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  1. One of my favorite episodes. That was so funny!
  2. I agree, doesn’t make sense. Bottom line is, we got him!!
  3. Fair Catch Kickoff rule proposal

    Fair catch on the kick-off, start at the 20. Touchback on the kick-off, continue to put the ball on the 25... Problem solved.
  4. #24

    Wow, rain on parades much? Lol Maybe start another thread on Ronnie Brown?
  5. #24

    Great guy off the field as well. His Mom insisted on it! He had to have the grades and behavior at Etowah High, or she would not let him play on Friday nights! Too bad more parents are not like her.
  6. Gus is an average coach

    Just a thought: you may want to concentrate a little more on your health, and upcoming surgery, and a little less on Gus? Again, just a thought.
  7. Main reason he didn’t play more last year: One of the key improvements for Martin this spring has been his pass blocking. That more than anything probably kept him from making more of a contribution last season even though he averaged 6.1 yards per carry.
  8. Fair Catch Kickoff rule proposal

    How about we just force everyone on the kick-off team and kick-off return teams, to take-off their helmets. Watch injuries go down then. During the kick-off’s, 220 to 260 pound guys that run a 4.4 forty or below, can’t make themselves like a human missle. I know, it will never happen, but if it did, injury problem, just about solved.
  9. Our Backup QBs

    They also played with a walk on center and at least 4 new Offensive Linemen.
  10. Mark Emmert Criticism

    I mean where is the media outrage? Where are the feminist groups? Where is the ACLU? Where is the FBI to raid the NCAA’s office?
  11. What Bo Scarborough told Cleveland

    He’s a bammer
  12. Reuben Foster...Again

    Not necessarily in any type of order: Well there is always the TE selling drugs out of the athletic dorm. Then there’s the training staff paying a player. Not to mention the drug possession while caring a stolen gun. But they work out in the heat for bama fans, so that one was OK. We had the deer antler spray (steroids) before their bowl games. We had the defensive line coach fired for multiple recruiting violations. You are correct however, absolutely nothing came from any of the above mentioned issues. They were just not that big of a deal to King Emmert.
  13. Vince McMahon Announces Relaunch of XFL

    Why does it cut the legs out from under Vince?
  14. Oh..... Let me tell ya about Keith Jackson!! RIP
  15. Vince McMahon Announces Relaunch of XFL

    You mean Vince McMahn is going to have one league, and there will be another?