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  1. 2017 Touchdown Auburn Bowl

    Auburn Alabama LSU Mississippi State Missouri Florida State Miami Penn State Notre Dame Oklahoma State 47
  2. 2017 Touchdown Auburn Bowl

    Auburn Alabama Texas A&M Georgia Ole Miss Mississippi State Tennessee Miami USC West Virginia North Carolina State 47
  3. Auburn 2017 season... by SEC Shorts...

    That is hilarious! Thanks for posting
  4. Thanks for the update Slot. Did not know they had change the first fall game to Friday - thanks for letting us know.
  5. 2017 Football Rules and Interpretations

    I was re-watching when I saw this as well. When they called the ineligible down field I backed it up to see who. My first view on it was the 11 and 3 were both on the line, 33 and 81 were off the line, which made 11 covered and ineligible. But as you noted, he did not go down field - so no penalty. I think the line judge must have seen 3 go downfield and thought it was the inside guy that was covered.
  6. La Tech @ South Carolina

    thanks to two huge plays, SCar moves into field goal distance with :07 remaining; kicker is 0-4 for the year and now 1-5, which should win the game with 0:04 seconds for the kickoff.
  7. La Tech @ South Carolina

    With 0:58 seconds remaining in the game, LA Tech kicks a field goal to take the lead 16-14.
  8. Worth Replacing Gus?

    I haven't read all the thread on this but plenty of JJ bashing in here. I am not a "fan" of JJ nor am I a "hater of JJ. But folks, be realistic. You may not like the football coaching hires he has made ( and I think what Chizik got paid to not coach was a horrible deal) but what do you think the AD is judged on. AU sports overall is in the black and if I am not mistaken after the 2016 season, one of very few major programs to be in the black. Just saw an article that WSJ has AU as a #10 in overall program worth which is pretty impressive. I know we may not have a #1 football team right now (and I do think Gus has to answer for what he has done with the talent he has been given) but to think the lack of success of the football coach will get JJ fired is a stretch to me. Great hire in Bruce Pearl, great hire in Mickey Dean (previously a great hire in Myers, granted if JJ was involved in cover-up in the softball issue, he should be fired for that), I believe great hire at baseball. Other sports are doing well (Softball to super regional last year, Soccer won SEC tournament 2 years ago, Equestrian always contending for SEC/National title, womens tennis reached a high mark last year, Men/Women golf has been successful, swimming and diving is down from their historic run but still very competetive; gymnastics is making regionals each year, womens basketball made NIT last year). So I see a lot of athletic success (maybe not national championships in every sport but success) across the programs. I do believe AU is exceeding goals for graduation rates and academic success among its athletes. Also, no major program violations with NCAA. And although we have had a few issues with student-athletes acting like college kids, overall not a lot of bad press for our athletes on the private side. So I ask you, what do you think makes a successful AD? How does JJ stack up against that criteria? if your only criteria is a football program with 10 wins each year, you have a legitimate gripe (but that should probably be part of the football coach criteria). But I think if you look at the overall sports program, AU has a lot going for it either because of or despite JJ. Doesn't mean it couldn't be better, but tell me where there is failure to fire him.
  9. Looks like Coach Dean is filling out his staff with some impressive hires. Glasco from T A&M and Smith from LSU (was GaSouthern head coach before that). I don't know that much on these folks, but I like what stats they bring with them. Seem to be an impressive bunch and not necessarily from one coaching tree. Looking forward to seeing the team in action again in fall ball.
  10. New Feature: Our Picks

    Great idea and I like the format. I assume it will update and older items moved off when necessary and such. God quick hitter though. Thanks for doing this.
  11. Great Hire! Glad to see this level of coach come in and should help our pitching. Looking forward to some fall ball now! Glad I got season tickets lined up for next year.
  12. Oh, one other thing. KP was not full speed at Clemson, so why did we keep him in the game so long. Almost another SW vs UGA situation. Why didn't Miller get some time instead of a less than full speed KP?
  13. Good article in the OP. I used to be a Gus fan, give him a chance guy. But the evidence is there. Although I appreciate the gutty performance of Sean White last year in the UGA game to try and win it with and serious injury, Gus should have pulled him. If Gus can't make that level of decision for the good of the team, we (AU/AD leadership) need to pull the "injured" Gus out of the game of being Head Coach. It is now clear to me, Gus is too stubborn, doesn't adjust and does not prepare his team for overall success. I know Clemson is a good team, but we should have been able to beat them. But the track record shows, our team is not prepared for big games against good/great teams. John C. Maxwell, motivational speaker/writer on leadership has stated "It all rises and falls on leadership." This quote is so applicable to the situation of AU football - it rose under the leadership of Pat Dye, and has fallen under the leadership (lack thereof) of Gen Chizik/Gus Malzahn. Like we all learned in school, when a small part of class fails, blame the student, when all the class fails, blame the teacher. Our offense has failed, blame the teacher - that teacher is Gus. Time for Gus to go.
  14. Thoughts/Vent

    I have been a Gus fan since his high and believe he needed some tome to grow. However, after seeing that offense last night, I have to admit that what S2B says above is spot on. I think if we took Gus out of the picture at this point, we stand a chance to salvage the season. If we don't, I see losses to like 2012. I got cheap tickets for sale.
  15. CFB Whiparound 9/2/17

    Cal - UNC about the only competitive game going right now (I can't see the Maryland Texas game). Mizzou game is lack of defense both ways (if AU doesnt have about 500 rushing on them, it will be a disappointment)