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  1. Commentators already setting the narrative that Harsin wasn’t given a chance at Auburn. SMH
  2. Shedeur Sanders could fill the QB role for us if we got the right coach for him. I wonder who that could be? 🤔
  3. https://youtu.be/Bt0w9x2c7Ts Here is a great video for anyone not sure about Deion. It is long, but gives insight to his thought processes in his life. He is an excellent motivator and I believe the kids he coaches would run through a brick wall for him.
  4. I think this is the best description I have seen so far. He is a Dabo Swinney on steroids!
  5. How about Jeff Fisher? He had a son play here.
  6. I apologize if this isn't the forum to post this on. Please move to the correct one if not. I haven't seen anything on here about the rumors on other sites about Caleb Williams potentially coming to Auburn. There is no telling where he will wind up since he entered the transfer portal and it could just be untrue rumors like Nix to UCF, but that is very interesting for sure. What are your thoughts on his recruitment, if he is in fact planning to come to Auburn for a huge NIL agreement? Is it a program changer for Harsin and Davis?
  7. I know this is a “what’s he smoking?” suggestion, but how about doubling Sean McVey’s salary and get someone with NFL ties to bring in advisors to recruit NFL talent here and create a pipeline to the NFL through Auburn.
  8. It looked to me like the ball bounced off Ruffin's helmet instead of Roberts muffing it. So it was a live ball.
  9. If not live, then I did on DVR. I have middle school kids, so Saturdays are sometimes booked up. One thing I remember from 2012 is that when most everyone around him seemed to have given up, Jonathan Wallace seemed to give it all he had. #12 will always have my respect for giving it 100% that year even when everyone in the stadium knew what was up. I made it a point to stay and watch, simply to enjoy the effort of a true freshman thrown into the SEC meat grinder and watch him Don Quijote the Hell out of the opponent's defense. onathan Wallace
  10. JMO but it's a matter of having the young players being questioned about team issues, or comments that end up on opponent bulletin boards, etc.....I mean, what is the benefit to AUburn ? Not saying we boycott them but limit the interviews to a couple coaches and if we want to do player interviews for the media, have the sports information department do them and send them out as press releases. I just can't see the advantage to AU of allowing the beat writers to put young guys on the spot with the kind of questions those guy are going to ask. This Yep this^^^ We live in a different age now as well. We have plenty of ways to get Auburn news out to the masses without having to depend on sites like al.com. Don't set the young guys up for a potential "gotcha" moment by these schnooks. The internet provides too many alternatives that the old fishwrappers didn't provide years ago. Screw those guys.
  11. Are they embracing the Angry Birds theme this year. That is all I can think about when I see that bird on the helmet. Not a bad marketing idea actually, if they could get the rights to use it.
  12. I agree! The only one on the team that I can immediately think of who can call anyone out is McCalebb. He is the only player to consistently give it their full effort, no matter what the score.
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