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  1. Tenuous? Not yet with me but, he's certainly in the Missouri area
  2. I'm ALWAYS wearing my fancy pants
  3. It annoys me when people quote guys (minor annoyance but still) I have on ignore but, literally 4 out of his 5 listed guys in that quoted post left (at least partially) for the same reason Bo left....job jeopardy.
  4. You forgot gnocchi. You should be ashamed of yourself. Go to your room and say 5 Hail Gus'
  5. The other 2 people on my ignore list: Mikey and Viper?
  6. Just let him go, man. Talking rational with these folks is akin to this
  7. You give people here FAR too much credit.
  8. I'll admit, I got a much needed chuckle from this thread after seeing the original date.
  9. Congratulations to both of you missing my point. Have a good day.
  10. Did I get this right for the resident Negabarners?
  11. Mikey hates everything that isn't Mikey. That's why he's on my ignore list
  12. It's rather easy to stomach when your mood or overall attitude isn't affected by 18-21 year olds and what they may or may not do over a period of 48minutes. Do I love my alma mater and the football team? Absolutely. Does it in anyway impact my outside life? Not at all.
  13. Default. It works for me, so no need to change
  14. Oh look, another post by someone that "supports Harsin and wants him to succeed".
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