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  1. Love the podcast. I have the war eagle sports radio app. Nice to listen to on the way to work in the mornings. Keep it up guys! War Eagle!
  2. AUNavyNightmare

    2017 3* TE Tre McKitty (FSU 12/16/16)

    Well I hope he chose the good guys. Would love to see some use out of the TE role again.
  3. AUNavyNightmare

    2017 3* TE Tre McKitty (FSU 12/16/16)

    Looks like he got some bruised ribs at The Opening yesterday. Wonder if he will still commit tonight after going to the hospital today. Kinda hopen he waits considering how he has raved about his Oregon visit.
  4. AUNavyNightmare

    Roc Thomas transferring to JSU

    Sorry to see him go but some of us have seen this one coming a while. I'm glad JSU is 10 minutes down the road. Roc should do really really well next year and I'm glad I'll be there to see it. Perhaps there he will get the playing time at rb he was looking for. War Eagle Roc.
  5. AUNavyNightmare


    Agreed. I almost forgot about that guy. Thanks for that. Now I have to start over...
  6. AUNavyNightmare

    Biggest Improvement 2016

  7. AUNavyNightmare

    New LB Coach

    It's Kevin Greene people... the word you was looking for is "yes." I think he would be a fine recruiter and already a really good position coach. Please make this happen Gus.
  8. AUNavyNightmare

    UA Game: AU Targets, Commits, Info, and notes

    Gary looking like the real deal on here. Really hope Steele is the recruiter he gets the praise for. I imagine it would take some convincing of momma Gary, but maybe Steele and Garner can get it done.
  9. AUNavyNightmare

    My thoughts on Roc

    It's due to playing time. Apparently not happy cause what gus told him during recruiting is not the way things have worked out. Some of it is his own doing, but he is still looking at JSU.
  10. AUNavyNightmare

    My thoughts on Roc

    Hearing from very close source that he is still thinking of transferring. FWIW.
  11. AUNavyNightmare

    We can beat Bammer

    No we cant.
  12. AUNavyNightmare

    A&M Game Review, Part 1

    I lost some respect for Ford at LSU. Talent is one thing, effort is a different thing all together.
  13. AUNavyNightmare

    Jason Smith Package

    Stat are you a coach?
  14. AUNavyNightmare

    2016 5* DE Marlon Davidson (AU commit 9/4/15)

    Said he wants to be recruited still. Interesting.
  15. AUNavyNightmare

    2017 4* ATH Alaric Williams (Updated 5/25/17)

    Going to go watch him play my Oxford Yellow Jackets tomorrow. I'll pass along anything of note.