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  1. Coming off the Harsin era, we probably just need to show we can line up tackle and block consistently.
  2. I said they would call, he would listen but I doubt if he goes there because someone else with a bigger wallet will get him first. Hypothetically speaking if FSU had moved on from Norvell and reached out to him this season who do you think he would have chosen…. FSU or Colorado?
  3. Norvell better get to cooking because if Deion does well at Colorado, FSU gonna call, but I would hold out for an SEC gig myself
  4. Yes I stand by my HBCU commitment because “it is what he told people close to him at JSU and the SWAC”. And yes as the marketing vp for my organization who sponsors every school in the SWAC I heard him say this with my own ears. You are correct maybe he felt the mission was up after winning the title and going 12-0. Also from what like 500K to 5 Mill per year is pretty hard to say no to. BTW needing money and turning it down are two different things, I’m sure you know that. As the season moved forward and more jobs opened up, the winds changed along with how he may have felt at the beginning of the season. Not sure because only he knows when he decided this is the job was for him…..I’m happy for him, proud of what he did at JSU, and hope he builds something special and dominates at Colorado. I will always stand by what was relayed to me and what I heard him say. I’m not ashamed or feel any kind of way about being wrong. It is what it is.
  5. I was one. Because at the beginning of the season he told admins at JSU and SWAC officials he was not leaving. It’s what I was told, and at the time it appeared to be accurate. Apparently things changed and he left. Wrong does not make anyone a jack-ass. He got a pretty solid opportunity at CU, Not the one I expected but a great one, at a school void of an identity for their athletic department. I believe he will do really well there and end up at a bigger school sooner than later.
  6. Just shared info on what he was allegedly saying at the initial time. I for sure don’t feel like I lost something because I was wrong about him leaving but since you were right here is a cookie for you.
  7. From a bunch of twidiots…..act like Freeze is not supposed to receive grace and an opportunity to right his wrongs.
  8. You are right, Freeze is experienced and knows how to respond. These questions will continue until he starts kicking butt on the field. I seriously doubt everyone out to get Auburn, however Rece gonna always be Rece.
  9. They asked him pertinent questions…quick and simple. Appreciate how Hugh clarified decision making process as a family, particularly with his wife on board. Emphasized value for the athlete…
  10. Know that place well…good meat and three if you are ever in Montgomery.
  11. Yeah this a good hire….coached some ballers
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