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  1. JaTarvious Whitlow question for the board

    Agreed 100% on the disbelief at his leaving, as well as his ability to contribute (when healthy). I think his early injuries perhaps made him feel he had a shorter time available to showcase his immense speed and talent, and felt as a limited-role player, he wasn't being given enough plays to showcase that talent, especially after multiple role changes. Pity; he was a smart kid, both in football and in general, and had ELITE speed, though it never quite showed as football speed. This could be due to a lack of long runs more than an indictment of his abilities. Here's to hoping we miss a repeat of the result in JT Whitlow.
  2. Well, they call it "cheese" in much the same way Muschamp calls that an "offense". You can stick your finger in there if you'd like, but like Mike Leach, I'll pass
  3. Kyle Davis

    If he keeps his nose clean, and sticks with the program, he should be able to regain some trust and earn his way back into the good standing with the coaches. Subtlety will be the key.
  4. ...and also Muck Fuschamp He decided he deserved to be GM at a Golden Corral, rather than the Kitchen Manager at Ruth's Chris, and now he's trying to poach from us because his food tastes like the corns off a hobo's foot. Keep telling people how amazing your cheese fountain is going to be...
  5. Last AU player from your High School

    There's no accounting for taste...
  6. Last AU player from your High School

    Jay Prosch Prior, I believe Jeremy Wells was a long snapper, but I'm uncertain if he came in on scholarship.
  7. So much for hiring Kendal Briles

    Looks like he's headed to FAU with Lane.
  8. **Arkansas State at Auburn - Game Thread**

    Seriously nice touch pass. Great play. White has the short and intermediate game locked down. Good scrambling, too.
  9. **Arkansas State at Auburn - Game Thread**

    I like Hastings. Kid has sure hands and is hungry.
  10. **Arkansas State at Auburn - Game Thread**

    Am I the only one whose beer tastes better tonight?
  11. **Arkansas State at Auburn - Game Thread**

    Pettway and Sean with great plays. Keep it up. Body blow, body blow, jab, jab, body blow, uppercut. Just like Mike Tyson's punch out. Carlson with the uppercut!
  12. **Arkansas State at Auburn - Game Thread**

    Damn! Kyle Davis with the best catch I've seen in over a year!
  13. **Arkansas State at Auburn - Game Thread**

    Wow! Great heart, good vision. TD!
  14. **Arkansas State at Auburn - Game Thread**

    Good angle and good pursuit by Tre! Solid 4th down effort.