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  1. Will we have a top 25 defense this year?

    Oh, and Steele said he'd never have guessed Dinson was injured as badly as he was so that's always good to hear!
  2. Monty Adams and Carl Lawson Draft talk

    And this actually ticks me off. That was the biggest downside of Reese Dismukes as well. Guy is named the best center in college football and all they want to talk about is that his arms are like 2 inches shorter than what they want. Who cares?! Put him on the field and he'll get it done! Now, if I was out there playing center or DE at 5'7 and 165lbs then you could ignore me. Not because my arms aren't as long as someone with less talent. Sorry.. rant over. lol
  3. Will we have a top 25 defense this year?

    I think Dean and Dinson are both expected to contribute but it'd be hard to replace the experienced Davis' on the outside, even though Carlton looked to struggle here and there last year. Dinson is battling for the nickel spot against Daniel Thomas and Dean will have to fight to earn a start at corner.
  4. Great Auburn Moments

    Duval.. man.. he'd be a hero one game and the most hated guy on the team the next. lol But that was a great game. Still remember watching that kick and not believing my eyes when it went through.
  5. Great Auburn Moments

    Sad that I STILL didn't catch that.
  6. Tight Ends and HBs

    I definitely don't want to sound too negative about Canella - A-Day was really all we got to see of him and that wasn't a lot to go on. He did make some catches and any time you draw double coverage (whether intentional or a blown assignment by the DBs) is a good thing for the offense. Like @McLoofus said, I expect more production out of the TE position this year but not "a lot" - let our talented young WRs make the plays and sprinkle in the TE passes to keep the secondary honest!
  7. Great Auburn Moments

    Carnell was shifty and speedy but I loved Ronnie a little more. They were a crazy good 1-2 punch!
  8. Great Auburn Moments

    Man, we have had some GREAT RBs at Auburn. I miss the combination of power and speed we had in players like Brad Lester, Ben Tate, and Ronnie Williams. Those guys would run you over and just keep going. Great balance, great drive, and just loved to punish DBs! Also - that 2004 LSU game cemented my love and conviction to Auburn football and the entire Auburn family. The 4th down conversion by Taylor and then shortly after the go-ahead TD ignited a frenzy in the Auburn faithful and we didn't even know what a magical season we were in store for, but man did we ever start to believe it was possible after that game!
  9. Tight Ends and HBs

    I didn't notice much in the way of blocking by the TE/HB position during A-Day so I can't give much new input there. I did notice Canella's speed (or lack thereof) when running seam routes. The DBs were all over him so I don't expect to see him a lot in the passing game except to draw coverage away from the receivers or if he just ends up wide open in blown coverage. That said, Cox is definitely the guy that will be back there any time we use more of an HB role. Probably Shenker too depending on how well he learns the offense. I don't know if any of our guys are true blocking TEs so I don't expect to see many packages where we utilize them in that role.
  10. Will we have a top 25 defense this year?

    I'm going to assume you were referring to HC Chizik-era and not the DC Chizik-era. Those are night and day differences. I like our d-line and the depth we have there. We might have done well pressuring QBs last season but we didn't get a lot of sacks so that is a much needed area of improvement and emphasis for this season. As Coach Steele said, we need to have a pass rush without sending in 5-6 guys so that needs to continue to be a focus as well. Linebackers are solid. Tre Williams is probably the better all-around LB and is a great leader but we have some drop-off behind him. These guys are great in run support but like most linebacker groups, pass coverage needs some work. DBs as a whole are pretty decent. As everyone has noted - depth at safety is very thin and we haven't made it through a season in a long time without one or more of these guys going down with injury. That's a huge area of concern that can really effect the whole defensive unit as the season wears on. If you look at our total defensive stats by player - we're returning 10 of the top 12 (Lawson came in at 13). With that much experience returning we could very well be Top 25 in total defense. Lose a couple of those guys in the secondary though and we might be thinking more along the lines of Top 50 at best.
  11. Reuben Foster - Diluted drug test at NFL combine

    I've taken a few drug tests and they always monitored any liquid intake while I was present. Sometimes you need some to help you go but they cut you off if you want to keep drinking more water/coffee. Not sure how many ounces it takes to dilute it, but based on my experience it isn't a ton (20 ounces?).
  12. Not sure if you were joking or being sarcastic - but this seemed a bit harsh and unnecessary. FWIW, he DID fix it. Anyway, I'm pretty disappointed in Fagan and Martin. I follow both on Instagram and Martin in particular seems like a pretty decent person. Considering our lack of depth at pitching, losing her for any amount of time hurts. Hopefully she'll straighten up and there won't be any issues from here on out. Fagan might have seen the field for the last time though. :/
  13. OT: health update - good news

    Excellent news!! WDE buddy! Keep up the good fight!
  14. Kyle Davis

    I just want to say - his last post on Instagram was a month ago today with the caption "Do Not Disturb" and was of him playing against LSU. If Gus says he's expected back in the Fall, I'd expect him back unless something drastic changes things. No reason to believe otherwise as it's clear KD loves Auburn and nothing short of failing classes or team violations should keep him away and I don't believe either is an issue. Just let him handle what he needs to personally, whatever it may be, and we'll see him when we see him!
  15. Daniel Carlson

    About the punting situation.. I know Shannon was out but why use Carlson at all? Don't we have other guys who need the practice more? Or are the rest so bad that Carlson is our #2 if Shannon is out? I really hope that's not it. lol