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  1. maxwere

    Tuesday's Texas Primary Election

    I expect Trump (just as Obama did) will increase voter turnout on the democratic side virtually everywhere (Dems to have a pretty good Nov). That being said, Texas result was much ado about nothing as the major republican candidates are (understatedly) firmly entrenched. Voting the GOP primary was a waste of time if your only concern is federal politics (99% of this country).
  2. In a completely unrelated move, (our new confederate history professor) Sessions attacks California for "extremist", "secessionist" policy. He will use the full force of the federal government to right the evils of California immigration policy. See any familiarity in tact to a particular 19th C GOP president?
  3. I'm not equating anything. In the modern human trafficking issue, sex slavery is far worse than any of the others.
  4. Multi-entendre... Cite the following: Romans 6 entitlement programs US national debt US median household debt us median net worth the human trafficking industry ...Etc when the state gets involved you trade one form of slavery for another. Sometimes better, sometimes not.
  5. The majority of “slaves” are completely unaware of their predicament.
  6. I qualify it as a deep state of mans depravity. A crisis only in the long term sense. The state (man) is incapable to correct by is own fiat emergency policy. That is to say depravity is not merely an issue of behavior. It is the heart issue. Guns and swords don’t reform hearts, they can only hope to restrain evil. Hence the cliche, you can’t legislate morality. You ok with Jeff Sessions legislating morality?
  7. Do nothing. Economic forces at play emancipate 80% of southern slaves by 1875. Without violence.
  8. So this justifies overstepping the 10th amendment? also, slavery was an institution globally (still is in fact) for centuries. Does that qualify it as a humanitarian crisis?
  9. Woah? Expansionary slavery Homer? That’s news to me.
  10. I’m conceding the point. Not debating “facts” of history. My point is about political theory. The only thing that matters in the context of Sessions. does slavery or succession justify a policy of invasion or military intervention? (My answer is no)
  11. Let’s assume the popular myths of 1860s politics are true. (They are in the since of popular opinion.) The relevant question here is was the northern invasion of the south morally justified by the egregiousness of the existence of chattel slavery? Or more importantly, is US invasion of any country morally justified by humanitarian causes? That’s the neocon playbook. My answer to that question is no. since, there are more historic atrocities where the US did not intervene than did, it begs the question, “is the core reason we are in the Middle East right now a result of humanitarian intervention & national security?” Again, my answer is most definitely “No”.
  12. No I’m not saying that. But it obviously was not THE core cause. Modern politicians do not know or care about history, only State mythology that suites their ends.
  13. Perfectly consistent. This is not about historical accuracy, its about reinforcing a modern policy narrative. "See, the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria are wars of moral ideology. Those evil... plantation owners, Talban, "The Database" (sp), Asad, ISIS... commit crimes against humanity. Economics, theft, power, confiscation and relocation of whole people groups to support special interest never have anything to do with war. They hate us for our freedom. Sacrificing American blood for the security of our union is worth it. We need strong defense." ...sounds like the (whig) party of Lincoln to me.
  14. This is the secondly really good, refreshing article by Aaron Pomerantz this month... No MSM talking points. For a media that is adept at bleeping every inappropriate word and ignoring every attempt sports fans make to run naked across arenas. That same media will replay a real life Natural Born Killers on all major media outlets for weeks. Sure, its under the auspice of sincerity and pity for the victims, but we all know masochism and rubber necking are big media business. At best its sick. At worst its Orwellian mass social engineering. The medium is the message.
  15. maxwere

    World markets are tanking

    Capital markets rule the equity voting. The king of that market, the Fed, bought this market up with the trillions they added to the balance sheet. None of what you say is noticable on the 4 hr or daily tick. Markets were closed the night of the election btw.