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  1. and then there's this ^^^ yea I think most that felt trying to retain him was fine, IF we were considering a reasonable salary / contract (after the season / SEC championship / playoff) or letting him walk... Even a very high salary would have been acceptable with a good contract based on incentives and less guaranteed money / crazy buyouts. and BTW captain hindsight says that playing a bit more hardball / waiting on the contract WAS the right thing to have done at the time considering that NOW Gus called their bluff of actually trying to buy him out AND wanted to STAY even with all the chaos and fan animosity towards him AND was even willing to rework that same bad contract after the fact... just to stay... now... Gus is gonna end up having to wear the Visor again and being the OC too now ala Spurrier ... and bring in some kinda QB coach to call in (relay) his plays for him / work with the QB's... which is all the OC's under him have really ever done say's captain Hindsite... so basically no change.
  2. Most of us aren't even HALF the family man he is.........
  3. "I got no place to Coach... I Got no place else to Coach....... I got nobody...... " "way to go paula... way to go..."
  4. I get that but he also had a receiver right there where he threw it in the vicinity too... ??
  5. Had a Receiver open running with him to the sidelines 20 yards down field on that throw it away {intentional Grounding??) he could have tried to get it to.. TRIED... just keeps throwing it away...
  6. and back up SHOULD have completes completed a 42 yard pass...
  7. you don't take your foot off the pedal... put the 2nd string in and let em run the playbook... including passing....
  8. I hope Coe is ok that wrist gettin bent back looked nasty... Didn't see a post game thread and had to get that out...