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  1. Slayton has a great game last night. He is a legit deep threat and if this keeps up he will be the starting for the Giants soon.
  2. Yeah he lifted him....but it was not a WWE power slam....did this happen before or after transfer
  3. Paging a4e....not Thigpen, but cool to see him back in Alabama. I like this hire, and also like how his DBS performed at Troy.
  4. Dang Coarch ain’t free yet ...and Jeff too...what ever happened to AUHN1 or something...he really had his doubts bout Garner..have not seen him around either...... Those guys were crazy ash in a good way...but they all loved Auburn sports.
  5. It’s a matter of time before the next expose comes out. Look at what happened in NCAA basketball. One would have to be extremely naive to think it’s not happening in football, I would say it’s probably worse but they (NCAA football) has had more practice at being a bit more “slick” for lack of a better word. Kirby is one the dirtiest players in the game - I can personally attest to that - it’s who he is. I don’t think Gus will ever be as grimey, so some recruiting battles like this one will be lost. Kirby can do all that but it will not prevent him from being a doofus on game days, program di
  6. Or waiting til the next recruiting day ends
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