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  1. I remember when it was you, Mav, McLoof, and myself trying to tell folks there is something much more to this young man than his measurables. We still see it; some don't fully, some not at all. Seems the allegory of the cave may be apropos here.
  2. It's the latter. If it's not, we'll likely have just been retroactively awarded the 1983, 1993, 2003, 2013, and 4 other National Championships, retroactively. One is more likely to happen than the other. Discuss...
  3. This was a disgace to the #7 on our helmet. It is sad, but it's par for Gus. It's like Tubs again, only now we're not likely to beat a top-ranked team we shouldn't, just the losing to teams we should beat. This is 100% on Gus. Can't wait to see what we have in the trenches next year. Sadly, it's likely the only position with less depth and likelihood of success than QB. Sh!t prep, sh!t scheme, and no brains from the coaches, despite so much heart from these players. Let the Chad Morris scapegoat era begin.
  4. Same, but understandable, especially after this year.
  5. Today may call for a double order smothered, covered, topped, and capped; because that’s what he did today. Credit given where it is due, as he has some great recruiters and coaches.
  6. Shut up. You don't get to speak about his character. You have no right, nor knowledge. The sad part is I bet you don't even understand how you writing this out shows the person whose character has questions is the author (you). Try thinking before you speak, try having some perspective before you type, and have a great day!
  7. ...and I'm out. This was the last straw. Not watching any more until Gus is gone, and we pass the nightmare that will be next year's Offensive (so offensive) line, and no D-Line depth. He has destroyed more than he has helped, and that is a fact. I'll keep my focus, passion, and dollars for things that don't self-destruct, and double down while doing so; no toxic relationships with people, and Gus is now on that list. Can't wait to be proud of our WHOLE program, not just some players and our Defense. Love AU, hate what they've done. Gus may be a good person, but he's crap at coaching, now. Tha
  8. <pictures Gus turning his visor around like Sly Stallone turned his hat around in "Over The Top" as he arm wrestles corch gravel gargler> πŸ˜„
  9. I see Kam "bounce" to the ground as soon as anyone sneezes near his lower body more often than any other back. I have video to support my belief. Let's agree to disagree; I don't want to see your "oracle" πŸ˜‰
  10. Kam Martin is not the back for this game. Flashes of 0 Pettway against Clempsun in AU 2016. Everyone can see what to do, Gus. Why can't you?
  11. Oof. That hurt his 3rd cousin. As an aside, he can't remember his name, either.
  12. ...only when ST play is good. πŸ˜‰πŸ€£ When it's bad, the point is made before the tackle.
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