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  1. FWIW - the NFL was aware of, and rightly concerned, with the injury Tre' Williams was struggling with his senior season. No team wants to waste a draft pick on a player they were pretty certain was going to sit out the whole season (if he ever played again). This turned out the best for Tre' and he looks to be back to 100% now and has already been picked up by the Lions. I know more about his circumstances than many since he had to miss my wedding because of the timing of the surgery and recovery. 😛 He went through a lot and I am super happy for him to be given a chance now to show what he can do.
  2. My sources say it was closer to 600, but they might have been exaggerating a tad.
  3. Deshaun gets an invite but Tre' Williams never did (though others less talented made it to Indy last year). But.. Tre' has options now that he's fully recovered from his shoulder/neck injury and I'd be over the freaking moon if him and Deshaun make the same NFL squad.
  4. This breaks my heart. We're all in your corner and are here when you need strength and uplifting. May God provide you all with the comfort of peace in these difficult days.
  5. Out of all of those, I'm most excited/nervous about how Joiner will perform for us - mostly with his blocking ability. I have no doubts he'll be fine with running/catching the ball but blocking in that role will be HUGE for us going forward.
  6. Javaris has said he's returning too. Defense will be great!
  7. Good stuff. It looked like the safety wrapped up Davis as he turned up from the post and was forcing him OOB. That should've been a defensive holding call at the least even though the ball was thrown right before that. Still, great play call there. I really hope this kind of thing continues next season with Gus "officially" at the helm again.
  8. Maybe in some packages he can play as the OLB/Buck? Didn't we do that with one of our earlier NFL guys? Dee Ford maybe?
  9. How does Bama get away with weaker schedules and skate into the playoffs while we run a freaking brutish schedule and get ridiculed when we lose? Oh well, Bama got slapped down last night and it was sweet to see even if it will have the ACC crowing that they're better than the SEC for the next 8 months.
  10. Linayus


    Aw man, this is excellent news!! I'm super happy for you and your family, 72! Lots more memories to make!
  11. Is that everyone now? Can Deshaun get a 5th year??
  12. Makes sense to me, since he gave up the QB dream pretty quickly and decided to pursue whatever opportunity he had with basketball. I gave up following him after that so not sure what he's doing now.
  13. 1. But who wants to take over the mess that is Auburn (according to some) and deal with our stupid President and the all-powerful PTB AND deal with the expectations of beating both Saban and Smart (and now Fisher too let's not forget) every single season or risk being called a failure of a coach?
  14. I expect Oregon to be a tight one but I think we will be favored because of our defense. The rest, I agree with you. Things could change though if we beat Oregon and then aTm early and have some momentum.