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  1. A lot of walks for Auburn in this game. Carlson has issued 2 walks I think. AU has still hit well in the game.
  2. B3: UML gets a single. Next batter hits to pitcher for a 1-6-3 double play Next goes down, no runs for UML After 3 complete, AU leads 10-0.
  3. Veach flies out and Shea lines out to end T3. AU leads 10-0
  4. Podany walks McCrackin Walks Draper called out on batter interference (bunt hits her in fair territory) Wallace singles to right, loads the bases Cooper walks, scores 1 run Fagan walks, scores 1 run Bases still loaded, only 1 out, T3
  5. T3: Fagan singles up the middle Veach singles up the middle, Fagan advances to 3rd Shea singles to right, scores Fagan, Veach to 2nd; AU leads 5-0 Jordan homers, 3 score, AU leads 8-0. No outs yet in inning.
  6. AU gives up 2 walks but no scores in B2. AU 4-0 after 2 complete
  7. 2nd inning, AU scores 3 runs: error allowed Shea to reach, Podany walked and then McCrackin homered. going to B2, AU leads 4-0.
  8. Playing catch up while at work. AU in the visitor role in this game. Carlee Wallace takes the 4th pitch of the game to the yard and AU leads 1-0 after first inning.
  9. Bruce is putting butts in seats (part of the criteria to being a successful coach) and putting an exciting game on the floor. I, too, want more wins, but it has improved each year Bruce has been here. Look at the talent he has been able to bring in: Mustapha Heron, Ronnie Johnson (grad transfer yes, but wanted to play for Pearl), Jared Harper (imagine Jared Harper when he has Ronnie's experience!), Anfernee McLemore (would love if we could get him and Wiley on the floor together consistently but need another big man to do that) and then Bryce Brown last year (forgot when Dunans came). Point is - Pearl is getting better guys and getting AU better in the course of it. Post season play - I'll take any we can get. Love to make the tournament or NIT but will take the CBI. Any time these guys can play more together, the better they will be. More exposure also helps in recruiting. I can't see it being a bad thing to post season play.
  10. Nothing for ND in 5th. CCM making subs for AU batting order
  11. Softball- after 1inning AU leads 1-0 over North Dakota
  12. Thanks for the updates.
  13. I have two tickets to the games on Saturday and Sunday. unfortunately, I will not be able to make the games. If anybody can use the tickets and can pick them up from me in the Auburn area today, glad to help a fellow softball attend some games. Contact me.
  14. Game slated for 2:30pm CST start. AU then plays against SIUe again (beat them in the home opener Thursday night). I have to be at work and can't make the game. Hope someone can post some action so we can follow the game.
  15. Part of the past success in putting the balls in play for that aggressive approach was the patience at the plate to only swing at good pitches. That patience brought many walks and forced the pitchers to throw more hittable balls leading to more balls in play. We are doing okay on getting the walks, just haven't made the solid contact with putting the ball in play. Getting fouls and pop ups instead of line shots. That started to change in the 8th when Fagan and Greenwood nailed liner shots. Loved seeing the ball fly over the fence by Carlee and Veach, but good consistent contact is that liner shot. Even CCM has said that a homer is just the product of a good swing. We finally started getting the consistent good swings in the 8th. Let's just hope in continues through now.