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  1. Sad, but he couldn’t make it with the Columbus Georgia arena team as a quarterback. He barely made the team as a long snapper. He later lost that position as well, and is no longer playing indoor arena football. (That I know of)
  2. How dare you use statistical fax on these haters.
  3. If the problem with Stidham was AU’s offense, he would’ve went in the first or second round. As it is, he went very late in the fourth round, almost a fifth round draft pick. He was seriously evaluated by NFL teams, and deemed to be at best, a fourth round draft pick. That isn’t because Auburn has a problem with her offense. That same offense beat Alabama and Georgia the year before with a 4th round draft pick QB. That same Auburn offense beat Texas A&M last year and beat Purdue by how many points and the music city bowl?
  4. Like many have said: brings back some awesome, awesome memories! Thank you so much for posting!
  5. Are my glasses too orange and blue? Really thought he would go before the seventh round.
  6. 4th round steal! Guy passes his way through Georgia and Alabama a season ago, and doesn’t go till the fourth round? Belichik does it again.
  7. Good to hear! BSPN had the nerve to say they were surprised he went in the third round.
  8. BSPN in true form had little, to no good to say about him. They said he was not that fast, and has bad knees, despite being clocked at a 4.3 in the 40 yard dash. A 4.3 second 40 yard dash at the NFL combine, and they said he doesn’t seem that fast? BSPN has no love for Auburn.
  9. He can definitely recruit!
  10. Shhh! Don’t tell him. He’s pretty good on punt returns as well.
  11. Jones, a former four-star recruit from Saraland, Ala., was in Auburn Easter weekend for an official visit. His father and cousin joined him. “It went really well,” Jones said. “It felt really good to be back in the state of Alabama with my dad and cousin being with me. We loved the visit. We loved Auburn. I really felt like I fit in and I liked the family feel I got from the players. I had real good talks with the coaches.”
  12. What you’re saying makes perfect sense, but please remember, the constant saying: the Iron Bowl was never going to be played in Auburn. We were told: “you might as well forget about it, that game is never going to be played in Auburn Alabama” I feel the commonsense fight, to move us to the east, needs to be made!
  13. I sure hope you are correct. With our schedule it’s going to be tough to keep a O-line and RB’s a D-line and LB’s healthy, week in and week out this fall.