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  1. Nope, that's typically Cybersecurity Operations folks.
  2. Beer: it's your best friend, you drink a lot of it
  3. IT Audit, I spend most of my day trying to make people not hate me
  4. Colonel Mustard in the conservatory with the candle stick
  5. I need to get down your way just so we can eat great food until we're stupid (ok, a short trip), and wash it all down with tasty beverages.
  6. I've seen 1 single article on this whole thing on ESPN (and I had to kinda dig), co-byline including Thamel. Thamel is a journalist in name only, he just throws a bunch of feces at a wall and hopes something sticks. This hasn't even been thrown in as a sidebar on my local sports news. So no, there's really not much awareness beyond the social media idiots. Should Auburn & Harsin part ways (IMO, they should), there may be a few stories published for clicks dependent entirely on how the press releases are done.
  7. Good? No. My point is everyone is tilting at windmills when the University has been publicly vague and Harsin has been mildly defensive. I'll cut Harsin a little slack for being defensive regarding the social media rumors but, again that can't be tied to the University in any way. The vast majority of this whole thing has been driven by beat writers looking for clicks and football fans grasping & attempting to interpret every little thing someone may say on social media.
  8. The important parts bolded. The University is not tied to any of that nonsense.
  9. So, now we're playing with 2nd & 3rd hand information? Surely you remember the game of telephone as a kid.
  10. What has the University said beyond a vague statement that an investigation is on going. Rumors, beat writers looking for clicks, and overly vocal extended family are what's fueled this in the public/social media eye. The University itself doesn't really look all that bad. Harsin doesn't look quite as good because of his SIL and running to EPSN & Thamel. Either way, everyone here is acting like Harsin and the University administration are trading punches in the headlines when that's not true at all.
  11. Auburn needs better legal representation if they signed off on that policy prior to publication.
  12. I'm not comfortable saying something like that. There's no revision history documenting changes made, no listed approval chain (by title or individual), etc. That's not a policy I would even try to defend in front of a review board. There's just so much wrong and missing from that policy, it's practically a joke.
  13. Honestly, it looks like it was drawn up 45 minutes before publishing. 😂
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