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  1. All good points.
  2. Should he have returned for his senior year? Did it cost him a few mill entering a year early? Who told him to enter the draft early to be a 4th round pick? Just asking...thoughts?
  3. I think he did get drafted in the sixth or seventh round, but never amounted to anything in the NFL.
  4. Your genius intellect, never ceases to disappoint.
  5. Bob Stoops or Lil Nickie will give him another chance.
  6. The blood test is more expensive, plus one needs a med-tech to draw the blood. For the urine test all needed is a witness to see the golden flow into the bottle. No idea if this is the reason?
  7. This can't be true?
  8. Also go into it with a hospital med employee during player physicals etc... Reuben Foster reportedly was not invited to the 2017 NFL Draft because of an incident at the NFL combine. As reported by ESPN’s Katherine Terrell on Tuesday, the former Alabama linebacker was not extended an invitation to the event in Philadelphia this week because he was sent home from the NFL combine after taking part in a heated exchange with a hospital worker during the medical-examination process. The NFL draft begins on Thursday. It has been a rough offseason for Foster. In addition to the incident with the hospital worker, Foster produced a failed drug test at the NFL combine. On Tuesday, Foster went on ESPN’s SportsCenter to explain the situation.
  9. No it was Deer Antlers!
  10. Oh spend a-little time on the political thread, you will see what the world is coming to. Yes, it is sad!
  11. Ask Scott Fountain....never mind.
  12. An arrest warrant has been issued for Alabama Crimson Tide redshirt freshman safety Deionte Thompson in a felony aggravated assault case, according to Texas news station KBMT. According to the report, 18-year-old Noah Frillou was severely beaten and knocked unconscious at Crystal Beach on March 18 over spring break. Frillou reportedly suffered broken bones and a concussion. Thompson, a former four-star prospect in the Class of 2015, played in 14 games last season and tied for the team lead with eight tackles on kickoff coverage.