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  1. The guy is not perfect but 97% of Coach Malzahn’s recruits have enrolled. Very impressive! Gus Malzahn has brought in seven recruiting classes since taking over at Auburn in late 2012. That’s 163 players that have signed a National Letter of Intent. And 158 of those have qualified and enrolled at Auburn including all 21 signees in the 2019 class after offensive lineman Kamaar Bell enrolled earlier this week. That’s a 97 percent rate.
  2. This pretty much sums it up: Nothing will change in this regard in 2019. Auburn is scheduled to play two projected top-20 teams (per S&P+), both away from home, among its first four games, then play five top-10 teams from there. For good measure, the Tigers also somehow go over a month without a home game in the middle of the season.  Please stop scheduling out of conference top 10 teams and please actively campaign to move to the SEC East where we belong.
  3. Yes, a teenager whose life is changed forever due to his own stupidity and illegal acts. Another family whose life was changed forever, who did nothing illegal, but were at the wrong place at the wrong time.
  4. I don’t understand it but some people just can’t help but have more sympathy for the criminal, than the surviving victims family and friends.
  5. Officer or NCO? Don’t mean to offend but if you are/we’re a Commissioned Army Officer, you may want to work on your grammar and writing skills.
  6. “Auburn is about family and the coaches have a connection with God. They believe in Jesus,” Steiner said. “You put those two together and you get a nice happy mix of what you need in your life.”
  7. Most of the bashers have no inside information, nor any idea what they’re talking about.
  8. Inexperienced. Which is not his fault, he just wasn’t that experienced when they hired him. Approximately 80% of the board hates Gus and loves Greene, regardless of facts presented. Fact: Year and a half on the job for Greene and we’ve seen no significant facility upgrades even with most of the money available. This isn’t anti-Greene, it’s simply factual. On another note Greene and Gus get along very well; their families do a lot together outside of work etc.
  9. Totally agree! Some people simply can’t believe what their eyes are seeing and their ears are hearing.
  10. Then why are you on here commenting?
  11. Toughest schedule in the SEC to include, the SEC East’s toughest teams: Georgia and Florida. Don’t forget we open with another Top 10 team; on a neutral field in Texas.