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  1. Man...I'm just gutted.....
  2. The NCAA won't support ANYTHING that might give a little parity to the conferences.
  3. Either way UT shouldn't be hindering a kids chances to find a more suitable environment to play in because of their loss of institutional control. It's a bad look all around. Absolutely no honor in how they're playing these kids.
  4. He didn't say "Legend "....he said ancient.
  5. The more things change, the more they stay the same with some people...good grief.
  6. It's called ignorance. Mostly by people that don't have a f***ing clue of what they're talking about.
  7. All I can tell you is they're working. They had a big hill to climb and it wasn't going to done immediately. There's really no need in worrying about. Let it play out and see where we're at next season. The only hope I can give you is...it's not Gus and big changes are coming, let's hope they go in the direction we're wanting.
  8. Uga is also winning the east and positioning themselves to be in the SECCG for the past few years. Besides that, they've always gotten the better talent in the state of Georgia. They're the state school. Either way...like I said, until we produce more consistency against the teams we should beat recruiting won't elevate much. I'll also add, I think the writing was on the wall about Gus's system for the past few years being in dire need of evolving. I'll say it again.....MARQUE KIDS DON'T WANT TO COME PLAY FOR AN OFFENSE THAT ISN'T GOING TO ELEVATE THEM. Period. Why would they? We've had an ele
  9. 8-4 is a success IMO and something to build on going forward. If.......we look hungry and competitive. I don't expect his plan to be fully in place in year 1, but I expect to see flashes of it here and there for sure. I'm soooo anxious to see what kind of developmental improvements this staff can make on the kids we already had prior to Harsin being hired. Man, I'm excited for those guys.
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