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  1. AU9377

    Coach Flo Extended to 22-23 Season

    You get it! Without post players with some size, its the same old___________. If people take the time to look at a couple of the teams that did have some size, they will quickly realize that those teams had rosters with players recruited to Auburn by Nell Fortner and her staff. Nell has been sounding the concern about our lack of size for a couple of years in the most polite way that a former coach can .
  2. AU9377

    Coach Flo Extended to 22-23 Season

    We have a lack of focus because we don't coach offense. We press press press press and press some more hoping to wear the other team down. That worked fine at Georgetown, but Georgetown doesn't play an SEC schedule. The other teams in the SEC have athletes, usually better athletes, that can run the court as well. Unlike our team, they also practice sets and focus on offensive production. This style of play will never compete with the upper tier of the SEC.
  3. AU9377

    Coach Flo Extended to 22-23 Season

    She is making $700,000 a year. That isn't pocket change and the return we are getting is pathetic. Her SEC record is 31-65. We are irrelevant in the SEC. If Jay Jacobs had done this, pitchforks and screaming babies being carried by moms with their hair on fire would have been the response.
  4. I would be thrilled with being an average hitting team in the SEC at this point.
  5. I don't think the Myers investigation, which has long ended, plays a part in anything. However, Dean's likability plays a big role.
  6. AU9377

    Softball: The Future

    It is what it is. Given the choice, there isn't a player that played for Myers that would not choose to be playing for him as their coach at Auburn over playing for Dean. Myers is an incredible coach and it is always incredibly difficult to follow a coach like that in any sport. For that reason alone, I have to give Dean more time before making any concrete judgments concerning his ability to get the job done. What concerns me most about Dean is something that I did not expect to be a concern. His ability to make adjustments to game situations has been nonexistent. I am assuming that part of that is due to the leap up in competition from what he has been facing at JMU. Time will tell.
  7. AU9377

    Any Coach Flo news?

    The decision would have already been made. The decision would have been made in the same time frame as Ole Miss, Texas Tech, Clemson and other power 5 openings. There is no decision forthcoming. There was never even a debate. The total cost would have been over $2 million and likely closer to $3 million when you include paying the staff. Bruce Pearl will insist that when she is let go that it is done with as much good will as possible due to her family connections with AAU Basketball. She is also the only minority coach of a major sport. All of those things come into play.
  8. AU9377

    Jarrett Stidham

    He can have a full on man crush on Bieber for all I care... just be a baller come fall!!!
  9. AU9377

    Malik Willis starter?

    Some of you all really need to step back from the twilight zone. We have a starting QB that could start for ANY team in the SEC. My only Jarrett Stidham concern was his untimely turnovers in a couple of critical games last year, but he nobody wants to make certain that doesn't happen again more than JS. His arm talent is something to behold.
  10. AU9377

    Any Coach Flo news?

    Notre Dame didn't have an answer for her. MS State outplayed ND the entire game. They certainly didn't handle her well at all.
  11. AU9377

    Any Coach Flo news?

    My short list: 1. Karl Smesko... Head Coach Florida Gulf Coast Univ. Division I Honors• Kay Yow National Coach of the Year (2012)• espnW Mid-Major Coach of the Year (2016)• Seven-time ASUN Coach of the Year (2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016)• Seven ASUN Regular Season Championships (2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016)• Four ASUN Tournament Championship (2012, 2014, 2015, 2017)• Four NCAA Tournament Appearances (2012, 2014, 2015, 2017)• Ten Consecutive Postseason Tournament Appearances 2. Holly Warlick.... should Tennessee want to make a change next year. Its hard to follow a legend. Her victory total in her first four years as a head coach (108) was the seventh all-time in NCAA Division I women's basketball history She is only the second person in NCAA Division I women's basketball to direct her team to the Elite Eight in three of her first four years as a head coach Led UT to 2015 & 2013 SEC regular season championships Guided Tennessee to 2014 SEC Tournament championship Served on coaching staff for gold-medal-winning 2015 USA Basketball World University Games Team Selected as 2017 Tennessee Woman of Distinction at the 32nd Annual Chattanooga Women of Distinction Awards luncheon Named 2013 Spalding Maggie Dixon Division I Rookie Coach of the Year Named 2013 SEC Coach of the Year Named 2013 TSWA Coach of the Year and Volscars Women's Team Coach of the Year 3. Kellie Harper - current head coach at Missouri State She was the runner-up in the last search.
  12. AU9377

    Any Coach Flo news?

    Our style of play is the problem. We press the entire game. We play defense and believe that by forcing a high number of turnovers, our offensive attempts will be at such a high number that a low shooting percentage will still produce enough points to win most games. We don't recruit tall post players for the most part because they aren't as fast we like them to be. In many leagues this style of play would guarantee a strong winning percentage. By causing confusion on the court and making people uncomfortable, less athletic teams will lose focus and make mistakes, allowing the pressing team to convert turnovers into points. The SEC is more talented than most leagues and therefore this style of play isn't effective against top tier SEC teams.
  13. AU9377

    Any Coach Flo news?

    We both agree that change is overdue.
  14. AU9377

    Any Coach Flo news?

    They are just dollar figures, until you are broke. I don't disagree with your sentiment, but to play devil's advocate, football brings in approx $75 million to the athletic department every year. Women's basketball loses around $3 million.
  15. AU9377

    Any Coach Flo news?

    I wish. While its true that some assistant football coaches make what she makes salary wise, Auburn isn't about to pay her $650,000 and staff salaries next year to not coach. Auburn pays her very well. She is getting top tier SEC pay for bottom tier performance. We should have made a change last year, but that is water under the bridge at this point. She has two 5 stars signed. I'm in agreement that things aren't likely to get better, but I just don't see them making a move this year with that kind of money on the line.