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  1. They'll throw the check book at Fickell. But hey, if Lane is looking for a new gig, I hear the USCw job is open 😁
  2. I'm thankful LSU came around to have an even more spectacular post-Championship meltdown than Auburn's. 😁
  3. I saw him on one pass pro play but that's about it
  4. Oh don't worry. An embarrassing loss to UAT will stoke that fire right back up 🔥
  5. Zero creativity in the play calling this half. 😤
  6. Zakoby looking like a better pass coverer than our corners
  7. Hands on a shoulder pad is a defensive penalty now?
  8. I'm talking about offensive play calling. Bobo thinks we have a Randy Moss on the team and I've about had it with the insane play calls. Textbook insanity...
  9. I still can't believe we have plays in the playbook calling for 50/50 balls. We 6½ games in and have yet to come down with one. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills
  10. Glad to see the anti-Nix crowd got their weekly dose of validation 🙄
  11. That would have to be the call on the field. Unfortunately our rag tag group of TV commenters aren't the most situationally aware.
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