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  1. Not where it matters. They’re replacing 4 of 5 on the oline.
  2. That’s what happens when you beat a Bama team that’s missing there starting quarterback and is starting several freshman on defense. Just wait till we are the best 7 loss team next year.
  3. He can play without em, don’t need em
  4. In 2019 he landed 7 offensive linemen and he mostly landed OTs. In 2018 he landed 1, in 2017 I think he landed 4. But keep in mind Matt Luke was also a olinemen so he probably helped big time with landing the recruits.
  5. It’s a wrap. Clemson don’t have the defense. LSU had to get warmed up.
  6. Clemson defense ain’t got a chance that team don’t have those great dlinemen from last year
  7. Clemson needs to get that big 88 the ball
  8. Lawrence is good but he’s no Burrow
  9. As long as you bet on LSU you’ll win
  10. nah Clemson don’t have the defense