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  1. Wouldn't surprise me either. An action like that would mostly run off any potentially stellar coach we've discussed here. But...that's always been an issue of the meddling that goes on around here. I don't want to lose Steele, but I also don't want to undermine a new coaches vision by dictating what pieces he needs to have in place to see that vision through. Going internal and promoting Steele to HC sounds exactly like something Auburn would do. I think it would work as a stopgap, but not as a long term thing.
  2. This. It's like people don't put into perspective the level of talent Fleck has playing under him. What he's doing at Minnesota is ALL heart and technique. Those guys have bought in 100% and it shows. Everyone idolizes Saban, but what Fleck and Rhule and guys like that are doing is out coaching him by a mile.
  3. IMO Cristobal would be a guy more likely to keep Steele and his staff. Cristobal appeals to me the most due to his OL coaching background. I also feel he would get an offense implemented that would be more competitive against the SEC defenses of today.
  4. I may be alone in thinking this, but it's not a foregone conclusion that a new coach wouldn't keep Steele and his staff regardless. Steele has become a National name while at Auburn. It's been immensely satisfying to hear Steele's defense being the topic of discussion on why Auburn is considered a threat in these games. Idk, common sense says if your DC isn't even close to Steele's output, he doesn't come with you. That said. I still say we make Cristobal tell us no before moving in any other direction.
  5.'s the same with just about every fanbase. You're going to have those type of fans that criticize players publicly as much as privately. Most of it is off emotions, which, like it or not is what makes college football so great. The passion for it is second to none even if it goes a bit far sometimes. You can't police what everyone says or thinks, so articles like this are really not helpful by putting everyone on the same level.
  6. Gus has been living the dream ever since arriving at Auburn. Unfortunately his dream was to implement his high school concepts and hire as many high school affiliates and no name coaches with sketchy experience into his dream with him. He's hit his pinnacle. Dream over.
  7. The bus has been in impound for 5 yrs. The doors are probably seized shut. Hope nobody is in there in case of a fire.
  8. Nothing alot of us haven't been saying for a couple of years to be honest. It has to come to a head sooner or later.
  9. Amen brother. And I'll feel the same about the next coach and the one after that if the same BS happens.
  10. What in the world makes anyone think the Brady guy would leave LSU at this time? Or if he's even ready to be an OC?
  11. Maybe they need the truth. It's their futures you should worry about....not Gus's.