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  1. I have my doubts as to whether any one action rises to the level of a prosecutable crime. I do believe that a criminal conspiracy to commit a crime was undertaken. I'm less certain that the best thing for the country would be to see a former President charged with that crime. The country does need to understand that the hysteria and claims that the 2020 election results were fraudulent were purposefully pushed by people that had knowledge that the claims were false, yet supported the false claims for the purpose of retaining their control of the executive branch of government. The result has been an unwarranted attack on the integrity of our election systems across the country. That has made us weaker as a nation and more susceptible to attacks by those that want to make us weaker from within.
  2. Proportional systems of govt do encourage more parties, but they lessen the importance of individual candidates. I think Americans overall would be apprehensive about the idea because they want to elect individual representatives, even though those representatives are often more loyal to party interests than they are the interests of their constituents.
  3. I just believe that districts should have as much of a geographical consistency as possible. For example, someone in Mobile should not share a congressman with someone in Montgomery simply to maintain any sort of ethnic percentages in any one district. Both sides manipulate the maps when given the opportunity.
  4. On the weekends we had a 4 person study group. We met for 4 hours on Friday and Sunday. Funny story.... one of the guys in the study group was an Acetic Jew. I'm a guy from West Central Georgia that went to Auburn undergrad. When he told the other three of us that we couldn't meet on Saturdays due to that and continued by stating "I don't even turn on a light switch on Sabbath Saturdays," my smart ass immediately blurts out "that is going to make turning on the VCR a challenge." To be honest, I approached the bar like it was any other pass/fail exam. I had always been an above average writer, which had to pay dividends due to my decision to not study commercial paper and roll the dice on it not being on the essay portion of the exam that year. As luck would have it, it was on the exam that year. Fortunately, my transformation of chicken manure into chicken salad must have been a little better than some of the other answers. I'll never forget the question because it mirrored the movie Ghost. In the movie, Whoopi Goldburg, a Nun, goes into the bank etc... I wasn't certain of the answer, but I knew the movie well enough that I could write the fact pattern and make an argument. It always helps to restate the question near the beginning and end of your answer on essay questions like that. It re-affirms to the person grading the answer that you have a firm grasp of what the question is and there are points available due to that.
  5. This is the disconnect. The Jan 6th committee isn't just about the rioters at this point. I don't believe that anyone foresaw discovering the extent and the coordination that was clearly undertaken by members of the then President's inner circle to alter the results of the 2020 election. The country has never been subjected to something like that before. The most important parts of Ms. Hutchinson's testimony had nothing to do with the story that she claims was relayed to her by a Secret Service Agent. Instead, it was about the meetings that took place to discuss how to replace electors from AZ, GA & PA with electors that would vote for Trump in the Electoral College. Her testimony about when the President was notified by his Chief of Staff, her boss, that the Vice President had decided not to participate in the scheme and the reaction to that news is critical to understanding what exactly was underway. All of that is important because it goes to the very core of our national identity as a country with a government elected by the people. We have a long proud tradition of an honorable and peaceful transition of power. The committee questioned members of the Department of Justice. The former President had intended to replace the acting AG with someone that would lie to the American people and tell them that the results in the three states I mentioned above were illegitimate and that their electors were fraudulently certified and should be replaced. That makes Watergate look like a kid shop lifting a piece of bubble gum. I realize that it is tiresome, especially for many Republicans that have been told that this is all nothing but politics, but this has to be done. We cannot allow one man or one ideology to be more important than the U.S. Constitution. If we do, America is nothing but a story for the history books and the idea of a shining city on the hill that other countries have looked toward to support their dreams of a functioning representative democracy is left to others to emulate. Too many men and women have died fighting autocrats around the world believing that the ideals they fought for meant something for us to casually discard those ideals to appease the ego of any one man.
  6. As a side note, the defamation lawsuits against Newsmax, Fox, Giuliani and others have now all been scheduled for trial. Their motions for dismissal were all denied. Dominion is going to get paid a fortune for having their brand destroyed with false attacks.
  7. If the standard is that nothing can be presented that is capable of being questioned, then nothing could ever be presented concerning anything. These hearings are the least propaganda driven hearings I have ever seen. The substantive witnesses are ALL from the inner circles of the Trump administration, but for a few witnesses from individual states that were approached by the administration and refused to go along with their plot. The only other witnesses were called to show the impact that the former President's actions had on real people working in states that were accused of committing fraud without any evidence of them doing so. The Chief of Staff himself could answer questions from the committee. He refuses to do so. A total of 30 people from the Trump administration have pleaded the 5th repeatedly instead of answering questions concerning the 2020 post election charade. The young woman in this instance agreed to testify under oath. When someone with her access agrees to do the same, I will listen to their comments, but simply taking shots at someone who actually raised her hand and under oath did her duty isn't going to make what she says go away. There have been multiple witnesses that have all testified that administration officials were warned by their counsel that what they were doing was illegal and that they should stop immediately. Instead, they doubled down and said to hell with the Constitution of the United States.
  8. She didn't testify that she witnessed Trump do that. She testified that the secret service agent informed her of that. I looked at Tony, and he had said, 'Did you f-ing hear what happened in the Beast?'" Hutchinson recalled, using the nickname for the presidential vehicle. "I said, 'No Tony, I just got back, what happened?' Tony proceeded to tell me .................... The agent can come forward and testify, under oath, that this is not what occurred. It was actually one of the least important parts of her testimony, but was one of the most sensational parts for media outlets. None of it changes her testimony concerning the meetings that were taking place at which the plans to replace state electors were being discussed.
  9. I left out the fact that I also had a murder trial in January through our clinical program. How I did all that actually amazes me today, given that a month now flies by at the speed of light.
  10. Too many in the profession are condescending ass hats. Even if we disagree about something, never be apprehensive about asking a question. I never intend to belittle someone's opinion or view. I'm certainly not always right and if I actually did know everything, the last thing I would be doing is practicing law. At the end of the day, we are all just people with differing backgrounds and life experiences. Sharing those life experiences with each other is the only way we grow.
  11. It does lend itself to that format. I don't remember it being on the exam in 1996 when I took it, but then again, I probably don't remember a lot of things from that year. I was one of the last classes allowed to take the exam prior to graduation if I chose to do so. I didn't think about the fact that Mardi Gras was the week before the February exam that year (I was in school at Tulane). It worked out fine in the end, but the drive to Atlanta was long after having gone out with friends a few too many nights.
  12. You mean look the other way and pretend nothing happened?
  13. I know you realize this, but someone can be opposed to abortion, but nonetheless acknowledge that it isn't their choice to make and therefore be pro-choice. As for what you propose, I believe that I could support a bill similar to that, with several caveats. I would insist that there be allowance made for someone choosing to abort a fetus with severe defects that would make the child incapable of surviving once born. That isn't the most elegant way of stating that, but those issues would need to be addressed in addition to life of the mother considerations.
  14. It was well established, but of all the issues this new majority was likely to tackle, this one actually surprises me the least. Applying that test in the 5th(Louisiana/Texas/MS) and 11th (Ga/AL/FL) circuits often produces different results than the same application with the same set of facts from the 9th (CA etc) or 2nd(NY). I'll admit, I don't completely disagree with Gorsuch's analysis on this.
  15. I wouldn't say a rationale, but certainly an element to their argument, yes.
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