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  1. Exactly...I saw how UT players faded for Pruitt...could have been the elements or something else, anyway they seemed to to rollover when adversity hit. I know many here can’t wait til Gus leaves but one thing for sure the kids have always played there asses off for Gus, so Gus owes it to them to make sure he gives them the best chance to succeed and compete consistently for championships.
  2. Market is driving some insane salaries...just crazy to be honest.
  3. Can’t go too fast when it’s 2nd or 3rd and long. Offense has to stay ahead of the chains in order for playing fast to be most effective. Got to string together some pop plays, chunk plays, large gains on 1st down, etc. The Stove touchdown was a by product of his big gain on the ground, AU lined up fast and caught them off balance for the TD pass.
  4. Great players make coaches jobs a whole lot easier. Kudos to Gus on getting these guys to suit up in the orange and blue. Besides your comment can be applied to any successful coach.
  5. Steve McNair - best HS QB I ever saw....
  6. With 2 pounds of Colombian Bam Bam and a trunk full of automatic weapons, without a driver license, no tags, with a cup of pure bourbon in the drivers lap...
  7. Officials have to be into the game 100% - they were not and unfortunately it cost Auburn..
  8. The non double dribble call is inexcusable...should have been Au ball