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  1. I don't think that's a cramp 😥
  2. I like what I'm seeing from the offense. Hard to say from spring ball though if we should excited about the offense looking better or the possibility of the defense regressing 😰
  3. Auburn University is the People's Champ this season. It's just a shame it doesn't come with hardware!
  4. Bruce Pearl would be one of a long list of former coaches to retire in Auburn. We just can't seem to make coaches leave for good (in any sport)
  5. I haven't been this sick since Auburn/LSU this past football season. Again I am disgusted that a game comes down to a referee's, at best, ineptitude or, at worst, antagonistic officiating. Again the problem is consistency. If you want to argue that the speed of the game prevented the double dribble from being called fine, but the foul on Doughty should've waived for the same reason. If you want to quote the NCAA rule for why Doughty was called, fine, but at least grow some balls and apologize to Auburn and it's fanbase for screwing them. Of course the NCAA would never admit such guilt. I heard some talking head talking about Bryce grabbing jersey before the double dribble and that we can't have it both ways, but again I refer to the previous argument. Let em play or don't; consistency. 🤬
  6. Purifoy has stated he was coming back. We lose Brown, Spencer, Dunbar, and Blackstock to graduation. I don't forsee Okeke coming back... Harper. Who knows? He has another year of eligibility left, and he's not exactly setting the mock draft boards on fire... Doesn't mean he wouldn't take a development league spot or go international. McLemore is a junior, I think he stays. Doughty I think stays ( for his sake I hope he does). Wiley I wouldn't be surprised if he dipped. McCormick stays, he's next in line at Point. But I could be wrong. Maybe we start all Freshmen next year 🤷🏻‍♂️
  7. Saw that he landed at UNC. I know that's relatively closer to home but you'd think he'd have gone to UVa. or VT 🤷🏻‍♂️ but I'll admit I haven't looked at the US map recently 😅
  8. Wow. Auburn ball but that ref had his thumbs up to call a tie up with the ball still in the air... This garbage. I'm almost as ill as I was at the LSU game last year. 😠
  9. Surprised that didn't get reviewed for a flagrant... Oh who am I kidding Kentucky doesn't commit flagrant fouls 🙄
  10. This would be fine if they weren't letting Kentucky do whatever they wanted. Call em both ways please!
  11. What an absolute s*** show of officiating
  12. Next stops on the way to the Championship: Kentucky (probably), then Gonzaga (probably). Talk about a meat grinder 😵
  13. To be fair, that's assuming Pearl knew his diagnosis prior to the interview. I think like the rest of us are assuming (with good reason) that Chuma is done.
  14. Big hole to fill if Chuma (presumably) is done for. But man, these guys have stepped up, and stepped up again. I couldn't be happier!