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  1. John Franklin III leaving Auburn

    i still say no one here could factually say they knew JJ would crap his pants as a starter. after his year of backing up nick the majority including Gus thought we had our QB of the future. JJ's meltdown combined with Rhett's inexperience working with a stage fright QB.; is the reason Sean had to play sooner than later May have been one of the reasons Gus and Rhett had to spring and roll the dice for JFIII. I will be pulling for JFIII in all endeavors in life as he is now and official Auburn man....hopefully he balls out at FAU
  2. John Franklin III leaving Auburn

    Early on Sean was just enjoying college a little too much...his leadership was lacking and i think Gus wanted him to show more leadership on and off the field.
  3. John Franklin III leaving Auburn

    i see some saying it was a wasted scholly, kid came practiced hard, competed. Stayed out of trouble, represented Au well and graduated..which makes him an Auburn man. it just did not work out for him at Qb. in my hindsight opinion he should have come to college at a diff position, his measurables alone would prohibit him from ever being an elite QB at the next level, but his speed and athleticism could have been ideal at the CB spot or 3rd down change of pace back...even Lord Saban had missed on some prospects in his career. not a big deal IMO...
  4. John Franklin III leaving Auburn

    FSU made the same mistake..kid just never evolved he had reached his QB coach could change that.
  5. 2017 Fall Camp - Mon, Aug 7 (Scrimmage)

    maybe they are juggling to give everyone a shot to prove what they can's camp...this is what happens early on. i believe it will sort out well before the team starts game planning for GSU....
  6. Lesson learned from UGA loss

    I don't think so...Jmho though. It was a combo of bad preparation, poor coaching and players not executing as well as untimely injuries to two critical players.
  7. Who approves things like this?

    Really is slow now
  8. Finally watching the Georgia-AUB game

    Gus or Rhett called a perfect wheel route to Kam. Not sure what happened but the ball went right through his hands and it appeared he had a clear path for a big gain or possible TD. That in itself would have put Auburn in Carlson's range. 3pts in a close game like this make a huge difference. In this case Gus put the player in position to make a play. Player did not is the Gus's fault? It was a combination of what can go wrong went wrong...a lot of blame can go around. If KAM catches this ball maybe Au wins and this entire thread would be moot.
  9. Finally watching the Georgia-AUB game

    How hurt was he I really don't know ...i don't advocate playing anyone who is too hurt to play because player safety is priority. Do you have insight on actually how bad his injury was?
  10. Finally watching the Georgia-AUB game

    And to think Au almost pulled it out with that confusion on offense
  11. Finally watching the Georgia-AUB game

    It's cool can put the lost at the feet of Gus, and in actuality nearly all losses can be blamed on Gus, after all he is the HC. I think Auburn could have won if players had executed better (not dropped so many passes) and SW did not make a poor read on that pick 6. But I can't see how some can assure Auburn would have won or played better if JJ or JFIII had played. One was mentally fried and the other just does not have the talent to play QB consistently in the SEC. Not to mention both are turnover machines in the passing game. Put either of them in, the then d loads the box and dares u to throw. Neither of them could consistently make plays in the passing game to pose any kind of threat. As for recruiting I have no idea what they saw in JFIII but I would guess they saw athleticism like Nick and maybe they thought they could mold him into Nick2.0 well they whiffed and it did not work out.
  12. Finally watching the Georgia-AUB game

    In hindsight we all look like experts and know it alls. They took a flier on JFIII and it did not work out. It happens at a lot of schools besides Auburn. I personally did not know enough about him to gauge how good a signing it was. Pettway could barely run, SW was serviceable in the intermediate passing game. I guess Gus felt A hurt SW was better than JJ or JFIII...hell if I know..::But like I said way too many errors were made by players and in a close game like this one, it matters a lot.
  13. Finally watching the Georgia-AUB game

    Not gonna be too hard on Gus on this game ...way too many execution errors and mistakes were made by the players. The pick Sean threw had nothing to do with his injury. It was a poor read. That was the only TD UGA scored. Dropped passes, missed blocks, crucial turnover ....that's what lost that game. JFIII can't throw and can't read a defense to save his life, and who knows what JJ would have showed up, a busted up SW maybe was his best option. Don't forget Pettway was hurt and Kj was no where near 100%...
  14. 2018 5* QB Justin Fields (Update 6/6/17)

    Not too many teams could lose their starting QB and remain above average. But if the unfortunate did happen I believe Sean can keep the team together. But boy oh boy I hope those Fields kid makes it to Au...he is legit.
  15. Monty Adams and Carl Lawson Draft talk

    Him and his TREX arms.....all jokes aside...I have never heard this much about short arms in a while, but if there is a player who can overcome this with his other attributes/strengths it's Carl Lawson...