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  1. I say we stick em all in hazmat suits and let em play ball.
  2. Maaaaan.... Y'all some haters 😅
  3. Here are my thoughts: John Oliver is a funny chap. His politics are wack and I think he strawmans a bit much, but he's good for a few laughs. I thought he had some valid criticisms and some biased. OAN, outside of the two shows they have, is pretty much a revolving loop of the same 1 hr of plain, vanilla news. Sure, the two hosts they have may be hacks but so what? That's the case with most news networks nowadays. I'm also willing to bet that the players who are outraged are only so because they've been told so. Just like John Oliver's first point: the Capybara may seem pleasant, but if Pres. Trump likes it, then it's clearly evil and/or racist (evidence notwithstanding). Lastly, Mike Gundy wearing a branded t-shirt proves nothing. Even if OAN broadcasted nothing but fake news and conspiracy, many things could be true: He could be woefully ignorant of the network's position, he could be wearing it ironically, he may believe every word they say and be a closeted bigot. Regardless, Chuba Hubbard's reaction and outrage is just wack. I respect his right to voice concern and I've speculation that perhaps there are some preexisting issues with this being the tipping point... But if I'm taking it at face value, it sounds to me that Chuba is willing to risk a potential Heisman season over political disagreement (which may or may not even be accurately assessed). That's certainly his right, but I reserve my right to think that's dumb.
  4. As an NCAA Football/Madden veteran I can confidently say that punting is for cowards 🙅🏻‍♂️
  5. Can we start calling him Big Byrd?
  6. Do we get the Okie St treatment, or the LSU/Will Wade treatment. I'm on the edge of my seat!
  7. Alabama players may have already ruined it by testing positive. I have my own opinions but I can already feel it in my joints; the storm of overreaction brewing...
  8. I am now 100% done with 2020.
  9. Interesting take on the Caylin Newton pick-up. I don't agree with it but he is quite high on Caylin.
  10. I'm just disappointed he doesn't get the opportunity of justice for what happened in that Virginia game last year. I will carry that grievance to my grave along with Aaron Murray's "Back-to-goal-line" touchdown call (vs UGA 2013) and the Pass Interference call (vs LSU 2018)
  11. Until we start claiming seasons in which we lost bowl games and/or other seasons because some homer at a magazine company wants to write some fictional "what-if" and retroactively award us a Natty... I think we are pretty safe from "following Bama's footsteps" territory.
  12. Unless I'm missing something, this doesn't sound all too different from when Nick Marshall got busted back in Summer '14, perhaps save for what the arresting officer decided to charge him with. Am I wrong?
  13. At some point you have to consider playing Alabama at their own games.