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  1. All the Oregon fans I encountered pre and post game in Phoenix were quite nice. I don't get the hate, it's not like we're rivals who play each other frequently.
  2. No offense but, how did you arrive at "we have depth" based on Eugene's post?
  3. I want to believe he has changed but, I'm still skeptical. I would like nothing more than to have him prove me wrong and turn Auburn into the juggernaut we all know is possible. I've heard BBQ sauce is good with crow and am quite willing to try it. No, I'm not crapping on his letter to former players. I think it's a great move and am glad he did it.
  4. I'd be curious as to what kind of response that post got in that foul swamp
  5. Playing with house money now.
  6. AD Greene crashed CBP's interview like a fan. That is awesome
  7. selias


    Been thinking of you this week. Keep fighting the good fight!
  8. My husky giving the driver the stink-eye from the kitchen window helps sell it
  9. Kind of hard to do when the Uber/Lyft rides I get are to/from the airport for business and I have a carry on and laptop bag. I do mention to the driver that I have a house sitter coming to watch my dogs
  10. Large avian creature, you're making a classic AUF blunder. You are attempting to engage AU-24 regarding ADAG. It's best just to let him roll on by. For whatever reason, he does not like ADAG, it's not worth the effort to engage him.
  11. I wouldn't hold your breath. It will be more of the same next season. Changing the OC is just rearranging the deck chairs
  12. There's a couple I wouldn't mind giving a high five like this