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  1. PoetTiger

    Deshaun Davis on Joey Gatewood

    It’s also an audition for Stidham of sorts.....Maybe he is trying to get one last good showing before he gets ready for the draft or maybe just maybe he wants to play one last game with his teammates. As for JG does anyone have any input on his ability to throw the deep ball? I think he has the best upside of all the three and I’d like to see him got out and take the position.
  2. PoetTiger

    Deshaun Davis on Joey Gatewood

    U left out Auburn2Oregon(president) ...and me...
  3. PoetTiger

    Deshaun Davis on Joey Gatewood

    IMO he has the most upside of the 3 on campus, now get out there be a leader and take it. It’s sitting right there in front of you.
  4. PoetTiger

    Last Call for the Gus Bus?

    Whew this thing went left real quick..I remember the year UGA came in with Stafford (freshman) and beat us, I think Auburn was #3 or so at the time. No way in hell we should have lost that game. Well after the game one of my classmates sat there hand over eyes saying it’s over, how could this idiot Tubbs blow this, wth just happened etc. It was not fun watching Auburn lose that day...Anyway an elder Auburn fan told Auburn just lost a football game, simply that a game, now get up and go and enjoy the rest of the evening with your friends. My perspective somewhat changed that evening, for Auburn sports. Its gonna be highs and lows. Under Gus Auburn has seen both. So I’m gonna hop on the bus eyes wide open and see where it goes in 2019. Maybe it’s another high maybe another low but I’ll be there to enjoy the ride. Don’t be afraid to hop on, it’s a guaranteed two way ticket so at the end of the ride we can get off and celebrate or raise hell about how miserable the ride was.
  5. I would have fell out of my chair in laughter if someone asked me to take less money on a signed contract to stay on the job. We knew better...we all knew better.
  6. I mean...I need Sexton to negotiate my next deal.
  7. I think all threads should be merged into one. The replies are pretty much all the same.
  8. I understand his frustration you trust coaches to manage the process and they dropped the ball. He still could have came back and been in a good position to be the #3 back behind Bobbie and Shivers...but I clearly can see why he wanted out. Next man up I guess.
  9. Probably not...but they also did not have 32 million blank check to send him on his way. Those that want him gone right now need to step up and pay for it. It’s that simple all this finger pointing saying who said what could have been avoided and still can. So if Green/Leath who did not have his back as well as the group that allegedly visited Stoops, 95% of the fan base, as well as the janitor on campus all want him gone..then what is the hold up? It’s the $$$ not only for him but his assistants, and the $$$$ for a new coach, a new staff, new facilities, etc. Simply put IMO it’s all about the money.
  10. It’s not. But with all the alleged turmoil, and their success it’s seems surrreal that Auburn has not lost a commit with all the negative news going on from a few weeks ago.
  11. People keep saying next year he is gone without a much does the buyout go down?? I also see the vitriol towards Leath, which is fine after all he is in charge. However in my opinion he does not want Auburn University to pay the 32 mill buyout. Therefore if all those so called boosters ( who want him gone) just need to cut the check for Gus, his assistants as well as the money for the next coach. Otherwise they need to sit down and not leak garbage stories to Moon and others. Just a weird set of events to only find out Gus never was told to reduce his buyout, at least not by anyone that matters.
  12. It was stupid...who in the hell would take less than 32 million guaranteed. We want you to take less money or we are gonna make your job a nightmare. Ok go ahead but you still gotta pay me and I ain’t taking a dime less. If you that big and bad gimme my 32 mill and I’ll have my office cleaned out by 5. It seemed like someone on a street payphone calling Moon and others stiring all this crap up. Greene was quiet because it was nothing to talk about. Leath was off in DC, while somebody else was down in Auburn cooking up this mess. It was just hard to believe from the start.
  13. Probably some booster who wanted Gus out and said what they thought he should do and passed it off to writers as fact when it was never discussed in the first place. At least not by the ones who matter.
  14. PoetTiger

    Asa Martin (update transferring)

    No defense it was a bad mistake...I would like to know who was handling the rotation and determining who would play. Usually that’s an asst coach responsibility up to the OC with ultimate blame on the HC. I could imagine we may see some potential coaching changes reassignments come post signing day...