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  1. I was driving through Brantley today

    Traffic in Brantley? I wouldn't be shocked if it was the Feds keeping track of every vehicle that goes through. The monitoring is getting past the ridiculous level. That is pretty hilarious though.
  2. ESPN OTL Report on Auburn football, AD

    An ONLINE course no less. There is no merit to this at all, but even if it was true, are so many people out there so dim as to actually believe that there isn't cheating involved with ONLINE course work? Really people.
  3. Madison Penta commits

    Lynch is a great commit for 2019. East Coweta is firmly in AU's geographical footprint. We need to keep the talent when its that close by.
  4. The "scandal" that is only a "scandal" because Auburn people want it to be at this point.
  5. President Leath few comments

    Its a very big misconception that Gogue was somehow not involved in Athletics. Gogue was an incredible AU Preisdent. Leath will be fortunate to be in the same light at the end of his tenure.
  6. Auburn Arena, Person

    Auburn gave him the chance to coach when others would not. He has taken that for granted and he had no concern for Bruce Pearl or Auburn. He was clearly in it for himself. I probably wouldn't feel as strongly about it if he had done this at another school. I think that is rational because harming someone else isn't personal and this is.
  7. Resources and Reputation make that possible.
  8. FWIW.

    Gus does need to adapt to the changing landscape, but its more than that. The interesting thing is that Clemson won the title last year running the offense that Gus taught to Chad Morris. Morris then passed it down to the current co-coordinators when he went to SMU. Clemson's co-coordinators spent time in Auburn last summer fine tuning that offense even more. Its really perplexing/
  9. FWIW.

    Ofcourse, there is always internal strife when things start going poorly. When things are going great, not so much. Every situation you pointed to in Arkansas had nothing to do with Gus personally, and everything to do with either where he was coaching or the fact that he made a decision to leave and take a job paying millions that enabled him to secure his family's future. The line of people that would not have made that same decision doesn't exist. The Springdale 5 was the vehicle that allowed Gus to make the jump to college football. That situation worked two ways. It was also the final bargaining chip that Nutt could use to get those kids to stay in state and play at Arkansas. Houston Nutt is a fine one to complain about loyalty...see Ole Miss. Maybe its just me, maybe I'm different in this regard, but I simply think that its distasteful to pile on a man's character when things aren't going well. Especially given the fact that when he engineered the biggest turn around in college football history the same people were quiet as a church mouse. I think its more than clear who got the better coach when Arkansas hired Bielema and Auburn Malzahn. One has a championship ring as a coordinator, to go along with an SEC Championship and National Title game appearance as a head coach, while the other has ______________. Part of the reason that Long didn't make a push for Gus was his fear of being told no.
  10. FWIW.

    Louisville's defense isn't on the same level as either our or Clemson's defense. Can Louisville score enough to overcome that? I don't know. We will see./
  11. FWIW.

    Having many friends in Arkansas, the one thing that I know for certain is that Gus is actually really popular with a lot of people in Arkansas. Do you remember the Arkansas State game 2 years ago when Ark State came to Auburn? When the game was over and Ark State had lost, the team and everyone that traveled with them could have been expected to run back to the locker rooms and then get to their bus for the trip back. Instead, around 50 people formed what looked like a receiving line so that each one of them could speak to Gus and shake his hand before heading home. To Gus's credit he made the time to speak to every one of them. You don't do that for someone that you don't like or respect. His first coaching job was at Hughes High School. They have named their field after him. He has been honored at Springdale and at Shiloh Christian. He was voted into the Arkansas Coaches Hall of Fame by his peers in Arkansas. The primary reason he has always been under Bret Bielema's skin at the University of Arkansas is that Bielema resented being compared to what Gus was doing at Auburn and resented even more the fact that when he would throw verbal barbs Malzahn's way, someone would stop by his office and tell him to lay off of Gus. Gus may have already coached his best teams at Auburn and without serious improvement, he will likely not be Auburn's HC in 2018. That doesn't mean that he isn't a good man or that he doesn't know how to coach. It simply means that it isn't working at Auburn any longer.
  12. The athletic department was determined to make a point with this hire. They really hit it out of the park. This is a terrific hire that stunned many people involved with the sport around the country. As bad as it can get on our own message boards, you can imagine the mis-information and negative assumptions made by many with no connection to Auburn. There was a belief held by many that Auburn would slowly drift back to irrelevance. This is a hire that has changed the narrative. It looks pretty clear that Auburn also contacted the Oklahoma staff in some capacity and received positive feedback. To counter that effort, Oklahoma announced this morning that they had approved raises for their entire staff. The raises aren't simply marginal increases. Oklahoma HC Patty Gasso - Previous Salary - $481,000 increased to $725,000 plus a $200,000 yearly retention bonus on Feb 1st each year. Total yearly compensation: $925,000.00 Melyssa Lombardi, after 21 years as Assistant Coach, was elevated to Associate Head Coach and salary increased from $109,000 to $185,000 J.T. Gasso, Patty Gasso's son, currently an assistant coach, salary increased from $83,400 to $125,000
  13. ESPNW report on sexual harassment

    What I know is that espnW went to great lengths to color the entire program as a cesspool of sexual harassment. The only corroboration they could find was that Fagan claimed that Corey slapped her on the rear when he first arrived as an assistant coach and that she replied "don't do that" and two text messages provided by a player that now plays at Louisville. One message said the player was a "7" , with non further context provided, and the other read "Thinking about you and know we give you a lot of s--- but we are all so glad you are here!" I still haven't figured out what the second text could possibly have to do with sexual harassment, unless the reference to "all" means that everyone on the team was harassing her, sarcasm intended. In following up on this story, the Plainsman and interviewed Alexa Nameth. To my astonishment, she then states clearly that she was at no time sexually harassed by Corey Myers. In her video interview she claims that she could imagine that he was a gatekeeper and could have been grooming her so that in the future he could trade playing time for something. Its so bad that its really difficult to interpret her view into the crystal ball that allows her to see the future. What is clear is that her complaints are all related to her playing time or the rigors of practice. Even then, every complaint is about what happened to someone else, not her personally. She complains about a dirty cold tub and other players being forced to return to practice before they were medically ready to do so. Its also clear that what really upsets her is the fact that she wasn't invited to walk on for the upcoming season. This is what some other former players have said about the situation: This is what Rachael Waters thinks of it all: "Excuse my language, but this is bull****. Coach is a great man. I am disgusted w/ my former teammates for this. I don't agree." "Funny the people talking are the ones that didn't play." This is from Morgan Estell: "It only takes a few people to ruin the reputation of a great school and coach. Clint is an honorable man. hope y'all are happy now." This is from Lexi Davis: "Blessed & honored to have played for this man. Not only a tremendous Coach, but a person. This game will miss you. "
  14. Softball Coaching Candidates

    You are right about that. However, I do believe that we can rescue the most recent top rated class with the right hire. The right hire, in my opinion, doesn't have to be a current big name head coach. A well known assistant with a top tier program will know most, if not all, of these young women as a result of the recruiting process. The first thing we have to do is to get a meeting with a candidate and then lay it all out for them in order to reassure them that no smoking gun exists that could damage the program going forward. It is a sales job, but we do still have an attractive product. A talented roster, a budget that allows us to pay a top salary and the ability to pay assistants at the top of the market, in addition to top facilities and recent success. Most top assistants are barely topping $100,000. We can easily pay $250,000 for the right fit. I realize that is more than Clint was making, but things have changed and we may need to give that extra assurance if the right candidate is available.
  15. The opinion of the student newspaper would carry a lot more weight if they actually did some investigative journalism and provided facts and sources to back up their conclusion. Instead, they simply restate allegations made in the campus Title IX complaint. Even though this is an editorial opinion, it is nonetheless dangerous when a publication presents allegations as accepted fact. In fact, its very irresponsible. Had they taken an allegation, interviewed those involved independently and presented facts supporting their conclusion that the allegation was valid and needed to be redressed, I would give the opinion the respect it would have merited. As it is, this looks like lazy editorial journalism at best.