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  1. I see, you do feel you know more than our AD and coaching staff. Best of luck to you.
  2. I assure you, our coaching staff and athletic department, don't have a victim complex, yet feel we should be in the East. Is it your opinion, you know more than them on this subject? As Jr Miss South Carolina said: "I honestly feel allot of Americans don't have maps"
  3. ???????
  4. My point that you have obviously missed: Everyone I mentioned, to include Coach Tubberville and Coach Dye have an opinion on the matter. Feel free to disagree, but their opinion matters a little more than yours and mine. You may also disagree with common sense geography, that is your opinion and your right, but I assure you, everyone has an opinion.
  5. The Auburn assistant coach and his wife, sitting on my back deck eating BBQ, explaining the situation to my wife and me, may have got it wrong, but I don't think so.
  6. Pat Dye, Tubberville, Gus and now even Jay Jacobs would disagree, but everyone is entitled to their opinion.
  7. 😃👏
  8. A graduate assistant actually suggested it to Scott and Gus when UAT changed kickers. Gus called the TO and put Davis in the End Zone. It is/was a designed play. (Designed by both Scott and Gus) The rest is history!!
  9. Agree with everything you stated; which is the reason the SEC has to make the decision on what makes the most sense. Of course, this is not going to happen. Attorneys had to be retained, lawsuits had to be filed etc... just to get UAT, to play on the Plains. This will take even more of a Herculean effort, and we don't have the A.D. to accomplish it.
  10. I didn't realize the SEC Commissioner went on to say this: Yes, the move makes sense geographically, but Sankey said at spring meetings on Tuesday that Auburn fans hoping for the move shouldn’t hold their breath. Good to know he thinks so highly of us.
  11. MIRAMAR BEACH, Fla. | Jay Jacobs believes the time has come for Auburn to switch divisions in the Southeastern Conference. "For Mizzou to be in the West and Auburn to be in the East, it makes sense. We’re out there a little ways on football scheduling, so we’re not going to talk anything formally about it this weekend or this week — but at some point we will.” Then there is this from the SEC Commissioner: Jacobs' public stance apparently is news to commissioner Greg Sankey, who on Tuesday night joked that nobody ever has approached him in an official capacity about Auburn moving to the Eastern Division. Nothing on the meeting's agenda involves Auburn's divisional status. So Jay goes public before he talks to the Commish? Then there is this: Jacobs said Wednesday that he's spoken with Sankey directly about the divisional swap and that the commissioner has been told of the Tigers' opinion on the matter.
  12. And you not is expected?
  13. Hmm... Can you expand and clarify what you are trying to say? We just don't understand your point.
  14. Can we hold Clemson to 19 points or less? They have the home field but without their Superman (that was kicked out of a bar in West Vance). Time will tell.
  15. Schedule strength should have mattered, but it didn't. AU played and beat 5 or 6 teams in the Top 10 to Top 15 in the country! (Tenn twice, Va Tech, LSU, Turds, Georgia) I believe there may have been another team or two ranked when we played them; they dropped from rankings after the loss. Oklahoma nor USC (with their illegal players to include Reggie Bush) didn't have near as tough a schedule!