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  1. 2018 5* PF EJ Montgomery Commits to Auburn!!!

    Two dominant big men that RUN the floor at that.
  2. Borges impact on the offense

    From what my buddy who is a small college coach has told me, more than likely Borges will be helping break down game film for the next weeks opponent while the on the field coaches spend time getting the current weeks game plan in place with the players.
  3. 2017 CONCACAF Gold Cup - USA! USA! USA! wins the cup!

    I was impressed with how the guys played the other day. They seemed to be pretty confident on the ball and made some smart decisions to keep possession. Dom Dwyer is someone I have enjoyed watching play as he is always hunting. He will make a mistake here or there, but just has a mean streak I think we have been missing up top. I'm always nervous to see how the casual soccer fan will react to squads like this in tournaments as the big names are missing. They don't understand this tournament's objective is to find our fringe roster guys for the World Cup, as we already know who will be locks. I'm looking forward to being in Nashville this weekend for my 5th CAP. We will be sitting (standing) in the section next to the Outlaws.
  4. What happened To Ole Miss ?

    I have a buddy that coaches at a small college in Alabama that has some knowledge regarding recruiting. What he has told me is that every school skirts the rules *gasp*. He has also mentioned to me that Gus likes to think that we don't and tries to stay out of it as much as possible, that Saban know everything that goes on but keeps his hands clean, and that Freeze was the dirtiest coach of them all. Said that he actively participates in everything. Also told me a story of one of the guys that went that played for him got a brand new car the day his brother signed with Tennessee. Said that one of the ways schools get to kids is by giving their family free stuff instead of the actual player as that will put pressure on the recruit to sign with their school.