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  1. Time to send in Chad "Mr. Steal Yo Offensive Tackle" Morris!
  2. I mean, that MAY be the case. But no one really knows. There's really not a whole lot of things you can do at the position. If you're run blocking, you're pulling guards or chipping ends and getting to the second level. If you're pass blocking, you're dropping back to make a pocket for your QB. And if you're running the RPO, you're hanging out on the LOS trying to open up a running lane. Now yeah, there maybe an argument on the recruiting aspect. But O-Line prospects don't tend to rack up a star-count. Evaluation and development plays the biggest part. You can even make the argument that our sharp decrease in holding penalties is a sign of development. And if so JB Grimes might've done the best he could with what he had to work with. All I'm saying is that it is NOT a clear necessity to oust JB Grimes.
  3. I'm honestly surprised Matt Luke took a position coach spot and didn't try to go the coordinator role even if it were G5 level. That said, "missing out" implies he was even an option to begin with.
  4. ☝️ I don't get the Kodi hate. His recievers block well (for the most part) and run the routes that are called. Plus I've seen several wide open receivers this year, it's just those balls had Seth Williams' name on it from the snap (not sure whether to blame Gus or Nix for that but point is, they've been open). For that matter, I don't think I can name a single assistant coach with a reputation for developing receivers... Now scouting them maybe. But WR is a position in which you either got it, or you don't.
  5. Decent summary of the OC vacancy and targets (feel free to remove if posted elsewhere). TL;DW... The vibe among the beat writers is that we'll have Morris within the week. Maybe... Just maybe... The sky is indeed not falling 😁 War Eagle everyone!
  6. WHOOPS! Too many Chips in the coaching world lol. Dunno why my phone wanted me to talk about Chip Kelly 😅
  7. Chad Morris and Chip Kelly aren't the same. Chip was an analyst under Malzahn who barely had his feet wet as a Power 5 OC. On top of that you had Jay Jacobs pressuring Gus to let his OCs run the show. (My interpretations at least) Morris (like Hugh Freeze this time last year) is an experienced and successful coordinator and as others have mentioned, I don't believe he'd take a yes-man job... Certainly not when he has equally prestigious options. Getting Morris would be a great hire. Certainly one step closer to solving the Offensive issues.
  8. Maybe? I mean you still have to sell Tallahassee FL to these recruits, and really I think Norvell getting the bump to Power 5 hurts us in recruiting than Kenny D making a lateral move to a nearby school. That said, my dad had a great thought (and may not be completely crazy) why Morris and Luke as Co-OCs? They both carried the Co-Tag and their previous coordinator stints. If we could pull that off cruit'n would be off the chain for a year or two!
  9. Think I heard (can't remember where) Chad Morris was looking to snag the UTSA head coaching gig. If he can't get a G5 head coach position, he'd be better off with a P5 coordinator position. G5 coordinating is "damaged goods" territory and Morris' biggest issue at Arkansas was Arkansas and Beilema's abhorrent recruiting and system shock
  10. Are we really considering denying Arryn Sippos the pleasure of an Outback Bowl experience? For shame! 😂 I think we should play him on Offense AND Defense for this game!
  11. Welp. Bill Clark just got blown out so he's off the list again.