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  1. Plays you want to see...

    There are a few I get mixed up from back then. I'll see if I can figure out who I'm thinking of. Edit: It was Brandon Cox that was a pitcher in HS.
  2. They have - especially anytime he draws a LB. It's frustrating to watch!
  3. Plays you want to see...

    Didn't Todd play baseball too? Or chose football over baseball? He could sling it!
  4. Plays you want to see...

    Actually this play would work even better with KJ in the wildcat and tossing to Jalen Harris. It worked so well for K-State because their QB does run a lot so the LB bit on it hard. And KJ has yet to throw out of the wildcat. Surprise the world!
  5. I agree - Hastings could have a monster game after somewhat disappearing the last two games. Maybe that was by design? Try to get Bama to forget about him until he's well behind the secondary?
  6. Ulm injuries

    I have too. It's done nothing but help us for next year's unit. Deshaun has played extremely well, though I still wince seeing him in passing coverage. lol
  7. College GameDay headed to AU

    I'll be there that morning. I very highly doubt I'll be anywhere near the pit of the set but I want to witness the madness. lol You do raise a good point about the traffic though.
  8. Happy Thanksgiving!!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all! I'm around today but I'll probably be absent the remainder of the week. Here's hoping we all reconvene after the game in celebration!! WDE!
  9. Ulm injuries

    Nooooo, Tre' isn't like that at all. I can promise you that. He wants to play but he won't be out there if he doesn't think he can perform at a high level. They won't make that call until Saturday most likely anyway. And even then it'll still probably be more of a "He's available if we need him" type situation.
  10. Ulm injuries

    I'm hearing Tre' Williams is feeling good and had a really good practice yesterday. Even if he doesn't start at least we'll have him ready to go!
  11. College GameDay headed to AU

    I mean, they are getting a GREAT backdrop for the set - but dang are they far enough away from the action??
  12. Carlson finalist for the Groza..AGAIN

    He had a weird thing going early this season but was able to correct it. Since those first few he's been nearly flawless minus the two blocks against A&M. He's a finalist because of the # of kicks he's made, plus the # of kicks over 50, and his continued PAT record. Probably because of his entire body of work as well, though that's not supposed to be a factor.
  13. Auburn vs. Alabama - Weekly Presser

    Very true. I noticed it during his Tiger Talk leading up to the Georgia game. Hopefully that confidence is deserved and is reflected in the team this Saturday!
  14. hope we see Willis and Igbinoghene

    Omg.. when I read this I immediately started singing "Iggy Iggy Iggy can't you see? Sometimes you run right into your team!" (To the tune of Biggy Smalls "Hypnotize")
  15. Carlson finalist for the Groza..AGAIN

    Totally forgot about him. Yeah, he's had an outstanding season so far!
  16. Auburn vs. Alabama - Weekly Presser

    From what I've been told, the position coaches host their guys for dinner. I guess that's easier than getting all of the guys together at one place for a dinner on that scale.
  17. Quoting Gabe Gross

    Yeah I didn't see anything there that made me think BB material - unless they strip out that one comment, lie and say KJ said it, and plaster it all over their facilities. lol For what it's worth, I do think we'll have more success running the football. At least in a traditional sense. Jalen gives them an edge but we were good about taking that away last year so I'm hoping we can do the same this year. We have a more balanced offense and that's going to shift a lot our way in comparison to the last two years.
  18. Gameday Signs - Iron Bowl Edition

    What makes this all the more infuriating is that all the media runs with it too - just because they printed it in their media guide. Ugh!
  19. Johnson semifinalist for Doak Walker Award

    I hate Stoops - so I hate Oklahoma (also for them beating us in softball). But Mayfield can flat out ball. I mentioned it in the playoff discussion that Oklahoma is the one team I legitimately fear going against if we made it into the playoff. I know we can score on them but can we come up with enough defensive stops to secure a victory??
  20. Auburn vs. Alabama - Weekly Presser

    Really like listening to Stidham and KJ talk. Those are smart guys and humble. Quick to praise others when the praise is heaped on them. As for free time this week - yeah, they are even practicing Thursday morning. They get the afternoon off then it's back at it on Friday. lol
  21. Johnson semifinalist for Doak Walker Award

    You'd think they'd learn from Manziel - but nope. Character is only a concern for some of the voters (notably the older ones). I think he has earned it - but he needs to mature a lot more. Play angry but leave it all on the field.
  22. Carlson finalist for the Groza..AGAIN

    Ugh - that UCF kid has quite a lead on him.
  23. Play signaling

    I wonder myself if our own signs are eye candy for defenses and Kodi and others are the ones signaling the actual play.
  24. Ulm injuries

    Yeah - and believe me, he knows and isn't happy with his own production. lol