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  1. More literary genius on your part; please keep it up, you are good entertainment for the board. Since you insist on a urinating contest: you questioned my finances (which you know nothing about, nor have anything to do with college football) so I responded.
  2. This also: We might never know why the ultimate decision came, but after the last two weeks, the play of the wide receivers has been a concern. Dropped passes, running of wrong routes and other mental mistakes that Auburn can't afford were apparent in the loss to Penn State and a comeback victory over Georgia State. https://auburn.rivals.com/news/harsin-on-williams-dismissal-a-change-needed-to-be-made-
  3. Your questions are simply brilliant; just thought you should know.
  4. Absolutely no argument from me there!
  5. Thanks for the info. Any idea who that would’ve been on the sidelines? I reconnected, (over the phone) since I’m overseas, with my son and good friend, they still think it was him. 🤷‍♂️ Just passing on what they told me.
  6. How did we (I) not know this guy coached for Lane Kiffin and Saban at Alabama? He also has head coach and offensive coordinator experience? All this, and he was just an analyst for us? Sooooo if things don’t improve, maybe Bobo is next?
  7. My son, family and friends said the same thing. They flat out said it was Mason.
  8. That is according to my son, his family and our friends, some of whom were in my seats, as I am in Japan on business. I just assumed it took place at half time.
  9. I wasn’t in favor of the hire, and I thought our first four weeks of football were atrocious at times from a coaching standpoint. But I must say, when he yanked our defensive coordinator out of the booth and put his A$$ on the sidelines, there was a drastic improvement with our linebackers being in the correct gaps etc… and that was impressive. When he yanked Bo in favor of the second stringer, who after a slow start (miss field goal and fumble certainly not his fault) wound up up winning us the game, that was impressive. When he demoted our wide receivers coach at halftime and t
  10. According to Pro Football Focus, Kobe Hudson is the only Auburn football wide receiver with a receiving grade above 80.0, and every other wide receiver on the roster grades below 70.0 for the season. This unit has also struggled with drops and generating separation all season and has combined for 9 drops so far this year
  11. Really hoping for a win! Would love to start off the SEC season 1-0!!
  12. Tubberville fired Tony Franklin mid season.
  13. Most of his staff is from Boise State, South Carolina, Vanderbilt and Troy. Probably will be more before the season is over. Think about it, we haven’t even hit SEC play yet..
  14. Yes, he was thrilled with the quarterback change. But not with the wide receiver coach change.
  15. Now I’m beginning to understand. The passes that are overthrown, totally unacceptable. But all of the drops and wide receiver mistakes… totally permitted, thanks for clearing it up.
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