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    Practice stock report after week 1

    Not really Spring practice related - but I overheard some Auburn ladies working to get our new punter, Arryn Siposs, a place to live. Should've offered them my current place for the summer since we're moving out of here in April. lol I imagine he'll come in during summer workouts and take over the punting duties once official practices start up in the fall.
  2. Linayus

    AU RBs in NFL - Contract News

    My perspective was always that RBU was the university that had the most RB talent consistently at the university. It's an added bonus to throw in how many make it to the NFL and more so for those that succeed. For Auburn, we've had a ton of talent but extremely bad luck when our guys turn pro. Injuries, RB by committee, and other issues have derailed so many careers that could've been really good. It's definitely hard to compare with Bama and Georgia with their recent stars succeeding in the league. Still, we'll continue to keep our streak of 1,000 yard rushers going for years to come.
  3. Linayus

    Top Ten Comebacks in Football History

    How many comebacks did we have that year? 4? 5? Even after all that, I was still really worried about coming from that far behind against Bama. They were a really freaking good team and we had a few breaks go our way for once. lol
  4. I haven't been able to watch any games so far, but I check the highlights when they are posted. I hope Makayla keeps up that kind of production!
  5. Linayus

    Demographic Curiosity

    My cousin is currently at Mizzou. It's not exactly a great place to be right now. The only reason she's there over Auburn is because the wait list for Nursing is ridiculous (and so is the out-of-state tuition, let's be honest). lol
  6. I think Will Hastings is too. lol As for being an offensive analyst, I'm moving to Auburn next Saturday so maybe I can offer my services too? I make a great pot of coffee (just as my current co-workers!) and I don't mind cleaning up the place.
  7. Linayus

    Demographic Curiosity

    War Eagle! Best of luck to you in this endeavor!
  8. Linayus

    Jordan-Hare Stadium Renovation

    I like the arena cup holders though the angle means you need to drink 1/3 of it so it won't spill when you put it in there. lol
  9. Linayus

    Locker Room Renovations

    Well your card won't be scanned at the gate so missing 3 games, whether not attending or submitting it back into the pool, will cost you your season tickets the following year.
  10. Well, my crush would have been Carlee Wallace had she stayed with us instead of transferring to freaking Baylor. Instead it'll be Makayla Martin, despite a bit of off the field issues she's had.
  11. Linayus

    Let's Talk some BASEBALL

    Okay, I don't follow baseball.. well, at all really. But I know we had a hell of a season last year and I saw that they still predicted us to finish second to last and just ahead of Bama. What gives? Is the West just THAT good in baseball? I know LSU and State have been contenders but c'mon!
  12. Linayus

    AU - Legitimate Final Four Contender?

    I rarely get to watch basketball but I was able to attend the Auburn-Vandy game which was definitely a fun one to watch. I haven't seen the arena that full for anything except graduations! Definitely impressed with our 3-point shooting. That can help negate any size differences we might face. And we can be frustratingly aggressive on defense which is great but could bite us in tournament play as our guys could get fatigued having to play games closer together. I would be super happy if this team made the Elite Eight and beyond excited if we went further but just making the tourny would be a huge program win (though maybe disappointing if we lost immediately based on the season we've had so far).
  13. Linayus

    Scarbinsky leaving

    I really despised some of the articles he wrote about Auburn a few years ago (maybe 2 years?) but he was generally fair and like others have said, sometimes the truth hurts. lol
  14. Linayus

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    Grimes might be a bit slower in his assessment. We have some serious needs on the OL so I expect to see way more offers go out. Once we think we have 4-5 solid WRs that number will drop considerably, I'd expect.
  15. Linayus

    2018 Recruiting thread (Updated 1/29/18)

    Having lived in Louisiana during some middle school through high school years, anyone and everyone who played sports dreamed about playing for LSU. The fact that any of those kids leave the state to play somewhere else is pretty amazing. We had 2 guys on my football team with Auburn offers and they chose to stay home and give up football rather than leave the state. Having been born and raised an Auburn fan - it stunned me. LOL
  16. Linayus

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    Man I hope our defensive staff keeps recruiting hard. While it's fun to watch the offense score points, I love to see the defense shut down the opponent and a lot of that has to do with the LB position. Come on to Auburn, Pappoe!
  17. Linayus

    Locker Room Renovations

    Things have certainly changed the last 2 years regarding the student section. I do not think incoming freshmen can get season tickets (but can buy the smaller packages if available). You cannot sell your tickets. You cannot give anyone your student ID as they check the photos now to ensure it is you. If it's not you, the ID is confiscated. A certain number of guest tickets are available for the student section. Current students can request one guest pass per home game. I'm not sure if it's first come first serve or a random pick but my fiance was able to get a guest pass for every game except Georgia and Bama. The guest must enter with the student who requested the pass through dedicated gates. If you have tickets to a game but cannot attend - you can submit your ticket back to the ticket pool and it will be sold (as a guest pass, I think). You will not get a refund for giving it up and if you give up 3 tickets (I think it's 3) or do not attend 3 games then you will not be eligible for season tickets the following year. Good times. lol
  18. Linayus

    Auburn has a pretty good weekend

    "First I'd like to thank our Athletic Director, Jay.. uhh.. Allen Greene.. for providing us with the means to get where we are at today. None of this could've been possible without his continued support! So, thank you Ja.. uhh Allen!" For real though - it's nice to see several of our sports sitting pretty in the national rankings. Gymnastics had a really tough stretch to contend with so I'm glad they are bouncing back strong. I saw baseball is predicted to finish second to last in the West (just ahead of Bama - HA!). That's crazy to think after the season we just had. Did we lose a lot of star players from last year's team?
  19. Linayus

    2018-19 Leading Rusher

    1 true and 1 RS.
  20. Linayus

    ***2018 NSD Thread (Feb 7th)***

    So were the Carlsons. Okay, Saban hates kickers.. but still!
  21. Linayus

    2018 NFL Combine Snubs

    Guy is an All-SEC pick having played injured almost the entire season and you don't think he'll be drafted?
  22. Linayus

    Changes at Toomers Corner

    Man, it seems like we were just getting accustomed to not seeing construction fencing on the corner and now this! While I'm sure the new addition will "look" like it belongs, all the construction is a pain in the a$$. :/
  23. Linayus

    Brad Lester 🤦‍♂️

    Brad had two options when it came down to it: 1. fight the child pornography charge in court or 2. plea to the lesser charges that he would likely be found guilty of even if he had won his case in court. To have the entire case thrown out in court would be nearly impossible. He saved the system, himself, and his family time and frustration by pleading out. It happens every single day. As for his actions and intent - only he truly knows that but based on his character, I'd say it was going to be a prank and things went overboard. Hopefully he has learned his lesson and moved on.
  24. Linayus

    Prayers please

    Work has been busier than normal so I've been MIA - but I am super glad to see he is doing better!
  25. Linayus

    Football Only Facility

    I just want them to hurry up and do something with the old Arena. I'm not sure what all it's used for now (outside of the Robotics competition and maybe a few offices) but it's an eyesore compared to most of the rest of campus and that parking lot is terrible. Also they won't want to move the football only facility too far away from the current location since it's close to the student-athlete dorms and the current practice facilities. Tearing down the old Arena and redoing that whole area would make a lot of sense.