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  1. Yes but he was still a WR coach with zero HC worked out well in the end but nobody could imagine it working out as well as it did. They took a calculated risk that paid off well, I still think the masses would freak out if Auburn did something similar even if Kodi went 5-1 in an interim role only losing to Bama. Clemson also at the time was a school that could take that kinda risk without too much pushback from the fan base.
  2. Although not good as it could be...I don’t think it’s a disaster. See Miami, FSU post Jimbo, UT, and a few others for disaster. I mean Auburn has seen success, just not consistent success. Clemson was patient and also took a chance went off the grid for their hire. This board would burn Auburn down if Kodi the current WR coach was named to replace Gus, like Clemson did when Bowden was let go.
  3. I mean he can only do what the offensive scheme dictates.
  4. Yeah ...reminded me of the Tennessee game in 2013. Offense line is the Achilles heel for Auburn to get back to doing what it does least under Gus...
  5. Possibly....but do not expect to win that debate on the Auburn fan boards or sites.
  6. Fans are fans...majority always are gonna back there guy. That’s nothing to be unexpected, just fandom, it’s never logical, and is what it is. As for Nix - he was a freshman in the toughest conference and division in football, not to mention playing a top 3 schedule. It’s not an excuse but a reality. Could he have played better, of course he could have. His stats are to a degree reflective of his level of experience at this level. Most true freshmen QBS don’t start in the SEC and I can’t imagine many doing much better than he did, especially with his inexperience against the level of competition he faced. Next year and into his junior season will tell us a lot more about him as a QB.
  7. I mean Nix player like a true freshman. Some of the errors should have been expected. Awards in many cases can be debated, but usually QBS get favorable nods especially over defensive players. Not a big deal it’s not a huge award IMO anyway.
  8. Exactly...and remember it was Bo’s first season of football in the toughest division in the nation. I’m curious to see how he improves under Chad
  9. Not a thing. I think some of us are hitting the sauce early tonight 😂😂
  10. The one we went after opted for Mizzou....after that it was not really many game changers, especially after the kid decided to stay at Arizona. Any others you can think of that may have made a Burrow like impact?
  11. Ed Orgeron when he gets done partying in the Bayou...
  12. When the oline has played at a high level Auburn (under Gus) has done pretty damn good. When the oline has been bad..average to not so good....