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  1. I move to convert all of Chandler Cox's rushing yards to twirly feets. Obviously with a 3 twirly feets to 1 yard conversion rate.
  2. I'm out of the loop. I've never really followed recruiting THAT close, what's this new format?
  3. I dunno. Seems like a regular sized question to me. *Edit - Why you gotta edit your post and try and make me look like a fool?
  4. I dunno, they're not the worst. Alabama and LSU are up there before Georgia.
  5. ARE YOU TRYING TO JINX ALL THE QB'S?! What is wrong with you?!
  6. It'd be really nice to see which team improved and matured more over the season.
  7. I see, so you're just going to jinx us like that.
  8. Does Auburn football not give you enough drama already?
  9. I dunno anything about him except what I just saw in this video, but I like the guy. He's ridiculous.
  10. I enjoy a good discussion, but sometimes I'm amazed at how good some of you are at making a mountain out of a molehill. The season can't start soon enough.
  11. Has a QB been announced yet, or am I going to have to walk-on at 32 and show these kids how it's done?
  12. Les Miles has beaten Alabama's Saban 3 times. And Auburn has beaten Alabama's Saban 3 times with 3 different coaches. Auburn is actually better at beating Alabama than anyone else other than LSU. I'm okay with this.
  13. No offense, but he played better than JJ. That's the very definition of superior Glad I'm not the only pedantic one here.