense on the same level.
  11. I think Gus finally built his perfect staff his final year he was here. They didn’t get a true year to implement their system because of COVID. He finally addressed the biggest issue which was oline recruiting. He addressed it by hiring a reputable OC and OL coach. Offensive linemen didn’t want to play in a high school offense and Chad Morris’s offense, while similar, never had a problem producing NFL talent. The new OL coach hire had several years of coaching in the NFL and was becoming a solid recruiter in college (better than JB). I believe we would have had more star players return like Seth and track star. I don’t think the two DTs leave for Florida which would have gave us quality depth in the interior of the D line. With the SEC down this year it would have been a great opportunity for the team. All that said I think Gus would have had a very solid chance of getting to the SEC championship and even possibly the playoff.
  12. Another game Auburn would typically pull out. We are not the same Auburn, lost that edge.
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