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  1. I'll direct you to the semi-finalist page for the Lou Groza award: so you can compare all of their stats around the time they were narrowed down to the finalists. I could argue that some of the others had better stats than Daniel and were more deserving based on the body of work up to that point for this season. Daniel is phenomenal, we know that and the committee knows that, which is probably why he got the nod over others but his stats this season just were not what we came to expect from him. And yes, there was a thread here about voting for Daniel. He was already well behind when we got going with that. lol
  2. Pro Football Focus player grades

    Braden and Austin should both have good pro careers. I really wish they had another year at Auburn with our current offensive scheme. *sigh*
  3. Honestly, Daniel was lucky to even be a finalist this year. His FG stats just weren't that great compared to the rest of the field. In my opinion, he should've won last year. The year before that was against Aguayo who was just phenomenal in college (though his pro career has tanked). Daniel will have a stellar pro career though, I'm sure. I've seen Anders during warm-ups. He's got the leg but I'm not sure he'll be as consistent/accurate as Daniel. At least not right away. But he'll definitely be our #1 next year.
  4. Future look of SEC

    Okay - take your scenario where Auburn and Mizzou swap. 1. Bama fans: "Auburn couldn't handle competing in the West so they lobbied to move to the garbage East division!" (and many unpleasant varieties of the same) 2. I personally prefer the LSU rivalry over any East division "rivalry" outside of Georgia. LSU > Florida in my personal opinion. 3. Outside of Florida, Tennessee, and Georgia - I think the rest of the East is traditionally garbage. I'd rather we play Ole Miss, Miss State, and Arkansas each year who have at least been somewhat relevant and bowl eligible. 4. We'd have to play Bama twice and possibly back to back unless we no longer play them as the final regular season game. Just my opinion!
  5. Back to Back 10 win Seasons

    I keep looking at Bama and Georgia's schedules. Once again they get a cakewalk while us and LSU have to survive a gauntlet. Ughhhhh.
  6. Back to Back 10 win Seasons

    At least that's 5 games in. We should be good. lol
  7. More Versatility in Auburn's Gameplan Next Year?

    My theory: Gus hates spin moves and Roc just couldn't help himself.
  8. IF.... The good guys had won...

    I had OU winning regardless - much to my own dismay. lol We could've gotten into a shoot-out with them healthy and maybe won with a late FG but I'm not sure anyone truly stops the Mayfield led offense this year. I hope Clemson wins a close one against Bama and I hope OU beats the crap out of Georgia. lol
  9. Upon Further Review - Auburn

    A couple of things I've thought about today that are pretty darn amazing for this year's team: 1. Our scoring defense was GREAT. We only allowed an average of 17 points a game which is exactly the same as last year except the most points any team has scored on us this year was 28 and that was Georgia taking advantage of a tired defense. Compare that to last year allowing aTm and Ole Miss to score 29, Bama 30, and Oklahoma 35. Kevin Steele deserves his pay. Hell, Gus should probably give him another $500k from his own salary as a bonus. 2. Not only do we have another 1000 yard rusher with KJ (even missing 2 games) and who could hit 1500 if healthy against UCF, we also have a QB who has thrown for over 2800 yards and will very likely pass 3000 against UCF. The last Auburn QB with stats that good? Cam Newton. ( @StatTiger can correct me if I'm wrong! ) We may have botched the early game against Clemson and threw away a win against LSU, but this team deserves a lot of credit for the way they responded and finished the year. I'm excited to see what we do going forward!
  10. Future look of SEC

    I'm 100% behind moving Georgia up a week or two on our schedule. Losing to Georgia almost guarantees a loss to Bama in our current situation and winning against Georgia doesn't make beating Bama any easier. lol
  11. Back to Back 10 win Seasons

    I definitely think we're ripe for another 10 win season but we need to come out firing against Washington and LSU. Our team will be ranked top 10 in the preseason despite possibly losing a good bit of our offense and key starters on defense so hopefully that doesn't spell disaster for us as it has in the past.
  12. Future look of SEC

    I just don't want Auburn in the East. Sure, we'd get an easier road to the SECCG but we'd also be annually picked on for playing no one except Bama/Georgia (if we were able to keep Bama) and not getting the respect we may/may not deserve. Georgia had to remain undefeated for 90% of their season to really earn respect.
  13. Did kj win sec player of the year?

    I think it's great that Tre' Williams got 2nd team honors when his numbers really were no where near the other great LBs in the SEC this year. It shows they think a lot of him when he's healthy.
  14. Looking ahead to 2018 RBs

    Martin's burst through the gaps is super exciting to watch. It seemed like every time we put him in he got 6+ yards on his first carry and it was usually right up the middle. I'm praying we see way more of him against UCF at least than we have in the past few games.
  15. Injuries from Sat

    They had two really good games to watch too - our first match up against them and the Iron Bowl. They took away the perimeter game and we struggled for it but still had the opportunities there. I saw an extremely worn out team by the second half.