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  1. Large avian creature, you're making a classic AUF blunder. You are attempting to engage AU-24 regarding ADAG. It's best just to let him roll on by. For whatever reason, he does not like ADAG, it's not worth the effort to engage him.
  2. selias

    New OC Hired Kenny Dillingham

    I wouldn't hold your breath. It will be more of the same next season. Changing the OC is just rearranging the deck chairs
  3. selias

    Freeze and Malzahn spotted in Auburn

    There's a couple I wouldn't mind giving a high five like this
  4. selias

    Gus wins (Decison made)

    I completely disagree. I have the money available for a new car but, I choose not to use it. The money exists, just unused.
  5. selias

    Gus wins (Decison made)

    Yeah, I knew about the Freeze thing but wasn't sure about the tie in to Gus.
  6. selias

    Gus wins (Decison made)

    I'll still root for the players but with Gus at the helm, I'll continue to do what I've been doing...not bothering to watch the games.
  7. selias

    Gus wins (Decison made)

    I don't follow
  8. selias

    Clemson Grad Transfer QB Kelly Bryant (Mizzou)

    doc...yeah, I got nothing. Sorry, you are a clearly a true optomist
  9. selias

    Josh Moon has some Malzahn info

    With the PBR shutdown scare, I figured you'd be really loading up.
  10. selias

    Clemson Grad Transfer QB Kelly Bryant (Mizzou)

    If he has NFL aspirations, he'd be better off going somewhere that can develop his skills at reading a defense and working through his progressions.
  11. selias

    Josh Moon has some Malzahn info

    By this point, I'm just looking for the humor in it all. So...y'all are stuck with my terrible sense of humor and bad jokes
  12. selias

    Josh Moon has some Malzahn info

    I am well stocked with bourbon, bad memes, and gifs. Let's light this candle