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  1. The kid started and was the speaking captain for his team in yesterday’s all-star game, this is very telling about what the coaches thought of him and his performance over the week. I’ll defer to their judgements instead
  2. I hear what you’re saying but that isn’t the case here. It is what it is though.
  3. They’ll play us tough, Fleck will have them motivated. Lots of Georgia players on the Gophers roster that’ll have chips on their shoulders because they weren’t highly recruited by AU. 1 kid in particular was a HUGE miss by our staff. Linebacker #14 Braelen Oliver is a STUD, we should’ve signed him instead of Michael Harris. All that being said, we will win because we have better players and this group has a lot of character. I expect a 10-15 point W.
  4. So if we have 2 slots left they are for who: McKinnley Jackson and Broderick Jones? If we have 4 slots left who are 2 other names to watch?
  5. It’s definitely started. Especially in rural Georgia, which ironically has the most loyal UGA fan bases. 4 star kids from South Georgia don’t like being told to wait on 4 star kids from other parts of the country... I don’t blame them. I also hope it keeps happening because it’s damn good for AU.
  6. Because when he recruited kids that I coached when he was at Bama, and at UGA he did a great job of being honest with them and their coaches about where they stood with his program. He also has treated one of my all-time favorite kids right at UGA. I’m an Auburn fan but I can still remain objective, can you?
  7. I like Kirby a lot, his staff outside of Dell McGee and Sam Pittman were a bunch of asshats though. Most coaches in our state will agree with that, even if they’re diehard dawgs.
  8. I remember those 1/2 day planning periods! Now I’m 7:45-2:45 no break, extended day contract makes it worth it though! Hearing we get Reed from all my dawg buddies.
  9. A 2nd QB in next years class would be wise regardless of what we do this year. Take from that what you will.
  10. This post is laughable. The man signed the best 2 DL we’ve had almost a decade. Then he coached them up to 1st team All-SEC, developed Brown into a top 8 NFL draft pick, and you’re complaining because we don’t have some soft kid who can’t/won’t play the run and just wants to try and sack the QB committed? Cute.
  11. It’s be really poetic justice to flip Q. Robinson back from bama. Probably wishful thinking on my end.