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  1. You taking about Devin Adams?
  2. "We expect Kyle Davis to be with the team for fall practice" - @CoachGusMalzahn with @CubeShow 🤞🏻🤞🏻
  3. A-MEN.. That basketball game last night hurt.. That's what happens when when you rely so much on the three point shot though. When you get cold, it's COLD.
  4. I don't necessarily think Woody was the answer to start the season, but had he been named the backup instead of working so hard on JF he could have been good. He could have potentially played against Ark. ST., MSU, Arkansas, ULM, and Vandy. With that experience he would have been our best option at Georgia then in Tuscaloosa. If he had that opportunity and Malzahn or Rhett would have called plays to give him actual, valuable game experience, who knows what his ceiling as a freshman would have been. This is just a poor coaching decision in my mind when your other two options were JF who ain't a QB and JJ who was a senior and so he wasn't really worth investing more development time in IMO. However... I didn't watch Woody practice either so I guess that's what they pay Malzahn 4.5 a year for??
  5. IMO it is too late to pull the redshirt now. However I do not think in today's times a redshirt is very important anymore. Most players any good will be gone in 3 years anyway. however think about how good Woody could be if Gus and Rhett had invested in him the time they have in JF. If Woody had been playing in all the earlier blowouts and was allowed to run the offense and actually throw some, who knows how good he might be at this time?
  6. I kinda feel like the 6 is accurate. If D Davis and tre are back. Their offense will be ineffective. How many we score will depend on KP and SW imo.
  7. She had cancer. Her hair is the result of chemo. She said in an interview that ESPN asked her if she would go without her wig during breast cancer awareness month and she decided it would be a good idea
  8. Our next two opponents play each other as well. Should be worth the watch.
  9. If Bama beats A&M and we beat bama wouldn't we more than likely go because our late win over Bama should propel us over A&M and Bama in the polls and the three way tie would go to auburn. Is this correct?
  10. Gus says the same thing over and over... Example: "we gotta coach em up and work hard to improve" Rhett says ignorant and obvious things... Example: "we were not very good on offense" duh you moron, and we're blaming you both
  11. Clip board carrier. This guy may or may not be the direct result of participation trophies.
  12. Exactly.. When did it become a bad quality to expect greatness? It falls in line with all the freaking participation trophies given out now a days. There is nothing wrong with being pissed over poor performance or subpar w-l records. Anybody who ever says they're "ok" with 8-5, or whatever is settling. If we win 8 games with a horrible team that fights and improves every game that is understandable but at this point in malzahns career we should not find an offensive performance like Saturday night or a sub 10 win season ok just because we are auburn and didn't buy our team gear at Walmart like the bammers. i personally am sick of getting beat or looking at a game like Texas a&m 2015 and seeing that as a high point in the season. That should be the norm.
  13. I disagree. Williams will do that to people all year. He is a man. Carlton is no slouch
  14. This game was winnable of the offense had a pulse even. Good news is our defense is legit. This same offense hung 550 on bama last year
  15. Absolutely can agree with this