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  1. AU-24

    Gus's record til now

    Your opinion is that Greene should lie to recruits to keep them?
  2. That is as good an explanation as anything else.
  3. AU-24

    Gus's record til now

    The money is there, and Gus has been briefed on such. In my opinion, and it is, just my opinion, it would be best for Greene to just keep his mouth shut at this point.
  4. AU-24

    Gus's record til now

    So when does AD Greene fire Gus? As soon as the checkbook holder’s allow him to do so.
  5. I can’t disagree with any of that. My question remains, how on earth did this guy beat Alabama and Georgia last year? Then my next question is: how did he beat Alabama and Georgia, then go on to lose to Central Florida? I just don’t get it.
  6. I was being sarcastic genius.
  7. Remember, Jacobs hired a committee to decide our next Coach, the committees decision was Gus.
  8. AU-24

    Big Plays Given Up By Our Defense

    If they stop the opponent on third and long they wouldn’t be on the field as much.
  9. AU-24

    "They're probably gonna fire me"

    My wife claims he is saying: “something Finebaum”
  10. AU-24

    "They're probably gonna fire me"

    You’ll shoot your eye out!
  11. Cole, I really think you’re missing your calling. You should seriously consider writing for a living.
  12. Man, I am so in your head and not even trying or wanting to be there. Relax man, relax.