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  1. JB Grimes Returns to Auburn

    But he hired them and they are not yes men. He is responsible for the entire football team, offense and defense. It’s his offensive philosophy and he should be able to hire whomever he wants. At the end of the day he will be held accountable. Or maybe he should just hire who we say or think he should and still be held accountable.
  2. JB Grimes Returns to Auburn

    Kevin Steele and Rodney Garner have yes man written all over them. I wish this narrative would just end.
  3. Herb Hand to Texas

    So less than two weeks before Auburn completely dominates UGA on both lines only to be sissified in the rematch..and in between beats one of if not the best fronts in Alabama....but the UGA/UCF losses were because of how practices were ran? Not enough ones on ones that late in the season? IMO there were too many mistakes in the rematch against UGA, and imo guys just did not care about the UCF game...
  4. Herb Hand to Texas

  5. Herb Hand to Texas

    exactly...half of the people on this board did not know what a route tree was until it was brought up with a receiver from Gus offense who got drafted. Now everyone is a route tree genius.
  6. The most difficult schedule in 2018

    Amen...Bama game even though AU won took a lot out of the team from a physical standpoint.
  7. Spuat or Thuga

    I can’t watch .....if both teams were playing in my back yard I would close the blinds. The only solace take is looking at the one loss and know Auburn hung it on them. I wish both teams could lose. I loathe them both....Netflix night for me
  8. Matt Canada and LSU to part ways

    IMO it never fit from the start....Coach O seems like he wants 3 yards and a cloud of dust power football.
  9. 2018 4* TE Luke Ford

    Amen. This is so true. Especially in Georgia. They have a lot of state pride. Combine that with Kirby being a Georgia guy, he has a lot to sell and they buying it and rightfully so. Now can Kirby manage egos, that will be the next test. I got all this talent and everybody can’t play. Not to mention UF and UT should be making a turn for the better soon. Auburn has held its own for years against the Bama and UGA machines...we just gotta keep grinding.
  10. Deshaun Davis graduates

    It happens more than you could imagine..but on the flip side a lot of teachers give kids the motivation and belief they can achieve anything. This is one of the best threads on the site...congrats and best wishes to Deshaun.
  11. I think some sell these athletes short. As someone who works in higher ed at several major Power 5 universities I can tell you that a lot of football players take education into there decision. It is a huge part of what school they attend. Now there are many exceptions some guys are football players first because that is what they have been taught since grade school. And many coaches reinforce the chance at the NFL above all else. But I have interviewed/met several parents and players.....the majority of players want a good education along with an opportunity to get to the next level. With this early signing option if you sign early make sure you are picking the school vs the coach...jmho
  12. Jimbo Hired By Texas A&M

    i saw that...that blew me away...jimbo set...win or lose
  13. Jimbo Hired By Texas A&M

    What’s the clock on him for winning? At 7.5 milly he won’t have too long...A&M already had money and great facilities...i guess they just need a coach to maximize on it. But then again that have had money for years and it has not resulted in much...can’t quite figure them out..
  14. Jimbo Hired By Texas A&M

    He recruited well at FSU..and should for the same at A&M...i just would not invest 7 mill/yr for him....you are right he will have all he needs at A&M, but he also will be stepping into a tougher conference and division...and A&M won’t be patient at that price tag...he will have to win early and often.