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  1. Would love to play Ok St in a neutral site like Dallas, Houston, or Nola.
  2. Anterrious Williams or Travis Williams. As a high school linebacker I tried to model my game after them because neither was over 6'1" 215, they just left everything on the field. Those Tubbs defenses were extremely fun to watch in the mid 2000's.
  3. Every year Tucker HS has 3-6 power 5 recruits. The program is the best in talent rich DeKalb county and not only puts kids into power 5 programs but FCS and D2 programs as well. Kids want to play there, when kids want to go to your school such as is the case here you can put rules than 98% of HS in the country wouldn't be able to. The purpose of having these kids commit early is so they can focus on their HS TEAM and not be kid a distraction to not only the team but their own performance as well. I wish more coaches would be like Bryan Lamar (who I know and respect) and not allow the recruiting process to affect the overall success of the program. Also, I coached against Harris last season when he was at Lovejoy HS and in an all-star game in December and I think he's a very talented kid that would look good on the Plains.
  4. If we are able to land Fields, Stidham declares, and Sean White transfers we better dang well be looking at a back up plan for Gatewood. We'd have 2 scholarship QB should JG decide to go elsewhere.
  5. I'm sorry for derailing this thread slightly but can an insider please explain why White may not be part of the team next year? I understand that Stidham will start, and that Willis has potential to be a weapon but aren't we discrediting White's experience here? Dude has started almost 20 games and would be for sure the top back-up in the SEC. I looked in the football forums for any info and couldn't find a thread on this. Rumor season is in full swing but losing White would hurt from several different angles; depth, competition, and experience all would be affected by his loss. Also, I coached on a team Justin Fields was on in an All-Star game and dude is legit, the D. Watson comparisons are spot on. Don't think UGA is out of the running here, Kirby realizes that Richt lost his job bc he allowed Cam and Watson to end up outside of GA. He can't afford that with T. Lawrence and Fields unless, Fromm is as good as I think he is and starts over Eason by mid-season.
  6. Any news on why Zakoby McClain couldn't make it?
  7. He is legitimately the best DT- QB in the southeast. If he had played since he was a freshman and not behind Lorenzo Nunez (USCe QB) his 9th and 10th grade seasons, it is conceivable that he would be as big of a national recruit as Trevor Lawrence. HS coaches in GA love this kid and his ability
  8. Quindarious Monday is the top DB prospect in GA this year imo. He's probably the top safety in the Southeast. He has the talent to be a 3 and out kid. I absolutely love that kids ability, and personality.
  9. In those 20 minutes he caught his only career touchdown in the National Championship game vs Oregon. We saw bigger improvements from that position last year than we'd seen since Kodi was a player, let the man do his job.
  10. Kid is a stud
  11. Kid is a stud. Top 10 player in GA this year.
  12. Valid points. I'll just say this is by far the most well rounded LB class AU has signed in recent memory. WDE
  13. He can say hi all he wants. Good Linebacker, great recruit but he is nowhere near as violent as Britt or Foster. If you are truly a "corch" you can cut the film on and see what I'm talking about.
  14. Linebacker. Britt is the best MLB prospect we've been in on since Reuben Foster. Moultry is scheme versatile and a specimen. Wooten is rangy and athletic, played at a great HS program in GA vs good competition. Add Buck signee Bryant and you have a better crop than the 2015 class we hauled in