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  1. Best match-up we could have hoped for... on the field audition for the upcoming opening... hopefully Greene can spend some quality time with Brohm and establish the foundation of a mutually- beneficial relationship... this is what I want for Christmas...
  2. Go see the Predators play. They're the best team in hockey right now. The musical act between periods is always good. Demo's is a good place to eat with reasonable prices nearby. Visit the Ryman Auditorium, even if you can't make it for a show. But, if can make it to a show, then don't debate about it. Go! You won't regret it. The Johnny Cash museum is worth a visit, if you're a fan. The Hatch show print tour is fun too. Highly recommend the walking tours in Franklin.
  3. Barfield's offense kept us competitive. Always fun to watch when Auburn had the ball.
  4. Depending on the severity of KJ's injuries, the situation may be comparable. If he has another shoulder surgery, then he may need to return to prove he can handle the pounding in the NFL. I think that is a big question mark for NFL teams considering him.
  5. This is absolutely the key, the rest is just window-dressing. The OL is going to have to play like they did against Georgia instead of ULM, or it will be a replay of the Clemson game.
  6. Let's see what he does against Alabama. If he reverts to form, then I'm ready to fire him. Saturday was just one game. It doesn't make up for LSU, Clemson, Clemson 2016, Georgia 2016, Georgia 2015, etc.
  7. It was just one game, people. I didn't see much Saturday that was "ALL GUS" other than maybe he finally got out of the way and let his coaches do their job. Why did it take losing very winnable games against Clemson and LSU for him to figure this out? Clearly, Auburn has top 5 talent. Why did it take until the 10th game of the season for that to be evident? Coaching and lack of preparation, plain and simple. I saw a few differences in the passing game, which I'm sure was mostly Lindsey. But, really, the defense dominated, and Georgia did everything they could to give the game away. Kevin Steele deserves way more credit than what he is getting. So do the players. It felt like the players, especially the ones from Georgia, stood up, said "No more", laid it on the line, and dominated. Auburn wanted it more, way more. Maybe Georgia had a letdown after clinching the SEC East, or, more likely, they were simply over-rated. Their biggest victory previously was over Notre Dame, and you see how the Irish went into a shell against Miami. If Gus can get the team prepared to face Alabama and the players repeat their effort, then, win or lose, I will grant he has earned the right to return next season. If Gus reverts to form, then can we please all shut up about Gus having had some kind of epiphany? The players knew Gus was going to be fired if Auburn lost yet again when they had the more talented team, and they they put in a near super human effort to save his butt. This is what I saw Saturday.