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  1. Ugh...we've played 2012 football season bad tonight. Hopefully it will be a wakeup call
  2. Are you trying to rub salt in the wound? I'm not into moral victories. Two teams that we beat ranked higher than us. I'm struggling to find the positives in all this.
  3. Man...I keep pinching myself to make sure I'm not dreaming. Loving what these kids are building on the hardwood!
  4. Bro....we all watch the games. Remember the one where he only got 1 touch......One. Our passing game is like city league 5-7 year olds passing tree.
  5. The question is...if Boobie had not gotten injured would we have even seen DJ Williams this season? That goes for the number of carries for the others as well. I'm leaning towards NO if past history is an indicator.
  6. Situational backs, lack of use of a TE in passing game, the stupid hurry up dive after a 1st down, bomb or bust mentality in the passing game with the simplest of routes. The one major thing that eats me up is his loyalty to certain players that some others don't get. In most cases it doesn't allow the best 11 on the field.
  7. Better than "Gus Bus"...which realistically resembles more of a Volkswagen "Thing" instead of an actual bus.
  8. Another crappy and uninspired team performance to end the season. s*** rolls downhill once again from the HC.
  9. This is how we stay divided. Congratulations on being "that guy". War Eagle
  10. Impressive haul by Gus and staff. Excited to see these boys play!