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  1. See my post above. I am rushed for time, but I will respond to the bizarre disease assertions later today.
  2. Do you deny that over population may be problematic? Does it not make common sense that nature would have mechanisms to curtail population growth in some way? We have to understand what we can and that understanding has to be formed based on what we know to be fact and what we can conclude based on those facts. One fact that we can all agree on is that being gay is not some new development that came to be in the last century. There have been homosexual human beings throughout the history of the human race. That has never been nor will ever be a threat to procreation. I am assum
  3. Joe Rogan was when he made that statement. Therefore, it is part of the effing discussion.
  4. The biggest change in what we were doing offensively came in the LSU game. I thought it was pretty obvious that Harsin or one of his long time assistants was involved in the game plan enough that it impacted the calls that were made in a positive way. We continued that approach in a positive way thru yesterday. What Harsin has done offensively in the past is much closer to what the previous staff did than what Bobo has a history doing. It looks like we have finally meshed the two in a way that we can get production, provided that we avoid big mistakes and too many drops. Changing what you
  5. I do understand what you are asking. It is a fair question. Having very close gay family members and friends, I will attempt to explain the way in which I believe some people see it as being not the exact same. The reasoning surrounds the choices that the husband believed he had when he decided to get married years ago. If it had been acceptable for him to choose to be in a relationship with a man at that time, and he nonetheless chose to get married to his wife, the two situations would be identical. What makes them different is that he did not perceive that to be an option due to the
  6. The point is that this trans culture that you talk about is not some massive group posing a threat to society. Reading, watching or listening to right wing media outlets would lead anyone to assume that it was one of the most important issues facing the nation today. It isn't. The issue is being exploited in order to develop a wedge issue and it is really no more than a scare tactic used to keep voters in line. It is much easier than discussing real issues or having to answer for a lack of leadership. I have never argued that gender wasn't established at birth or that someone th
  7. It doesn't change the propaganda like dishonesty of Fox in my opinion.
  8. This was also the best game plan we have had all year. Props for Bobo and the way he has evolved from PSU forward.
  9. That isn't forcing. That is not accepting a poor choice. People have choices every day. Someone can choose to smoke, but am I going to pretend it is just a regular run of the mill choice like what pair of socks to wear? No. That doesn't mean that I won't associate with them or that I don't care about them. To the contrary, I do care about them, which is why I will point out their poor choice. We know that smoking long term will lead to COPD and a reduced life span. We know that being vaccinated will decrease greatly the chance that someone will be seriously ill or hospitalized with
  10. It isn't bullying when one group is costing lives and filling hospital beds. That hurts everyone and it could be mediated if that group would do the right thing.
  11. People can choose, but society, not by laws but by old fashion peer pressure, should make it unacceptable to refuse a perfectly good vaccine. The evidence is overwhelming that the vaccines are both safe and effective. Don't give me that BS about myocarditis and other red herrings. The truth is that the occurrence of myocarditis in people that have had Covid is much much much greater than any rare and temporary side effect of the vaccine.
  12. Did you all listen to any of the interview? That was hardly a grilling. This is what Rogan has said concerning Dr. Gupta. "If you've only seen clips online you would think that @drsanjaygupta and I had a tense and uncomfortable encounter when we sat down for 3 hours," he wrote on his Instagram account. "The reality is that disagreement was a very small part of what was overall a very enjoyable conversation." "Sanjay is a really nice person and I like him a lot. After our time together I consider him a friend," Rogan continued. "People on network TV don't have anything remotely simi
  13. What is the Republican healthcare proposal? You know, that ghost proposal that has never materialized? That is called having no plan. Criminal investigations? You mean investigating why an angry mob was assembled, stormed the capitol and attempted to prevent the ratification of the certified votes of electors pursuant to the U.S. Constitution? Yeah, I think that has just a bit more justification than asking Hillary 500 different ways why she didn't put on a cape and fly to Africa to prevent the death of an ambassador by terrorists. I can relate to being tired of some members of th
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