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  1. TigerNBham

    JJ Replacement

    You are so right Carl. No good ol' Dye boys
  2. TigerNBham

    JJ Replacement

    Just win. Just win.
  3. TigerNBham


    OK, he was rusty, OL was lousy, and I suspect he was told not to take chances sunning since we are thin at QB. Without an O line he is not going to produce. Not sure what his up side is, but, we need to give him time to mature and face it he is the best we have or he would not have started. And, no DO NOT Go there on other QBs. Time will tell.
  4. TigerNBham

    Danny Sheridan with an AU prediction

    Our SEC road games are tough and we have Clemson, however, we have a cup cake schedule and 10 and 2 with loses to AU and UGA would not to me equal a good season. I do not know will trigger a buy out or raise for Gus, but for me, if AU does not win over both UGA and UA, Gus is a failure.
  5. TigerNBham

    Looking on to 2017 (Merged)

    I am a bottom line family member. I will love my kin but if they can't do the job, I believe it is time for a change. 0 and 8 against UGA and Bama is just plan unacceptable. As is his bowl, 1 - 4 and record against top 10 teams. Face it folks, we have a luvable guffaw. Gus has to have 11 wins and both of those two IF IT WAS my decision next year. Otherwise, and we keep him, Doug Barfield # 2 in my mind.
  6. TigerNBham

    A Head Coach Challenge

    Good post. Outcoached by Ga. for three years and manhandled by Al. the same . We pay too much for the results we have been given. Gus needs to get O side of the house fixed and fast. If he is a head coach who can operate at a high level, he will. If not, time to start the carousel of HC and program building all over again.
  7. TigerNBham

    This will not be a popular opinion, but my take...

    We are just not evaluating recruiting and developing QBs. We should be able to get to the end of the season and not be without a back up season after season. Depending upon JUCO is the band aid fix and some times it works, Marshall, and sometimes not so much. We. IMHO, need consistency with a competent big league OC, who can evaluate, recruit, development and game some QBs at AU. Just win Baby, WDE.
  8. TigerNBham

    Are you still on the Gus Bus?

    As said, he makes a good salary to produce results. He should do so and if he does good but do not extend contracts change buyouts etc. Reward exceptional work only . We need to see some of that or make other arrangements.
  9. TigerNBham

    Legion Field

    Sadly, they could have filmed at Legion for years. I used to walk there to games and have many memories of creative ways of getting in "on a budget". Saw a lot of, as a teen, memorable games. It was never a neutral site or us. Too many general admission tickets sold to the locals, as it should have been, here in BamRham. As to games there, AU always had disadvantage with uat and it was old news how hard we worked to get or game with them home and home. The double headers were something special to see though. Seems as I remember uat would play early and us late at least in my day. Remember one great Sat. they played UT and we played GT. The fans mingled and something to see. Both Vols and GT had at the same time and areas, their vintage cars with cheerleaders on etc. Tide and Tiger across the street was a mess to get into and wild inside. The maintenance folks did an outstanding job of cleaning the stadium between the games.
  10. TigerNBham

    Should Auburn let Lashlee Go?

    Bottom line, it is on Gus to recruit and develop the best staff and players to get the job done . If he thinks last year was an anomaly ( baffles me how it could not have been seen coming), but was unpredictable, well so be. His show to run, personally I believe........ War Eagle .........
  11. TigerNBham

    Top College FB Facilities

    Plus one.
  12. TigerNBham

    Jordan-Hare Stadium Renovation

    Looks nice. Sorry to see team and band entrance changed. Notice the flowers in the endzone corners are not part of the concept.
  13. You are correct. I guess he didn't get the memo about having a DC in place before the "Recruiting Dead Period" or before Bowl Practice begins. He also didn't get the memo, to at lease name an interim DC for Bowl Practice and the Bowl Game. An old adage " Underpromise and overperform ", Gus.
  14. TigerNBham

    Staff Changes

    Like right now? No. Sigh..............................