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  1. Thanks Red!
  2. Maybe my memory is hazy, but in the past, haven't there been individual daily threads with information about the practices with info from people who were there or close to the program? Or is that just in the fall? I was looking forward to that
  3. One thing I think people are overlooking is how predictable our offense had become and how it's (hopefully) gonna change a little. IF Gus lets CL call the plays, I think we'll have a big advantage this year because last year everyone in the country could see the next play coming after about week 4. I mean, technically it worked most of the time when everyone was healthy, but it should be beneficial to run something new. If we can leave the spring with a QB named, I'll jump on the hype train.
  4. I almost just went to hogville to find the posts bashing auburn, but everything I saw after like 2 seconds into the game was dejected fans sounding like we did at the start of the season. I mean, we dominated the heck out of them, but I actually feel a little (just a little) sympathy for them.... that being said- #wardamneagleweembarrassedthehogs.
  5. I'll admit I was frustrated and wrong by wanting lashlee and gus gone. The fact that Gus was man enough to admit that he needed to hand over the playcalling responsibility to lashlee is fact enough for me to admit I was stupid lol thanks for proving me wrong, coaches!
  6. I'm done. Gus has gotten worse as the game goes on. Get rid of him.
  7. Mod note: We don't use people's religious figures here.
  8. And that is why they don't let JF3 pass. 2 stupid plays in a row.
  9. Yay short run on 1st
  10. Exactly what I just told my friend. 2 short runs, followed by a short pass and a short punt. So predictable.
  11. Oh hey, a run up the middle on 1st down. Wasn't expecting that.
  12. Having Gus at the helms makes me want to run towards the nearest living thing and kill it.
  13. Gotta stop staring down those throws....
  14. Ok, I started to say more terrible playcalling, but this is promising.