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  1. Well, through Saturday which got in the Winner's Bracket game in every regional, only two seeded teams have a lost: #10 Oklahoma who lost their first game and #13 LSU who lost the Winner's Bracket game. All 14 others just need to win one game to advance. Of the 5 non-seeded SEC teams, only Georgia and South Carolina are still in but must win two against the seeded team to advance.
  2. AU plays at 11am cst today. Game was moved up due to threat of rainout.
  3. The NCAA site has all the games for scores and it shows which game on which network. But all that is shown right now is through the Friday games. I imagine they will determine if there is a great match-up to put on what channel for the Saturday games. And yes, from the AU Regional, first game (ND-Cal; 2pm est) is on ESPN2 and AU-ETSU (430pm est) is on ESPNU (as stated above). The Norman Regional (our super-regional match-up) has Arkansas-Tulsa at 1230 est (1-1/2 hr before our first regional game) and NDSU-OU at 230pm est on ESPN3
  4. Intriguing....but man would that make the East a tough division with Auburn, Alabama, Florida, Tennessee and Georgia. And a cake walk for LSU or aTm in the West (similar to Florida these past few years). Heck in that weak of a west division Big Burt and the hogs might even win a division championship. At least now the West is AU/US/LSU and a sprinkle of aTM with the East being UF/UGA/Tenn and sprinkle of either rmizzou USCe
  5. I know we all have opinions on how they should seed and I know I don't know all they looked at, but it sure seems to me that they did some matchups to try and not get too many teams from one conference to Oklahoma (if seeds hold) and some of the matchups to make it interesting in the super regionals (AU-Okie, LSU-FSU etc..) But hey, like Coach said, 10 more wins to go.
  6. YEAH WE ARE TOP 8, but I think we got dropped pretty low considering we had a 3 RPI. I was expecting 4 or 5 seed. Don' like getting matched to Okie either. But not sue about some of these seedings like Minnesota not hosting but Utah is.
  7. Post regular season update (9 May 17): Auburn moves from 9 to 7 in the Coaches poll Auburn moves from 10 to 8 in the USA Softball poll Auburn moves to from 4 to 3 in the RPI I think if we win the first one in the SEC tournament, we are good to host regional and super-regional.
  8. Man, That is great news if Cooper's arm is not broken and she can be back for SEC tourney and post season play. I was worried she would be out for the season.
  9. AU WINS! Great job Ladies - took the series Sunday takes the sweep.
  10. tgr4lfe - good call on the play ot Fagan, it just was a pop up instead. One more out to go
  11. I went back to replay it and I agree with what you posted. Sure looked like she mouthed its broken to Martin. I just hope it doesn't come back to hurt the team if she can't field/hit (aka Sean White against UGA). Sad thing is when they hit Cooper and Rivera, I was thinking they just want to injure them to get them out of the game.
  12. Well, we need to hit the ball. Last night plate ump gave corners plus some and this guy doesn't seem to give any corner unless ball is all over the plate. Consistent that Littlejohn is not getting the pitch she got last night but Martin is not getting hers either. This will turn into a lotta contact in my opinion, just depends which ones go where nobody is at or who makes the errors.
  13. Glad to see some aggressiveness with the AU bats as I think we can hit littlejohn.
  14. Wow! Great game by the ladies to be patient on Osario - couldn't hit her, but got walks and finally got to Littlejohn. Defense and great pitching by Carlson. Congrats to the Ladies for the win. Next win is Saturday night.
  15. Time to blow it open and score about 5 runs!