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  1. Bo has been inconsistent, but he has had times when he exhibited more than competent QB play. TJ Finley looks the part physically, but his actual playing stats don't suggest that he would be able to win the starting QB job. We all saw what happened when his pocket collapsed. Deer in headlights comes to mind.
  2. The QB that isn't here is always the savior it seems. I doubt that he would win the starting job. I could be wrong, but I doubt it.
  3. He had nothing to do with the good recruiting classes though right?
  4. Having a policy of requiring a mask be worn was never intended to do anything other than provide extra protection and combat the spread of the virus. There was really nothing valid to argue about. Vaccines have already impacted the numbers in a positive way. Imagine if we had done absolutely nothing............
  5. This team can pull defeat from the jaws of victory like no other.
  6. It can be true that it was time for a change and also true that Gus is a good coach and a good man. People so quickly forget that without him, we would still be looking back to 1957 as the last time we finished the year on top.
  7. If that happens, it is really going to be a long season. Your analysis is probably spot on, but ouch.
  8. They did call him 7 win Sark for a reason.
  9. It can be, which is a problem. However, that can't be held against this defendant. The judge went to great lengths to point out that he was the perfect candidate per the statute. This judge didn't care who the kid was. That is why he was brought in from Dothan, appointed by the Alabama Supreme Court. To be honest, people act like the kid was from an extremely wealth family. He isn't. Not being poor doesn't mean that you are wealthy. The statute has been applied to people of all different backgrounds, but I do agree that the subjectivity involved makes it prone to abuse. The truth is t
  10. Gus is a definite upgrade over Heupel at UCF. With the competition taken down a notch, there is no reason to think that Gus won't be successful there.
  11. You can make your choice. I have no problem with that. I do question how anyone can have 3 MDs in the family that all caution against getting a vaccine that they themselves have likely received. But by all means.....
  12. It is impossible to be detailed when the NCAA has yet to release its proposal of what the policy will actually look like. It will be interesting to see how much schools tell players that they will be able to make in their freshman years. When they fall short of that figure, how many will transfer because another coach told them they could make more at their school? Interesting times for sure.
  13. Whatever you choose to believe is peachy. You know what my point was and has been in this thread. You simply choose to be argumentative unnecessarily. Imagine that.
  14. I'm assuming you would pass on all vaccines. If not, ask yourself why?
  15. We are paying him because we entered a contract with him that we broke. Thankfully, it isn't as broken as it was when he took the job in 2012. My reference to it being water under the bridge was referring to the Gus discussion overall.
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