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  1. A Few of my 'takeaways" from Charlottesville

    You familiar with the school sucks project? The speed and politics series (#1 & #2) is particularly brilliant:
  2. The American Right is filled with Jacobin political policy (police state, war machine, protectionist immigration policies, central banking...). All historically left-wing populist ideas. This has been the case for some time. The assertion the author makes is no great stretch. The solution, of course, will need to come at a grass-roots market level (similar to current homeschool movement). In the SP scenario, it will be interesting to see how the government writes the rules to protect its own monopoly, especially if doctors wake up and more and more seek to work around the system.
  3. ...all rhetoric. He's cutting almost nothing near term which is what matters.
  4. This is all cover for other goings on in the world. Outside of rhetoric would the world be a .01% different place if HRC was president? The invisible powers of oligarchs foreign and domestic are far less concerned with who gets elected and far more concerned with how to coerce them once they get there. (They are especially unconcerned with social issues.) Where are the strings? 99% of world power is consolidated under the cartels of non-elected public office, central banks and corporatist mega giants anyway. On the whole, very little changes every 4 years. We, the people, insure that by constantly focusing on fear mongering and trivial matters.
  5. Guy's, when has it mattered who was president in this particular relationship? We fund both sides always have. Destabilization is the game plan.
  6. the country that openly sponsors terrorism, and seemingly all forms of militant Islam. Of course, we know this is Rex Tillerson's deal. Got to keep those Exxon-Aramco relations on solid ground.
  7. Wash, rinse, repeat. Makes perfect sense if you're a banker.
  8. Really good argument. Sounds libertarian (gasp). My ontological view of "life" takes me to a different conclusion. But, it not for that I'd agree with you. To be clear on my position, I believe a just magistrate protecting a just society puts rapists and murders to death. In particular, women who murder their kids. Lex talionis. That's the law I would prefer locally. It's not a crime against the feds or states, its a crime against a local victim. Retribution is taken to restore that victim, especially in case of unwanted pregnancy. However, like you, I don't want abortions or women's health to be legislated. I want murders & rapists to be tried and sentenced. A crime must be committed to involve action. (realizing of course, there are lesser crimes of the same sort, extenuating circumstances that absolve would be defendant etc)
  9. No. If they've stayed true to Ms Sanger, just blacks, Mexicans and poor whites.
  10. Though I disagree, I think both @Brad_ATX and @alexava have very well reasoned arguments. Kudos. I would challenge you guys to defend your premise that rape is evil (immoral) and the method you determine this. (There are currently cultures that don't see certain forms of rape this way. How can you objectively criticize those cultural practices?) I'm particularly interested to see if you can do it without appeal to consensus, natural rights or some other kind of subjective social decency.
  11. I wasn't going to link this, but since @homersapien made a good geopolitics comment & since the vid mocks the gross internal inconsistency of the alt-right. Enjoy: Science, logic, reason has no ground to form morality on its own. It has to borrow moral suppositions from elsewhere. The universe is an evolved machine, a grandpa gets randomly knocked off on facebook... so what in the name of science? How does that transgress logic? It doesn't.
  12. Why are you speaking dead languages homer? (zygote: greek for yoke, fetus: latin for child/offspring)
  13. Evangelicals generally miss the framework of their argument. (For them) It's about feminism. Pregnancy is always a state of victimhood. Specifically, woman is in place to decide life ($.02 to @alexava). The woman is the autonomous god of her fetus. Whether or not science, the bible, canon law or any other authority says it a fetus is life, is irrelevant to that argument. Dismantle the framework first. If not, you are just one sad incest/rape case study away from losing, big time.
  14. Fix it by eliminating lower federal courts and encourage state & local courts to reclaim original jurisdiction. Any SCOTUS "opinion" outside of that jurisdiction might as well join the editorial section of VOX.
  15. Right. All travel services & telecommuting compete with all other travel services. My spidey senses tell me there is a very high barrier to entry. Also, Southwest regional hubs seem to be much better airports in general. Supply of gates is fairly fixed and publicly managed. SW got around this by getting into/remodeling other older airports.