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  1. I mean nobody writes off players quicker than AUFAMILY members...I mean nobody.
  2. Exactly....It's not like Gus went Coach Kline with him and said visualize and attack. Then sat on the sideline. He utilized his skill set and put him in a position to be successful in a short period of time. Good job IMO.
  3. I think so many go with what ever beat it is....but I guess not living up to expectations opens the door for a lot of criticism, some fair some not. Gus with all his perceived stubbornness, etc., still has led some of if not the most prolific offenses in Auburn history. I personally don't think JJ had it upstairs, and he just put way too much pressure on himself. The inexcusable turnovers were his biggest problem. He threw some picks and he was not being pressured at all..clean pocket and everything. There were times he looked scared as crap out there. I mean they teach you in HS to throw it away and not to the other team. As for route trees I had not seen that word around here until one of Auburn's WRS vying for an NFL roster was criticized for coming from this offense. Now everyone is a route tree expert and want to question routes in this offense. No one was questioning route trees in 2010 or 2013 cause AU was winning. As for Gus, his hands will be on this offense...Chip may have the keys but Gus is riding shotgun for sure. It's wishful thinking to believe he will not.
  4. So based on some JJ has no accountability ..I love the kid he is from my hometown but I don't think Gus or Rhett told him to throw it directly to the other team, or let his own feet tackle him, or not protect the ball in the pocket....he has talent I just think it's mental, he get scared out there. I mean he had several chances at redemption to prove everyone wrong but he still made the same big mistake...throwing the ball to the other team....and the defensive player did not have to work hard all they had to do was stand there and catch it.
  5. I am confused ...so Marshall took a beating because Jovon was dating someone's wife...or did Jovon beat up Marshall...and either way he left him without seeking medical attention
  6. Unlike some I see both sides of the coin and appreciate Gus leaving it up to his OC. As an OC, Gus just has a different view point and preferred to keep his guys in house.
  7. I agree but how can anyone fairly criticize another schools efforts particularly Auburn if Bama and the REC have this perceived power. Does that not make the playing field fair? How can a school fairly compete with them in all aspects of the game?
  8. Exactly all the top 4 from last year got great play from the QB position and their main guy stayed healthy all season.
  9. so he got fired because he could not recruit?
  10. Sark is just Saban's scapegoat for losing against Clemson.....apparently he is the reason Bama lost...bammers gotta love them
  11. Only thing I would ask is Did Saban hire him as QB coach? disregard just read the answer
  12. This is why you can't get too pass happy...Falcons should have ran the ball on that 3rd down and took the field goal attempt....
  13. I can agree with this...not sure where all the hate comes from...JJ gets all the blame when things look bad but no credit when things are good...hiring search firms is a common practice not sure how that makes someone incompetent...
  14. Did Kodi recruit this guy?
  15. Then why is he not coaching QBs at LSU or anywhere for that matter...both of the guys he is so better than are working and he just got canned.