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  1. lca408 - Lots of people make GOT references as it relates to AU football...…. Lots of c**ts.
  2. I am very torn here. Gus is the 2nd best coach in the SEC. By record, not debatable. That may change after this year. 2nd place in the SEC has been wide open, and nobody has stepped up. If and a strong "if", we are talking about this, then who is there? Dabo needs a call. After that, really nobody. I don't like Gus, but if AU is not going to go after a home-run hire, then it's just a coin-flip. NFL? Don't know.
  3. That is some ITAT-level conspiracy there, and has nothing to do with AU playing Arkansas nor USM. Btw, AU is one of 9 teams in the country where 50% of the roster is 4 & 5* guys.
  4. Love that broken light in the background.
  5. It works both ways though. AU is also the only team in the country that can still be in the playoff picture with two losses going into UGA/bama. I would still be in favor of moving it though. Maybe we should just game plan better for SEC Champ game.
  6. Just go to a high school draft and be done. Not that I want it, but some form of this has to be coming anyway. Another thread perhaps
  7. Very good thread, but I've read "kids", and "endured servant" in this debate. How long before someone starts to type "children", or even more ridiculous? Fully support Gus on this.
  8. Did any of those remind you of the "Spies Like Us" exercises? The hands up one was definitely GLG20.
  9. AU had the 6th most-talented team in the nation last year. Just to pile on...when AU first went to Under Armor....that visor was the pinnacle of headwear. $26, but through 100's of rounds of golf in the AL sun, never showed fading. Now you can only buy a visor where the sides basically cover the whole head. It's like a reverse yamaka.
  10. What is up with that shirt pattern? I cannot believe he came to an interview with a straight face. Does he not have handlers?
  11. This is one of the most annoying things about Bammers. They deck their entire car or single wide out in Bama gear. I have an AU Alumni sticker in the lower rear window of my car. That's all it takes to show you're a fan. And it's not obnoxious. Someone ask the owner what year he graduated. ;D/> I did. he said "Huh?" I asked a Bama fan that question one time. He asked me why Auburn fans always ask him that. Did not know they gave handicapped tags to the mentally disabled.
  12. AU would win more games with combine wonders than combine wonder less. I doubt that can be debated. This thread has been awesome. For the record, I did it 6 times last Wed, and a 56 yr old scheduler from my mill 5 times. Of course, I'm a hard-drinking smoker. Change was needed (not debatable), and change happened. Also noticed jokesercise has not yet been picked up by a college or NFL team. Unless I missed it.
  13. Outside of some very "boom" hires, the next coach will be on the hotseat from day one. Unlike some, I think it will be a long rebuilding process.
  14. It's not about a coach leaving a school for me. It's about their word and the breaking of contracts. If Gary Patterson is interviewing for jobs I could only hope that he has the blessing from TCU. There is a big difference in doing things the right way and doing things behind someones back. It's about wins and losses. I'd love it if it was all magic unicorns, but both coaches and administrations lie. How much, now that is seriously splitting hairs. I'd like cbp, so it would show some AU fans that, we are putting football 1st. Seems some got their wish, minus 5-19, but could be a good AU man, some say he still is, and that turned out beyond bad. Big-time cBP supporter, but I'm now moving Jim Levitt to #1, much for the same reasons. I think he would do better.
  15. So what were the problems last year? Maybe the players did not work out because they knew there was a tragedy about to happen. This must be part of that new America or that new parenting, where it's nobody's fault. If anything, this shooting was not suprising, given everthing else that happened on xcgc's watch.