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  1. I’m with you aubiefifty, let’s get on to some FOOTBALL!!!!!
  2. I agree with some of the posters that have said we should follow Saban on this. I read where he said Alabama football is not a democracy! Harsin should tell our student athletes that Auburn football is not a democracy and they should just do what he says and shut up!
  3. I shouldn’t have done that, I just couldn’t help myself. I know this is a serious subject, I apologize!
  4. Let me get this all straight. Y’all knew the vaccine was only good for six months and then the effective rate was going to “drop off the cliff”. What if Harsin had taken the vaccine 3 mo ago and then 3 mo from now when the effective rate drops, he comes down with the virus, would all of you be demanding that he be fired. How long after the booster shot before it’s effectiveness drops off a cliff? I thought y’all had all the answers! Have y’all just been keeping them from the rest of us.
  5. This! I believe this to be very true and is probably the best post that explains why most of unvaccinated are hesitant to take vaccine
  6. So you are saying that Dr Fauci did not lie to the American people nor to Congress?
  7. Thanks! We have lost several close friends to this terrible disease. This was most recent, the first was a close church member who died spring of 2020. I have another friend that is in hospital now and one that is in quarantine. I have taken the vaccine but I have several close friends that will “not” take it and I respect their choice and to be honest, I don’t know if I would take it if I had a do over. Yes I have researched a good bit, I have seen the data(that can be manipulated) and now we will need a booster, wear 1 mask then 2 masks. I have also read about the billions of dollars that ph
  8. I had a very close friend that just passed away from Covid and he had been vaccinated. So don’t go there. And by the way, I have been vaccinated, but I’m not sure it was the right thing to do. I have been on a meditation for 15 years and am just now finding out about some of the side effects! We should be able to make our on decisions
  9. Can you guarantee me or anyone else that if we get vaccinated we will not get Covid. Why should I be vaccinated if I can still get Covid and with no guarantee that I will not have a bad reaction to vaccine
  10. I have heard that the team committed 3 violations, but were never warned until after they had committed all 3 offenses and that one of them was committed last July. If you have seen any of their videos, you can see that they represented Auburn extremely well! I just don’t believe that they deliberately broke rules; Hope I am not wrong.
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