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  1. Auburn Football 2017 Hype Video Thread

    Some good hype for me ...
  2. Team's Strongest/Fastest Player?

    Okay, understand what you are saying and it may have been the term quickest instead of fastest. I just remember having lunch with a player and his comment was Hastings would be the surprise based on his speed/quickness (or something to that effect).
  3. Team's Strongest/Fastest Player?

    Last year, I was told by a reliable source (one of the players on the team) that Will Hastings was the fastest on the field. It was one reason he got targeted early last year. Not sure if that still holds true this year, but he would be in the top percentage for speed.
  4. 2017 Touchdown Auburn Bowl

    FloridaGeorgiaTennesseeKentuckySouth CarolinaVanderbiltMissouriAuburnLSU AlabamaArkansas Texas A&MMississippi StateOle MissAuburnAuburn630
  5. Season Tix Are In...Where Y'all Sitting?

    North end zone, Section 40 about 6 rows up from the concourse. Ready to see the holes open up for KP and KJ or see the deep ball from JS/SW.
  6. **Official 2017 "Nip Watch"**

    Got my season tickets today! One step closer to the NIP>>>>
  7. LSU closes practices off from media

    Media doesn't need access anyway - they are going to write what they want from the slant they want to give it. Pro-LSU: Practice closed to media, Coach O has juggernaut and doesn't want SEC opponents to see it too early Con-LSU: Practice closed to media, must be issues with gameplan, player injuries ANd heck, I'm not even a "journalist" or even cares about LSU other than for AU to beat them.
  8. **Official 2017 "Nip Watch"**

    Up for my 5am run in Auburn, 66 yesterday, 64 this morning. But alas, the dogs days of August will not let us get by that easy. Hotter days ahead before we get the nip...
  9. 2017 Football Rules and Interpretations

    WarTiger, Is this rule just for High school or does it also apply to college now? I thought this was just for high school and the pop-up kick is still legal for college.
  10. Missouri renting out dorms for games

    I just don't see this working well. If it is rooms in a student occupied dorm, that sounds like a mix for trouble (I know I would not want this as a parent). If it is an unoccupied dorm, still a lot of money for upkeep to have it ready for a few rooms to rent out. And probably not a great experience for those going back if the dorm is not up to Hotel room standards.
  11. NCAA Softball Tournament

    Down to final 4 teams: Florida vs Washington and Oklahoma vs Oregon. UCLA beat Texas A&M but had another controversial call at home - again a close play but this time no obstruction called goes against UCLA. Same type close play (think AU-Cal two times, and LSU-UCLA). Bad enough that the UCLA first base coach (who is a Hall of Famer) got tossed and I believe she had every right to argue that obstruction was not called for them after it was called against them vs LSU. Really disappointed in the officials that I have seen throughout the regionals, super-regionals and now in the WCWS.
  12. Several week 1 times announced

    I thought CBS did not start their "game of the week" until the 3rd week of the season and it was an SEC-SEC match-up. I could be wrong, but that is what I thought.
  13. NCAA Softball Tournament

    Yeah, bad errors by florida cost them in the game. A walk, bunt with an attempt to get the lead runner at second (didn't), another bunt overthrow at first, another bunt and another overthrow at first scores 3 runs for uat. All three bunts fielded and bad throws by the florida ace pitcher Barnhill. Florida later had the bases loaded but couldn't score.
  14. NCAA Softball Tournament

    That would be poetic justice and even more so if it was a walk-off homer to send AU to WCWS
  15. NCAA Softball Tournament

    Well, through Saturday which got in the Winner's Bracket game in every regional, only two seeded teams have a lost: #10 Oklahoma who lost their first game and #13 LSU who lost the Winner's Bracket game. All 14 others just need to win one game to advance. Of the 5 non-seeded SEC teams, only Georgia and South Carolina are still in but must win two against the seeded team to advance.