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  1. GBAU83

    Football Rules and Interpretations

    Thanks, WarTiger. Good explanation on both.
  2. GBAU83

    Football Rules and Interpretations

    War Tiger, High school situation - Team A has 4th and is punting, kick is made but there is a foul against receiving team. So, thinking PSK issues, if foul is before receiving team possesses the ball, is it not PSK and penalty assessed from previous spot, goes back to kicking team and replay the down (unless penalty yardage results in first down)? If penalty is after possession, then still receiving team ball and penalty assessed from spot of foul. Is that correct?
  3. GBAU83

    Football Rules and Interpretations

    WarTiger, I get the fair catch rule and the delay for trying to advance the ball once a fair catch is signaled. What I don't understand is why is the penalty accessed at the fair catch spot (where the kick ended once the muff was recovered) under the new rule? I understand it from before when there was no yardage awarded on a kick-off that is fair caught in field of play, but under the new rule, to me it seems that once the fair catch is completed, the ball is spotted at the 25 and then the penalty assessed to move it back to the 20. So you are saying that advancing a fair catch is a spot foul at the point of possession? (Which would has been in the past on punt).
  4. GBAU83


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  5. GBAU83

    It’s no longer about x’s and o’s

    I saw similar, no hustle back to the team side of the ball.
  6. GBAU83

    How solid are 2019 commits?

    I appreciate Bo Nix's plans and attitude to come and fix the program, but Gus ain't gonna let a true freshman start. Maybe he should, but he hasn't given Cord Sandberg a chance yet and he should have against Tenn - couldn't have done worse than Stidham. And for the levity of it all, right now I would take Patrick Nix as the OC next year with his son Bo coming in as the QB. They have been a successful team at high school, give them a shot in college...
  7. GBAU83

    The ultimate defender

    I am an AU fan and love my Tigers - but I am not sure what game you think we win. If you are are thinking Liberty, I get it, but you need to look at Liberty and how they are doing, they just beat Troy this weekend. If we play like we did on offense against Arkansas or how we played against MSU, and take out the first two drives against Tenn and one big play, the rest of our game - if we play like that we will lose to Liberty. Folks, realize we just paid a coach $7M and a coaching staff (key parts) over $10M and we will not make a bowl game this year, not even the Birmingham bowl. UAB who has been back for a second year after having the program shut down will be at a decent bowl game while we sit at home!
  8. GBAU83

    The ultimate defender

    Consistency - I get it. We don't have it on. That is where my question comes in. We looked like crap against MSU. We start the UTenn game with a great drive, mixing things up, looking like we did against Washington. We start the second drive and use Malik Miller, changing up some looks as well. And then it seemed we went back to what we did against other teams this season and goofy play calls (we are driving down the field, moving the ball and we go for some trick play). It just doesn't make sense to me why we go away from what was working on first two drives and stop the mix of plays and players. Then our QB makes very bad decisions, but he doesn't get pulled. If Whitlow had fumbled, we would not see him the rest of the game. So my question, since I am not an insider and not in the know, who is making the calls on the plays. Personal opinion, the first drive looked like the Old Gus scripted plays well executed. Not so sure the rest of the time. So did Gus tell Chip to back off or was it all on Chip? I have always felt Gus was a better OC than HC - could we maybe demote him to OC and let someone like Kevin Steele take over has HC? I mean, if we still have to pay him, let him do something he could be good at. Prime example of the old Peter Principle of being promoted to ones level of incompetence. I think Gus needs to donate a good portion of this year's salary towards the new football facility and then man up enough to walk into the ADs office and say, I be OC for $1.2M and get a good head coach. okay, enough rambling, like so many AU fans, just frustrated to see what we are getting when I know it could be so much better.
  9. GBAU83

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Mississippi State

    Boobee showing some life, but that is all we got and will run him to death.
  10. GBAU83

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Mississippi State

    10:13 in Second quarter Someone used to have a stat that showed at what point in a game a team scored more points than the opponent finished with. Moos State just kicked a field goal at 10:13 remaining in second quarter to take a lead. Remember that when you wonder how well our offense is doing this year....
  11. GBAU83

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Mississippi State

    Don't like Anders lack of accuracy from the right side. Punt here and play field position.
  12. GBAU83

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Mississippi State

    So Moo State has figured out already to not let Fitz throw and they can run the ball on us. Our O has not done anything. We don't have a first down and the closest we had was from a pass to the TE - totally unexpected is why it worked and we won't see it again this game. No run game at all. Defense and ST has to get us in field goal range is the only way we win this one.
  13. GBAU83

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Mississippi State

    Correct no negative yardage plays. D does their job Davis almost hurt us on the punt. Time to go!
  14. GBAU83


    War Eagle!! Not sure if it is hope, over-optimism, desire, sunshine pumping, or just premonition but somehow feels like this is a break away game and we play/look a lot better on offense. Not sure it is a change and remains for the season, but at least for one game, we look like we all thought/hoped we would for this year.
  15. GBAU83

    number 2 defense in the country

    Glad our defense is doing so well, but we have yet to face a prolific offense (other than Washington), so we should be showing well. I doubt we will be #2 by time we get to Georgia game and very doubtful we will be in top ten by end of the season. Not that defense can't play well, but if our offense doesn't give them a break by ball control, they will get worn out against the better teams.