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  1. AU-24

    Horton reassigned to off field role

    Yes, he was meddling along with Gus when the O looked bad. When the O looked good, like the Alabama and Georgia games in the regular season last year, he and Gus were not meddling. SEC Championship game last season, Horton and Gus started to meddle again.
  2. AU-24

    Horton reassigned to off field role

    I can explain. There are those on here that formally had “inside information” that have been proven wrong over and over again and it is easier for some to make excuses about being continually wrong rather than admit it and move on. So when the coach Horton situation makes no sense, based on what we’ve been told is “gospel in the past” they will make up excuse after excuse and reason after reason rather than simply admitting they are wrong and moving on
  3. AU-24

    2019 5* WR Jadon Haselwood

    He is well on his way.
  4. AU-24

    Chip Lindsey Discusses Leaving Auburn

    I hear Gus and him didn’t get along at all; so add Chip to the list of complete liars. Lol, lol, lol! Troy is about his speed, congrats coach and best of luck!
  5. I read that they hired Freddie Kitchens; I thought surely they’re not talking about the turds Freddie? I guess, that’s who they were talking about. Some organizations just can’t get it. Has he even been a high school coach?
  6. AU-24

    Bammers vs Clemson - 2019 edition

    Just did this on the fly so please correct me if I’m wrong but the greatest coach in the history of college football... Nick Satan- Last two games vs Hugh Freeze 0–2. Last two vs Gus 1-1. Last three vs Dabo 1–2. Last one vs Urban Meyer 0-1 Keep in mind the REC out-recruits everyone; so lil Nickie has more talent to coach than anyone in the country.
  7. AU-24

    We Didn’t Finish in the Top 25

    I agree with a lot of what you’re saying. Remember, Clemson does not have to play in the SEC West, and play the top team in the SEC East every year. Our guys just get so beat up week in and week out with our brutal schedule it’s going to be tough to win 10 games per year. Next year we’re playing Florida in Gainesville, and with what Jimbo Fisher is doing with A&M, it just gets tougher.
  8. AU-24

    remaining 9 or so slots to fill

    Why didn’t you post this about 25 years ago? I sure could’ve used it.
  9. AU-24

    My Thoughts From the Stadium (Purdue)

    Along with the preacher, on the bridge, on the way to the stadium...on my way back, one of the Indiana girls whipped out the “F” word twice in one sentence. A nice Auburn gentleman asked her, very politely, to watch her language as children were present. About 10 or 12 Indy people, literally stopped walking and looked at the guy like he was nuts. I mean it was like they’ed never heard anything like that before in their life. I just laughed out loud.
  10. AU-24

    Good for gus

    My bad
  11. AU-24

    Good for gus

    If so, my bad, I didn’t realize that. Was great to see him get in his rear end kicked by a less talented team.
  12. AU-24

    Good for gus

    So Kirby Smart plays in the weaker SEC East, has the second or third best talent in the country, and he picks up his third loss. I wonder if he's on the hot seat? Lol! Talk about a coach messing with his coordinator. Kirby didn’t just meddle, he completely took the defense over and still got his rear-end kicked!
  13. AU-24

    Good for gus

    We are out-recruited by the turds; LSU and Thuga every year. Unfortunately there’s only so many Dabos out there. If there is one available, I would be very much in favor of the hire.
  14. AU-24

    Good for gus

    We are out-recruited by the turds; LSU and Thuga every year. Unfortunately there’s only so many Dabos out there. If there is one available, I would be very much in favor of the hire.
  15. AU-24

    Good for gus

    I don’t have a clue? OK, since you insist, here it goes: Almost every piece of “inside information” you’ve given us, (to include me over PM) has proven to not be true. I could go on, but that’s a mouthful that speaks for itself. No one is discussing putting Gus in for coach of the year. Also, we had no business losing to teams like Tennessee and Central Florida. With that said if anyone, I mean anyone, believes it was Chip calling the plays versus Alabama and Georgia, then Gus insisted on taking over the playcalling for the SEC championship game and lost the game...if anyone believes that, there’s no point in expecting any type of intelligent conversation.