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  1. I have heard that the team committed 3 violations, but were never warned until after they had committed all 3 offenses and that one of them was committed last July. If you have seen any of their videos, you can see that they represented Auburn extremely well! I just don’t believe that they deliberately broke rules; Hope I am not wrong.
  2. I don’t know how to do links but you can go to YouTube, type in Auburn fishing team and then click on video by Chad Hoover. Good bit of info on this video!
  3. Just read that Auburn’s entire fishing team has been suspended through the 2022 season for breaking some Covid regulation! Is this what Auburn University has become!
  4. Praying for John in Jesus Name
  5. This is so heartbreaking! Most definitely in my prayers! I will also send a percentage of my Covid check to the go fund account. Maybe a thought for others!
  6. I sure hope someone is looking at all the ramifications and side effects of this! If every player would benefit from this, then maybe, but I can see a lot of dissatisfaction and hard feelings. Maybe even a lot of the money in specific areas and I am sure that I have not scratched the surface!
  7. I don’t think a school will be able to just pay football players! Basketball, baseball, women’s basketball, gymnastics, and all men’s and women’s athletics! Where will all that money come from?
  8. No tougher battle that I know of. Praying for you 72! Heavenly Father, we pray right now in Jesus Name for healing from this terrible disease for Nathan!
  9. I like this list! I could support all of these including Bill Clark
  10. Well I think you are wrong. You must not have grown up in the 60s and 70s like I did. I believe that things are much, much better than they were back then! Night and day different. Maybe one had to live through that era to realize how much better things are! Has it gotten to the point it needs to be? NO! But I don’t think that burning buildings and aligning with terorist groups will help anything.
  11. James and your family are in our prayers!!! Praying that it has not gone to his heart and that meds work and James is soon back home!
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