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  1. So you believe old Joe and his son Hunter
  2. You can put all the names you want on there but as of right now we have a coach that will hopefully be here for many years.
  3. Well, really no need arguing about, cats out of the bag and this is what everybody wanted!
  4. I don’t know why we can’t just go back to BOOM!
  5. So you think air is all that he has thrown against?
  6. Then why in the world would he be paid the amount of money that he was paid to leave!
  7. There is no doubt that is the way you see it but that doesn’t make it fact. I don’t think anyone thinks everything is going great but a lot of us see some positive and have some hope. We all know how you feel and don’t have to be reminded every day in every thread. We can even understand why you feel the way you do but sometimes you just need to give it a rest!
  8. I don’t mind having a conversation with anyone but your constant negative crap is getting old.
  9. Applaud! That’s a really awesome positive attitude there!!
  10. For those that didn’t get it, I was being sarcastic! Not very good at it, I guess
  11. He must have been a 4 or 5 star! We only offer 3 star recruits.
  12. Meant to post this in another thread, but it works just as well here!!
  13. Thanks Zeek, really appreciate all your hard work. It’s great to come here and get some real information!
  14. If anything could cause me to stop pulling for Auburn, and I don’t see that happening after 70 years, it would be some of the so called fans on this forum!
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