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  1. He will have the chance to be an NFL draft pick as a DL. The same could not be said of him as a gadget TE/H-Back. He is also likely one of the 22 best FOOTBALL players on the team and therefore the staff likely wants to put him in a position to impact and win games. I am beyond excited about this move and it gives me serious hope/belief that the new staff understands the big picture. WDE
  2. Yes. Graphics have become critical in promoting a program’s brand. It’s huge in recruiting but also in overall program perception. It has trickled down to the high school level as well.
  3. Similar frame and running style to Zamir White at UGA. Has some TJ Yeldon in his game too.
  4. Dude is a player. Would be a solid pick up.
  5. I need to talk to my Coastal GA coaches and get a good rundown on this guy. I like the fact he’s been at Benedictine though, it is a very, very, well run program.
  6. There isn’t one yet, but all indications point to signing one in February
  7. We better get some dang grad-transfer running backs. Tank, Worm, and a true freshman is not an ideal depth chart.
  8. This is best for all parties involved. Both he and Big Kat do not fit the new scheme we are implementing, and were super loyal to Gus and RG. I wish them the best and good luck. At AU we need to see what we have in some of our younger DL and the JUCO kids from the 2020 signing class.
  9. O has the potential to be Chizik 2.0*
  10. Add Roswell and Woodstock/Hickory Flat to this list and now you’re cooking.
  11. He helps but Conor Shaw is the brother of his HS HC, and he was an offensive analyst at USCe under Muschamp. Bobo’s dad is on staff at Rabun if I’m not mistaken... if he isn’t on staff I know he lives in Rabun and is involved in the program in some capacity.
  12. This kid will be the highest rated player to ever come out of the North GA mountains. He is really, really talented. Comes from a good family, and plays for a very well run HS program. Would be a HUGE get.
  13. Dude just say you wanted Aaron Feld, which is perfectly okay because I did too. I’ll reserve judgement on this hire until I see if the new product passes the look test.
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