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  1. God Bless E! As an uninformed fan, I looked for your posts because I knew that I would get information that was honest and informed! Will truly miss your posts!
  2. Well I think you are wrong. You must not have grown up in the 60s and 70s like I did. I believe that things are much, much better than they were back then! Night and day different. Maybe one had to live through that era to realize how much better things are! Has it gotten to the point it needs to be? NO! But I don’t think that burning buildings and aligning with terorist groups will help anything.
  3. James and your family are in our prayers!!! Praying that it has not gone to his heart and that meds work and James is soon back home!
  4. I see a lot posted but nothing concerning athletes. What about athletes that will be seniors this year, providing season is called off? Will they just graduate and be done with college football? What if they want to redshirt or otherwise come back for another year? What about incoming class and limit of players on team? Looks like a lot more to consider than I can even think about!
  5. Picture says so much more than words. Praying for your son, you and entire family! If there is more that we can do, please let us know!
  6. Such a terrible tragedy. I cannot imagine what this family is going through. Praying for God’s comfort for entire family!
  7. In gymnastics! Didn’t see it posted anywhere and I love saying it! Auburn beat bama again!
  8. Who’s to say that a good NFL coach will be a good recruiter. And I am not just trying to disagree with you!
  9. I think pressure will really be on to win bowl game. 10-3 or 9-4
  10. From what I read on here, practice means nothing. Just put them on the field anyway and hope they do better in the game than they do in practice.
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