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  1. HA ha ha... me too... lol gonna party like it's 2013??
  2. So proud of the D... missed our NFL draftees, but they fought their tails off and missed on quite a few plays, but kept fightin and overall the young uns stepped up. on the other hand, we couldn't even run a QB draw.... I kinda think that says quite a lot about the main problems on O.
  3. Good play and probably a TD on the false start... and then coming back to Kobe with a TD nice Pass play. keep that up
  4. YEP.... Bama playing fast... gassing their D line and not letting the sub... kinda basically using that last TD 2 min drive on us as a blue print to attack GA
  5. I have just had a feeling Bamas D is better than UGAs O.... and Bamas O can put enough points up... just think bama wins... again... I hate em both.
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