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  1. This. Barfield years were bad, I was there also. but you didn't expect to win. Now we have talent and should be winning games that we are losing.
  2. It is happening, as AlaskaFAN said above. It is due to the current lights not having available replacement parts. LEDs are now more energy effecient, so will be cost saving in the long term. I don't believe there are any "light show" plans as much as capability to turn on-off quickly (don't have to warm up for 30 minutes like the current metal halide ones) and repair/replace when needed.
  3. LSU should stomp UGA. uGa drops from playoff. If Utah wins, they are in, if Utah loses, winner of OK/Baylor gets in. Won't matter, final will be tOSU and LSU and whoever plays better on the day will win it - should be a really good game.
  4. GBAU83

    Matt Luke

    They may go after Chad Morris, his program may fit well there after the Freeze years, would be a familiar name in that region for recruits, and he is available.
  5. Isn't Wisconsin the projected B1G Ten runner-up (won their division, lose to tOSU in the conference championship)? Seems they would rate a better option than citrus bowl, wouldn't they go to Rose Bowl as B1G Ten rep since tOSU would be in the playoffs? I get that the #2 or #3 in the b1G conference is about the same as the #5 from the SEC but still seems like they would be elsewhere. If Whisky goes to citrus, who reps B1G in Rose Bowl with tOSU in playoffs?
  6. What makes you say Gus wants to hang 50 on Harbaugh?
  7. Forget Auburn football the sport - think Auburn football the business. As fans, we judge the team and the coach on Wins and Losses and how the team played (play calling by the coach included) in those losses. Thus much frustration with those of us who see the potential of this team that is not achieving that potential - and in my opinion that is based on the Coach (i believe the players are doing all they can). But Gus is hired by the PTB and I do not know to what "standards" was set in his contract or on his performance appraisal in relation to him being kept or let go. Perhaps his c
  8. I have heard before that Steele does not want any HC job anymore, so doubt it is him.
  9. Because of the known future (o-line, still a junior QB, lack of strong defensive line etc...) next year will be a "rebuilding" year, time to rebuild with a new coach who will take the talent we have and win 2 at least probably all 4 of the games lost this year. I have been a gus proponent until we finished the 3rd quarter with 170 yards offense and no points. That was my final straw. 14 points against a team that new they had the game does not mean anything. Keep the defensive staff, change all the offensive staff and HC.
  10. Good original post. As I read it, I thought about the bowl game last year - nothing to lose, nothing to fear and we had the Gus we hired as an OC and who led the 2013 team. He wasn't on the sideline yesterday.
  11. simple: initials, au ,grad year - not a lot of thought or originality but it works for me
  12. Looking forward to it. Not sure (other than entertainment) what you are wanting to do, but hoping you can mix in some of your stats info (that is so helpful and useful to us) as part of the videos.
  13. So what is the latest in Schwartz - I thought he had a hand injury and might miss this game for us?
  14. Don't know what the play was, but should run the same play that Dyer broke in the National Championship game where he was initially called a touchdown but then brought back to the 2 or 3 yard line that led to the winning field goal. Run same pay with Whitlow. I figure if Gatewood starts it will be Whitlow up the gut (like aubWes33 said), If Nix starts it will be a quick wide receiver screen.
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