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  1. Worth Replacing Gus?

    Boy, I wonder how fast this board would implode if we were to hire a new AD and him still keep Malzahn?
  2. The SEC

    This is where you get to arguing semantics, I'd argue every coach in the nation needs a dynamic QB to be at the top. I'd argue that a dynamic QB isn't enough. To be Championship material you need a dynamic player in every skill group. That's where we were in 2010 and 2013. But I'll agree that QB has the biggest impact
  3. The SEC

    And what kind of QB is that? Please don't say dual threat....
  4. Sean White arrested

    Not justifying his actions, I'm just saying I get it. This isn't a Gus problem, or an Auburn problem. It's every bit a Sean White problem. I'd been there when I played HS football but I didn't pick up any self destructive habits. Apples to Oranges, but I think Sean deserves our sympathy not our wrath
  5. Sean White arrested

    To reiterate, it's clearly not the way to handle a bad situation but can you really blame him?
  6. Sean White arrested

    If Sean White were the number one QB this wouldn't be an issue. I think with this being his senior year and likely wasn't going to see much playing time outside of a Stidham injury, he checked out of football. But hey why does it matter he sucks anyway right?
  7. Who Do You Want?

    Meh, gimme someone who can actually win a big one. Laying an egg right now at home in Louisville AND he has a Heisman qb...
  8. Who Do You Want?

    Herman showed that he could win and win and against power 5 competition. Fleck still needs to show he can coach big league. Fuente is on his way
  9. Who Do You Want?

    I say give me anyone who coached under Mark Emmert's watch. Free reign to cheat as much as you want
  10. Missed Field Goals

    I'm blaming Stovall for those two. LACES OUT!
  11. Bammer fights with FSUers

  12. Texas A&M vs UCLA

    Hey look! aTm has an official meltdown thread as well!
  13. CFB Whiparound 9/2/17

    Funny that some were predicting Mizzou to be a potential trap game for AU. Not even half time and I feel pretty confident about shooting that one down.
  14. Alabama DL Raekwon Davis Suffers Gunshot Wound

    If Law and Order taught me anything is that bartenders /bar owners have near perfect memory recall...