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  1. My thoughts, We sweep Florida we move to #3 unless something bad happens to fsu and ducks We take 2, we stay at #4, florida drops to 3 we take 1 we drop to 5/6 we lose all three, we drop to 6/7/8
  2. Congrats to KAYLEE CARLSON on the PERFECT GAME - 18 up - 18 down, no base runners. Great Game!
  3. AU won the game. Due to work stuff, could not post a regular update. Thanks to Ikeel75 for the video post. From what I was able to pick up, AU scored 1 in the 2nd, 1 in the 3rd, 2 in the 4th and then held on to win. Left a lot of base runners between the NDSU and USF games (about 10 each game I think). Martin got the win and shut-out on this one. I think she only gave up 3 or 4 hits but gave up 4 or 5 walks but no runs. AU plays Ohio State and Illinois on Saturday in this tournament.
  4. Game started, AU visitors get a lead off walk and nothing else. USF had a walk, single and HBP but a strike out for the 3rd out after one, 0-0
  5. Interesting...wonder what they are using to make their scoring predictions. I can't quite see a 64-team playoff but an 8 team playoff would work. Heck, even a 6-team bracket would work. We'll get there one day, if they can do it in FCS, we can do it in FBS.
  6. PSU performed well last year and was a contender for their division. Not sure what they have coming back, but I say good for them after the debacle that was PSU with the Sandusky stuff.
  7. Isn't that basically what anyone could have said about AU last year - and we started out ranked much higher than we ended up
  8. Yes, at least for some. I know they play Bad to the Bone for Carlee Wallace and I love Rock and Roll for Casey Cooper. Not sure about the others.
  9. Well, both MBB and WBB to suffer the same problems - lead early and can't finish and poor rebounding. WBB won several games early even though they trailed by double digits. But when they lead early cant keep it. WBB on the bubble for NCAA but with this lost probably does not get in.
  10. McKay hits a three, AU fouls, 1 free throw and AU down by 2 drives, misses the shot and uga amkes 2 free throws. AU loses 52-56.
  11. AU just can not make a shot from the field. Down to 21 seconds AU trails 49-53
  12. 43 seconds, AU down 49-52. Shooting something like 5 for 25 in the second half. If uga hit free throws, it wouldn't even be close. I think they have made 1 of 6 in the close 2 minutes.
  13. !;42 remaining AU trails 49-51.
  14. 4 minutes remaind, AU down 46-49
  15. 7 minutes remaining, AU down 42-47