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  1. Height had some serious potential. Hate he’s leaving.
  2. This is unfortunate. Hate to see him leave, especially under these circumstances. Part of the culture shift.
  3. Haven’t talked to him in a few weeks. Planning on catching up with him after the new year.
  4. DL has a chance to be special this year. Would love to see Mason take more of the 2 deep rotation approach like Steele did on the DL, if there’s 1 position group that has legit depth in the program it’s the DL.
  5. AUinGA44


    I thought Capers was going to be that guy, obviously I was extremely mistaken
  6. Totally accurate. That build up brings back memories, I remember how fired up I was watching the play Clemson in the bowl game NYE of 2007 going into 2008. I was dating a chick that went to UGA at the time and I was talking cash s*** in an Athens bar about how good Auburn was about to be. How wrong I was.
  7. The offensive marriage of Tony Franklin and Kodi Burns.
  8. Stetson has a 2017 redshirt year, could play 1 more supposedly. JT was class of 2018 so he definitely has 1 more year if he wants it thanks to Covid.
  9. The following has absolutely ZERO merit to it, so if you want concrete info, this ain’t it. That being said, the Dawg fans I’m friends with (which is a large number) are convinced that the loser of the Carson Beck and Brock Vandagriff battle will transfer to Auburn and kill it under Harsin. The Bama friends I have, (also an alarmingly large number) do not want the above transfer to take place. In all honesty, I look for Beck to transfer after the bowl game and possibly Brock in the spring. If Stetson or JT stays, Brock is rumored to bolt. Just some rival QB chatter. WDE
  10. Linebacker EJ Lightsey is on the board again after decommitting from UF. Lots of Zakoby McClain to his game, another undersized South GA LB. I would be thrilled to snag him.
  11. Benedictine just won the AAAA state championship over Carver, Columbus. Geriner balled out in the 2nd half. We are getting a good one.
  12. Geriner plays AAAA ball in GA. His region is not very good but the non-region schedule was tough for him this season. They will likely win AAAA, he is legit.
  13. Mel Tucker in the SEC would not behoove Auburn at all from a recruiting standpoint.
  14. Long time coming. Proud of my guy, talked him last month and he sounded like he had something to prove.
  15. Good pick up. Establishing a pipeline to both Woodward Academy and to South Fulton county would be big for the new staff. Lots of talent in that 10-12 mile stretch off I-85 south from Atlanta, to College Park, to Fairburn. WDE
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