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  1. He still has a senior year of HS to play so there's still time for his ranking to rise... But considering he's already committed now to Auburn and not a bell-cow school, he won't be getting that 5th star
  2. JBiGGiE

    Men vs Alabama

    That's an incredibly unfair assessment. We're burning the candle at both ends, but that doesn't mean we're not good.
  3. JBiGGiE

    Bama hires Coach Steele's son

    I sure hope Bama suffers from having too many cooks in that offensive film room.
  4. JBiGGiE

    Men vs. South Carolina

    Folks. Auburn Basketball is relevant! Andoff topic... All sports at Auburn are nationally relevant again and some of y'all owe Jay Jacobs an apology. War Eagle as always!
  5. JBiGGiE

    Men vs. Arkansas

    That's not at home. That's for the season.
  6. JBiGGiE

    AU - Legitimate Final Four Contender?

    I'd say it's a lot less likely now.
  7. Ftfy One week removed from signing day and Auburn fans are still caught up with our recruiting ranking as if it means anything. Notre Dame had a higher ranking and signed fewer stars. Some kids have their ratings adjusted to reflect who they signed with/committed to.
  8. Slayton needs about 4 more inches and 80-100 more pounds before I'd put this on the line
  9. JBiGGiE

    AU - Legitimate Final Four Contender?

    Seemed like even with the Herculean effort in the second half to come within an eighth of an inch from victory, that the mojo was just not in our favor...
  10. JBiGGiE

    2018 Recruiting thread (Updated 1/29/18)

    I think we have a grossly underrated recruiting class. It's also not like we haven't been beating Alabama and Georgia for recruits they wanted, McCreary for example would be a 4 star if he chose Alabama. It's all about perspective. And besides, talent will only take you so far. Development is much more crucial in my opinion.
  11. JBiGGiE

    ***2018 NSD Thread (Feb 7th)***

    Yep. Without Alabama level of diplomatic immunity we'll probably never see a number one recruiting class.
  12. JBiGGiE

    2018 4* SDE/DT Malik Langham

  13. It's too bad the basketball team won't be home. The way they're playing, it's gotta be a selling point for the athletic department in general as well as a chance to experience the Auburn fans and watch some great basketball too!
  14. JBiGGiE

    2018 O Line Recruiting

    Bumping this thread. Let's look at some worst case scenarios... If Anderson goes to UT Austin/Michigan, Wonnum to USCe, and miss out on Allen, who do we go after? Now I'll say, the linemen we have on roster should be fine as far as development but coming into the next few seasons we're gonna need bodies to develope. That's probably my only reservation about the Grimes rehire.
  15. JBiGGiE

    Will Jalen Hurts transfer from Bama?

    I'm just saying, we probably still need a RB1...