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  1. provibe

    Offensive Identity/Scheme

    I am pretty much like everyone else, off the bus, but the real question is to name 6 or 8 coaches that we know will be better than Gus. I hope we can find one, but we all know that nothing is a sure thing, except death and taxes. I do believe it has to be a fit though. Not like some are saying, but I believe some would be a better fit out west or up north and some would be a better fit in the south. Coach O is an example, I don't know anywhere that he would be a better fit than where he is!
  2. provibe

    Coach Ryan Russell

    I don't know coach Russell nor much about him, but I hope no one is complaining about him unless they know for sure that he is not doing his job. He is coaching the defense just as he is the offense and he seems to be doing a great job with the defense. You need to be very sure of your facts before you criticize someone. I just don't think he can be doing such a good job with the defense and yet be blamed for the downfall of the offense.
  3. I think Clark, Glass or Brown would be excellent candidates. I like the idea of looking at someone who has been a head coach. As stated before, I like what Mark Stoops has done at Kentucky and believe he could do the job at Auburn. I probably stayed on the Gus bus as long as anybody because I wanted the stability and really thought he could grow into a great coach, but I am done and ready to move on!
  4. provibe

    Don't Fire Gus Malzahn

    I just hope that AD Greene has already been evaluating potential coaches and has a list in hand as soon as season is over. A decision on a new coach needs to be made as soon as possible. The hiring process does not need to drag on for months. We have a great recruiting class started and we need a new coach making contact with recruits as soon as possible!
  5. provibe


    Auburn Arkansas Kentucky LSU Missouri Alabama Michigan TCU Clemson Oregon 55
  6. Kentucky did not have near the talent that Auburn has and still does not. I do not think it would take as long for Stoops to turn this mess around and I believe he would do it the right way that would last. He might turn us down, but I would at least give him something to think about.
  7. I checked Bob Stoops but was thinking Mark Stoops. I believe he would do the same thing here that he has done in Kentucky. Build a fundamentally sound, physical football team that would compete for the West Championship. He seems to coach with passion and the players seem to respond well to his coaching.
  8. I’ll take Schwartz
  9. provibe

    This tweet is interesting

    Oh that's right, Comey and McCabe investigated that!
  10. provibe

    This tweet is interesting

    You could start with mishandling classified information on an unsecured server and then just follow wherever that leads! Could spend several years searching through all illegal activity during her time at State and the Clinton Foundation. My opinion of course!!
  11. provibe

    This tweet is interesting

    I guess this could be argued forever without changing anyone's opinion depending on who you support. Does seem a little strange though that only one side has been investigated. Just maybe if Hilliary and the DNC were investigated as long and diligently as Trump has been investigated, we would all have a better idea of what actually happened!
  12. Strange how only 3 out of the 7 worked out. Not always about being a 5 star recruit. A lot more goes into it. Of course you want to get the best player, but sometimes heart and playing in a system and environment that fits a particular player makes the difference in success of 3 and 4 star recruits over some 5 stars.
  13. provibe

    Prayer request for my family (and me).

    Praying for you and your family!
  14. provibe

    Prayer Requested

    Praying for Freebird and his family! God Bless!
  15. provibe

    Prayers please

    Praying for your son