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  1. And if we can start freezing the DE with Nix keeping it more often, we'll look even better. I think Kim has improved but it's not enough. We need more physicality out of this group and I don't think there is much more they can give.
  2. He looked totally unstable and out of it. I guess you can be shaken to that point but not concussed? I'd not be surprised to hear he was unconscious for a few secs when he hit the turf the way he did. Edit: Also - my kudos go to Tutt and Shenker as well. Non-kudos to the punt coverage team. Geez they need to tighten up. lol
  3. Ehhh, Gatewood also made some terrible reads. Either that or Gus has him on a tight leash and is telling him to give or keep every play. FWIW, when he took that sack he was looking to throw out to the WR but they got to him way too fast. I'm hoping we establish a good lead this weekend so he can get more play time under his belt.
  4. And yet the transit system is getting worse (and will continue to get worse) as they add more and more stops with fewer buses. Plus they can't house enough students ON campus or even near campus so the whole idea of a pedestrian campus is never going to work. BEMC needs to go and another parking deck needs to be built for "C" zone parking. But I digress.. lol As for the complex - I think something akin to the Clemson or Michigan renderings would fit Auburn best. Maybe not so many windows though - y'all know it gets HOT down here, right? lol
  5. For sure! QB depth was a huge liability and still is to an extent. O-line depth is even scarier to me so I'd love to get those backups time on the field over the next 2 weeks.
  6. I think Bo is a great QB and will do amazing things for us. First game, adjusting to college speed, knowing his WRs, etc.. it all plays into those turnovers, bad throws, scrambling in the (sometimes) wrong direction. I think he's one of the rare few that will only get better. This might be the worst we see of Nix. Good luck!
  7. I'm thinking we see Bo Nix for 3 quarters this week and let Joey finish the game out. A lot of issues early in the game could be attributed to timing - game speed plus knowing your receivers, so I think they'll try to get Bo as many reps as possible (unless we put up 42 in the first half). Definitely want Gatewood in there in the 4th at least - and passing the ball around too - just to keep him primed if we happen to need him for more than just a sneaky QB keeper at the goal line.
  8. It was a mixed bag for Nix, but I think we all saw the potential there. A lot of the issues with over/underthrown balls is just adjusting to game speed and knowing your receivers. He made a lot of nice throws too - downfield to Hastings, Joiner on the wheel route, and a couple there to Seth and Sal on the sideline that were beautiful. If we give him some QB keepers now and then to keep defenses honest, we could have a VERY balanced offense going forward as we work out the timing and kinks over the next two weeks.
  9. I keep telling people we have talent on this team and they are like "Huh?! Who?!" THESE PEOPLE!! lol Makes me question whether people actually pay attention to the games or just look at the score now and then. 🙄
  10. Unless Bo and our WRs come out with HOT hands, I expect much of what @keesler said. Lean on the defense, especially early, and if we can move down the field effectively with the run game then we can take some riskier shots downfield. No matter what happens, we get Auburn football, so expect the unexpected!!
  11. I could see Gatewood taking more snaps in the red zone (wildcat) just because of his size/athleticism. Or at least be part of that package to give it another wrinkle if Boobie takes the snaps.
  12. How many PBR have you had today? Look again! You're first!
  13. I like summer Auburn (aside from the heat). Less traffic and I can actually show up to eat somewhere without reservations and get seated quickly. 😛
  14. Heyyyy!! lol You'd think "working from home" would give me plenty of opportunities to get on here but I just don't seem to find my way here consistently. lol Maybe I should set a daily alert to log in and catch up on posts.. 🤔
  15. I'm in and out of the forums a lot (but I try to be at least weekly during the football season - lol) but there are a bunch of you that I love seeing posts from: @augolf1716, @bigbird, @McLoofus, @AUsince72, @abw0004, @ellitor, @StatTiger, @RunInRed, @Tigerbelle, @Momma Worm and geez.. let me just stop there because I might start tagging most of this forum's members.