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  1. Again it would likely be Steele for the simple fact that Auburn doesn’t want to fire a bunch of Auburn guys like RG, Twill, Cadillac, and Kodi Burns. They just wouldn’t want to do it. It’d be like foreclosing on a church.
  2. Y’all should listen to his presser today. Someone was agitating ole Gus with questions about his offense. Gus would say they have a lot to build on with the pace they had in the fourth and a reporter said, “Seth Williams said it was impossible to run at that pace a full game.” He said every team is different and you do what you have to to win games. The reporter asked if he had recently coached a game at that pace. He said not that he can think of, ha .
  3. Our offense has indicators to where the ball is going? Gus brought in the Wing T against Clemson. You literally follow the FB and it tells you we’re the play is going. Gus ran this against Clemson, you’d think he’d scrap it but he has broken it out on occasion with similar results.
  4. Well them folks can stay off the Gus bus cause when we beat Row Tyde we ain’t opening the doors to the bus.
  5. Don’t sleep on your boy. He had a history of injuries. He didn’t play his senior year of high school and spent time recovering and rebuilding strength. Last year was the first playing time he saw in a long time. He has improved and is an improvement from Kim, he actually pushes defenders back. He still has issues but potential is there.
  6. I’m thinking they’ll hire Rich Rod
  7. Statistically I don’t know where they are but imagine if they had a offense that held the ball for awhile. Like a Tubs offense, ball control. Idk if the team would give up more than 10-13 points.
  8. Yeah it would likely be Kevin Steele to replace Gus for the simple fact... there is too much Auburn on the coaching staff. They aren’t firing all the Auburn coaches. RG, Travis Williams, Cadillac, Kodi Burns. They’ll promote from within to keep the staff together, or they’ll just keep Gus.
  9. Probably don’t need a full topic about it but, when was the last time we had a defense this dang good? This defense deserves all the recognition it can get. I’m proud of 5 and 3, obviously, but guys like Tutt, Denson, and Britt are impressive too! The leadership and the relentless effort is top notch. Kudos! When was the last time we had a defense like this one?
  10. How will he recover if he loses to Alabama? Take back the two miracles in 2013, would he survived this long? Against Georgia he’s 2-6 One was a miracle “prayer in Jordan Hare” And the 1 win means little because he was beat by Georgia in the SEC championship game. Against Bama he’s 2-4 One win was a miracle “kick 6” Now the win in 17 was legit, props. Against LSU he’s 2-5 He’s 6- 15 against his rivals, win percentage 40% Take out the miracles he’s 4-17, win percentage 23.5% He’s paid 7 million a year. He will not make it through the full season next year.
  11. Sec trying to get two teams in the playoff. Look out LSU. I think the sec will be disappointed because they aren’t getting two teams in this year.
  12. It gets old. Stop a drive to bring in a wildcat package to get stuffed for a yard... why? The wildcat isn’t even innovative anymore, defenses shut it down. But ole Gus will stop all momentum to do it! Or run some double reverse sweep that’s gets stuffed for a loss. Just run a real offense man. It’s stupid, straight up looney the s*** he does.
  13. How is the offense supposed to get in rhythm when Gus is always changing out players? Do we not have a set group that can execute a full drive of plays? Why do we have to revert to trick play on a 2nd or 3rd and manageable? We get something going and then it’s sugar huddle time, then it’s wildcat time, then it’s take all the players out who were moving the ball and put in a new group for no reason but to run the unnecessary trick dicky rooskie play, for a LOSS OF YARDS!!! Can we leave a set group in and carry out a drive at a fast pace? And then if you want switch up the personal for a FULL next drive. How bout we try a drive with Bo, Boobie, Seth, Schwartz, and Stove. Then maybe Bo, DJ, Seth, Hasting , Stove, but give them a full drive. I’m tired of all the trick BS if all you are is a trick offense then go back to high school.
  14. Gus ain’t getting fired yet. It was a physical game and they are playing Samford this weekend, they can afford the day off. Gus May need to have the offense practice though smh.
  15. Because we’ll have to take chances