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  1. Simply put. He believed in his way. A lot of coaches are stubborn and stand by their philosophy, systems, etc. I have no problem with it personally, just be prepared for what happens when your philosophy and systems get you canned. He stood by it and it cost him one of the best jobs in the country, albeit he walked away with a nice check. I am sure Gus will look back on his Auburn career and ponder what could have been if I would have done this or that.
  2. Does not take this article to prove Gus’s offense does not prep QB’s for the NFL. Just go back and see the Gruden interview with Cam when he came out. Or hell just watch some Auburn games under Gus. Nothing about it has ever said NFL besides 11 guys being on offense.
  3. He damn sure has the look, feel, demeanor etc of a head coach. His leadership skills are very impressive.
  4. I never had to hear this to believe it. But it’s good to here confirmation from a player. Just look how the receivers looked when supposedly running routes or their expressions after blocking.
  5. I’m not really surprised...and It’s probably gonna remain this way at least until football season starts.
  6. Kinda wonder what Steele was in it for as well
  7. I was being somewhat sarcastic but it has been hinted at in circles Saban was not too happy with Freeze and his antics at OM. You know don’t bring to much attention to the SEC with your carelessness. It puts everyone under an unnecessary microscope. Probably cause Gus was not as careless and foolish as Freeze and Pruitt.
  8. He can if he wants. Just don’t cross Nick for certain players or beat him on the field. End up just like Freeze and Pruitt.
  9. He has a chance now to prove himself as a DC....gonna be interesting
  10. Hopefully UCF would not hire someone who can’t recruit, develop, or coach. He may not have reached the pinnacle at Auburn but I am not ready to say he “can’t” coach.
  11. Will be interesting to see how he builds his staff out....if he hires Steele then one could assume a lot of the chatter was BS.
  12. RG did great with the guys on the interior, but since Dee, and Lawson there was never that consistent outside pass rush player you like to see from defensive lines.
  13. Based on the information at the time. It somewhat made sense for people to think that. Also JJ did an helluva job filling in for Nick.
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