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  1. Name your method of protesting

    lol this only sports entertainment...that’s it - nothing more. . I would love to see Auburn athletics dominate in every way but I will not allow it to turn me into a loon. Some of you seriously need to pull it together. Hell the team still has a chance to do something special. If they fail then strap up the recliner up and get ready to support them again next season, whether it’s Gus or someone else.
  2. "This game will likely cost us our jobs"

    bingo...personally i just think it’s him overthinking things as a head coach.
  3. Auburn's next Head Coach

    I am curious...maybe the wizards here can explain to me what changed with Gus. As an OC his offense was dynamic and unpredictable at every stop from Tulsa, Arky, to AU. His offense holds most records at AU and has been part of the last championships AU has maybe the “in the knows” can enlighten me. I am in Indianapolis and have not been plugged in as much like I was while in living in Alabama. Has he forgot or is just over thinking things too much?
  4. ***Auburn 52 Arkansas 20 -- Postgame Thread***

    they get Miami and a very good NC St team. They could very well have two losses. November is the month for a lot of teams including Auburn. Side note i really like the Nc St coach...someone to keep an eye on. Don’t be surprised if he lands in the SEC somewhere....
  5. ***Auburn 52 Arkansas 20 -- Postgame Thread***

    the season hinged on those two games anyway. And i don’t think Au playoff chances are out the window. Bleak but not out the window.
  6. ***Auburn 52 Arkansas 20 -- Postgame Thread***

    for the most part he is right UGA has not faced anyone in the SEC. I would say the same for Bama. Auburn without a doubt will be the toughest opponent for both of them. The East is really bad.
  7. ***Auburn 52 Arkansas 20 -- Postgame Thread***

    people in the know lol...he takes the blame regardless....we can’t blame and not give credit. maybe he finally has learned to go ahead and beat the stuffing out of teams. We shall find out.
  8. ***Auburn vs. Arkansas -- Game Thread***

    some of u need to move on from the LSU loss...yes it was tough. probably worse for the players/coaches than any of us here. But the season win or loss vs LSU was gonna hinge on UGA/BAMA games. Those are huge must wins IMO and win those and there is a chance for an SEC title, and possible playoff opportunity.
  9. Clemson vs Syracuse

    i read that’s pretty easy to be humble in defeat...but i do find this act pretty noble and classy.
  10. Clemson vs Syracuse

    ccould not happen to a classier coach...i still think they lose again @ NC St
  11. Clemson vs Syracuse

    man he got slammed against the turf...and his is obviously got a bum ankle...i don’t it’s any drama here...see if he comes out 2nd half
  12. ESPN OTL Report on Auburn football, AD

    Funny they toss in that crap about Sonny Golloway at the This is nothing. FSU had something similar this year and it was blown off as nothing. This is classic crap from the Bama machine.
  13. Humble Observations from AU-OM Tape

    You guys do know Gus has a relationship with McGriff. It possibly played a role in his thinking or maybe it did not. Regardless the game was in hand and just get out with the win with no injury to your QB or his backup. Not to mention Ole Miss was scrappy as hell in second half to make the score look better.
  14. Is it too Early?

    ala this guy ...he called his 200 before the game
  15. Is it too Early?

    maybe but keep an eye on it...very comparable to the front runner...minus 2 games for injury...