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  1. softball vs. Alabama State

    My understanding is that CH has more movement on her pitches.
  2. Baseball vs A&M Game 2

    Have to have a little fun and nit pick with wasn't a strike, it was a GRAND SLAM HOME RUN. It was a pitch in the strike zone, but for it to be a strike he would have to not swing at a pitch in the zone, swing at a pitch and miss, or foul it off with less than 2 strikes.... Really just another chance to post the video of a VERY SWEET SWING!
  3. Softball vs. uat game 3

    I have to disagree with you slightly on this one, 4WDE. Yes, slappers are taught from an early age about being in the box. However, in the box in high school is defined as any part of the foot on the line (not touching the plate) and out of the box is a foot completely outside the line in contact with the ground. The new college rule is any part of the foot outside the line is now out of the box. So for years, Draper and KK (and Elisha Brown for bama, I called some of her high school games) have always played they could get part of the foot out of the box and be legal. But that is not so this year. The outs on those three during this series were legal hits last year. So the rule change is not minimal, although I would agree they should be well aware of it,
  4. Softball vs. uat game 3

    This is my issue with the way it was called. I will admit I am not a college official but the way this rule reads, once Podany had batted (which she did in the previous half inning), it seems she should have been "in the game." What I do not know on the college rules is if there is a difference that she has to be reported back in on defense (where as this rule sounds like it talking on offense). Wither way, we got her twice, thanks to a great play by Podany and then came back to win it. Great game by the Tigers to come through when they had to do it. On a side note, glad we didn't have to face Osorio, but hate to see a great player have to leave due to injury. Saw CMD speak with her at length in the handshake game and hope she is alright.
  5. Softball vs. uat

    Sunday's game has been moved to 1pm start time, trying to get it in ahead of anticipated weather. Good game tonight, need to get hits with RISP. Early on, Veach took a called strike and you could see the disgust on her face disagreeing with the call. CMD got on the umpire and had a "discussion" not sure what it was about. I think the called strike was a good call, but maybe not a consistent with us getting that same pitch. Anyway, it seemed to fire up the girls and that is when Veach hit the double to score Perry for the first run. To me, that is a sign that things are starting to gel for the Coach and the Team.
  6. Softball vs. uat game 1

    To me the stat of the game was: 1-hit with 9 LOB! How do you only have 1 hit but still get 9 players on base - poor pitching/fielding (bama only had 2 errors). But if you are getting them on base by bad pitching, why don't you let them score by bad pitching. Just seems like we tried to hard to hit the ball when we got them into scoring position, but could not hit the ball. Other than the 1-hit, I don't think we had the ball leave the infield. Not a huge number of strikeouts by bama, so plenty of easy ground balls in the infield. To me, that is on hitting. I don't remember which one of the Myers boys was the hitting coach, but we sure could use a coach like that again. And be patient when the pitching is off and take the walk.
  7. Tucker Brown moves to Center

    Along those lines, the other advantage with Stidham in the Cannon formation is we can use the RBs still in a shotgun or pistol formation, so when the D-line is past them, Stidham can use the RBs as extra receivers and throw them the ball - prevents any fumbles on the handoff exchange as well as everything could be a forward pass and heck even behind the line means we could have lineman downfield legally - Tiger, I think you are on to something here.....
  8. Auburn baseball hitting

    Other than South Alabama, has the competition been at a level where we should not have expected something like this. I hope they continue it but when we re scoring 15-24 runs, I have to think the pitching we are facing is not great, rather than our offense is just knocking the cover off the ball. Do the same in SEC play and we will be sitting in Omaha.
  9. Softball vs. LSU

    On the obstruction call, the throw pulled Shea into blocking the plate, had she not moved to catch the ball, it would have been past her, so I think she did all she could do on the play. Ump made the right call under the circumstances. I disagree with the no-call earlier on interference. That is where it hurt us. On Walks, sure seemed Myers pushed to get walks and make the pitchers come to us. This year seems to be more aggressive on offense, which includes swinging more. Not sure why we are not attacking more first pitch strikes. Notice that LSU did that with some success, they hit first pitch strikes. Glad CMD learned to walk Doyle and take chances with lower hitting batters. However, the law of averages is just that and sometimes you pitch to the power hitter because she doesn't always hit 1.000 and sometimes the 0.245 hitter gets a hit. I think he made the wrong call on Saturday but did the right call on Sunday. I just hope the girls realize that LSU is one of the tougher teams in the league with some great pitching and not get down on themselves about it overall. Still a long season ahead and I look forward to watching this gritting team win some exciting games.
  10. Softball vs. lsu (game 2)

    I like that the ladies never give up. Still a young team overall and learning from some hard mistakes. Hopefully, the lessons learned will pay dividends down the road.
  11. Softball vs. lsu (game 2)

    It did benefit us in one of the games at home. And from what I have seen, umpires are calling the obstruction more than they have in the past on these type plays (due to the emphasis by sanctioning bodies). So at least they are being consistent, which is all we can ask.
  12. Softball vs. lsu (game 2)

    I hate that obstruction call but it was the right call by the rule. Another game we should/could have won 2-1 or even 2-0 but error by Veach and the missed interference call that allowed the 2nd run to score for LSU.
  13. Softball vs. lsu (game 2)

    Yes the only "tough" competition we played was the California trip where we went 3-2. 11 of the 13 SEC teams are in the Top 25, so tough competition in the SEC.
  14. Softball vs. lsu (game 2)

    I thought he "asked" about it but plate seemed to kind of just nonchalantly go with incidental contact and CMD did not push the issue. The note you had in your other quote is what blue was able to use to make the no call. I disagree with his call because Andrews could have avoided the contact.
  15. Softball vs. lsu (game 2)

    Wrong. If the defensive player is making the initial play on a batted ball, and the offensive player interferes with her ability to make the play, it is INTERFERENCE. Had nobody been there to make a play and the ball hit in foul territory but then bounced into fair territory it would be a fair ball - you don't if that was going to happen. The fact is Perry had a chance to make a play on the ball and the LSU batter ran into her. Interference! This was on a pop-up, in the air, I do agree that if the ball had hit the ground and was contacted in foul territory, then it would have been a foul ball and no interference at that point. But the ball was in the air when contact was made. I am a softball umpire and know the rule.