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  1. There you go again “you assumed” - that’s your problem! You have no inside knowledge, you just assume stupid stuff and yes there are some on here with “some” inside knowledge. You are just not one of them. And who is posting on here 10000 times with NO credible information?
  2. You just make up some stupid crap and post it. What do you possibly hope to gain by doing something as stupid as this. I know everyone has a right to their opinion but good grief have enough sense not to post it here! I may be kicked off for saying this but I’m about ready to quit anyway. Tired of coming on here and reading such nonsense!
  3. Dunbar is 54 years old. Played at LSU. Has coached for Bills, Jets and a couple more nfl teams before becoming defensive line coach for Pittsburgh
  4. A lot of posters are complaining about us not offering enough money for certain players. I know you realize that the money has to come from nil deals. I am just wondering how much you are donating to the nil deal?
  5. If they are not willing to put up big money then they shouldn’t complain because someone else doesn’t want to!
  6. I just wonder what makes you an expert on this, but like they say-everyone has an opinion
  7. And you think Harsin doesn’t know this or do you think he just doesn’t care?
  8. Great news! Where are all the doom and gloom posters?
  9. Really hope we get Buckner! This is the type of coach that we need for offensive line. Young NFL coach that can relate to recruits and is willing to recruit recruit recruit!!!
  10. I’m sold! Think this will be a home run hire!
  11. Having comprehension problems? Will not be out of a job because there will be significant improvements
  12. Exactly- and I still stand by my statement!
  13. I doubt very seriously that he will be out of a job
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