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  1. There's no accounting for taste...
  2. Jay Prosch Prior, I believe Jeremy Wells was a long snapper, but I'm uncertain if he came in on scholarship.
  3. Looks like he's headed to FAU with Lane.
  4. Seriously nice touch pass. Great play. White has the short and intermediate game locked down. Good scrambling, too.
  5. I like Hastings. Kid has sure hands and is hungry.
  6. Am I the only one whose beer tastes better tonight?
  7. Pettway and Sean with great plays. Keep it up. Body blow, body blow, jab, jab, body blow, uppercut. Just like Mike Tyson's punch out. Carlson with the uppercut!
  8. Damn! Kyle Davis with the best catch I've seen in over a year!
  9. Wow! Great heart, good vision. TD!
  10. Good angle and good pursuit by Tre! Solid 4th down effort.
  11. Agreed. If we execute, we're already much better than last week.
  12. Agreed. Infuriating. Disappointed we can't execute such simple things.
  13. Insiders? Any idea what happened here? Jesel Curry Part II?
  14. Just saw on B/R she has recanted her accusation. Question: Since this was only part of the reason for his dismissal, is it too little, too late for him to be invited back on to the team?