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  1. Go the route of Clemson and hire a position coach. Travis Williams.
  2. I was in the band for the year they changed it to what it is currently. Happened in 2004.
  3. From a friend that is a coach in the state of Alabama (used to be college now in high school): "Originally it was arranged that they would end up in Georgia at Propst's school for their younger son to play at Colquitt County, but once they landed here and found how far away it was a call was immediately made to Freeman at Thompson and arrangements were made for them to live in Alabaster."
  4. Saw a tweet somewhere stating that Frankie has been hired as a coach at a big high school in North Alabama.
  5. Kenny Gabriel turned down a contract with the Cavs because he could make more overseas.
  6. Of the games I saw him play, those numbers should be higher. There were quite a few drops by his receivers that were right on the numbers.
  7. You are thinking of Baseball if I'm not mistaken.
  8. Isn't Carnell Williams a coach at IMG?
  9. Went to the Pinson Valley game Friday night. He made plenty of NFL throws, his recievers just didn't help him out any in the first half. Definitely passes the eye test. Have a buddy that is a friends with their OC and fwiw says Auburn is a lock.
  10. Step back and take a breath. Don’t let a college athletics department ruin your life.
  11. Tweets followed up saying this is regarding Oliver Robinson and the EPA.
  12. Nike EYBL grassroots aau was raided today.
  13. Word is he was placed at Thompson, originally was supposed to go with Propst; but family found out how far that was from T-town. Also heard he is essentially living by himself in an apartment, while rest of family is in Tuscaloosa.