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  1. Especially with the amount of money spent on it.
  2. When Gus is on his game and runs the actual hurry up no huddle, he can beat saban too. The question is, why has he gone away from it?
  3. Man...I just don't think you really comprehend what people are upset about. It has NOTHING to do with saban. It's about how stubborn Gus is. It's the overall mismanagement of roster. It's about how we lose games we shouldn't. Funny you bring up the 2013 nc game, because that's one of them lol. Yet your whole argument is based on it. No one here dislikes Gus as a man and we're all grateful of the fact he appears to be running a clean program, but the Jekyll and Hyde bs has grown old. We don't have the aggressive, innovative OC Gus anymore and I'm not sure we'll ever get that back. We seemed to have gone away from everything that made his offense successful and it doesn't make sense to see what it has become is confusing and frustrating as a fan. I hope like hell he breaks through whatever fog he's been in and hits the ground running this season and never takes his foot off the gas like the old Gus. But.....until he does, it doesn't matter what kind of fantasy scenario you come up with there will be grumbling and talks of the hot seat. Wde
  4. Not even sure what to say other than I'll lift prayers up for the family. I just recently lost my mother on the day before Mother's Day and it's a terrible thing for anyone to go through.
  5. Well....no one that I can remember has ever questioned the man's character. I mean, we all want things to turn out positive for all involved, especially the players. I used to be as big of a Gus fan as you could be, here's to hoping he's turned the corner on his coaching growth. Wde
  6. Thing of beauty...I could watch this ALL DAMN DAY. Lol
  7. Super sensitive lol.
  8. Toss up between Joey and Bo from what I saw. We left the stadium mid third to go do some strolling. Joey has progressed nicely.
  9. I've never been more proud of an Auburn team than I am right now with these guys. What they had to fight through to get here is amazing. They just keep digging to find a way. I love the spirit in them. Wde
  10. Personally, I want to see some leadership from the coaching staff...
  11. Umm...no. the most pressing need is OL depth. Nothing else matters if the units cant block. Transfers are band aids and just as unpredictable as anything else.
  12. I have been very pleased with Jibunors play! However I am concerned about depth there. Thinnest at the spot in a while.
  13. Nah...I agree. I meant for all the preseason talk that is sure to start up soon. Look...I want the boys to succeed, hell I want Gus to succeed. By default, we all win if he does. I have my issues with Gus, but him succeeding isn't one of them. Wde