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  1. Why would he lie? Maybe because abusing a position of authority for self-gratification surprisingly can be seen as worse than an adult transaction? (Also this is not sudden. Freeze and his attorney denied the allegation back when the USA Today story was published in 2017.) Denial is not debunking. Calling the story that reached an impasse due to statutes of limitation a "debunking" is also "believ(ing) anything that fits your narrative". What do I propose? I propose we as a fanbase who claim to value things such as the Auburn Creed to vehemently reject Hugh Freeze who hardly encompasses such values rather than tuck tail and fall in line. What do I hope to accomplish? I want the truth to prevail. I want Hugh Freeze gone. I want the feckless, coalition of boosters who manipulate our athletic department to be ashamed of the lengths they would go to gaslight our fanbase into thinking that this man is what is best for Auburn. You want to know why I'm so negative? Because I love Auburn. I expect excellence out of my alma mater. But right now all I see is our football program being violated by nepotism. The face of the program is a man who has never taken public accountability for any of his actions except for the time he was exposed for infidelity and when a PR firm hired by the university told him to apologize for the time he put himself and his employer at risk for liability.
  2. Of those "realistic" hires... Grimes, Cignetti, Chadwell. Not sexy, but when you've got an NIL warchest you've been flaunting you really just need someone who can manage a roster.
  3. Greg Shaino was close at Tennessee, but they didn't have as much experience fighting a fanbase like our admin does...
  4. Grimes, Monken, Chadwell, Clawson, Curt Cignetti, M. Stoops, T. Will, McGee, Brian Johnson, Rich Rodriguez, John Somerall, Willie Fritz, Skip Holtz, Rhett Lashley, Manny Diaz, Jeff Traylor, Derrick Mason, Tyson Helton, Dave Doering, Matt Campbell, Matt Rhule... Just to name a few. And in no particular order...
  5. Why does anyone rant on a message board? Literally why do any of us post on the internet knowing it makes no tangible difference? Because it's cathartic. Because it disappoints me how my fellow fans can become so desperate to win that they'd throw principal out the window. But maybe, just maybe... I can convince someone to agree with my opinion. And miss me the the Bammer crap. With fans like you, why should Auburn strive for excellence in all facets? Why should integrity matter? Just get in line, buy your merch, and clap for whoever the YellaFella has ordained like a good little fan? Just like a Bammer...
  6. Absolutely. And I'll refrain from referencing hearsay stories from his time at Briarcrest. As we all know there are generally 12 business ethics principles: Leadership, accountability, integrity, respect for others, honesty, respect for laws, responsibility, transparency, compassion, fairness, loyalty, environmental concern. I've argued that Hugh has taken minimal accountability for his actions. The Houston Nutt lawsuit proved that he lied beyond just being unfaithful to his wife by refusing to admit he called the escort service multiple times. He lied to recruits about Ole Miss' investigation status. He lied by placing blame on Houston Nutt. He cost many players like Shea Patterson at least two years of their eligibility. He failed to own the mistake of messaging Chelsea Andrews (until very recently). And as far as I'm aware, the party he has reconciled with is his family. Now as I've said, I don't don't think that makes him irredeemable but I've seen little evidence to suggest he has changed. Yes, he has asked for us to give him a chance to prove otherwise, and that's a good start. But he has a ways to go before he catches my attention.
  7. By all means, lead the way.
  8. Poisonous and butthurt? That's a weird way to say that I value ethics at my Alma Mater... a shame we disagree
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