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  1. Auburn women beat uat

    I would say a good crowd as compared to our other games this year. If we were consistently winning, the Arena would be packed. The largest crowd to ever watch a basketball game in Auburn, men or women, was a women's basketball game in 2009 against Tennessee. Approx 12,600 people packed the coliseum that day to watch Auburn beat a talented Tennessee team.
  2. Auburn women beat uat

    We made the tournament, but in my opinion, being competitive means competing with the top tier teams in the SEC. The difference with the men's program is that the women's program has a history of winning. I like Terri personally, but there should have never been an extension given last year. If we don't modify our style of play, we will never recruit the players needed to compete for a championship. What do I expect? I expect the Auburn program to have years like Ms State and South Carolina. I don't expect that every year, but this program is not a bottom dweller. Every resource imaginable is available. We are geographically located within an easy drive of thousands of recruits. We play in a new gym and can, and do by the way, pay a staff top dollar to recruit and coach talent.
  3. Women vs. Texas A&M

    Same song different verse.
  4. next Head Coach

    There is a large segment of the Arkansas base that loves Gus. I know a few of them.
  5. next Head Coach

    Which is why we won't get him. He is a legend in Nebraska at this point. He took over a bad UCF program, I'm sure he is confident that he could do the same at his Nebraska.
  6. North Carolina

    Ofcourse it wasn't. However, the NCAA had to couch their argument in a way that claimed the classes in African American studies were impermissible benefits. When UNC was able to show that non athletes took the courses in large numbers, the NCAA was unable to make their argument stick.
  7. North Carolina

    North Carolina also didn't roll over and play dead with the NCAA. If this had been a case of athletes receiving additional benefits, they would have by rule nailed UNC. It never was about that. People everywhere said the same thing when Cam was allowed to play in 2010.
  8. What is worse: 2012 or wasting talent

    One thing I have never seen on a Gus coached team is a team that quits. It would be the first time if it happened. People forget that it was Gus that saved our butt in 2013 from drifting away to the land of cellar dweller. That doesn't mean that 8 wins is enough, I'm not arguing that, but to act as though the man has never coached a lick is ridiculous.
  9. What is worse: 2012 or wasting talent

    Any of you that think right now is worse than 2012, you should put the bottle and the pills down. Seriously people. You actually want to argue that this is worse than losing to Texas A&M by 40+ points in JHS. That is delusional.
  10. next Head Coach

    The only one that would present an immediate problem for us would be Texas A&M. They have as close to unlimited revenue as it gets. Their revenue alone is 50% greater than bama's. I do agree that the number of programs overall looking for a coach will be a problem. With everyone able to pay millions, established coaches aren't as likely to leave as they once were.
  11. next Head Coach

    Actually, a lot of coordinators make the jump. Kirby to UGA, Richt was a coordinator at FSU before becoming HC at UGA, Derek Mason at Vandy, Dabo Swinney wasn't even a coordinator at Clemson when he got the job. I agree that the whole tree thing is way overblown.
  12. I was driving through Brantley today

    Traffic in Brantley? I wouldn't be shocked if it was the Feds keeping track of every vehicle that goes through. The monitoring is getting past the ridiculous level. That is pretty hilarious though.
  13. ESPN OTL Report on Auburn football, AD

    An ONLINE course no less. There is no merit to this at all, but even if it was true, are so many people out there so dim as to actually believe that there isn't cheating involved with ONLINE course work? Really people.
  14. Madison Penta commits

    Lynch is a great commit for 2019. East Coweta is firmly in AU's geographical footprint. We need to keep the talent when its that close by.
  15. The "scandal" that is only a "scandal" because Auburn people want it to be at this point.