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  1. dang.... that was a good 4th down call.... hats off to that catch...
  2. Britt down not good.... 4th and 1... they will probably get the first down while we are watching a commercial
  3. well we know what was so secret they were hiding at practice now...
  4. and they actually called a hold.... wow
  5. wow PI... they actually called
  6. Stove first target of the game... first down
  7. and even the these horrible Announcers calling out the missed call by the refs... lol
  8. How bout putting the best 11 on O and quit substituting and quit trying to play EVERY body on the bench on EVERY other Offensive play.. come out of half time and you do THAT... wow
  9. "is it right if we really squeeze frame by frame... do we go to far with replay" oh i don't know... you know.... to... you know... get the call RIGHT..... we aren't playing well... but these announcers are awful and the refs too.
  10. ALSO notice the throwback Auburn A with the Eagle on the teams warm up gear.... nice!