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  1. I say 49-10 but a little of that might be ST or Def TDs. lol
  2. Linayus

    Scholarship Numbers (Updated 8/18/17)

    I'm guessing recent departures have freed up 2 or 3 scholarships?
  3. Linayus

    Jalen, Nate And JM gone now.

    Geez people.. settle down. I know we don't like rumors on the board, but.... NCM supposedly has a baby on the way so that might be a big part of his decision to leave. His brother followed him to Auburn and will no doubt follow him where ever he ends up.
  4. I definitely trust Dr. Andrews - it's just crazy to think they bounce back so fast from injuries like that now. But you're right, the doctors are the ones that say yes or no!
  5. That's freaking incredible.. and scary.. I'd be very nervous as a parent myself thinking "But is it really back to full strength or just giving them the impression it is?!" lol
  6. Linayus

    Arkansas Score Prediction

    Have you been watching our RBs? We've got some good ones! Just need to shore up the o-line issues and you'll see some big time running.
  7. Linayus

    Post-LSU -- Coordinators Speak

    Hey, all those great practices in 2012 prepared us for 2013!
  8. Linayus

    2019 Schedule Released

    Oh they'll make that one a night game to curse us even more. :/
  9. Linayus

    Season: One Twenty Six | Episode Three

    Players requested it. I believe Stidham mentioned it in one of his media sessions. I like it too.
  10. Linayus

    Arkansas Score Prediction

    If we EVER do that again - I quit rooting for Auburn football. LOL Hey, we've been there too! Gus won't run up the score though, especially if we jump out to an early lead. He'll throw in a bunch of guys to give them reps and we'll start running every single play. Auburn 45 Arkansas 12 (y'all got a decent FG kicker, right??)
  11. Linayus

    2019 Schedule Released

    Ohhh yeah, okay, I got you. That was set up pretty nice.
  12. Linayus

    Season: One Twenty Six | Episode Three

    I'm loving this series. I hope this continues each season.
  13. Linayus

    2019 Schedule Released

    Yeah the addition of Mizzou and A&M really messed up the schedule rotation. I'm super excited for this one!
  14. Linayus

    Question about Gus and play design

    Also - you have to know how your teammates will react if you get in their faces about missed assignments and what not. Maybe you can get fired up in an encouraging way but if you get angry - they'll likely get angry in return and things will spiral out of control the wrong way. lol (I saw Tom Brady pissed the other night when losing to Jacksonville and he was screaming at his offense to "Do your f-cking job!" which I know those guys don't want to hear.) JS seems to be the encouraging type. Very much the calmer "It's alright. Forget about it. We'll get it done the next drive." as opposed to the fired up face of the defense like Deshaun Davis.
  15. Linayus

    2019 Schedule Released

    I think it ends up being one of the toughest (again) schedules in the nation. Ranked opponents: Oregon Texas A&M MS State LSU Georgia Alabama With our luck, Florida will be this year's LSU team and rise up the rankings in a hurry too.