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  1. Maybe Miller? He's been shown to be the preferred passing down blocker and he's a decent pass catcher. But he's certainly not as fast as KMart or Worm. I'm guessing KMart must be a liability on passing downs because he runs pretty well. I would guess he gets the start. Hard to judge DJ. His carries in college have been limited to a quarter in a scrimmage against the 3's, and a Mississippi State squad phoning it in. Could be his coming out party but we'll see. If there ever a time to have to test out our options at Running Back, a bye week and against Arkansas isn't a bad one.
  2. JBiGGiE

    LSU vs Florida

    An LSU loss gives us a leg up in the race for the West and helps Florida win out in the East. I want another crack at them on neutral territory 😈
  3. Gives me hope that we can win the west and meet Florida in the SEC Championship game 😁
  4. Wow. I'd have called you liar if you told me yesterday that S. Carolina beats Georgia and on a missed field goal. Wow.
  5. Trying 58 yd field goal is a good sign
  6. USCe QB could've easily gotten them that 1st down. Spread em wide again and scramble. Oh well, Georgia is due for an upset, guess we'll just have to be it
  7. Experience was really the point I was trying to point out. You're right injuries and attitudes play just as much a role in the caliber of team as development and playcalling. Would that have been the difference between winning and losing to Florida? Hard to say... probably doubtful. But I hate that people want to take this game as confirmation of their biases when the truth is much more nuanced.
  8. I do wonder how different this team would look with a RS Senior Tyler Queen throwing to Nate Craig-Myers and Kyle Davis. I do agree O-Line is our biggest detriment to the offense. And I know conventional wisdom says that experience and cohesion make for a good O-Line, but I've also seen LSU start 3 freshmen against us in 2017 and lead them to 24 unanswered points and a win. Prior to yesterday, I had actually thought our O-Line was improving this year and looking better this season. But they looked bad yesterday. Vs Tennessee bad. I watched Defensive Ends flying untouched, not even looked at. To me that seems more mental than physical. And in a no huddle system, I don't understand how you have THAT much confusion at the line... So of course that snowballs, now your True Freshman QB is running for his life and if your lucky downing the ball to avoid the loss in yardage. But yesterday was a complete offensive collapse. Play calling was suspect at times but often times I saw what was supposed to happen and yet the players didn't execute. Missed blocking assignments, overthrown/underthrown passes, hitting the wrong hole, dropping passes, etc... You can have the perfect play drawn up, but that's only half of the battle. But if our Offensive Line could get even 10% better, that could be the difference of say: an extra half second in the pocket for Bo, an extra couple yards on the run... Even for as bad as we looked yesterday it felt like success was just dangling right out of reach. That's why I think it's the key to unlocking the teams potential. Lastly, I think we underestimated Florida (and Ben-Griffen Stadium). I think Dan Mullen is an asshat but he spent 2-weeks prepping for this game and obviously did his homework, and when the ball bounced their way, they capitalized on it. We sorely need to learn how to stop letting these 5-10 yard passes keep slashing our defense. It has been our Achilles' Heel since before I can remember. I do believe we can move forward from this, but I nor anyone on this forum truly know if we will or not. I know Gus has pissed in many a posters' Cheerios and that has caused them to completely write off him and his staff. I remain agnostic. I've seen turnarounds engineered, I've seen stall outs. But let's accept that this one loss was not on Gus, was not on Bo, was not on the OL, or the Defense or Special Teams... It was on everybody. So let's put this one behind and support Auburn moving forward.
  9. One more win and we're bowl eligible guys!
  10. After last year's debacle, I would expect Gus to try putting up at least 300 rushing yards on Miss. State out of revenge (and as a display of a budding run game Auburn is developing). Vegas says Auburn by 11 and I do believe Miss. St. gets up for the Auburn game... But something tells me it won't be close. I don't think it will be flashy so: Auburn: 34 Mississippi State: 9
  11. This will be the year that a defensive lineman wins the Heisman for the first time! #DerrickBrown4Heisman
  12. Notre Dame has nothing left in the tank. It was interesting for a half.