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  1. Sadly, the way things are shaping up with our soft and ineffectual O-line, QB questions, Gus as a lame duck coach (barring a loaves and fishes or Channukah type miracle), and now what is looking more and more likely to be another "meh" hire/handcuffed figurehead to be hired as OC, I'm bracing myself for 2012 Part II. Sad, but that's my realistic outlook, but I still love AU, and I'll still cheer, though I won't be spending my money until I see changes. WDE
  2. Don’t attach the kid. He may not be an all star, but he’s out there trying.
  3. I’m seeing flashes of moxie out there and it makes me happy and optimistic.
  4. Some have noticed a tendency for Gus, perhaps as a nervous habit, to be caught by the camera quite often let’s say “repeatedly ensuring he has no bears in the cave”. And perhaps it’s because I’ve (and likely others) heard some turds refer to us as “boogs”, we are noticing it more.
  5. Heist is a big AU Club spot. Edit: Since Eric left, Fitzgerald’s Uptown is apparently a new AU Club meeting spot.
  6. Try Heist in NoDa (former brewer Eric was an Auburn man). I live around the corner, and I still have power. Let me know if you go, and maybe I can meet you for a drink or a beer! I can also can tell you some sweet spots for grub within walking distance.
  7. We may have differing opinions of his offensive coaching, his personality, and his personal hygiene habits, but we can all agree this is classy move on his part. This can’t be spun as being anything other than a positive thing for AU. War Eagle and beat the corndogs!
  8. In the Queen City here, as well. The important question: do you have a place you’d go to try to watch the game, should we lose power early tomorrow?
  9. I like the cut of your jib, sir! Seriously, we have some folks with some great taste around here, which doesn’t really surprise me AT ALL. But, to see the details is a nice touch, and makes me feel like I know a little more about each of you, and it’s been great. I hope this thread never dies.
  10. I think you may be on to something. Boobee wears them down, then Worm changes it up. With 10-15 carries a game, he should have zero problems with durability going 14-15 games this year. I just hope Gus doesn’t take until past mid season (or worse ?) to realize this potential and the fits it will give other teams. If CGM sees it, and allows it, we could be real nasty. And with that Defense...oof
  11. ^^^All of this^^^ Also, I’d like to see Cord/Joiner(potentially Gatewood, with Worm/Boobee, and Swartz in motion and McClain/NCM, Sal, and Will Hastings running true read RPO. Saban’s head might explode. Yep, after what I’d heard, pleasantly surprised. Hope to see consistency and improvement. Good stuff. All in favor of telling Chip to do this, please affirm.