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  1. Some good points! Should’ve/could’ve been done sooner, it could’ve been done two years ago when Greene stopped showing up for work after the general was moved into the AD to babysit him. But they were scared to death to be called racist for getting rid of Greene before his contract expired. Now it would appear, we’re worried about our image if we hire Freeze. Auburn just needs to do what’s best for Auburn, the haters are going to hate! There is no way the Bama controlled State media or BSPN is going to print positive things about the Auburn hire. I don’t know, if he really was all in for Kiffin, and that didn’t work out, so then it’s Freeze, supposedly he was about to sign Freeze, now he’s getting a bunch of pushback! Just freaking do what is best for Auburn, don’t worry about what the haters are going to say!
  2. Mikey he can speak for himself but I think what he is saying is: Sanders has not even been interviewed or considered.
  3. You’re not allowed to bring up any of his past Discretions. You can only bring that stuff up about Freeze and Kiffin. Looks like he’s going to South Florida anyway, Coach Willie fired again!
  4. Your first comments were funny, I got a kick out of them. Your second comments about the bias is exactly what I’m saying!
  5. This is the state run Bammer media, and ESPN, that have no love for Auburn. I do agree, do what is best for Auburn! Put opinions and politics aside, and do what’s best for Auburn! these articles about how disappointed the Auburn fan base is because we didn’t get Kiffin are just hilarious. Probably 30% to 40% of the Fanbase didn’t want Kiffin. Now supposedly they’re getting tons of emails, calls etc. to not hire Freeze. Probably 30% of 40% of them are coming from bammers just to make this process look worse than it is.
  6. OK then, define definitive! Video evidence clearly shows he did not touch the ball. It shouldn’t have been called on the field and then it should’ve been overturned. Of course neither one happened. On a sidenote: the AP has Alabama ranked ahead of Tennessee, they both have two losses and Tennessee beat Alabama. Just in case anyone thinks this is all an accident and there isn’t blatant favoritism showed.
  7. He didn’t touch it. Some of these people simply have to be Bammer trolls! Notice the people claiming a finger moved and he touched it, aren’t saying a word about the way our D line was being molested the entire game! Take this ridiculously bad call away and call holding according to NCAA rules, and it’s a different ball game. I’m not saying Auburn wins, but I am saying it’s a different ballgame!
  8. Exactly! Show me were on earth, heaven or hades his finger moved and he touched the ball!
  9. He recruited one five star. Check on Satan and Smarts track record if that’s who you’re trying to compete with.
  10. The first stage people go through is usually denial. Go ahead and get into that anger stage, so you can then get depressed and then finally “except” that it’s not going to be Prime!
  11. Allegedly, supposedly, it’s being reported, that Freeze has told Liberty University, he is in talks/negotiations with Auburn. https://www.si.com/college/auburn/.amp/football/auburn-football-hugh-freeze-liberty-coaching-search Also at least some talk coming from the athletic department is we backed off of Kiffin not the other way around. Notice how long it took Kiffin to sign his extension with Ole Miss? Some are saying that’s because Auburn slowed talks on the hire and started pursuing Freeze. That is when Kiffin announced he’s signing the extension and staying with Ole Siss. No clue if he/she fully knows what they’re talking about, they’ve been right before and they have been wrong before.
  12. Tons of things I could say but I will just sum it up with two statements. 1. You never told us what your personal pronouns are. 2. Congrats on being in that one percent that think Greene and Harsin were good hires.
  13. Didn’t like the way we treated Alan Greene and Brian Harsin? What about the way Alan Greene and Bryan Harsin treated Auburn? Sorry Charles you have no credibility here! As far as how the national media treat Auburn, what do you expect? They hate us. We do crazy things like still crown a homecoming queen, in the middle of this gender neutral, push craze. The national media hate things like this! Make the decisions that are best for Auburn, let the mass national media, influenced by BSPN and Al.com bammers, say and print what they’re going to say and just do what’s best for Auburn! BSPN is owned by Disney, hey Charles, how are things working out for Disney? It seems like, finally Auburn is doing what is best for Auburn and a drunken Barkley has a problem with it? Get a clue bird and War Eagle!
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