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  1. Sometimes you need that middle of the field guy to create that outside guy.
  2. So does 12 gauge.
  3. Yes...without a bit of remorse and the kid will be screwed. But...bammers can't help themselves
  4. If we get Parks, this would be a monster class despite the lack of star power coverage we all seem to clamor for on NSD. If our D can can stay stocked with talent it will undoubtedly pave the way to prosperity.
  5. I love that damn movie 😂😂😂
  6. Well..he is...in fact, the HEAD COACH. He is the author of this offense. He IS responsible for ...and being paid to manage this team.
  7. I seriously have zero respect for Bob Stoops. No way in hell Mixon would be on the team after that BS
  8. MD is gonna be a beast over the next few years!
  9. Well..that was less than satisfying
  10. We basically ran it down their throat.
  11. Nice start for the D
  12. Can't say enough about how tough SW is. The kid is fearless.
  13. Looking good so far! WDE
  14. This. CRL seems a lot more open to passing than Gus. You could see it in his game plans.