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  1. That won't happen. That said, we can afford it. If nothing else, it balances some numbers out for Title IX. After all, Title IX is why she makes $600,000 plus in the first place. That, and our need to pay position coaches a million bucks to coach football.
  2. She has 12 players, a bag of basketballs, a new gym and unlimited recruiting budget. What on earth could she need?
  3. I'm not hating on Allen Greene, but it is virtually impossible that the extension was Leath's idea alone. No way did Leath just come up with the idea of giving out an extension to the WB coach. It is always easy to blame the guy that is no longer around, even easier when the guy is Steven Leath.
  4. One key difference.... Gus has won something at Auburn.
  5. Looks like Flo missed out on those coach of the year awards...... LOL
  6. He is a nice person. Just don't look for him to take a stand on something. He will tuck and run if controversy is withing a mile radius.
  7. The problem is that the bar is too low. Getting to the NCAA tournament means little to me if I know we aren't going to be competitive in the tournament. I have been a season ticket holder for over 10 years. I believe there are around 2500 season ticket holders.
  8. The problem is that she should have never received the first extension, much less the last one. Auburn season ticket holders have been more than patient and incredibly understanding. That has been a detriment. Many season ticket holders were unhappy with the extension. They are full fledged p***** off at this point. People have started voicing their disgust and that is only going to get amplified if people in the athletic department pretend that there is no problem.
  9. I have seen nothing that supports dismissing the guy two days before he retires and preventing him from a pension that he spent all those years earning. I don't have an issue with him being removed from a leadership position within the FBI if that is the President's order, but he should have been allowed to simply retire.
  10. Conspired to prevent Trump's inauguration? That is a heck of a stretch. You seem very eager to parody any information you are told by Fox or talk radio. Some of it may have roots, but most of it is simply purposeful exaggeration and insinuation meant to churn the crowd. You can't take Hannity as gospel and claim to only care about truth.
  11. A broke clock is right twice a day. Good game today against a pretty good LSU team.
  12. Don't take this the wrong way, because I appreciate you posting the information. However, Mark Murphy has a habit of posting the obvious and parlaying it as inside info. That said, that is an assessment that we could all make, given the extension and her support by some inside the athletic department. When we hired her, we knew that dismissing her would have to be done carefully if that situation came about. Her family is extremely well connected in AAU basketball. I'm certain that Bruce has leaned on those connections at times. They mystery is why those connections have done so little to help her succeed. She is a very nice person with a nice family. She runs a clean program and her players graduate. However, that isn't enough when you are being paid $650,000/yr.
  13. We don't have the talent overall to compete with top tier SEC teams. That is the responsibility of the coach. When TWF came to Auburn, she had some modest results with players recruited by Nell Fortner. When Nell's players were gone, our size went with them. We need size inside and at the post. When you add the talent deficit to a style of play that places the team at a disadvantage, this is what the result is. Terri's style of play can work well in a non power 5 conference. You can out hustle teams and win a lot of games. When you try to do that in the SEC, top tier teams will use their size and speed to force you into making bad shots outside the paint, while making life in the paint miserable. We get bullied near the basket. Coach Ciampi was a great coach, however, some people forget that we have been successful since that time as well. Nell Fortner built a great team that won the SEC and earned a 2 seed in the NCAA Tournament. I love Nell as a person and as a coach and I give her a lot of credit for making the tough decision to step down and let someone with more energy have a shot. I just don't think this is what anyone was envisioning when that occurred.
  14. A coach gets patience when they have produced at some point in time and there is reason to believe that they can get the pieces in place to repeat that success. The first half of Nell Fortner's Auburn tenure produced elite players and an SEC Championship. We were also the #2 ranked team in the country for several weeks during the championship season. This staff has at no point produced any results remotely close to those.
  15. Another stellar performance.
  16. My bad...not sure why I thought FGCU was in the pan handle. Anyway.... the point is the same. Thanks for the correction. Actually, Fort Myers could be a tough place to leave.
  17. True... ha ha. However, most people in the world of women's college basketball know the name well. He actually turned down the Southern Cal job in 2018. He is paid well at FGCU, but that would still place his salary a couple hundred grand below an offer from a P5 school. I have no idea why he stays, unless he is just happy with life in Pensacola. Stranger things have happened.
  18. There is a coach down in your area that would definitely be worth a look... at FGCU
  19. With the amount of money she has been paid and has remaining on her contract, she should have nothing but praise and gratitude for the opportunity. Eight years and her lowest salary has been $550,000. She has averaged $600,000. That is roughly $4.8 million in salary. Life is grand when a coach can get that kind of compensation for these results.
  20. I hated to say it 5 years ago. I’m ok with it at this point. She should be set with thdd Ed money she has made. If we don’t change, the program will continue to march toward a slow death.
  21. Nell Fortner’s teams were much better. Clampi’s were epic. This is totally unacceptable.
  22. Auburn being an hour from home, give or take, hopefully helps.
  23. We are a projected 10 seed. As of today, that would likely place us into a bracket playing Stanford. That makes for a quick trip back to Auburn.