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  1. Was a huge Jimmy Sidle fan! Early 60’s
  2. Been an Auburn fan since back in the 50’s.
  3. Do you really believe that Auburn would ever hire Hugh Freeze?
  4. Gus didn’t leave us Robbie and he left us no depth whatsoever! I don’t think anyone on our offensive line would be a starter on any SEC team. We do have a couple of good running backs one good receiver and a couple of tight ends that he left us, but I would say that overall, he left us pretty slim!
  5. Who would you bring in as an interim and would you also have to bring in interim coordinators since the ones we have are Harsin men
  6. No, it’s not, but there is nothing wrong with being positive when something good happens and some on here are unwilling to even do that.
  7. Couldn’t help but laugh at this!
  8. So you believe old Joe and his son Hunter
  9. You can put all the names you want on there but as of right now we have a coach that will hopefully be here for many years.
  10. Well, really no need arguing about, cats out of the bag and this is what everybody wanted!
  11. I don’t know why we can’t just go back to BOOM!
  12. So you think air is all that he has thrown against?
  13. Then why in the world would he be paid the amount of money that he was paid to leave!
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