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  1. So Wes wants to do what Pat Dye, and Tommy Tuberville, and Gene Chizik, and Sonny Smith, and countless other past Auburn coaches have done? Cool story šŸ˜…
  2. By the win-loss column it's not been a great year. But keep winning in the post season and no one will remember. Much like the Basketball team, our baseball team has just as much talent as the previous banner year but if we can find our groove late, we can still have a very successful season. War Eagle and let's win one more!
  3. Looks like someone shoulda laid off the Alcchol before typing this article šŸ˜…
  4. As the self-appointed resident memeologist I approve of this hypothesis and will donate my time to pursuing it! šŸ˜…
  5. This news just makes my heart sick šŸ˜¢ Didn't think to make a post about it on here, but the family and I had to say goodbye to my dear, sweet grandmother who loved Auburn almost as much as she loved us. And now this news about Rod just makes my heart that much heavier. I too will be praying!
  6. Wow. What a s****y way to lose...
  7. Theoretically Gatewood could dip after 2020 to the NFL and we could (hopefully) redshirt Nix this year and still get two to three years of starts out of him. I wonder what will become of Willis. I'd like to see him at corner if he stays, but transfer seems a likely destination in my amateur opinion.
  8. I have to disagree with you. For one, Jacobs was Malzahn's boss. Generally speaking, it's wise not to tell your boss to shove it. And for all we know Malzahn might have already been considering the "CEO role" after the Jeremy Johnson debacle. And I also would argue against our opponent's changing for the better. Nick Saban and Kirby Smart have Mark Emmert's dirty photos, they're the exceptions. Let's go in alphabetical order though. Arkansas? They made a good decision letting Big Bert go, remains to be seen if Chad Morris will get them back on the winning path. Alabama? Spoken for. Florida? Most would agree, a good move hiring Dan Mullen. Georgia? See above Kentucky? Hard to say with Stoops. A few years middling and this past year puts an excellent season together. Would I trade Malzahn for Stoops though? Dunno I'd pull that trigger... LSU? Hard to say after back to back 9 win seasons. Orgeron seems like Tuberville in some ways. Pulls out some unexpected wins, and unexpected losses. Miss St? Moorehead could be a good head coach, but unless he can recruit as well as Mullen it will be more of the middle of the pack Ole Miss? I'm not quite sold on Luke. Have the NCAA sanctions hurt them? Sure, but Hugh Freeze he is not... Mizzou? Barry Odom is okay but I doubt he lasts much longer. Gary Pinkle he is not... S. Carolina? Oof... Tough place to win at even with the Ole Ball Coach at the helm. I think Muschamp is a decent coach but this will be his 4th year and needs to make something happen besides another 8-4 season Tennessee? Pruitt is chump and a vulture. Butch Jones might not have done them any favors but Pruitt is looking at a full rebuild, and if you thought Jay Jacobs was a meddler, you can bet your bottom dollar Phillip Fulmer is going to have his hand in the program. Texas A&M? Probably the real winners of the previous coaching carousel cycle, but I still believe they underachieved. A&M recruited fairly well under Sumlin and outside of Johnny Football's Heisman year managed 8-4 every year. Jimbo Fisher for the money that was spent on him, should have at least been able to squeeze out one more win but instead again went 8-4, including choking to Auburn in the final 6 minutes last year. Their recruiting has been on fire so it's very likely they will be a force in the next year or two. Vandy? Is Vandy. I like Derrick Mason but Vandy peaked under James Franklin. So I don't really get the assertion that everyone is out-classing Auburn when it comes to coaching hires. And no I don't think Malzahn intended to change... His coaching philosophy (the one that has rewritten entire volumes of offensive records everywhere he's gone) is what has gotten him where he is today. Auburn hired it's OC when they hired Malzahn to be head coach and I, like many others, agree that he should ride-or-die on his own terms, but we as fans and the university need to support him as well. So far it seems that's the case and I for one think it's just crazy enough to work.
  9. Jay Jacobs forced Gus into the CEO role, a position that I don't believe Gus liked but seemingly worked under Chip Lindsey @ OC but once Allen Greene came in and didn't exert that same pressure, Gus wanted to be more hands on, which didn't gel with Chip (i.e. Too many cooks in the kitchen). This is all my speculation, but I feel more confident today than I did last October/early-November. I say that because outside of the Clemson Quarterback Carousel game, Gus has shown to be a good offensive mind and it's possible that his time being hands-off has given him some time to refine his process. But I think I might have changed my tune on Yes-men... Perhaps what we've witnessed over the last few seasons had been a case of "Too many chiefs and not enough Indians". My question is, given the lack of a proven starter at QB and a road-grader of a schedule, how much leeway does Malzahn get this season? Because it's easier to answer that now than midway through October.
  10. With an improved O-Line I don't see why we shouldn't have an effective run game this year. Despite my midseason disgust, I thought they showed improvement down the stretch. After all, we practically ran it down Bama's throat that first quarter... But I don't for one second believe that our problem had been at running back. If anything we'll have a problem of too many studs and not enough reps.
  11. Dang it Stat! Stop giving me hope! šŸ˜…
  12. I don't think that's a cramp šŸ˜„
  13. I like what I'm seeing from the offense. Hard to say from spring ball though if we should excited about the offense looking better or the possibility of the defense regressing šŸ˜°
  14. Auburn University is the People's Champ this season. It's just a shame it doesn't come with hardware!
  15. Bruce Pearl would be one of a long list of former coaches to retire in Auburn. We just can't seem to make coaches leave for good (in any sport)