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  1. That some cute play has generated touchdowns before. Hats off to the GA Dlinemen for setting the edge. He blew it up.
  2. Hindsight message board coaching at its finest....this game is gonna be a grind. I’m not expecting a lot of big plays early. Maybe when fatigue sets in but not off the bat. well damn I was wrong...
  3. If I was the coach he would been out until Auburn game.
  4. This someone in the thread wants him to be interim head coach
  5. 3 clicks in and it’s already an anti Gus thread....anyway I think when Steele was hired he mentioned he wanted to retire @ Auburn...
  6. Yeah he is. No one is excusing any coach of their responsibility. But I am sure he did not coach Stidham to throw a pick on the first play against LSU( last season) or to carelessly hold the ball against UT and fumble, or overthrow a clear open receiver against Miss St. Coaches can prepare players in practice but when the lights come on players still have to execute. Stidham was good to great at many things but he also had issues in other areas, which is common for a lot of players. His time at Auburn was good enough for one of the best NFL coaches ever to draft him, so I would not say he was garbage nor was his QB play terrible. Burrow just has more natural ability to me, and has better leadership qualities. IMO Burrow was pretty good last year, but they were in a more run oriented offense so his abilities were masked with less opportunity to shine. This year everything fits for him, kinda like Cam with Gus in 2010 and Nick in 2013. 2019 Auburn has a true freshman at the helm, and you would be extremely naive to think there would not be some growing pains, but I think the system Auburn is running suits Nix and his skill set. I laugh at people thinking Gus is gonna change or evolve his offensive philosophy, he ain’t doing it - ever. He is married to his system and the success or lack of success with it will ultimately determine his tenure here.
  7. Thanks I knew it was close....but for some reason I thought Burrow was older
  8. Not sure if he was as old as Burrow could be I am just not sure. IMO Burrow is a better QB, better pocket presence, accuracy on the deep and intermediate ball and his leadership is without question. He has the guts you wanna see in your QB. He was working with his team and receivers during the offseason while Stidham was seeing hearts with his fiance. Just my thoughts. The only comparison I see is their age. Burrow will be starting in the NFL next season for sure, and more than likely Stid will still be a backup.
  9. Also helps that Burrow is like 30...I’m kidding but his maturity and experience was an asset along with bringing in Brady.
  10. No. First there is no ongoing discussion for Saban to be replaced and his track record clearly proves him to be a better selection than Orgeron. Cristobal at this point clearly does not have that distinction over Gus. Some of the calls made in the game vs Auburn, are some of the very things many have complained about with Gus. This season IMO has been about QB play and the inexperience at the position. Give Auburn the senior QB Oregon has and Auburn is undefeated or a one loss team. Give Cristobal the True Freshman and I am sure the freshman may have cost them a game or two like Auburn. Take a look at the top 5 teams in the playoff and you will see none with a true freshman running the show. One less red zone turnover by Nix on the road and Auburn is possibly undefeated. I try not to get into who should be the coach or not because I will support whoever walks the sidelines whether it’s Gus or someone else I just find it interesting some would go the route with Cristobal. Not bad choice just interesting.
  11. And Oregon has cash to match any offer...I personally think he will end up at Miami if Diaz does not work out.
  12. So u want the guy Gus just beat....interesting take. Very interesting.
  13. If either Seth or D Brown keep their balance on scoring opportunities, I think Auburn wins....