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  1. Sure are alot of assumptions about both of these kids in this post. I don't think we've seen enough from either one to definitively say anything like you're saying. Jmho
  2. Lol. I don't know if that's what he said or not. I just ad-libbed and made it what I wanted. Story of my life 🤣
  3. In all fairness, their offensive scheme is a little more QB friendly. That combined with the elite speed and route running of their WRs and it should be no surprise.
  4. Can't bet against my boys, AU 20 A&M 13
  5. I'm a Corvette man myself, but I'd look damn sweet in that Bugatti 😁😎
  6. Everything's so personal for some......geez. Enjoy it how you want.
  7. Lol...that's exactly what it looks like. WR is blocking outside, stick your foot and drive it inside next time. Good on ya Gus.
  8. Lol...I have so many shirts it's hard to figure out the right combo! The Bo J. jersey though I've had for almost 25 years. Yeah it's a bit more snug than it was, but tested and true.
  9. Yeah that was a complaint of mine earlier. A wasted opportunity to get Joey a wider scope of offensive snaps. I'm proud and excited for Joey getting 100yds and 2 scores, but we do have to remember this was Kent St....in the 4th quarter of a demoralized game. Not to discount the accomplishment more to put it into perspective. That said, Bo didn't exactly light up the field passing so I see where you're coming from. Unfortunately we're about to hit a gauntlet stretch and I'm not 100% sold on any of it yet to be honest. This week will be a big test on Bo and the whole team for that matter, especially the OL. If they can't hold up, I'm afraid any talk of any QB will be from a disadvantaged viewpoint.
  10. I never said anything about a QB controversy lol. But....when JG is put it, I'd like him to get more valuable reps than just running a ZR. That's all I'm saying. We may need him down the line.
  11. I find we do better when dont wear AU attire at home watching. We've won every home game I've attended while wearing a #34 home Jersey. Sometimes I get into the drink too early at the house and forget to change out of my AU shirt. Gotta get better!