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  1. If you look at where the majority of high school four and five star players sign, if you look at where the majority of the NFL draft picks come from, the SEC is certainly not overinflated.
  2. It’s a fair statement. My obvious point is: if they hit the top 25, it’ll be another top 25 team we had to play and beat.
  3. On verge of top 25 ranking, Tulane football team just worried about winning This was supposed to be one of our easier wins.
  4. So glad everyone is being so cordial and respectful with their points here, and the handful of morons who aren’t, are not on this thread. I guess my point is: we would all love a coach that could consistently win 10 or 11 games per season, but with our current and future schedules, I don’t know of any coach in the country they can do it. Don’t get me wrong, if they can, I am all ears. I can’t take credit for this next stat, because I’m not the one that originally posted it... but if Auburn gets a coach that consistently wins 10 games per year, even with an occasional 9 win season, that coach will have the highest winning percentage in the history of Auburn football. Again, we are all for that, I just don’t know if it’s possible.
  5. I see what you’re saying, but I hope you understand my point. Texas A&M is no LSU.
  6. We had a week in between Alabama and Georgia to heal up. Not anymore. After being beat to death by LSU, the very next week we have to play Alabama.
  7. Just out of curiosity, name me one of the teams in the country that plays a SEC West schedule, plus Georgia, plus Oregon, plus Tulane. Keep in mind, we now have an athletic director that did manage to get the Georgia game switched to earlier in the year for future seasons. The SEC’s response: they scheduled LSU and Alabama back to back. Name me one of the teams in the SEC West that has to play LSU and Alabama in back to back weeks. Not trying to be a smart @ss in anyway, just explaining the situation, and our athletic department doesn’t seem to be much help. Alabama has played one ranked team and they won. Florida has played two ranked teams and they are now 1-1. Georgia has played one ranked team, Notre Dame, that they beat, then they lose to an unranked team, South Carolina. Florida has played two ranked teams and they are also 1-1. I mean, can you see what we are saying? At the same time, show me this new up-and-coming Dabo Sweeney, and I would be in favor of giving him a very long look. At the same time, the current Sweeney, playing our schedule, would not be as successful as he is in the ACC. I think what most of us non Gus bashers are saying is: is there really anyone out there that’s absolutely guaranteed to be better than Gus?
  8. Two of their starting DL’s were out.
  9. Well #23 Memphis just lost, so they will not be a top 25 team when they meet Tulane next week.
  10. Kind of surprised at how good Florida looks against LSU. Gets back to my constant scheduling opinions. We see the Ohio State’s and LSU’s pounding inferior competition, and they look great. Then when they play a team similarly ranked, all of a sudden they don’t look like world beaters.
  11. Oregon beat Colorado 45-3 today. They move to 5-1, (only loss against Auburn) in their five victories they have only given-up one touchdown. One touchdown in five wins, Auburn scored 27 against them. Tulane beat UConn 49-7 today, to also move to 5-1. Again, only loss was to AU. If Tulane can beat #23 Memphis next week, they will possibly move into the top 25.
  12. I’m not into Gus bashing, but I don’t care who you are, that’s funny right there! My buddy gave me his families 50 yard line seats for that game; my family and me sat there scared to death, thinking we were going to lose the game. I mean by start of the third quarter, it really looked like we were going to lose, I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing.
  13. There has been 11 ranked vs. ranked games in CFB this season. @AuburnFootball is the only team that will have played in 3 such games. AUB 3 MICH 2 ND 2 TAMU 2 CLEM 1 UF 1 UGA 1 Iowa 1 LSU 1 MICH ST 1 Ohio ST 1 Oregon 1 Texas 1 USC 1 UVA 1 WASH 1 WISC 1 I didn’t see the Turds on the list, am I missing something? I mean surely the nations #1 team has played and beat at least one ranked team? On a side note: Tulane is up to 30th with a win over West Point who was ranked 30th before losing to the Green Wave.
  14. In a nutshell: Florida puts 8 or 9 guys in the box, so we can’t run the ball. So then our teenage, true freshman quarterback, has a bad day. So what are we supposed to do?
  15. Shame, shame! Don’t you know, you’re not allowed to criticize the AU defense, only the offense?
  16. Thanks so much for all your analysis! Always good to hear a voice of reason, amongst all the crazies!
  17. Absolutely agree! And the entrance and exit exit tunnels are way too small for the capacity of the stadium. It’s like they added seats but did not add any more room for people traffic. Just looks very old and run down.
  18. The stadium is down right ghetto! My 4th time there and it just doesn't improve.
  19. The swamp is still a dump! It was very hot. The Florida students still throwing their water bottles at/on each other, several rows at a time. Good job Worm!
  20. A lot of it is: we have our starting wide receivers back. (of course neither is 100%) Oregon and Tulane’s defense is no joke. Oregon has not given up a touchdown since the Auburn game. I’m too lazy to look it up but I think Tulane cracked the top 35 or top 30 or something like that? Don’t forget, Auburn has covered every game, to include the Tulane game. All this and yes, they are getting better every week.
  21. When will something be done about the below? Derrick Brown is being held on almost every play in every game and I haven't seen it called once. I guess the officials figure Brown is so much better than everyone he faces that holding should be allowed. The fumble credited to Seth Williams was clearly NOT a fumble. Leo Lewis pulled the ball away from Williams after both players were on the ground. How the replay crew or the "command center in Bamaham" upheld that call is beyond belief.
  22. And what will the SEC do about it? Absolutely nothing!
  23. It’s going to be hot, hot, hot in Jordan hare. So let’s get loud, loud, loud!