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  1. Two behind-the-scenes support staffers have left the Auburn program. Special teams analyst Jonathan Rutledge and defensive graduate assistant Charles Moore have left for gigs at Nebraska and Kansas, respectively. Rutledge is now the senior special teams analyst for Scott Frost's staff at Nebraska, the team officially announced Tuesday. Auburn yesterday added another analyst to the staff in Will Bryant, a longtime offensive staffer under now-Auburn offensive coordinator Chad Morris. Bryant was a graduate assistant during Morris' first head-coaching gig at SMU, then followed him to his two years at Arkansas. Bryant will serve as an assistant quarterbacks coach to Morris on Gus Malzahn's staff.
  2. Again, I don’t understand what I am missing? You said: “Oops. I didn't realized I moved that post. It's back here plus a few others” The post is where? And where are the few others? I don’t see them anywhere in this thread. Am I missing something?
  3. What am I missing here? So where is the link (that you claim needed fixed) and the article? I post a link and a paragraph from the article on how Jones (whom the thread is about) is predicted to flip to Auburn and you move it to a movie thread?
  4. 247Sports rates Jones as the No. 11 overall prospect in the country. He is the No. 2 offensive tackle in the nation, and the No. 3 prospect from the state of Georgia. To date, he has taken official visits to Georgia, Arkansas and Illinois. But he’s taken multiple unofficial visits to Auburn too. Losing one of the biggest in-state recruits in the country – let alone to SEC rival Auburn – would be a huge blow to Georgia’s recruiting efforts in 2020. Will Jones stick with Georgia, or will be he plying his trade with another SEC giant?
  5. And the Rooney’s won’t fire him for another reason. They are more proud of that, then they are there Super Bowl trophies. No kidding!
  6. Not an expert on the matter but I'll tell you what I know: The Principle is a big bammer (and a total jerk) who is/was adamantly against the hire. I am shocked the School Board approved Patrick, as the majority of the board are bammers. I don't now how this worked out but I am so glad it did! Above are facts this is only my opinion: Patrick's resume was so good they couldn't pass him up.... Patrick had/has a big name or big politician in his corner and they won!
  7. He definitely needs to go, and again he is not averaging five losses per year. He sure can beat ur boy Satan though.
  8. More fuzzy math from you we see. Definitely time for Gus to go, but in what mathematical world is Gus averaging five losses per season at AU?
  9. And Nick Satan loses to LSU and Auburn in the same season. I can see you’re still hurting.
  10. You have zero knowledge of the situation. Nothing you have said is even close to how it happened or how it went down.
  11. Dyehard has proven to be a bammer over and over; He has no inside information. The committee of our three Heisman Trophy candidates did choose Gus. Bo Jackson even said after the fact: there was no one even close to Gus. At the time it seemed like the right hire. After losing to Minnesota, it certainly doesn’t seem like the right hire now.
  12. Thanks for the nice wishes. It will be more economical to fly round-trip to London. (Delta was the best deal for us) We flew to Manchester first to watch a Manchester United versus New Castle soccer match. Manchester United won 4 to 1. Only bad thing is we had to sell our Outback Bowl tickets. 🙁
  13. We have received three War Eagles’s in London England this week. Actually one in Manchester, two in London. And getting a War Eagle in the UK, was certainly a bit of a jolly!
  14. First of all, you said you were tired and going to get some rest. So why are you back on here? You’re back on here, because you have no other life! The head coach, of the number five recruiting class in the country, gives a press conference on national signing day, and it doesn’t deserve its own thread? The hatred some of you have for a head coach, that is about to have a 10 win season, with a teenage freshman quarterback, playing one of the toughest schedules in the country, is sad and pathetic!