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  1. SEC Champ (Bama) B1G Champ (Ohio St) ACC Champ (Clemson) PAC12 Champ (Oregon) Those are very likely our top 4. I think OU's dismal performance this year keeps the Big 12 conference champ out. Best playoff match-ups would be Clemson vs. Oregon and Bama vs. Ohio State. Another Bama vs. Clemson championship game with Bama coming out victorious. All that said - Bama loses early to Georgia. Georgia loses to Florida. LSU drops 3 games. Auburn wins the SEC. Bo Nix wins the Davey O'Brien but loses the Maxwell/Heisman to Chuba Hubbard. Auburn falls flat in the playoff against Cle
  2. This really just comes down to Auburn and UAB having more alumni who are fans and Bama having more "sidewalk/bandwagon" fans, so of course both AU and UAB have a greater disdain for Bama. "Alabama fans love Alabama football..." - in my experience this is very true. Very few that I know will follow any other sport except for football. This is true of many schools, I know, as personal sporting preferences differ widely between individuals. But on the flip side, I have way more Auburn fans who follow multiple sports (whether that's basketball, baseball, softball, gymnastics, equestrian, etc.
  3. Wait... WAIT... we went from J(eff) Grimes to a J(B) Grimes? No wonder I've been so confused about why we couldn't get our o-line back up to par. I really need to start paying attention to more than just last names. 🤣
  4. So with 3 "waiting".. how many more spots do we have open?
  5. This cracked me up.. who all has Avery helped bring in so far?? Josh Vitale @JoshVitale · 55m Avery Jernigan has me convinced that Auburn is going to land every recruit in the state of Georgia.
  6. I'm way behind. Any of these guys big flips today or pretty much what we anticipated?
  7. Things I've learned from this thread... 1. I need to try Buffalo Trace. That's it. Short list.
  8. I liked this part of the Anon reply: Also, you need to be upfront with the "fringe" benefits that come with playing in a large program like Alabama. Every school and its boosters will operate a bit differently. But let's put it this way - it would be no surprise at all for a player to get dressed after a game and find a roll of $20s in his pocket, that mysteriously showed up during the game. I can tell you I know guys from Bama title teams that experienced that, specifically.
  9. Dearmon would probably LOVE to come back to Auburn. His wife at least has family in north Alabama and with 3 kiddos now, I'm sure they'd appreciate being closer to them.
  10. I was just discussing this with my wife. lol I think Auburn would have to cease recruiting immediately but he could still choose to come to Auburn.
  11. To be fair, I think we're solid at all of our skill positions on offense. The issue is and has been the o-line. If we can get guys that can get push off the line even 25% better than this year's line, we'll be in business again. Allowing Bo to run more will also help. (I think he's proved himself smart enough and more than capable.) RB depth is finally the least of our worries.
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