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  1. I LOVE this hire. Great man. Great coach. Great Recruiter. War Eagle!
  2. Ahh, ok gotcha... knew there had to be a catch
  3. serious question... Couldn't AD Green possibly just step up (basically the job he was hired for) in the best and future interest of Auburn take control of this circus, and despite the interference... make a solid hire, give Napier or someone better complete control? I don't see why he couldn't? along with the President's ok, given the situation that has unfolded.. make them fire HIM... or get out of HIS way and do his job... and tell the meddlers thanks for your continued support, but we'll take it from here...
  4. oh they call our holding but not all their holding...
  5. wow... just wow... give it right back with no points allowed...
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