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  1. It’s sad to see the Refs taking the game into their hands. Apparently LSUs defense is so good they haven’t fouled in over 10 mins
  2. Bo Nix is not a good quarterback! Inaccurate, can’t handle pressure…plain and simple
  3. Tank and Hunter are very impressive to say the least.
  4. Ladies and Gentlemen, I haven’t gotten on to say anything for awhile, but my impressions so far this season, is Nix is inaccurate under pressure. He doesn’t have the “it factor “ for me. The secondary is not as good as advertised tonight. Missed assignments and blown coverages have been too many. No pressure on QB for defense.
  5. Thanks Bird. That is good information of how he is as a DC. I’m excited.
  6. WDE! Welcome to Auburn! Now, let’s hit the trails hard and get going!
  7. Merry Christmas everyone! Stay safe and have a wonderful day!
  8. My peoples, that was a great first impression! Now like he said, we all need to do our 1/11th and support this coach and team!
  9. I told my wife last night that I feel like that was the case we AG
  10. For some other good news, Carl Lawson looks good tonight against Pittsburgh
  11. Sorry if this has been said or maybe it’s just me over analyzing. But early they showed BN and Chad on the sideline and it looked like no one wanted to be around either of them. Also, it doesn’t look like none of the receivers really have respect for BN.
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