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  1. How Washington Made Harvey Worse

    Well my article got written.
  2. How Washington Made Harvey Worse

    Put this in action for reservoirs.
  3. How Washington Made Harvey Worse

    That's whats interesting about this flood is lack of zoning standards in this area. It makes for cheap property. I find runoff to be an interesting problem unique to the very flat geography. That's why we need to start private insurance with the middle class folks is zone A. The first thing that will come out if FEMA flood program is slated for elimination will be this hurts poor people. Poor people aren't the ones filling 6 figure claims. Even if this is true, and its a huge stretch, what does this have to do with Harvey? Was the high pressures that held it in one place for 4 days particularly severe? I can't say this storm was anything more than run-of-the-mill major hurricane that US was way overdue for. This storm doesn't fit that narrative.
  4. How Washington Made Harvey Worse

    I don't buy the 500 yr zone X thing. How much dynamic analysis of loss risk do you think FEMA does? Tail risk? Do they go out of business when they mis-assess loss? We all know the model has likely dramatically changed, but we are relying on regressive gov't agencies to tell us we're safe based on historic flood record (private property insurers, the kind that do deep predictive analysis, are off the hook). It's a grave disservice to those who rely on these agencies "expertise" and for their insurance "programs". Time to stop listening. Get the government out of the flood insurance business. But you're right, I'm in the ditch a lot at buffalo bayou and I can tell you the corps and HCFCD have been releasing water in the last 2 years like they're scared of something (and its not erosion in buffalo bayou that's for sure). They knew what 20k Katy MacMansions w/ pools on 8000 sq foot lots could do. We found out what that was.
  5. How Washington Made Harvey Worse

    It doesn't need to be regulated. FEMA needs to stop bailing them out. Let consumers pay a market rate of 2-5k a year for flood insurance and see what happens to coastal development. I personally can't feel sorry for anyone who's house flooded. I'll help them gut it, rebuild, but I don't pity. We have all the information in the world to assess and properly prepare for even the most catastrophic flood risks in advance. In many ways this is a microcosm of the problems our country faces. Us getting caked in wet crap was as much a blessing to this community as anything. The best thing that can happen moving forward is to have FEMA buy folks out of zone A & V, turn it over to private cat insurance and somehow start to unwind this taxpayer subsidy. Think progress.
  6. How Washington Made Harvey Worse

    Excellent find homer. I've been making this argument, but I've yet to see it elsewhere. I was working with some local folks to possibly work up an article for FEE. Bottom line, FEMA stinks. They got absolutely put to shame this week by volunteers. I'm on the front lines of this. The water still sits some five inches down in my storm drain. It only got that close because they had to dump the reservoirs at full pool (onto people who didn't build in a flood zone mind you). Why? This article hints. My premium would have been $350ish I elected not to buy into this flood insurance program. Baring another named storm in the next few weeks, we passed a 1000 year flood with flying colors. On the other hand, those homes built in the reservoirs have now flooded 3 times in 3 years. Their premiums, 500-800ish I believe. Really? Is that a market valuation? I think not. These are MacMansions too. Extraordinary (risk) cost burden, being reflected to the taxpayer, not the consumer. Gov't is a terrible insurance company. Bottom line, this is NOT a problem with lack of planning (Houston is not zoned). Let the consumers bear the costs or build higher. You build there, you pay for it. You could always buy something more modest on high ground. Now we have a huge FEMA claim bill on our hands (some of which was unavoidable). It will be interesting to see when claims get paid. I have another solution I'm working on. My homemade 350 ga water harvester worked overtime this weekend. I dumped it 4 times during the lulls. But it really helped slow down flash flooding in the back of my property. They can be installed in the 2-3k ga range fairly inexpensively (few thousand). You can water your yard, wash your car etc as opposed to the hundreds of dollars/month you'll spend with city. I can see a case for local tax exemptions in certain parts of town for catchment capacity.
  7. Hurricane Harvey

    There was basically no wind most of the time, you could have sat in it in a raincoat for 5 days. Something like 3% power loss.
  8. Hurricane Harvey

    The local response is, WE DON'T NEED YOU. FEMA got cut off apparently. In the past they have been notorious for turning away volunteers (often under the pretense of safety). Hospitality in Texas is off the charts. Everybody is taking responsibility for the down trodden. Blacks, whites, Mexicans, Africans. There was even a report of an Iraqi refugee who was displaced by American bombs rescuing people with his boat. Public authorities don't have the resources to handle this magnitude (200k FEMA claims issued so far i believe). Social media, power availability and cell service played a huge part. Spontaneous order is a very real thing.
  9. Hurricane Harvey

    Hard to go to sleep with airboats and helicopters... I can say that. volunteers, local businesses saved thousands of lives. FEMA finally came riding in on their air cav early last night. As if this was Afghanistan. Meanwhile, there were coordinated voluntary rescue boats via social media (one group running volunteer 100 boats). Let's prepare for naval gazing from DC. water from buffalo bayou finally stopped rising this morning about 3 ft above 500 year levels.
  10. Hurricane Harvey

    Ironically we have family we expect to flood there. None of our houston family did.
  11. Hurricane Harvey

    Rare celestial object sited over west chase!
  12. Hurricane Harvey

    Buffalo bayou is currently in the building 20ft below my desk. I work on the 3rd floor. technology, forecasting and volunteers are saving thousands of lives maybe more. People make plans based on historical precedent and there simply wasn't one for this. New Orleans is flooding in lakeside area as well... unbelievable.
  13. Hurricane Harvey

    Took 40" on west side. That's equal to record season snowfall at 80% of ski resort in NA. Ya'll say a prayer for Bird. Wife lived in Kingwood in '94 flood.
  14. Hurricane Harvey

    This is not true. Barker and Addicks will be open full bore tomorrow. Katy is over built with runoff. It's more people than city of bham. Generally, the place to be in this storm. Bird you have San jack flooding coming off lake Conroe.