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  1. AU-24

    Jalen Harris to redshirt then transfer

    Thanks for putting some common sense into the situation, unlike the majority on this board today/tonight.
  2. Thank you! Why is this so hard for some people to understand?
  3. AU-24

    Gus’ Ceiling

    With your opening comment, and now the way you’re reacting to anyone who feels Gus has a shot at a SEC or National Championship, we can easily see where you stand. With the way Alabama cheats, we get out recruited by them every year and currently Gus is 2-3 versus Nick Satan and the turds. Last year he beat the two teams (thuga and turds) that played for the national championship. To further answer your personal question: If we have a Heisman candidate type quarterback or running back, I can see Gus returning to the national championship scene. If you want the entire AU athletic department to completely lose integrity, and start buying all five star D-linemen and linebacker recruits brand new sports cars, you’re cheering for the wrong team. If you want another Nick Satan, Dumbo Sweeney or Urban Weiner please consider following one of those three schools.
  4. At the same time, we were called for holding twice! And how many times did they commit pass interference on us, and it wasn’t called? JMO but there is no way major college officials could be this poor/terrible! It was blatantly biased!
  5. True; but as someone else can’t expect our players and coaches to overcome one of the worst, most bias officiated games in Auburn history. It was just too much to overcome.
  6. The point is I asked you what coach has donated $2 million to a football only facility? Still waiting for your answer.
  7. All true, only this one was lost by the officials!
  8. So again name the coach that has donated $2 mill?
  9. Again, from 247 sports. Not Auburn fans but 247 sports: questionable penalties helped LSU move down the field
  10. What 247 sports had to say: questionable penalties helped LSU move down the field Auburn was called for holding twice by the way. LSU wasn’t called one time, I guess they’re just that good?
  11. What 247 sports had to say: AUBURN, Alabama — Auburn's defense didn't come up with the big plays when needed, questionable penalties helped LSU move down the field and the visiting Tigers kicked a 42-yard field goal as time expired to knock off No. 7 Auburn 22-20 inside Jordan-Hare Stadium. Again that’s: “questionable penalties helped LSU move down the field”
  12. We’ve also played the number six and number 11 teams in the country. We’re not going to look like world beaters every week when playing our schedule.
  13. Put the game away you say? So our wideouts are being undressed, more than once, when the ball is thrown to them, no flag is thrown, so then we have to punt. Our defense has LSU stopped more than once but AU is called for PI. How are we supposed to put the game away?
  14. Really? Name the coaches that have donated $2 million to a football only complex at their University?
  15. I agree with everyone that something should be done, they shouldn’t be allowed ref again etc. etc. But you can bet your bottom dollar the SEC office will do absolutely nothing about this officiating crew!