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  1. I think it's every bit possible that 1) Harsin wanted to hire his guys. 2) Harsin was convinced to hire Bobo and Mason with no coercion involved. 3) Harsin came to regret said convincing. Again, the connection of Bobo being Steele's alleged pick for OC then getting hired by Harsin the following season just doesn't feel like coincidence... But I do think whoever sold him on making the hire should be barred from the athletic facilities for a while.
  2. This. If DD were a factor, we would have been done recruiting QBs after Calzada's commitment, or possibly looked at another HS recruit. I, like many, was excited about his signing. Unless something changes and he just blows the competition out of the water, it is unlikely that he is still an Auburn Tiger come this fall.
  3. Started following r/WDE a year or two ago, but I'm more active here... Came over with the Auburn Eagle merger. I find r/WDE doesn't really have an edge over here except the rumor mill spins a little more freely over there. But yeah, the trial of Chance_Lawyer has hands down been my favorite part of the subreddit
  4. I have to imagine that Bobo and Mason were a compromise between the PTB and AD Greene not picking their guy. After all, isn't it suspicious that Harsin hires the OC who was on Steele's short list to be OC? And then going out and getting the best former DC/newly fired HC available? I'm with you. Harsin needs to be able to fail or succeed on his own terms. It's one of the reasons I stuck in Malzahn's corner for so long, and it wasn't even so much his record that killed my support. I just long for a day when Auburn's power brokers stop dabbling in things they know nothing about.
  5. The "but who has he recruited?" crowd were the biggest haters. At this point in my life/Auburn fandom I've learned that most hires are toss ups. Coaches are like players in that they fit in some places better than others. Considering how out of left field this hire was, I'm willing to consider the possibility that there was much lower hanging fruit we could've picked.
  6. He knows! Cruit'n Finger is the new BOOM 👈👀
  7. No, but the tea leaves say he's one for or of the door.
  8. I like Mason, and I thought he did an admirable job outside of the meltdown against Mississippi State. That said, we need full buy-in from the staff. I don't know what the disagreement is between Harsin and Mason but in a year Mason has gone from praising Harsin to MIA after bowl season looking for a new job? Seems sus. Personally I'm gonna give the guy with the most experience running a successful program the benefit of the doubt. I get that Mason was at Vandy (and the challenges that come with that) but so was James Franklin...
  9. When you were supposed to destroy the Sith, not join them...
  10. Man, the stripes sure are hesitant to blow the whistle when it's Auburn driving through the Wacky Waving Inflatable Flailing Arm Tube-Men
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