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  1. Holland's new Sensi Mud ink

    I thought it said "Bama Sucks"
  2. Nice article on Gus

    I know we as fans focus a lot on wins-loses, but I think this is one of those items in a coaches contract that we don't see but is there and part of what he is judged on...and one of the reasons that JJ was keeping him around. I do believe Gus was hired to be a long term (10-15 year coach) as opposed to being the quick hire to be replaced on 5 years.
  3. Fulmer new AD at UT

    The real question - who does Fulmer get to be coach - I bet he already had his pick in mind...
  4. SEC Fines Auburn $250,000

    I always say I want bama undefeated until we beat them, worth it and goodness knows with ticket prices for this game alone they can pay it.

    Staged at the request of ESPN
  6. College GameDay headed to AU

    Okay, Gameday will be located at either the front of Samford (near corner of College and West Thach) OR at Ross Square. It will not be on Campus Green. Whichever of these two spots not used by Gameday will be open for tailgating but Thach Street will be closed. You can drop off at the corner of Thach/College or Thach/Mell on Friday but can't park in the area. Tailgating will open up on Friday at 6am.
  7. Wow, hate to lose Coach Glasco but I missed the news that ULL had fired Lotief. I saw the earlier issue about him complaining for gender equity, just missed the follow-on stuff about him actually getting fired.
  8. Need some Gameday help!

    Oh and don't forget the AU clear bag policy. Minimize what you are bringing into the stadium and plan ahead so you don't have to leave something at one of the bag check locations.
  9. Path to a National Title

    I think he meant the #2 seed to be Oklahoma (OU) not OSU. So that would mean an ACC champ (Clemson/Miami), a Big 12 (Oklahoma), SEC Champ (Auburn) and then 1-loss Bama over a one lose Wisconsin or 2 loss Ohio State (Big 10 champ). I could see that scenario. The only two-loss team being a Conference Champ and having a very strong SOS.
  10. Need some Gameday help!

    Sure, beach or mountains or Europe???
  11. Need some Gameday help!

    8:45am - be just down from the intersection of Samford and Donahue for TigerWalk, just past where they let the team off the buses. Best spot to get close tot he coaches and players. Tiger Walk is at 9am When Tiger walk is over, walk down Donahue st to Auburn Arena and see the history there with Lovelace Museum. Get a picture taken on the west side of the Arena where the Auburn Creed is posted on the side of the building. (If you have time can stop by fan fest on Wallace lawn but not critical) 9:45am Be back to the corner of Donahue and Heisman (southwest corner of the stadium) for Spirit Pep Rally with the band coming from all four directions. After the pep rally, take yourtime but be in stadium at least 45 minutes prior to get situated, get your chair back, pick up a refreshment if needed etc... Be in your seat about 20 minutes before kickoff for the festivities (eagle flight, band etc....) Post game, Toomer's Corner of course. Pictures on Samford Lawn and such but get there before it gets dark unless you want some night pictures as well.
  12. Kickoff time for ULM?

    Previously announced for 11am cst.
  13. Carlson

    AU had the opening kick and it was to the goal line or a yard or two into the endzone - whichis normal for the Carlon's first kick of a game. He usually gets the other kicks deeper in the endzone. But I wonder if he might have done something on the long 54-5 yard kick that affected him a bit more on the other kicks. That and Georgia taking the ball from 1-2 yards in the endzone and getting out to around the 30, made more sense to kick to the 10 and get the coverage to keep it to about the 25 or pooch and let them have it on the 30 but not by a guy who might break it for a long run. I think a good adjustment by the coaches based on what they were seeing and knowing that our kick coverage has been the weakest part of the game.
  14. Score Prediction- Georgia

    TO GOD BE THE GLORY... Somewhere between 26 seconds remaining and time expiring Carlson kicks the winning field goal and it may be from 55 yards... Auburn Ignite
  15. Not a bad little slate of games today ...

    I want both UGA and Bama to be #1 and undefeated when they come to JHS, but not leave that way after AU beats them. Doesn't matter to me if that gets us in the playoffs or not, just beat them and knock them off the top.