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  1. Who’s Excited?

    I've actually watched some basketball this year. That itself is significant since I generally don't care for the sport. I'm normally into the NHL playoffs during the NCAA tourney.
  2. Basketball Probe

    IIRC, he cooperated to the extent his attorney suggested
  3. Pettway is a mess

  4. Offseason Coaching Changes

    Poster child for why lead paint was banned
  5. I liked the hire before the presser, after....AD Greene looks to be an outstanding hire. Looks to be a home run hire and an excellent addition to our University.
  6. Demographic Curiosity

    43 Male Columbus, Ohio 2005 MIS (I took the long, scenic route to graduation)
  7. Matt Canada and LSU to part ways

    If true, I'm looking forward to watching TAMU battle Bama & the REC. I want to stay out of the crossfire of that one...
  8. UCF... AU defense has holes

    In other breaking news: The sky is blue and water is wet.
  9. Emoji I can't make out and a Mars symbol....I don't get it
  10. It hasn't been that long since he played at Auburn, his senior year was 2008.
  11. Nice article on Gus

    Experience is a harsh mistress and a strict teacher, which I continue to learn.
  12. UCF RB, "AU in for Rude Awakening "

    SEC football doesn't have a lot of speed? I'll have some of whatever this kid is smoking
  13. Baker Mayfield wins Heisman

    Now, go win the championship OU
  14. Did kj win sec player of the year?

    But...but...but...all he does is draw PI calls