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  1. Sometimes all you need is a little push. And imagine the momentum we'll have when we're rolling into Athens on a 5-win streak.
  2. Homerun? You think negative recruiting for players is bad, imagine being a coach looking at the Auburn hire and thinking to yourself "If I don't win immediately or play by a certain set of rules, someone is going to try and torpedo my career and personal reputation". You end up hiring a Dan Hawkins, a Ron Zook, or Steve the linecook from Waffle House... You don't get homerun hires when your program looks like a dumpster fire managed by arsonists. If you're lucky you get someone who can get on base.
  3. Cobb announces tomorrow. Neibuhr has him CB'd to us.
  4. Keldrick by all accounts is just simply undecided. On the On3 recruiting podcast Cole Pinkston had visited Faulk and outside sources. No one knows how he's leaning but Auburn is always mentioned no matter who you ask. Honestly, if I were in his camp I'd tell him to hold back on a commitment until end of the season.
  5. Lane Kiffin is Steve Spurrier without the resume to back up his running mouth. Again, if being a national embarrassment is "exciting" then I want no part of it.
  6. "Lane Kiffin has reportedly been linked to the potential opening already, while Gus Malzahn’s affinity for Auburn could always keep the door open for a return should things with UCF ever go sour." Last bit told me everything I need to know. If Mike Farrell indeed has the inside scoop that Lane Kiffin is being talked to already that tells me that Harsin is being sabotaged or at the very least is not getting the full support that he should be getting for Auburn to be successful and NOT set back another 5 years. Also Lane is a clown whose best season as a head coach was this season. Sure he schemed his team to 10 wins, but let him beat Bama first before we bring him in to make Auburn a nationally televised embarrassment week in/week out... And if Gus' and UCF's relationship sours for any reason what makes you think we'd welcome him back? If you can't maintain the success of a top 3 AAC school when you're given the reigns of a G5 powerhouse what are you gonna do coming back to the SEC in its even more competitive environment?
  7. Yeah... I'm of the opinion that maybe it's time to let McGlynn go. Appreciate all he's done, but do we even really need an NCAA compliance officer when the NCAA is so toothless and one-foot in the grave as it is?
  8. I understand most folks think JLee is a homer (and I can see why) but Niebuhr has always been reliable.
  9. You assume he even likes football much less thinks an unaccomplished child still in highschool is worth $9.5 million to come to his alma mater.
  10. Bruh. What do you want them to do? Hold the kids hostage at gun point and make them commit? It's only June... Right now all the coaches can do is pitch the vision. These recruits are going on other official and unofficial visits being told that Harsin ain't got it and won't be around for next year. Until these recruits can see that plan in action on the field we're not going to see very much movement during the off-season. It doesn't matter if the coaches set up satellite offices in any of the highschools they visit, we need results on the field. THEN we can have a productive conversation about whether or not this staff is a dumpster fire.
  11. To be fair, Mike Leach was first on Brock's evaluation because he's still technically committed to Miss State. While it doesn't hurt that we were early on Glenn's eval and to have really jumped into building that relationship. We didn't exactly "discover" him.
  12. My understanding from what I've heard is that Kenny Dillingham had more of a factor in Brock's interest in FSU. Now you maybe right, that Norvell's Memphis tenure has played a part but I've not heard that to be a major factor. As far as Ohio St. goes, word has it that while it was a good visit he wasn't blown away... certainly not enough at least to overcome his priority on relationships. Ohio State is still slow-playing Brock in favor of the Baylor commit (whose name escapes me).
  13. It should be noted that because O-Line is such a developmental position, the number of highly rated players is much fewer than that of other positions. And honestly, we're close to being in a position where we just need warm bodies at OL.
  14. So does Oregon St. still host the Super if Vandy wins the series?
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