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  1. I hear what you’re saying and understand; now understand what I’m saying. Is Amazon an Auburn booster?
  2. Not a Harsin fan, but to give credit where it is due, that was pretty good!
  3. I would try to explain, but you’ve showed on several occasions, you really don’t have the intellect to understand. This by the way is certainly not meant to be an insult, it is a statement of fact.
  4. How can you possibly miss the point? It really wasn’t hard to figure out. TJ gets NIL money from Amazon, first player in college football to do so. But many uninformed on here, say the reason Harsin can’t recruit is because the boosters aren’t paying the recruits like other schools etc. etc. etc. so the question is what does Amazon have to do with Auburn boosters? The answer is: absolutely nothing! Do you get it now?
  5. That’s because you have common sense.
  6. I see, and that’s how we beat Saban 3 times and averaged four losses per season in the toughest conference in college football! Won a SEC championship, played for a national championship, won 2 SEC west championships, Beat the number one team in the country, twice in one season. Just to have highly rated classes. Yes, that makes perfect sense.
  7. But, but, but, this can’t be true because everyone on here says: the boosters don’t like Harsin, so they’re withholding money.
  8. Seems like we did that about eight years in a row, and then there was a change, and then it didn’t happen anymore. 😂
  9. Yes, I read it as well. I was surprised he admitted it. When he whined and cried to the NCAA about the rule change, if the NCAA would’ve told him no, he would’ve quit then.
  10. And for the one millionth and one time, it was time for Gus to go. But not with who replaced him! It makes no sense to replace him with someone even worse! Do you hopefully get it now?
  11. Yes, after he beat Saban 3 times, won the SEC West twice, won an SEC championship, beat two teams ranked #1 the same season, played for a Natty, averaged four loses per year in the SEC west, broke an all-time college bowl game record for points scored in the first half, (music city bowl) people still defend him. Unbelievable! It should be obvious that it was a great move to get rid of Gus for Harsin. And for the umptenth millionth time, it was time for Gus to go, but 30 some million to get rid of Gus, to bring in Harsin, simply defies any type of logical, common sense.
  12. I am a realist. There hasn’t been a whole lot of positivity in the football program since Harsin’s been hired. Should we make up positive things and be happy about them to feel good about our football program?
  13. NIL is not boosters cutting checks to players. It is a whole different ball game. This is business, industries etc. wanting players endorsements etc. and unfortunately, Auburn was one of the last out of the gates to get organized on this.
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