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  1. Yes amazing, all of a sudden they didn’t need to practice the two minute drill now did they?
  2. Excellent commentary! I’m sure the turds in disguise on the board will continue to defend lil nickie despite these words from a player and a coach.
  3. You realize many people were saying Tua shouldn’t have been playing period?
  4. Totally get your point. My point: Bo isn’t recovering from major surgery with a pin in his ankle. Bo is a true freshmen that needs the snaps. Again, not completely disagreeing with you, but feel it is logical to question the decision to leave him in.
  5. Depends on how the playoff committee looks at it. Without Tua, no way they are the 4th best team in the country. They do have “Gary Danielson” preaching sermons on why they should still be in the playoffs, so one never knows.
  6. Probably so, but he was already hurt. I know the new hip injury had nothing to do with the ankle, but he’s already playing hurt with a pin in his ankle and you leave him in up by 28? I think it’s logical to question that decision.
  7. Hugh Freeze! I hear he’s rehabilitated.
  8. Too Sad, they are mocking his passing. To your point... yes, people are real tough behind the keyboard. A handful of people, off the top of my head, come to mind. Usually people that have never served in the military, never been on a police force or a first responder; but on the keyboard, they sure are tough! 😂
  9. As mama would say: dress in layers. Then dad and me would say: yes ma’am.
  10. My family and me will be there, and we don’t leave early! 🦅
  11. Kind of tough to be a college football fan and not like (as u said) black players isn’t it? Probably should congratulate you on the things you are permitted to post; anyone else would’ve been banned at this point. You somehow continue to get away with it.
  12. Not the majority, just some.
  13. Since you know more about the draft than Bill B, where is Jeremy Johnson sipping gator aid?
  14. Oh I see, you don’t want a thread for AU Grad, Tom Brady’s backup. If it was a thread for Jeremy Johnson or Gatewood you would be all for it. Gee, I wonder why Coarch, Stat Tiger, or Coach no longer post here. I hope you are happy!