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  1. Women vs. lsu - Game Thread

    I appreciate your will to be optimistic, but the chance of that happening is about as likely as this staff signing a top 10 player. REMOTE at best. We lost to Ms State by 30 at home. We only have one good win and that is against a Tennessee team that is unranked. We have several bad losses, like Ole Miss, bama and UGA. The UGA team is currently 14-13 and in danger of becoming the first Georgia team since the inception of the NCAA to have a losing record. We will have a very hard time getting past LSU if the SEC Tourn bracket remains as it is today. Nikki Fargas, LSU coach, is known to be a tournament coach and seems to always have them ready to play come tournament time. The women's NIT is not ran the same way as the men's NIT and is really a pay to play tournament. Therefore, I would be surprised if we don't get that invite. Each school that wants a home NIT game has to guarantee the tournament a set amount of revenue.
  2. Women vs. Ole Miss - Game Thread

    What coach doesn't announce their extension? This smells fishy to me. I have never known of a coach to not announce a contract extension. That should help with recruiting. Then again, this staff seems to believe that they don't have to work hard in that area in the first place.
  3. UAT women 63, AU 61

    I agree that JJ has been fortunate to have been the AD during a time of incredible wealth in the SEC. That has covered a lot of mistakes. No doubt about that. I have been impressed with Auburn's revenue more than most. Its really impressive that we generate more revenue that UGA and all but 3 other SEC schools. I'm not arguing that he is responsible for that, but he has been fortunate to have been in the captain's chair during this time. I do believe that his job is safe. He has the backing of the BOT. The good news is that in just a few years he will likely retire.
  4. UAT women 63, AU 61

    What would 1 more year accomplish? Would we then be happy with getting into the NIT? They haven't recruited the players needed in the first 5, would any top talented players come knowing the staff is coaching without a contract? If you gave a contract would that be a 3 year deal? Then we get to do the very Auburn thing of paying someone not to coach for a couple of years. No... the time is now.
  5. UAT women 63, AU 61

    Gogue played basketball at Auburn himself. He has been a student athlete. He knows how athletics impact the entire university. Don't forget , when we look back at the past decade we will see the most successful decade in Auburn athletics ever. We have never played for 2 football national championships before, we have never built infrastructure like we have built over the past decade and we have never seen revenue anywhere near what we have seen. Better decisions in some areas could have certainly been made, but are we really certain that someone else would have made a different decision? The last time we had a President overly involved was Jetgate, which landed the University on SACS probation and threatened to make Auburn a place that good professors avoided.
  6. UAT women 63, AU 61

    To be fair, gymnastics is in a rebuilding year and is still a top 20 squad. Pearl is a home run hire. We have never had this much talent assembled on the court in men's basketball. Never.
  7. UAT women 63, AU 61

    We can't just wait around. The time is now. By the way, a new President is not going to fire JJ. Auburn has been blessed to have a great President in Gogue. The fact that he hasn't placed athletics ahead of absolutely everything on campus doesn't make him somehow less of a President, it makes him more of one.
  8. UAT women 63, AU 61

    I couldn't agree more. Now is the time. We have everything in place to make strides in this sport. We need to move forward and make the right hire.
  9. Women vs. uat - Game Thread

    I think that has to be the result. She would have been an excellent hire 5 years ago, but we all supported Terri when she got the position. It simply hasn't worked out and we now need to move forward in another direction. If not Kellie, then Mike Neighbors or the coach at Florida Gulf Coast would all be great choices.
  10. Women vs. Ole Miss - Game Thread

    I could see a marked difference in how the team played in the Ole Miss game as compared to other games. At least it appeared to be different. I couldn't help but wonder if the staff had mailed it in after the Georgia game/.
  11. Women vs. Ole Miss - Game Thread

    She is completing the final year of her contract, which pays $500,000. We wouldn't be spending more on the program, unless we hire a top 10 coach. Even then, its unlikely that we would be paying more than we currently pay TWF. That being said, there is no reason that women's basketball shouldn't be pulling in more revenue. Softball pulled in twice the revenue of women's basketball last year. Our Athletic Dept ended the year with a net profit of $15.2 million. To put in perspective, we paid Gene Chizik the last installment of his contract pay out this year, which was $750,000 approx. Money isn't going to be part of the equation. If this wasn't the last year of the contract, I would agree with you.
  12. Women vs. Ole Miss - Game Thread

    Just for purpose of discussion... if we were to find ourselves in the market, a home run hire, in my opinion, would be someone like Mike Neighbors at the University of Washington. He is an Arkansas native, has spent time coaching under Gary Blair at Arkansas and Kevin McGuff, current Ohio State HC. He coached UW to the Final Four last year. This would be a costly hire, but one we can afford if he is interested. He was interested last time around, but took the UW job the next year. One the next level of hires....all of which would be great hires, just shy of being called a HR.... I would look to Karl Smesko at Florida Gulf Coast. He won the 2012 Kay Yow coach of the year award and has a record of 376-77. I have no issue with giving preference to a female coach to lead the women's program. If we go that route, I would consider Kelli Jolly Harper again and although she just parted ways with Wichita State, I would consider Jody Adams. Adams is a very tough coach, from the Pat Summitt tree of coaches. She is the type that players either love or hate, but she gets results.
  13. Women vs. Ole Miss - Game Thread

    You are spot on. Her hire made sense. It was a reasonable hire, but to be honest it wasn't the hire that most, including girls on the team, had hoped we were about to make. Nonetheless, everyone got behind the hire once it was made. To Terri's credit, she is a wonderful person. She has a beautiful family and she is well connected nationally. My growing desire to see us make a change has absolutely nothing to do with her personally. I honestly wish that things had worked out differently. I even fell guilty saying that, but this cannot be a decision based on how we feel. This has to be about what is best for the program. I do believe that we had 2 or 3 candidates that had very similar resumes last time. My choice would have been Kelli Jolly Harper last time around or Jody Adams. I believe that Terri had a few things on her side that nudged her ahead of the group. By hiring Terri, we were able to hire an African American coach that had a record of success, she had coached for 7 years at UGA as the top assistant to Andy Landers and had taken Georgetown to back to back NCAA tournaments. She is also well connected with AAU basketball due to her brother being the national chairman of AAU basketball. Be clear, I did not say that she was hired because she is a minority. I said that those factors were positive attributes that added to other elements of her coaching record made her resume stand out from some others.
  14. Women vs. Ole Miss - Game Thread

    We have a problem and that problem begins and ends with recruiting. One widely used method to gauge the talent level of a team is to look at the top five recruits they signed over the previous four years (corresponding to the typical college stint). This tells you the top five prospects a team could theoretically put on the floor. Recruiting rankings are not exact and I would be the first to admit that they alone do not determine any individual player's future. However, outside of wins/losses, they are the only constant we can use to gauge talent in an objective way for the purpose of this discussion. Auburn's top 5 players signed over the past 4 years: 1. Asia Robeson - 2014 5 star., Michigan......No longer with team. 2. Tyra Johnson - 2016 4 star., Alabama 3. Jessica Jones - 2014 4 star, North Carolina 4. Daisa Alexander - 2016 3 star, Georgia 5. Jazmine Jones - 2014 3 star, North Carolina I really believe that Auburn recruits Alabama and Georgia both equally in every sport due to our geographic proximity to metro Atlanta. Our location, which was a burden to be overcome 50 years ago, has now evolved into a built in advantage over many programs in the Southeast. Very few teams ever contend for championships without elite talent. Ciampi had elite talent when he led Auburn to back to back Final Fours. Nell Fortner had Dewanna Bonner, Whitney Boddie and Allie when her team won the SEC in 2009. We have some great young ladies on this team, but its hard to make an argument that any have talent on par with the top players in the SEC. They just don't. What do we do? Our problem isn't with facilities. Our problem isn't location. Our problem isn't a lack of tradition, fan support or a lack of resources. I don't know of anyone that would prefer to spend their college years on the campus of Ms State or S. Carolina over being at Auburn. However, they may make that choice because they want to play for Dawn Staley or Schaefer. The time has come to make some tough decisions. If we stay with the current staff, TWF will need to make some concessions and be willing to make some changes to her staff that will enhance our recruiting. If our style of play needs to be adjusted, that has to be on the table. If not, we are blessed with the resources to make a competitive hire. Just look up the street from Auburn Arena toward JBM field. Softball brought in more than twice the revenue of AU Women's Basketball last year. I'll leave it at that.
  15. Women vs. South Carolina - Game Thread

    Women's basketball and Auburn football are far apart due to one major difference. Auburn football recruits at an elite level. Women's basketball does not. SEC football was down in 2016, but over the past 10 years the conference has dominated the college landscape. In the last 6 years, Auburn football has played for two national championships and won one. USCe and MSU are the best two teams in the conference. Nobody will dispute that. Tennessee has as much talent, if not more, as those two. We were fortunate to beat Tennessee. We played hard and Tennessee's problems with their team chemistry and overall effort really showed its ugly head that day. That same Tennessee team has beat Notre Dame and South Carolina, while losing to us and to UGA. I am a long time season ticket holder and supporter of women's basketball. I do not accept losing by 30 to Ms. State as just one of those things that will happen. We have the resources, the recruiting footprint, the facilities, and the support to be a top tier SEC team. If our style of play is a problem, I expect that style of play to be modified. We don't pay a half million bucks a year to anyone to coach women's basketball if that coach isn't willing to be self critical and make changes if necessary. Personally, I like Terri, but time is running out for this staff if results don't improve. There is nothing unfair about expecting to have a team that is solidly in the top third of the conference.