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  1. Not bad Jarrett! Just so everyone knows how he compares: Jeremy Johnson's forty time was 4.75 and 31.5 vertical (NFL Pro Day Results) Other forty times: Tre Mason 4.5Cameron Artis-Payne 4.53Jadeveon Clowney 4.53Cam Newton 4.59
  2. I hope you can get over you pain, I know It takes some longer than others.
  3. Johnson had 7 turnovers in his first 3 games then White bet him out and was named the starter. For your own sake, give it up and move on.
  4. I don't think there are any (if any) that feel SW should be the starter. There are many on this board however, that are still backside hurt that Sean beat out Jeremy Johnson, and did a good job, (not Heisman Trophy great, but good) until he was injured. This same crowd, simply can't let their internal, psychological, pain go. I'm not talking about U personally but referring to a handful of close-minded posters.
  5. 2018 Princeton Review Rankings

    Agree with that as well!
  6. 2018 Princeton Review Rankings

    Agree 100%
  7. I'm sure it was Rhett's fault! Oh, I mean, well, never mind.
  8. According to the Princeton review...Wow! Best athletic facilities 1. Auburn University 2. Kansas State University 3. Grinnell College
  9. Away tickets

  10. saban smart to omit auburn

    Yes Sir! Why do some people expect someone with no class to act classy?
  11. Sooo There's More Good News Coming...

    I've had some "bug suprises" and "worms" in my yard this summer also. I think it's all this rain. ☔️ All in fun...
  12. Sean White not quitting just yet

    He'll get some snaps, and he'll always be one snap away from the starting role. So... why quit?
  13. Best Special Teams Player Ever

    Come on guys, Bill Newton amd David Langner! Punt bama Punt!
  14. Players helping Dominicans

    Great job Gus and family, AU team, and International Ministries!
  15. I see, you do feel you know more than our AD and coaching staff. Best of luck to you.