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  1. simple: initials, au ,grad year - not a lot of thought or originality but it works for me
  2. Looking forward to it. Not sure (other than entertainment) what you are wanting to do, but hoping you can mix in some of your stats info (that is so helpful and useful to us) as part of the videos.
  3. So what is the latest in Schwartz - I thought he had a hand injury and might miss this game for us?
  4. Don't know what the play was, but should run the same play that Dyer broke in the National Championship game where he was initially called a touchdown but then brought back to the 2 or 3 yard line that led to the winning field goal. Run same pay with Whitlow. I figure if Gatewood starts it will be Whitlow up the gut (like aubWes33 said), If Nix starts it will be a quick wide receiver screen.
  5. WAR EAGLE! Great fight in these Ladies. Hope Swindle is alright - hate to see an injury like that.
  6. Errors both ways, neither team looking the sharpest so far. And the error enables a run by CSU on a single by the next batter. And CMD uses the hook and Harris is out.
  7. Walks - I hate to give them up - usually come back to hurt us. But hopefully, we will come in and hit the ball this time. Let's go girls!
  8. Tough regional, was hoping we might get a lower seeded team with a better chance to win the regional. Gotta win now anyway to make it to Oklahoma City.
  9. I hope they are ready to play better than they showed against Kentucky. I plan to be there to cheer them on.
  10. Gatewood - Gus just ain't going to start a true freshman. Doesn't mean Bo doesn't move into the starting role during the season, but gotta believe Gatewood is bit better runner overall than Bo and has had more time to learn the offense. Thus, I think it goes to Gatewood. But I am for the Tigers, and will support whomever is the starter.
  11. If she is a Senior this year, she may not want the redshirt anyway. If she graduates, then she would hav to be a grad student to use her redshirt. Hate to see her go, but would understand her decision if it was time to move on.
  12. Scheduled for Sunday at 5pm Central Time and on the SEC Network
  13. Great game by the Tigers! Way to stay with it and battle back for the win. I respect the Weekly's and overall think they run a good program. Not sure what happened with the batting out of order, but glad it did. What I don't get is the call to intentionally walk Veach and pitch to Tannon. Veach has not done anything all day and was swinging at bad pitches - heck, if you are going to walk her, at least do it with bad pitches she might swing at. Instead they pitch to Tannon who was killing the ball all day. I understand playing the percentages, but there are times when a player is off (Veach, McCrackin, Perry Podany today) and times when they are on (Taylon, Tannon, Brittany today). That call took them out of the game, trying to come back 5 runs was too much, had it only been a one-run lead, could have been a different outcome. Guess I better clear my calendar for when UT comes to ask me for my opinion though.
  14. Stepped away and came back to Tenn runner on 1st no outs, but umpires huddled looking at line up card. Much discussion and then they take the runner off of first, call one out and the girl who was on, bats again. Grounds out and then another ground out and we go to the 7th with AU leading 6-5.
  15. Not sure what happen to tgrogan21 but as we go to bottom of 6th AU leads 6-5. after another Tannon Snow 2-run homer in the 5th.