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  1. Implying Bama hasn't already had this program in place since Saban came along 👀
  2. Asleep because he'd been smoking the devil's lettuce all day and probably had to get back home before supper. I'm fairly libertarian on the issue of marijuana use but driving while impaired is non negotiable. And kid or not, to have gotten a reckless driving citation while on probation should have voided any youthful offender claim he would have had.
  3. Congratulations my dude! Here's to hoping she brings the mojo! 😁
  4. Because there are too many low football-IQ fans out there who think that the Quarterback position is the end-all, be-all. The old saying goes... Everyone's favorite quarterback is the backup.
  5. Umm, maybe rewatch that Oklahoma vs Boise Fiesta Bowl. I think trick plays are very much in the Harsinal
  6. No offense to softball lovers... But there's absolutely no reason why ESPN2 and SECN should be showing softball instead of Spring football 😡
  7. I can't remember such a consistently inconsistent player since Tommy Trott (Tommy Drop as my dad and uncles would say back in the day 😅)
  8. Am I selfish for hoping we still get a JJ Pegues direct snap package?
  9. The only thing I have against alternative uniforms are when the designers go crazy and throw taste out the window (See Georgia vs. Boise 2011). Boise actually had a pretty clean design but it also helps that they aren't exactly married to tradition. Now take Georgia. When you consider their traditional look vs what Nike came up with, they look like bright red clowns. I think the traditional Auburn design but with alternate color combinations would be a good look. Design is a constantly evolving subject. Past iterations of the Auburn uniform had little to no influence from
  10. If Auburn were a stock, I'd buy the dip...
  11. Last year's Mississippi State game where we went up 21-0 in the first 3 minutes might be the greatest 3 minutes of Auburn football I ever saw lol
  12. The ineptitude of our team sans Cooper and Powell is mind boggling.
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