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  1. It's similar to the kicker at UCF (last year? Year before last?) who was making a decent chunk of change for his YouTube channel and given the ultimatum of turning off monetization or quit football. Supposedly he did quit and isn't regretting the decision.
  2. I'm invoking the legendary folk hero, Wade Christopher!
  3. Absolutely. I would do just about anything to keep our defensive staff. It has been a hot minute since we've had even reliable Linebackers, much less good Linebackers. And as much as I hate the old adage, defense still wins championships.
  4. Kelly Bryant decided to leave the Clemson football team before his eligibility was expired. I understand that 4 games isn't exactly insignificant, but he didn't stay. And for that matter, Kelly Bryant isn't upset either. As much as I don't care for Dabo, this story is a big ol Nothingburgerâ„¢
  5. We should just change our offense into a hybrid Wildcat/Chinese Fire drill offense and start 4 RBs in the back field since we have such an abundance of talent there 😅
  6. JBiGGiE

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    The kinda guy that'll steal your cornbread and your girl!
  7. Injuries can be caused by any number of reasons. Freak accidents to sloppy technique. It sucks to be having so many as it would seem but I wouldn't mark that as any indication of underlying issues.
  8. JBiGGiE

    Fan Day

    Start him Aug 31st! You're delusional if you don't think there's power in that mullet!
  9. So in the world of Pokemon there is one in particular named Ditto. A Ditto only has one ability and that is shapeshifting into its opponent... In the Pokemon cartoon, whenever a Ditto shapeshifts into something else it is mimicking it does so perfectly, the one exception being the noticably beady eyes and goofy smile. It seemed a lot more clever in my head, but the new logo is an almost perfect replica except something is a little off and wrong about it. I'm Joseph, aka JBiGGiE, and welcome to my TedTalk.
  10. As the representative Auburn University Art School Alum I must protest this design. For one, the design note are insane... Why do we feel a need to focus on Auburn "A" and not the University "U" ? If anything we should be overly focused on the "U". You know... The reason why Auburn athletics exists in the first place. Secondly how does this update anything in a digital space? It is a logo built using basic fonts, like literally... Copperplate is on every technological platform. Why was this necessary? And please tell me we did not pay somebody to do this. What is the Athletic Department trying to hide?! What it sounds to me is that someone got a hold of some discretionary funds but now has to BS a reason for its necessity.
  11. Is no one going to acknowledge the new don't is "Sabon" instead of "Copperplate"?
  12. This is also like everyone's third day in pads? I'm not super worried about it right now. Defenses tend to generally be a lot more game ready at the beginning of the season and we have a good one to begin with. Was listening to Chris Todd on The Drive the other day and he recounted how, in the fall quarterback battle,Tony Franklin told him straight up that even though they were live, if Todd's numbers didn't improve that Kodi Burns would be the starting QB. Why? Because the coaches knew Burns could run. So in an even footrace, it wasn't really even. For what it's worth, Gus Malzahn inherited that same QB battle. And he took Chris Todd who couldn't throw more than a few dozen passes a game because of his shoulder and broke nearly all of the Auburn passing records. I've got a feeling our staff can evaluate a quarterback without having to risk getting them injured.