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  1. Personally, I want to see some leadership from the coaching staff...
  2. the most pressing need is OL depth. Nothing else matters if the units cant block. Transfers are band aids and just as unpredictable as anything else.
  3. I have been very pleased with Jibunors play! However I am concerned about depth there. Thinnest at the spot in a while.
  4. Nah...I agree. I meant for all the preseason talk that is sure to start up soon. Look...I want the boys to succeed, hell I want Gus to succeed. By default, we all win if he does. I have my issues with Gus, but him succeeding isn't one of them. Wde
  5. Umm...that's exactly the problem. If you don't have a mean, nasty and tough OL, the system don't matter. As pointed out thousands of times, it was a major issue this very season by not having at least a decent OL. IMO, that's exactly what should be recruited before "the best available " athlete. A good OL will take a team of 3* athletes a long way. Hard to say that with the roles reversed.
  6. What you and a few others just don't seem to get is this isn't just about that one game. This is an ongoing issue that plagues the team since Gus has been here. The #2s are rarely ready to go or even allowed to sniff the playbook outside of basic handoffs and a couple of basic passes. They're underprepared. Prove me wrong.
  7. Man, you are just something else. Lol. I mean ....damn.
  8. Really....who gives a crap what the coaching circles care about. This is about the kids..and their futures. They absolutely need REAL game experience, not handoffs in an attempt to run out the clock.
  9. Spot on bud. All this talk about if the money is there yada yada yada. will be there one way or another. The question is how much damage are we willing to do to our program along the way. The buyouts or the salaries for the seasons they stay will have to be paid regardless. As someone stated before...Gus is done. The relationship has been tarnished beyond repair for all the those involved....and that is everyone. Us fans included.
  10. With all due respect, don't underestimate what money does to some people.
  11. Bammer got a guy and gave him the keys to the kingdom to run it as he saw fit to be successful. Therein lies the difference. Auburn has a history of doing the opposite, so what Auburn achieves is expected. Until the power hungry money donors lose their ego and keep their noses out of things they don't understand it will remain the same. Look at the latest mindboggling episode as an example.
  12. I could care less about the record of Gus at this point. I'm more interested in getting the kids that will be here more game experience. Doesn't matter, Gus won't play them unless he's forced to by Stidham electing to sit out the bowl game. We've seen time and time again Gus refusing to develop these guys, the bowl game won't be any different. JMHO