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  1. That’s not great news. Athens is only about 45 minutes from Newton Co. and makes Green very easy to access. Flip side- now that Jordan Hancock is no longer committed to Clemson his HS teammate Barrett Carter might be slightly more back in play for us to recruit.
  2. Jordan Hancock flipping to OSU have anything to do with Clemson and Green?
  3. Newton County kids are different. That’s a well run program with tough, hungry kids. It would behoove us to develop a pipeline there, even though it’s less than 45 minutes from Athens. Those kids are well coached and full of athleticism.
  4. Getting a foot in the door at Newton County would be a good move, lots of talent coming through there in the near future
  5. 2 things I took away from those highlights: 1. This kid is built to play in the SEC, not elite speed but grown man strong. 2. I LOVED what his team does on offense, under center 2 TE, pistol TE/H-Back sets, and 10 personnel sets in the gun. I wouldn’t be mad at all if this kid becomes our 2nd RB in the class.
  6. D. Brown was a better player at AU than Lawson, no doubt. As a recruit though, I wanted Lawson more.
  7. I haven’t wanted a GA player to Auburn this bad since Carl Lawson. Mondon is in that stratosphere of talent.
  8. I certainly hope. That kid is damn good! We need to pull at least 1 big fish from GA this year, simply to prove we always can.
  9. So here’s my take- this hurts because this kid was Pappoe at best, Z. McClain at worst... However- this puts us in a position to full court press Smael Mondon, who has the higher ceiling of the two. I don’t want this to come back and bite me in the a$$ in a couple years, but Mondon has some Isiah Simmons to him.
  10. Appreciate that man. I was fortunate that I was able to coach some good really good players, and coach against some really good players. Got 2 of mine at AU right now and a bunch I coached in all-star games or coached against over the years. At my current job there are not as many players as my last gig but living in the mountains sure is pretty.
  11. You’re right, Apopka is exactly who I was thinking of. You’re also right about pay difference in FL vs GA. I make 3x more of a coaching supplement as DC and head of S&C for my school system than my buddy who is a HC in FL. Lots of metro Atlanta coaches are guys that migrated north from FL. Reverse snowbird effect!
  12. I had a more detailed response typed out comparing DD’s production to theirs but decided against it. If I remember correctly Woody Barrett played in a single wing type offense where his running ability was utilized more than his passing, could be mistaken though. Joey was an elite athlete and a freak of nature... that still didn’t receive the lion’s share of snaps at QB for his HS. I do agree that they both played against upper level competition in HS. Talent is probably comparable to large school Texas HS football, coaching is the main difference between TX and FL football IMO. DD seems to be ahead of both those 2 guys in terms of football IQ.
  13. This kid is 31-1 in big time Texas HS football, some of if not the best high school football in the country. None of the other 3 you named can claim that. I like this dude a lot. I also like the idea of getting talent from Texas. GA is getting harder to recruit every year.