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  1. JBiGGiE

    2018 Fall Camp - 8/13/18

    Y'all sleep'n on my man Chandler Cox! He's the prototypical Flex Position player.
  2. JBiGGiE

    Urban Meyer's downfall?

    The Ringer: The Meaning of Ohio State’s Urban Meyer Decision. https://www.theringer.com/2018/8/9/17665722/ohio-state-urban-meyer-zach-courtney-smith-case A good breakdown of the Ohio State situation.
  3. JBiGGiE

    Urban Meyer's downfall?

    Yep. Somebody's gonna lose their job over this one. It's just a matter of who...
  4. JBiGGiE

    Hurts frustrated with QB situation

    Jalen has a lot of qualities that of an Auburn Man... He just ended up at the wrong school. Would it be cool to see him in an Auburn Jersey? (Aside from bets with Charles Barkley) Absolutely. But right now at Bama he's 50/50 in the quarterback competition. Would he really want to go to Auburn to get into a 5-way competition? My money is on doubtful...
  5. JBiGGiE

    Urban Meyer's downfall?

    All this orchestrated drama reeks of the REC...
  6. JBiGGiE

    Poll: Cord Sandberg, Willis, Gatewood, or Bo Nix?

    Well to throw another wrinkle in the debate... Bo Nix is enrolling early: https://twitter.com/bo_nix10/status/1024726136784408576?s=09
  7. JBiGGiE

    Poll: Cord Sandberg, Willis, Gatewood, or Bo Nix?

    Let's not take away from the fact that Georgia and Bama both got crazy lucky that their Freshman QBs performed as well as they did especially considering that they were the starters at the beginning of the season. The safe choice is that MW starts next year. But Sandberg might have the highest outside chance.
  8. Paw Paw Atkinson has a challenger!
  9. JBiGGiE

    Malzahn remains in a pretty good position

    By that comparison a Ford Pinto and Corvette are both equally just cars.
  10. JBiGGiE

    Malzahn remains in a pretty good position

    To compare Dan Mullen's record to Gus' is comparing apples to oranges. Miss St. under Mullen was consistently average and even in their best season still only managed one marquis win (yes, against Auburn) and still lost to Bama, Ole Miss, and Georgia Tech. Mullen is 0-9 against Saban. But if you can't see that Gus is growing as a head coach, I don't know what to tell you... He's learning to trust his coordinators and position coaches, he's learning to trust his players, and recruiting is improving every year. Yes, things like riding the starters til they break and beyond bother me. But come on man... Gus is not completey immutable.
  11. JBiGGiE

    Saban agrees to contract extension

    Didn't he JUST sign an extension recently... Geez
  12. JBiGGiE

    2019 4* RB Noah Cain

    I'd be surprised if he chooses Auburn at this point. Fortunately we are Running Back University. We'll get us a good one.
  13. JBiGGiE

    2019 4* RB Noah Cain

    SB Nation: 4-star RB recruit Noah Cain says Penn State has made a big move. I don't like the looks of it... But December is a good ways away.
  14. As much as I like bringing in talent, why are we are looking to bring in Cord? I've seen mention of a potential Joey Gatewood position change but I've found nothing that supports that banter. Anyone wanna fill me in?