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  1. Re-Watched the condensed version of the game, and how many DIFFERENT playcalls did you see? Besides the Sal Cannella touchdown busted rollout, and the Whitlow wildcat touchdown. I'm counting about 5. Inside RPO run and outside screen left or right, and a jetsweep, jetsweep fleaflicker. Watching the game in person, it definitely seemed like it was super basic, and re-watching it seems the same. Am I missing something here? You'd think the same system we would have more distinct plays..... I'm no expert, but film guys can't be too hard to scheme against this. Without the runba
  2. Watching the press conference, I question if his heartbeat was ever above 60. Seems like a guy content to draw a paycheck, etc. Wasn't able to watch the broadcast because I was at the game, but as a Tampa native, I'm ok if we never come to the Outback bowl for a while. It really frustrates me to watch how predictable the playcalling was in the stadium.
  3. Sounds good. 1pm kick so we usually do it with Mimosas and a good breakfast/brunch food and work our way in. Tampa Auburn club just posted something too about more details to come. Would be nice to get a big group tailgate going.
  4. Well. This makes my New Year's Day plans pretty simple. Anyone wanna tailgate?
  5. Regardless, it will be great extra practice, stipends, and fun travel for the guys. If they come to Florida I hope it just wasn't like the Penn State vs AU Outback Bowl. In the 90s That was the rainiest game I've been to besides West Virginia Auburn
  6. I have to say it is quite odd... It's like he thinks they will neevr need one because Bammer. Haha, or he made a deal with the devil and his one Achilles ironically is the foot of a kicker.
  7. If they come to Tampa for the Outback Bowl, I'll invite all of you over to tailgate at my house 😁
  8. I said this to a Bama fan once. He was trying to say people hated them because they win, and I argued it's how they win, and how they whine when they lose. When they beat teams for a great run of years, they have Rammer Jammer, Dixieland Delight, etc etc. When they lose, it's always an excuse and Harvey Updyke, the Tea Bagger, etc etc. I don't know when the dam will crack and flood, but when it does, their fanbase implosion will be epic.
  9. This gave me goosebumps yesterday. When aging Pat Dye said "Auburn Fans Love Auburn", not gonna lie my eyes started to water:
  10. @Momma Worm Your son is the epitome of what it means to be an Auburn man. A spirit that is not afraid. He showed us the fight is about Auburn.
  11. Agreed. Saban is very indicative of their fanbase. They never just get beat. They "beat themselves" or the refs did. Cry Nick Cry.
  12. So true. Thank you all for serving. This guy is super grateful/thankful to all the veterans I know.
  13. Favorite Games I've Been to: 2001 Auburn vs Florida. This means so much as I HATE UF being from Florida. One of the first ones on the field as a student and ripped down the goal posts. 2010 National Championship game. Sat with my Dad. Nuff said 2013 Miracle at Jordan Hare
  14. The sad thing is, if you agree with JJ or not, we are potentially adding another QB (Gatewood) to the Twitter/Facebook anti-Gus rants, where it will hit us hard in recruiting anyone serious moving forward. It's kinda like the guy that girls knew had a reputation. Gus now has a reputation. How long can Greene continue to ignore the mounting swirl of chit chat? Not good.
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