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  1. I don’t think chip would be half bad if he wasn’t forced to use gus’s system
  2. What will they do about televising our game with the weather delay for Oregon st v ohio st? Or will do y’all think this game will be over by then?
  3. I’ve been to a few JSU games Roc hasn’t been all that special there either. Plus Roc didn’t want to be the speed sweep guy he wanted to be the every down back and his body couldn’t take it and the coaches knew it, just couldn’t get him to listsn
  4. Yeah I read that. That's why I was wondering about how much interest he might actually have in us. I'm sure Bruce is on him, but was wondering how legit our shot at landing this guy was.
  5. Wonder how strong the interest actually is from both Auburn and his side?
  6. Haven't seen this mentioned but will the new OC have any say so in his assistants? Or do we pick a guy who doesn't mind coming in and working with who is already in place?
  7. I think for once it's a good debate because we have two QBS who will push one another to become great. Now if we can get some offensive coaches to push them during the offseason and actually battle test them, we may be ok.
  8. Not saying JS isn't good or won't win the job but to throw out what SW did with the two bafoons we having running the offense is crazy to me.
  9. We are talking about an Art briles ran offense compared to that of gus and Rhett. You really don't think SW could match those stats with Art calling the shots
  10. OK guy there's people on this bored with way more football knowledge then myself that have tried to show you some of the gray areas you have been oblivious to while hanging out in your strictly black and white world. Say what you want, when you have coaches not willing to adapt (which is something I think all of us agree on) it's hard to say one way or the other how good a particular player is. But whatever guy I get more out of arguing with a stop sign then arguing with a fellow tiger fan WDE anyways.
  11. It's not false equivalence when you have a QB with a near 70% completion rate while you have coaches who prefer running the ball ~75% of the time. You give Art Briles Sean white and I bet his stats would be very comparable to JS if not better. Sean white is pigeon holed by middle school offense and route tree. Yea he misses the deep ball some but that's not his strength which seems to be a problem with these coaches as far as forming an offense to the talent at hand.
  12. Yeah the D isn't playing well but Lawson being tackled on that touchdown pass before he could get the sack and it being a no call is bogus
  13. Was in attendance watching Jsu, he seems smaller then he was at auburn, ran the same way tried to wiggle and spin to much instead of going north and south and word around town he's having a lot of fun being back around the community he's from. Jsu like most colleges can have its share of good times especially in the frat houses and the one good bar in town within walking distance to campus.
  14. MMW The pass to Jason Smith from Sean at the 8:20 mark is a thing of beauty in that clip and will be a recurring theme all season as we head to Atlanta with one lose being a close one to Lswho early in the season.
  15. Who posted the nip watch pic on the aubietron?
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