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  1. After tonight, I just want to beat UGA. I truly don’t care if we lose to Bama by 30, have a nail biter vs Samford and get smoked in a bowl game. Just want to put UGA out of playoff contention and get ready for round ball season.
  2. I really hate we didn’t jump on Trevor Reid, Louisville commit. He would have been an easy sell- HS teammates with Zion Puckett and B. Hamm. He’s a freak athlete.
  3. In 5 years we will look back and see how many NFL caliber players were on this defense and shake our heads on what SHOULD have been.
  4. That’s because he transferred to Troy over the summer and has to redshirt.
  5. Jibunor would’ve been a big help this season had he been able to stay out of trouble. He was a really twitchy edge guy, we don’t have that on the roster right now.
  6. For whatever reason I feel better about this game than I did Florida. 30-24 good guys
  7. Happening here too. Number 1 QB in GA for 2020 is also a redshirt. GA DOE is considering implementing some state-wide penalty system to discourage it.
  8. He’s actually not 16, he’s 18. He should be a HS SR, he was held back in 7th grade to further enhance his athletic prowess over his peers. This isn’t me throwing shade, just stating facts.
  9. We’ve got to get Derick Hall healthy. We are really missing someone with some serious twitch coming off the edge to get to the QB. Big Kat is solid against the run but can’t get home on the pass, same for Moultry. We’ve got to develop someone that can come off the edge and go sack the QB. That’s all we are missing on Defense.
  10. When do we expect some JUCO names to pop up on the DL? Have to imagine that we look at some after the transfer of Moore, right?
  11. That group of linebackers is as athletic and good in space as Auburn has ever had. Britt looked like a DaShaun clone out there but faster Pappoe is going to be like Devin Bush was at Michigan. McClain and Wooten are good enough to start at 3/4 of the SEC schools. We need to enjoy what we are watching, those guys are really good.
  12. Hayes King would’ve made this offensive class look scary good.