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  1. Sucks for him. I remember back in college after the S. Carolina game, one guy in the student section decided to heckle Bruce Ellington asking how it felt to have never beaten Auburn in any sport. Ruthless
  2. Since the dawn of competition, jackassery is just part of getting into the opponent's head. Not saying it's right, but it isn't that nefarious either
  3. If only we could hit free throws. It's like some cruel joke that our Championship run last year ended with free throws and this year we can't even hit 75%
  4. We've got 2 one-and-done'rs coming in behind him
  5. Now this is what we needed. The three point line has been unguarded all morning. We just need the shots to fall.
  6. Just start jacking up the threes, geez. That's a better strategy than forcing it into Wiley in triple coverage 😡
  7. Tennessee has absolutely dictated the pace of this game. From my perspective it sure looks like we're content to sit back and shift some people around but Tennessee is pressing hard and only once have seen us adjust to what they're giving us with Doughty's back door cut. We're getting out rebounded and throwing the ball away too much. Yeah, NIT might be a bit of hyperbole but we certainly aren't playing NCAA tournament kinda basketball right now.
  8. Well... Maybe we can have a nice run in the NIT. This might be the laziest performance I've seen in Auburn Arena and I saw a lot of uninspired games during the Barbee era.
  9. God I'm not looking forward to Rupp 😰
  10. Auburn should spend the rest of the season practicing everywhere but Auburn arena. My word, we cannot shoot on the road 😡
  11. At this rate we'll have to add an extra game to the record book to adjust to all this overtime we've been playing 😩