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  1. PoetTiger

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    I agree 💯
  2. PoetTiger

    2019 5* CB Andrew Booth (Clemson)

    Maybe he just wants to go to Clemson...just like Pappoe wanted to be at Auburn...
  3. PoetTiger

    nfl scouting report on stidham

    He won’t lose it. I believe he can make all the throws required to play at the next level. I’m not sure why Gus does not implement just does not appear to be staple of his offense. Stidham has good touch, accuracy and fundamentals. He will adjust to the NFL game just fine IMO.
  4. PoetTiger

    nfl scouting report on stidham

    I mean he could probably do it...intermediate throws and what not. Just because the offense does not feature it offen does not mean he can’t do it. Kid can spin a football.
  5. PoetTiger

    SEC Coach Blasts Malzahn

    Let me say I believe Nick is a great coach, he also has more experience than most of not all his predecessors in the league. His process is second to none IMO. But what about the Chargers, suits, gun cases being thrown out, red elephant club, that all a myth? Anyway Saban has the best three deep depth in the SEC. No one can match it. Now how he builds it vs others is subject to debate. What this quote said about Auburn could be said about any coach in the SEC. Saban has dominated the league, and has also had some favorable luck along the way. He got to play in two title games when he did not even win the conference. Saban can go 11-1 with that one loss to Auburn, rest his team up and off to the playoff. This years east team was legit. Not the sacrificial lambs Saban and Auburn have played in Mizzou and UF. That repeat game in the SEC title vs UGA was tough especially coming off the physical game against Alabama the week before. Nevertheless this article is pointless imo all SEC coaches make championship level money and Gus is the only one in the West who has challenged Saban since Miles left.
  6. PoetTiger

    AU RBs in NFL - Contract News

    man this thread turned weird quick.....any way good job Corey Grant...big ups to you!
  7. PoetTiger

    Texas A&M Recruiting

    also with UF and Tenneseee being at their lowest point in years....he had no competition in the East this season
  8. PoetTiger

    Offense Needs to Change

    Turnovers, poor execution on the offensive line and special teams blunders had a lot to do with that game. The Stidham fumble in the red zone gave UGA some mojo when it appeared if Auburn scores that UGA might pack it in. Not to mention the Bama win although great was a physically daunting game for the players, and then to have to line back up and face UGA again was tough, should have won but tough. UGA was not your normal sacrificial lamb the East has put up in years past. Nevertheless we get to judge all play calls and game plans, etc. in hindsight ..So if it does or did not work we can make an argument of what the team should have done.
  9. PoetTiger

    Pettway is a mess

    Pettway was puffing the mary jane before he got to was a choice, not an injury coping mechanism.
  10. PoetTiger

    Texas A&M Recruiting

    i do believe Gus has set goals for Auburn to be a contending National Championship program....twice in his time at Auburn he has been right there. He does not lack ambition.
  11. PoetTiger

    2018 Recruiting thread (Updated 1/29/18)

    Is Auburn gonna field a football program next season?
  12. PoetTiger

    2018 4* WR Justyn Ross

    who on the staff said he was coming here?
  13. PoetTiger

    ***2018 NSD Thread (Feb 7th)***

    yeah get rid of one of the only coaches to beat Saban on the field for one that has proven to be a little off beat and still is unproven. I mean he could not win at USC...but anyway this is about recruiting.
  14. welp...i guess it’s a wrap. Maybe Gus should hire a few of you guys to hit the recruiting trail. Auburn will never consistently out recruit the state school in Alabama or Georgia. Too many kids grow up wanting to rep their state. You put good recruiters and coaches like Kirby and Nick and it’s a recipe for recruiting success. However that does not mean Auburn can not compete and beat them on the field. You can’t have a huge gap but you have to recruit top ten, which Auburn has been able to do.