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  1. I’m confused …I mean the man has not finished year one…Wth did some of y’all expect a BCS title appearance in year one..with the uneven talent we have currently?
  2. I agree ..but you know this can be viewed differently. All parents, high school coaches and maybe a few kids may not look at it the way you have outlined. Now IDC if he gets the shot or tells a soul. But just like we have different opinions we can’t factually say every parent or recruit is going to view this the same way. Some may support his stance others may not…🤷🏽‍♂️
  3. But I can also understand why people are interested in knowing. It comes with being a high profile figure. That’s why people want to know I guess. So u think his endgame is just to tell people to F off?
  4. The head coaches at Auburn and Alabama are huge public figures. That status leads to people wanting to know where they stand on one of the most debated topics in a while as it relates to public health. Does he owe a responsibility to his team? His comunity? His coworkers? Should his privacy be respected? As long as Auburn knows does it matter if we know? All valid points. Now is it imperative to know, probably not. But his popularity kinda makes people want to know his status moreso than others.
  5. This. I’m just trying to understand what he is trying to gain, especially if he is already vaccinated. IMO it’s a non needed distraction.
  6. The running game has to be decent enough. No way Auburn wins if Bo HAS to throw it 50 times. 150-175 team rushing yards and Bo in the 25-35 pass attempt range is what I would like to see. But it’s Saturday night in JH, no telling what’s gonna happen, just hope Auburn scores more points.
  7. If the AU running game is good enough to set up AU the passing game. Auburn wins. If not it’s going to an Ole Miss win.
  8. It’s other issues with Coach O, I would get him out now too…. Gus had the team, he just did not know what to do with it 😂
  9. That they could help hopefully 🤷🏽‍♂️
  10. Depends on which Bo shows up, if Bo from GSTATE shows up, then we see most definitely will see Finley.
  11. I agree..he had impact in game 1. But injury caused him to miss a few games. Comes back for our 1st SEC game and makes plays. Kid is a baller, and provides great leadership. If he plays at PSU, it might have been a different outcome.
  12. Too many people suffering from Gus PTSD…..it’s a real thing. Gus screwed up a lot of posters heads around here.
  13. In his good days…I remember Gus saying something similar. Unless you have equal talent you have to try and out scheme them because they will just be too talented from 1 to 11. Also Saban and Smart defenses feast on pro style offenses, gonna be a long day come Oct 9.
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