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  1. Such a terrible tragedy. I cannot imagine what this family is going through. Praying for God’s comfort for entire family!
  2. In gymnastics! Didn’t see it posted anywhere and I love saying it! Auburn beat bama again!
  3. Who’s to say that a good NFL coach will be a good recruiter. And I am not just trying to disagree with you!
  4. I think pressure will really be on to win bowl game. 10-3 or 9-4
  5. From what I read on here, practice means nothing. Just put them on the field anyway and hope they do better in the game than they do in practice.
  6. Thanks Coach! Great to have you back!
  7. I don’t disagree with you, I just don’t think we should be classified as scat back u when Whitlow and Williams are our #1 and # 2 backs!
  8. I get as frustrated as most everyone else. I have also seen the list of coaches some have wanted Auburn to hire, Chad Morris, Chip Kelly, Patterson, the coach at Purdue, Jimbo, Petrine, Urban, and I wonder just how much better any of them or anyone else would actually be facing our schedule every year. Yeah, some might be better coaching, but what about recruiting and would any retain our defensive coaches and what kind of trouble would some of them get us in! A lot of if’s and we could be a lot worse off than we are now!!
  9. Who is any better against those 3 and who are you going to get that you can guarantee will be better. I have been watching several that have been mentioned over the last couple of years and I can promise you that I am thankful that we didn’t run Gus off and bring in any one of the majority of those mentioned.
  10. Praying for James, his doctors, and your family. Sorry he is having to go through this.