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  1. When you remove good judgment from the occasion, "I can do anything I set my mind to" becomes "I can do anything".
  2. Dr. Dede will be an on field coach at Auburn in the not too distant future. Mark my words...
  3. It's been over year, why hasn't this thread been sticky'd yet?
  4. So he didn't get the boot this season I take it?
  5. Whatever happened to Kliff Kingsbury?
  6. Well screw it, let's just scrap the whole coaching staff and rehire Pat Dye as head coach. No one ever complained about his staff...
  7. Don't we have rules about rumor threads? Or is this just another wishing well? Either someone needs to drop some knowledge or drop the subject...
  8. I'm sure he'll have an easier time convincing a kid to come to Auburn as opposed to the turmoil at Mizzou...
  9. #firejayjacobs #firegusmalzahn #firethenewpresidentbeforehegetshere #firewellnesskitchenstaff #firedeanofstudents #shutdownauburnathletics #shutdownauburnuniversity #theworldisonfire #takemenowsweetbabyjesus
  10. Remember everyone saying that Stidham was waiting to hear where K. Briles was going? Think he knew it would be Florida Atlantic?
  11. Paging Dr. Dede
  12. The problem I see with most alternate unis are the ones that are downright ugly. CFA Kickoff UGA/Boise or Ohio State's Charcoal-Red-Grey mess for example. Personally I'd prefer either 1) Classic style, alter colors or 2) A throwback uni with a tasteful retro look. Perhaps a nice middle ground would be to incorporate the metallic stripes on our helmets into the jersey stripes?
  13. One of the Hudl highlights showed him demolishing some poor corner... Play was headed the opposite side of the field too 😂👌
  14. True, but I think we all know JFIII was recruited as an athlete. There were concerns even before he got to Auburn about taking the reigns at QB.