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  1. PM is saying that the assistant coaches are asking for answers on the situation while they are out recruiting.
  2. There is no doubt they did, specially Gus. I sat in the stands and watched him pick his nose while he did nothing to get the team motivated...nothing. JS was scared...timid...whatever you want to call it. You can say that the refs were biased if you want to. While I would normally agree and go on my marry little way, but I witnessed three different face mask penalties that should have been called on our boys, but didn't. What I saw tonight, was a team out coached in every fashion.
  3. This will be my first like I said before. I cant wait!!!
  4. When your defense is on the field for 20 minutes of the first half, it's bound to happen. The offense is not helping any this season. And he's making 49 million as an offensive genius?
  5. This season ALONE should show gimmicky gus bus offense is no longer working....
  6. I hear Kelly Bryant may still be looking for a good school
  7. I am watching ND and Standford and in complete jealousy mode...
  8. I'm guessing I am not missing anything by not watching ?
  9. The way the game is going and the performance, we dont deserve to be in the top 15.
  10. I love watching the defense. They are having fun and getting the job done on the field.