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  1. We've had a couple of weeks here and there where it got nasty but overall, I don't think it's been a terrible season...and I HATE summer
  2. The only problem is the ridiculous beard sported by the guy on the left of the picture
  3. I don't frequent the board like I used to but I, like everyone else, knows why he believes Greene didn't get the job (and why he wants him out)....it has nothing to do with Greene's performance or decisions.
  4. Oh, this is about Covid? After that thread about Auburn's pathetic 60% vax rate and Harsin avoiding the topic, I just ignore the anti-vax lunatic fringe and roll on.
  5. I was at that 1999 game. That was a good (and fun) night
  6. No vaccine in existence is 100%. I get my flu shot every year and got the flu earlier this year (COVID test came back negative). I went from normal flu (laid up for 2 weeks, aches/pains/lethargy, etc) to it being roughly a moderately bad head cold with a shorter duration.
  7. Had a nice long response typed up but this is going to get political in a New York Minute. Just get vaccinated, people.
  8. I was a Yankee kid at my first major college football game as a freshman. That plus a ton of booze since that time has made it rather hazy. I hadn't set foot on Auburn's campus until I showed up for pre-freshman orientation.
  9. My freshman year in 1992, whatever the 1st home game was
  10. A quick view of his wiki page shows he was at Arky State in 2011, Ole Miss 2012-2014, and USF in 2015
  11. I haven't actively watched a game in over 2 years. I'll throw it on the TV (if it's broadcast here) and then go about doing my normal things around the house. I used to dedicate those hours to Auburn football.
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