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  1. I hope the swag translates to wins. I believe.
  2. Agreed. My thoughts exactly... wouldn’t be surprised
  3. Yep, ask Logan Young right before he testified. Oh yeah he’s dead.
  4. True. Haha, I’m just waiting for the headlines this week.
  5. Clemson better watch out for Gumping and the REC now....
  6. Ugh. Wish I wouldn't have watched that. I told my wife before the kick "He's going to be the Hero or the Goat" and my 3 year old yelled out Goat... Feel so bad for him.
  7. Let me preface this by saying I'm now 37. I'm married, have a kid, and real world headache responsibilities. My sophomore year at AU I road tripped with some friends to BR. I never thought in my wildest dreams that would be the last time I'd see a win there at this age, and to be honest, I can't see it changing soon. Scary to think "The Cigar Curse" is truly a thing. Not sure what to say other than I don't want JJ making another coaching decision.
  8. I was telling my friend about an older article regarding Nick Saban when he was at Toledo or Michigan State, and it was written from the basketball coach's sentiment about what a jerk and non-team player he was. My friend had never heard of it, and I went to try and find it and couldn't locate it. Anyone heard of it or have a link? If anyone has the link I would appreciate it.
  9. I agree with the OPs sentiment. I'm definitely not a sunshine pumper but bleed orange and blue. I drove my family up from Tampa (cost $$$ and basically trading 2 days of driving for one day on the plains) and one thing that never changes for me. I love Auburn for Auburn. If we have to do things the right way, and it costs us a couple or few bad seasons. So be it. If there is not a splash coach out there at the moment, then we wait and take our lumps and let Gus stew in his agony if he can't turn it around. Am I very concerned and upset that the students haven't seen a home power 5 win in 2 year? Yes. I also was from the 1998-2002 year, so my first season I saw Terry Bowden escorted off the plains in his first 5, and Tubbs began building a program that didn't hit paydirt until 2004, but man, I still tailgated and loved every game. To me, in life there is no such thing as a "quick fix". You have to do it right and stay the course. Now do I think we should be sending out smoke signals to any great coach? Absolutely.
  10. Well, it's time for this Tampa native to make the yearly migration for my in person fix to the plains. I'm 36, and I don't think I've missed a year of my life without seeing an Auburn game (much thanks to my parents) since I was about 6 or 7. Some years more than others of course, but a mandatory 1 game on the plains for yours truly. Every year, I've usually traveled with my parents and my Mom's sorority sister from back in the day that lives in Tampa, but now the crew has grown to include enough people to rent a 15 passenger van for the trip, including my Wife and I's 9 month old daughter, my Sister, niece, and previously said individuals. Win or lose, it makes me really believe what Pat Dye said about Auburn people love Auburn Football because of Auburn. Just excited to see the Oaks, be downtown and around the area, and enjoy Auburn in general as well as see a game (of course) Just wondering if anyone had some suggestions out of the ordinary to do that weekend. I heard the restaurant Acre is great, anyone else want to give suggestions to an Alumn who doesn't get to get back every weekend and wants to make the most of it? Also, has AUFamily ever thought about doing a tailgate one year? Apologies if I missed it or something similar. War Damn Eagle!
  11. War Eagle Sean... In my lifetime, Auburn has done the best with a come from the bottom US vs. Them mentality. This alumni will be cheering for our boys to shock the world.
  12. Did this the second it came out. Would LOOOOVE and AU tag
  13. It kind of reminds me about the snake crossing the railroad track, train ran over and cut off a tiny bit of the end of his tail, he spun around fast and the train cut his head off. Parable: Don't lose your head over a piece of tail.
  14. Maybe the room on the leeward side of the house facing south because Florida Sucks??? :dunno: Hey there, easy! Unless you're talking about UNIVERSITY of Florida, then I'd agree with you! A Florida room, as Golf said, is a room with a lot of windows, really harking back to the days in Florida where A/C wasn't a thing if you can believe it. My Mom told me about going to school all the way up to H.S. without A/C in Tampa! Most old school Florida rooms from houses in the 40s/50s/60s had those really large crank out windows where you could get a good cross draft going.