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  1. Meh, it will me roughly 1 of 2 responses or some combination of the 2 1. He wasn't talking to me and I should mind my own business 2. Insinuate I'm some sort of racist because I wasn't fully on board with hiring Deion
  2. While it is bama hate week, I'd also like to point out that's it's also time for the annual Operation Iron Ruck. AU & UAT veteran students are marching from Auburn to Tuscaloosa in order to bring more attention to veteran suicide. https://www.al.com/news/2022/11/alabama-auburn-student-veterans-set-for-operation-iron-ruck-to-promote-suicide-prevention.html
  3. So, you just want to keep the current staff and just change the HC?
  4. Rodney Garner is listed as the primary recruiter for Tank. I'll give you Jarquez though
  5. I've gone back and forth on this in my head multiple times and I'm thinking I wouldn't keep him on staff. If he wants to grow in the coaching profession, he needs to go elsewhere. I would help find him a landing spot where he could continue to expand his professional toolbox.
  6. I keep seeing this here and is it really true or is it a view through O&B glasses?
  7. They've got their rivalry game on Thursday. Telling his players anything else right now would be monumentally dumb
  8. The gumps would never hire an Auburn HC to be their HC. It just won't happen.
  9. Y'all losing your minds over 1 bad game where it was obvious the HC was checked out
  10. I don't know that anyone said the players are dumb but, I guess you have to keep to your script.
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