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  1. It's been over year, why hasn't this thread been sticky'd yet?
  2. So he didn't get the boot this season I take it?
  3. Whatever happened to Kliff Kingsbury?
  4. Well screw it, let's just scrap the whole coaching staff and rehire Pat Dye as head coach. No one ever complained about his staff...
  5. Don't we have rules about rumor threads? Or is this just another wishing well? Either someone needs to drop some knowledge or drop the subject...
  6. I'm sure he'll have an easier time convincing a kid to come to Auburn as opposed to the turmoil at Mizzou...
  7. #firejayjacobs #firegusmalzahn #firethenewpresidentbeforehegetshere #firewellnesskitchenstaff #firedeanofstudents #shutdownauburnathletics #shutdownauburnuniversity #theworldisonfire #takemenowsweetbabyjesus
  8. Remember everyone saying that Stidham was waiting to hear where K. Briles was going? Think he knew it would be Florida Atlantic?
  9. Paging Dr. Dede
  10. The problem I see with most alternate unis are the ones that are downright ugly. CFA Kickoff UGA/Boise or Ohio State's Charcoal-Red-Grey mess for example. Personally I'd prefer either 1) Classic style, alter colors or 2) A throwback uni with a tasteful retro look. Perhaps a nice middle ground would be to incorporate the metallic stripes on our helmets into the jersey stripes?
  11. One of the Hudl highlights showed him demolishing some poor corner... Play was headed the opposite side of the field too 😂👌
  12. True, but I think we all know JFIII was recruited as an athlete. There were concerns even before he got to Auburn about taking the reigns at QB.
  13. I've stated before that I think Gus and the coaching staff understand the team's problem areas (i.e. only having one capable QB option), and it seems this year we might have gotten it right with Stidham. It gives me a little bit of confidence that we'll make the right moves this off-season to correct our issues. Play-calling seems to be the biggest question mark looming over us and I hope we'll get it fixed one way or another. But I think one of the most underrated advantages next year is our schedule. 1) Since 2011, we'll be starting the season against a non-power 5 team with Georgia Southern. I hope this gives us the ability to maybe create the separation between White and Stidham and give us some extra evaluation as opposed to running any circus-themed gameplans. 2) Clemson will have some question marks coming into the season. It's unlikely that their match against Kent State causes any doubts about their team but we should stand a chance to beat them on the road. 3) Speaking of road games, we take on Mizzou for the third time in program history in what should be an easy win on paper. Three road games in four weeks (Arky, LSU, bye, then A&M) which could be the Achilles heel of the schedule but a bye week at the end of October will help. 4) Georgia and Bammer at home... assuming previous issues were corrected I see no reason we don't put on a great show those two weeks, got ULM to rest up in between. 5) We christen the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium with a win in the SECCG. After the Mercer Bears Game, Auburn faces a five-game stretch against SEC opponents. Arkansas on the road is a sort of question mark given A) they'll be hungry to avenge the 56-7 trouncing B) Bielema hates Auburn and like Tuberville can pull-out an unexpected win. LSU will be one of, if not, the toughest games of the season. A) Orgeron will be hungry in his first real season as HC and has the tools to bring LSU back into the national discussion. B) LSU's defense will still be as stout as ever assuming Aranda isn't going anywhere. C) Auburn vs LSU come mid October could very likely be a top-10 matchup [ *LSU has a cakewalk of a schedule leading up to Auburn and given their media love, will be top-10 themselves] meaning that Auburn will yet-again have to face LSU in Death Valley at night... we will absolutely have to bring our A-game. With offensive issues squared away I see no reason why we don't end the regular season at least 10-2. Even if we see some fall-off in defensive performance if we can exceed '13 and '14 numbers AND put up a '13 and '14 offensive performance, we're a shoe-in for the big dance(s). Call it a hunch but I'm predicting a lot of fun next year and I can't wait!
  14. Orange you glad for another jersey discussion thread!? Just kidding... AL.com put together a nice mini-documentary on the short lived orange-experiment.