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  1. AU-24

    3-game suspension for Winston
  2. AU-24

    greene discusses changes

    Sorry, never was a JJ fan, but several times the $$$ did roll in. Of course, the money would have come in no matter who was sitting in the A.D. office, because we are Auburn! Sorry again, just not too impressed with Greens first moves. We all know he did inherit a mess!
  3. AU-24

    greene discusses changes

    No problem; I stand by what I said above.
  4. AU-24

    greene discusses changes

    Agree, he’s overwhelmed and in over his head as JJ was when he started. Hopefully he learns quick! The majority of boosters and money people wanted Bruce Pearl back with or without Greene? The Flo deal was an easy one, one or two year extension, if you don’t produce, you’re gone. JJ, who left the AD in such a mess, was a pretty good fundraiser. Supposedly, one of the main reasons Greene was brought in, was because he was such a great fundraiser. So, what is going on?
  5. AU-24

    greene discusses changes

    I’m not sure, but possibly missing the point? He’s not trimming the staff and consolidating duties, if he simply replaces a certain amount of six-figure incomes with other six-figure incomes. I’m not sure how it is in other athletic departments around the country, but do you realize, if you include coaches, and the entire athletic department, we are approaching almost a 1 to 2 ratio with coaches and AD staff to players. Pretty crazy!
  6. AU-24

    greene discusses changes

    Certainly seems like that would have been a good common sense decision. It didn’t happen. Again, this is his first very bad decision, I hope it’s his last.
  7. AU-24

    greene discusses changes

    I agree, as long as the six-figure incomes are gone for good, and not just replaced with other people.
  8. AU-24

    greene discusses changes

    ^THIS^ You beat me to it. If JJ did this people on here, very Justifiably, would be losing their minds! First really bad decision and I hope the last... Coach Flow getting a four year extension? I don’t know what’s worse, the extension itself, or his “explanation in the article” for doing it.
  9. AU-24

    June Facilities Update

  10. In other words, I don’t know what I’m doing yet, so be patient with me.
  11. AU-24

    SEC Coach Blasts Malzahn

    I would say the NFL coaches and scouts would disagree with this guy. Nick Satan had four guys drafted in the first round, Auburn had four players drafted period. Alabama had 11 players drafted overall, again, Auburn had four players drafted. He thinks Gus had more talent than Satan? Allot less talent and Gus still beat Satan by double digets! Obviously this coach is either delirious, or just doesn’t know what he’s talking about!
  12. AU-24

    Greene VS Jacobs

    Sigh 😔