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  1. His proof is George Soros is a left wing nut ball! TexasTiger is a left wing nut ball! What are you doing on here anyway don’t you have a protest and riot to attend while calling to defund the police?
  2. Yes it is a fact and George Soros is so far off the left rails even the European socialist are voting against his people and his policies!
  3. You say: “if there were no wars” There is/are wars, because there are bad people in the world. My example was Adolf Hitler and radical Islamic leaders that do things like walk homosexuals up to 12 and 14 story buildings and then push them off, simply because their homosexual. There are also very evil political parties, (the Nazis were my example) that march people to gas chambers and murder them by the millions. It is unfortunate but it does take war to set these evil people straight. Again, if it wasn’t for us (America) getting involved in and winning World War II everything I mentioned above is how we would will be living right now. Or do you believe Hitler and the Nazi’s would’ve gotten the nice guy genes and suddenly started living as loving, understanding leaders? There of course are other examples: if the Civil War was never fought, African Americans could very well still be slaves. It is unfortunate but it takes wars to correct evil wrongs.
  4. Good point! Needs to be educated on US and World History. Unfortunately without war we would all be speaking German right now, the Jewish race would be eliminated from the earth, the African-American race would also be eliminated or treated like animals as that’s what Hitler and the Nazi‘s claimed they were. Then we have the radical Muslims that want the entire world living under jihad. I’m not talking about the peaceloving, good natured Muslims, I’m talking about the millions and millions of radicals! Again, someone at Auburn may want to bust out a history book and teach this guy a lesson or two.
  5. Give or take an illegal alien or a couple million, there are approximately 350 million Americans. (at least, that is the prediction at the end of the census) Approximately 1 million have the virus. That is less than 1/3 of 1% of the US population have the virus. Of those that get the virus, 98.4% of them will recover. Keep in mind every unfortunate death nation wide, where someone has the virus is considered a coronavirus death. Anesthesiologist and MD friends of mine deployed to the front lines in New York City (One guy is Army the other is USAF) right now both swear there are/were thousands and thousands of people in New York and New Jersey alone, all-ready in hospice care from cancer, liver disease, heart disease, emphysema, diabetes etc. etc. etc. (already in hospice care) when they got the virus. They then unfortunately die... Very sad; cause of death: you guessed it, Coronavirus. Just the other day an individual came in (in NY city) was in a car accident. Cause of death was head trauma from the car accident. (no seatbelt by the way) They tested him and he had the coronavirus. Guess what they were told to put as cause of death? You guessed it again, coronavirus. Every death, for any reason is one to many but in all reality, the numbers are not near as bad as we are being told. We are being lied to! Shutting down almost the entire economy to include our sports for less than 1/3 of 1% of the population with a 98.4% recovery rate? Does something seem a little off to you?
  6. This pretty much sums it up: There’s not one easy answer to Auburn coming up short during a full season but there’s certainly one factor that stands out above all others — the schedule. It’s no coincidence that three of the top five producers of NFL draft picks over the past two seasons — Alabama (19), LSU (17) and Georgia (14) — are the Tigers’ three biggest rivals and permanent opponents. During that period, Alabama (7), LSU (6) and Georgia (3) have combined for 16 first round draft picks while Auburn’s had two. KEEPING IT IN PERSPECTIVE There’s really no team in the country that plays three teams with this much talent on an annual basis during the regular season. Four Big Ten East teams including Michigan State play Ohio State, Michigan and Penn State annually. The Spartans have averaged 7.8 wins over the last five seasons but did earn a bid to the 2015 college football playoffs only to get walloped 38-0 by Alabama in the semifinals. The Big 12 (Texas still isn’t back), ACC (Miami is best known for its retired NFL players) and Pac-12 (best known for its cheerleaders) don’t really have three consistent powerhouse teams at the moment.
  7. Two behind-the-scenes support staffers have left the Auburn program. Special teams analyst Jonathan Rutledge and defensive graduate assistant Charles Moore have left for gigs at Nebraska and Kansas, respectively. Rutledge is now the senior special teams analyst for Scott Frost's staff at Nebraska, the team officially announced Tuesday. Auburn yesterday added another analyst to the staff in Will Bryant, a longtime offensive staffer under now-Auburn offensive coordinator Chad Morris. Bryant was a graduate assistant during Morris' first head-coaching gig at SMU, then followed him to his two years at Arkansas. Bryant will serve as an assistant quarterbacks coach to Morris on Gus Malzahn's staff.
  8. Again, I don’t understand what I am missing? You said: “Oops. I didn't realized I moved that post. It's back here plus a few others” The post is where? And where are the few others? I don’t see them anywhere in this thread. Am I missing something?
  9. What am I missing here? So where is the link (that you claim needed fixed) and the article? I post a link and a paragraph from the article on how Jones (whom the thread is about) is predicted to flip to Auburn and you move it to a movie thread?
  10. 247Sports rates Jones as the No. 11 overall prospect in the country. He is the No. 2 offensive tackle in the nation, and the No. 3 prospect from the state of Georgia. To date, he has taken official visits to Georgia, Arkansas and Illinois. But he’s taken multiple unofficial visits to Auburn too. Losing one of the biggest in-state recruits in the country – let alone to SEC rival Auburn – would be a huge blow to Georgia’s recruiting efforts in 2020. Will Jones stick with Georgia, or will be he plying his trade with another SEC giant?
  11. And the Rooney’s won’t fire him for another reason. They are more proud of that, then they are there Super Bowl trophies. No kidding!
  12. Not an expert on the matter but I'll tell you what I know: The Principle is a big bammer (and a total jerk) who is/was adamantly against the hire. I am shocked the School Board approved Patrick, as the majority of the board are bammers. I don't now how this worked out but I am so glad it did! Above are facts this is only my opinion: Patrick's resume was so good they couldn't pass him up.... Patrick had/has a big name or big politician in his corner and they won!
  13. He definitely needs to go, and again he is not averaging five losses per year. He sure can beat ur boy Satan though.
  14. More fuzzy math from you we see. Definitely time for Gus to go, but in what mathematical world is Gus averaging five losses per season at AU?
  15. And Nick Satan loses to LSU and Auburn in the same season. I can see you’re still hurting.