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  1. Linayus

    Football Rules and Interpretations

    @WarTiger - I'd like to hear this as well. It seems like everything is skewed to hinder the defensive players while the ball carrier gets away with stiff-arm/facemasks, leading with their helmet, etc.
  2. Linayus

    Can't make this up

    I don't put stock in the rankings beyond the top 10 (and not much in that). But you can't argue with the W/L column. UAB would probably give us a dog fight.
  3. Linayus


    I have been saying this since we played LSU - we are almost identical teams with one glaring difference. Joe Burrow doesn't make as many mistakes as Stidham does and so they've won more of the tight games than we have.
  4. Linayus

    Georgia Game Report Card

    I'm just going to say here that I'm not bashing our defense AT ALL. Yes, we were sloppy in places but when your offense goes 3 and out over and over and the other team controls the time of possession on offense for 2/3 of the game, what can you do? They still held a really good football team to 27 points. Jesus Christ.. if we had the Nick Marshall offense with this defense we'd be destroying the SEC. But this crap show of an offense is destroying us and our defense is completely gassed. Thank God they can rest a bit against Liberty (I HOPE) and might be more fired up for the Iron Bowl.
  5. Linayus

    Upon Further Review -Auburn Passing Game

    Take away Ryan Davis' insane ability to make tacklers miss within those first 2-3 yards and our passing offense the last 2-3 years would be ATROCIOUS.
  6. I know we don't get to do a lot of kick returns so Iggy hasn't had many opportunities this year but he had been doing so much better until this game. He looked just as blind as he did when he first started doing returns. It's like he can't see outside the one lane he tries to hit and the defenders just nail him (or he runs into one of his own blockers). I'm not a fan of our 4-2-5 defense when you have one LB on the outside and only one LB in the middle who runs straight into the lineman and gives the RB 5+ EASY yards. With a talented back like Swift, it was a disaster. Our only hope against Alabama is if both Tua and Jalen are too banged up to make enough plays. We could make it a tight game in that scenario. Not saying we'd win even then, but it'd be a closer game than it will if Tua is healthy.
  7. Linayus

    Georgia Game Report Card

    Okay, confession time.. I never really paid attention to those of you who claimed Gus couldn't game plan after the first couple of "scripted" drives but it's finally sinking in when @StatTiger throws out these horrible statistics. He's relying on pure talent and one-on-one match-ups to make things happen for him instead of the other way around. I know we have Gus for another year or two (unless things get really bad) but if the man won't get an OC who he'll let actually run the offense, we're screwed. I'll even hop on the Hugh Freeze train if Gus will give over the entire offense to him, and that says A LOT from me because I don't want coaches at Auburn like him, Art Briles, Petrino, etc.
  8. Linayus

    My Thoughts From the Stadium (Texas A&M)

    I think we can beat Georgia too. LSU got 4 turnovers that helped them out but if we can manage 2 turnovers, I think we can do the same. We shall see.
  9. Linayus

    Iron bowl on CBS

    Bama Nation Station? Say it ain't so!
  10. Linayus

    Auburn opens +13.5....

    I don't see Georgia blowing us out this time. Not sure why I feel that way but I think we keep it close. If we do lose by 14 it'll be because they get a last drive TD to cover it. As far as Bama goes.. it depends on whether or not Tua is still healthy. With him they win out. Without him they lose.
  11. Linayus

    run game historically bad

    That's true - I do remember the announcers saying they were really good at eating up the clock. That certainly helps out the defense.
  12. Linayus

    run game historically bad

    Anyone else absolutely baffled at this? A&M went from one of the worst defenses (at least in the SEC), especially against the run, to one of the TOP in the nation seemingly in one season. It's incredible.
  13. Linayus

    Upon Further Review -Texas A&M Game

    Since I'm too lazy to research it myself - anyone know how many routes we hit over the middle?
  14. Linayus

    Second Season

    Nah, they're almost done too and they've actually kept their top ranking, unlike our football team. lol
  15. Linayus

    Going to be back on campus

    As in, walk-in and sit at the bar? I don't believe they do. I've been a couple of times but I don't recall that being an option.