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  1. Yeah he lifted him....but it was not a WWE power slam....did this happen before or after transfer
  2. Wow ..may God bless him and his family
  3. Paging a4e....not Thigpen, but cool to see him back in Alabama. I like this hire, and also like how his DBS performed at Troy.
  4. Dang Coarch ain’t free yet ...and Jeff too...what ever happened to AUHN1 or something...he really had his doubts bout Garner..have not seen him around either...... Those guys were crazy ash in a good way...but they all loved Auburn sports.
  5. It’s a matter of time before the next expose comes out. Look at what happened in NCAA basketball. One would have to be extremely naive to think it’s not happening in football, I would say it’s probably worse but they (NCAA football) has had more practice at being a bit more “slick” for lack of a better word. Kirby is one the dirtiest players in the game - I can personally attest to that - it’s who he is. I don’t think Gus will ever be as grimey, so some recruiting battles like this one will be lost. Kirby can do all that but it will not prevent him from being a doofus on game days, program disciplinarian, etc.
  6. Or waiting til the next recruiting day ends
  7. Many many prayers...was my fav NBA player
  8. Was his frustrations with Gus gonna lead him to retire, quit, work at another school...etc? Was that true?
  9. Two totally different alleged rumors. One was based on retirement and one based on frustration with the head coach. Does it matter in the big scheme of things...of course not cause he is back.
  10. I thought the rumor was he wanted to retire because of some type of frustration with Gus...either way glad to have him back for a few more years.
  11. Yes it very well could be....but I think he was a great coach and recruiter...
  12. He still played like a freshman. I believe all players have to earn it, including Bo. So yes he should be held accountable for his play, I am not exempting him from that, but he made a lot of freshman mistakes which IMO are to be expected with the level of competition he faced. I think both his inexperience and poor play went hand in hand this season.
  13. Yes but he was still a WR coach with zero HC worked out well in the end but nobody could imagine it working out as well as it did. They took a calculated risk that paid off well, I still think the masses would freak out if Auburn did something similar even if Kodi went 5-1 in an interim role only losing to Bama. Clemson also at the time was a school that could take that kinda risk without too much pushback from the fan base.
  14. Although not good as it could be...I don’t think it’s a disaster. See Miami, FSU post Jimbo, UT, and a few others for disaster. I mean Auburn has seen success, just not consistent success. Clemson was patient and also took a chance went off the grid for their hire. This board would burn Auburn down if Kodi the current WR coach was named to replace Gus, like Clemson did when Bowden was let go.
  15. I mean he can only do what the offensive scheme dictates.
  16. Yeah ...reminded me of the Tennessee game in 2013. Offense line is the Achilles heel for Auburn to get back to doing what it does least under Gus...