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  1. GBAU83

    ** Nip Watch 2018 **

    Heard the AU band sounds wafting across campus on Friday, then called first high school game Friday night and the temps were reasonable, not a normal August Friday night heat wave - got to be getting closer....
  2. GBAU83

    2018 Ticket Watch

    Arrived today!
  3. GBAU83

    2018 Ticket Watch

    Got the email, waiting on the tickets to show.
  4. GBAU83


    Georgia South Carolina Tennessee Florida Kentucky Vanderbilt Missouri Auburn Alabama LSU Ole Miss Mississippi State Texas A&M Arkansas Auburn Auburn 456
  5. GBAU83

    Kiffin speaks on UAT QB competition

    You know, Gus has not come out and stated that Kam Martin is the starting running back. Kam ain't expressing his displeasure - he is working his tail off to earn that starter spot, rather than expecting it to be given to him. He knows there is new competition this year and he needs to earn his spot. I don't care to defend Saban, but I can see where he would want his starting QB to earn the spot against the "new" competition. I don't think that is stringing him along. Sounds like Hurts is wanting to rest on his laurels instead of earn his spot (and may be worried that he will lose his spot).
  6. GBAU83

    2018 AU Football Man Crush

    2018 Football Roster Choose a Player: Adams, Devin Allen, Chad Appleton, Wil Ashley, Calvin Askew, Malcolm Atkinson, Montavious Barrett, Devan Brahms, Nick Brinson, Gabe Britt, K.J. Broussard Jr., John Brown, Derrick Brown, Tucker Bryant, Big Kat Cannella, Sal Carlson, Anders Carter, Craig Chambers, Cedric Coe, Nick Cox, Chandler Craig-Myers, Nate Cramer, Chase Davidson, Marlon Davis, Deshaun Davis, Javaris Davis, Ryan Dean, Jamel Dean, Tanner Dinson, Jeremiah Driscoll, Jack French, Josh Fuqua, Kolbi Gambill, Phelps Gatewood, Joey Guice, Devin Hamm, Brodarious Handy-Holly, Kendarian Harrell, Marquel Harris, Jalen Harris, Michael Hastings, Will Hill, Matthew Horton, Mike Igbinoghene, Noah Irvin, Jalil Jackson, Alec Jackson, Shedrick Jibunor, Richard Johnson, Caleb Johnson, Jaunta'vius Joiner, Harold Kelley, Trent Kim, Kaleb King, Griffin Ledbetter, Sage Leonard, Traivon Manning, Tashawn Marsh, Josh Marshall, Aidan Martin, Asa Martin, Kam McBryde, Richard McClain, Marquis McClain, Zakoby McCreary, Roger Meneely, Ryan Miller, Malik Miller Jr., Coynis Monday, Smoke Moss, James Owens Moultry, T.D. Muschamp, Robert Myers, Jayvaughn Nance, Peyton Newkirk, Daquan Nigh, Spencer Ozmint, Pace Peters, Jordyn Rogers, Jacob Russell, Dontavius Sammons, Prince Micheal Sandberg, Cord Schwartz, Anthony Shannon, Ian Sharp, Bailey Shenker, John Samuel Sherrod, Sam Sherwood, Jamien Shivers, Shaun Siposs, Arryn Slayton, Darius Smith, Clarke Stidham, Jarrett Stove, Eli Stutts, Kameron Taylor, Bill Thomas, Daniel Tindall, Barrett Tolbert, C.J. Troxell, Austin Truesdell, Tyrone Tutt, Christian vonEschenbach, Jacob Walker, Gary Wanogho, Prince Tega Whitlow, JaTarvious Williams, Andrew Williams, Darrell Williams, Seth Willis, Malik Wooten, Chandler I will take Will! #33 Will Hatings. 33WILL HASTINGS HEIGHT 5-10
  7. GBAU83

    Football Rules and Interpretations

    WarTiger, Thanks for doing this thread again this year. Always proves useful and good conversation/information. Have you heard of any rule changes (NCAA) for this year?
  8. GBAU83

    Anthony Schwartz has lofty goals

    Yeah, understand that sentiment but how much does a professional track athlete make?
  9. GBAU83

    Kolaitis new UAB Softball Coach

    Maybe he can make a little headway here and then if we need to make another HC move, he would already be established in the area. Not suggesting we need to move from CMD yet, just thinking this could work our way in the future if needed.
  10. GBAU83

    Softball selection show

    So, If I read the bracket right, FSU is the only team from their conference to make the tournament? Is that correct? I know they won the ACC tournament and they have a good RPI (8) but does that indicate a weak conference - a glimmer of hope for our Tigers!
  11. GBAU83

    Softball selection show

    I think it was more a case of once you put the top 16 in place, finding the nearest, non-conference spot for a #2 to go to. So for AU to go something close we get Tallahassee and Missouri goes to Oklahoma, Mississippi goes to Arizona, Miss St goes to Arizona State
  12. The graphic mock-up kept the block AU in orange trimmed in white, the SEC logo in white letters with an orange oval (similar to what was up there before). "JANE B. MOORE FIELD" was solid block white letters. The mock-up also used the old blue pads with orange border trim, so not sure if the blue border trims pads would stay. I also have not been over to the field to see if it has been installed and what it looks like if installed.
  13. GBAU83

    Softball selection show

    Well, then...Let's Go Rams!
  14. Yes the padding got changed right before the last home series. It wasn't anything against the girls or the team but time for a refresh (I believe in anticipation of hosting a regional at least). Notice the faded orange pad at the top replaced by blue padding. Also, I have seen a mock-up of what graphics were proposed which kept the AU and SEC logos, just placed them on either side and put the name of Jane B Moore Field directly behind the plate. The logos were to be installed last week (during SEC tourney), which makes the timing for regional host (although that did not happen). And a different perspective on the taking down the flags (not sure if that was a replacement, if it was that could be an overnight change), but maybe Coach Dean didn't want them "resting on what they had accomplished" but looking for what they can accomplish. Not that I necessarily agree with it, but have been around organizations that wanted either a "fresh start" or focus on the future and not what we have done in the past. I personally like having some brag points of what was earned in the past, so long as the intent is to add to it and the focus is gaining more, not just bragging on past accomplishments.
  15. GBAU83

    Softball selection show

    Agreed, it is painful. But when you look at it objectively and how we finished the season, our road troubles - we are a long shot for much of a post season run. Hope springs eternal and anything is possible. I just hope they play their best. When the team is on, they are a very good team. Problem is too up and down from game to game.