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  1. Auburn: We can't fire Gus, we'll become the new Tennessee! Tennessee: Hold my beer...
  2. Wait. So who hired Kevin Steele? Pruitt was put on a hiring freeze and Fulmer has now resigned. If Steele is to be installed as the interim will that be UT President's doing? Or would it not be more prudent to hire a new AD first? And if so what is Steele's job security at UT? Many questions...
  3. My understanding is that would be a Director of Player Personnel type position
  4. Didn't we manage to reel in top 10 recruiting classes when Rocker was here the first time? Even in spite of his "dislike for recruiting"? I think we'll be fine.
  5. Sad when you feel better about holding a team on 3rd-and-2 than on 3rd-and-12
  6. Assuming Tee Martin is clear of the recruiting improprieties at UT, all three options seem like good gets.
  7. That's it, fam... Cooper trying to play hero ball. Tough lesson for the freshman.
  8. Ugh, how does Beth Mowens still get work at the announcers' table. Her play-by-play is some of the most uninspiring and painfully awkward I've ever heard.
  9. I'll never forget the last words my grandfather ever said me. He said, "Stop shaking the ladder, you little s---!"
  10. I remember being in Auburn the evening before A-Day 2018. Bumped into Jarrett Stidham and his dad at the ATM. On TV the talking heads bill him up as "6'2"/200 lbs and hard to take down". I'm a solid 5'9" and looking him eye to eye. The illusion of size completely left me as I thought to myself "I could totally take on this NERD!" 😅
  11. Yellow font? Now that's a format I haven't seen in a very long time...
  12. I literally had the workout scene from Rocky IV playing in my head when reading this. Not to just completely poo poo on the posters' perspective but tend to believe from all that I've been researching is that while one regimen may be more ideal than the other (on paper), diminishing returns often bring the results closer to even down the stretch. At the end of the day, there's more to winning games than being the strongest mule on the field...
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