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  1. I've taken a few drug tests and they always monitored any liquid intake while I was present. Sometimes you need some to help you go but they cut you off if you want to keep drinking more water/coffee. Not sure how many ounces it takes to dilute it, but based on my experience it isn't a ton (20 ounces?).
  2. Not sure if you were joking or being sarcastic - but this seemed a bit harsh and unnecessary. FWIW, he DID fix it. Anyway, I'm pretty disappointed in Fagan and Martin. I follow both on Instagram and Martin in particular seems like a pretty decent person. Considering our lack of depth at pitching, losing her for any amount of time hurts. Hopefully she'll straighten up and there won't be any issues from here on out. Fagan might have seen the field for the last time though. :/
  3. Excellent news!! WDE buddy! Keep up the good fight!
  4. I just want to say - his last post on Instagram was a month ago today with the caption "Do Not Disturb" and was of him playing against LSU. If Gus says he's expected back in the Fall, I'd expect him back unless something drastic changes things. No reason to believe otherwise as it's clear KD loves Auburn and nothing short of failing classes or team violations should keep him away and I don't believe either is an issue. Just let him handle what he needs to personally, whatever it may be, and we'll see him when we see him!
  5. About the punting situation.. I know Shannon was out but why use Carlson at all? Don't we have other guys who need the practice more? Or are the rest so bad that Carlson is our #2 if Shannon is out? I really hope that's not it. lol
  6. My own opinion was that Tre got hooked on painkillers. I know what those can do when abused and Tre seemed to show signs of that. Whatever it is though, I want nothing but the best for him, his health, his family, etc. If he can get back on track, I'll be rooting for him the whole way. I don't like seeing any of our guys struggle!
  7. I'm fine with two years - but it needs to be either before the hire or after the hire, not both. Four years, as we all know, can see a ton of coaching/personnel changes that could completely derail the hopes of that HS coach trying to get into the college ranks. So then you are hurting that coach, the program that was looking to hire him, and the recruits that were hoping to play for that program as well but were shunned because of this rule.
  8. It may be different this year, but our line works much better with Golson at C so that needs to continue to be our anchor point. Tega(?)-James-Golson-Horton-Smith is solid if Tega continues to get better. Physically the guy is gifted but I'm not sure how well he'll fare against speed rushers and that's especially crucial if we want to stretch the field with JS at QB. I wouldn't be surprised to see Calvin come in and start at LT but I'd prefer him redshirting so they can work on getting his pass protection up to par as well. As far as depth at Safety - Mathews, Roberts, Ruffin, and Thomas are good but you'd prefer to have 3-deep at each position. Sherwood is not remotely close to seeing the field unless we lose 2 of those guys and a CB or two as well. lol
  9. Read this again: "The proposed rule, bylaw 11.4, prohibits a college program from hiring a high school coach for a non-field or support role if it had recruited a player from that coach's high school in the previous two years. The program also would be prohibited from recruiting players from that high school for two years after hiring the coach." That means if a program really wants a HS coach to join its staff in a non-field position, it will have to shut down its recruiting at that school for FOUR years. Considering you want successful coaches on your staff, and said coaches usually have good to great players, FOUR years of possible recruits down the drain for one HS coach is not even remotely close to a fair payoff. This rule is absolute BS.
  10. That wide open TD pass at the 10 min mark in the first vid was beautiful. The drop was not. lol Edit: Anyone else notice how stubborn Baylor was in the run game? Hmm.. pretty familiar looking.
  11. Yessss, love this!! Welcome back, Coach!!
  12. Auburn should've been a 10 win team last season with a fairly one dimensional offense. With a QB who can stretch the field (and yes, I believe he can and will), 10 wins should be our lower expectation of this season. Even with the losses on the d-line, we've got the depth and talent to be good enough there to not really miss a beat. The FPI has us 5th but with an average of about 9 wins. I'd say that's pretty darn fair considering it's our SOS that's boosting us above several of the teams below us. They have us losing to Clemson, LSU, and Bama. That's pretty realistic to me!
  13. Well said, Doc! Here's hoping we're all still here pumping that sunshine again after next year's A-Day! WDE to you all!
  14. Yeah, they just don't want to name him starter because it hasn't even been a competition yet since Sean has been injured and rehabbing. It'll just be a formality until maybe the 2nd week of fall practices.
  15. I'm always cautiously optimistic regarding Auburn football. Lord knows we've crashed and burned more times than we've ever met (realistic) expectations. But this is the first time in several years where I though we actually looked GOOD during the A-Day game. Usually I can point to the position groups (like RB last year), or I'll take note of specific players who are playing particularly well (like Daniel Thomas this year), but I rarely feel like we look good as a whole unit. This year was different though. I'm still cautiously optimistic, but I can feel the hype bubbling up within me and it feels good.