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  1. Great News - OT

    Great News!!!! I had a few inches of my colon taken out a few years ago. Surgery was not that bad. Praying for continued good news!
  2. The World Isn't Falling

    I am as frustrated as everyone else on here, however, I keep reading about all the talent we have on this team. We have to remember and give credit to this coaching staff, Malzahn included, for the great job they have done in recuiting. They have done an incredible job in that category. We could change coaches and possible find one that is much better calling plays but much worse in recruiting. I keep hoping Malzahn gets back to coaching like I have seen in the past. We have a great start at recruiting for next year, but to fully achieve the success in recruiting that has started, we have to get better at play calling. One can only hope, I guess!
  3. Four Auburn players arrested

    I am just thankful that the majority of those posting on this board do not represent Auburn University or the athletic department in any capacity.
  4. Prayers for AUJeff

    Praying for God's comfort for you and your family.
  5. What is the Auburn Problem?

    I just find it hard to believe that most on this board have not sent their resume in to JJ. Without a doubt yall know more than any sec coach. And by the way, who would you hire to take Gus's job? Maybe Freeze?, Jones?, Beliema?,Spurrier, Richt? There are so many better coaches doing such a great job, I cannot understand why we don't just grab one of these!
  6. GOP Senators - Traitors

    I guess you got me on that one. I suppose it all falls back to who you really trust and I can promise you that I do not trust our current president. I also do not believe that Reagan would have been willing to allow a country that has avowed to destroy us and wipe Israel off the face of the earth to have a nuclear weapon. I just cannot understand why we think we can trust a country that has never held up their end of a deal and will not even allow inspectors to do their job under the present agreement. Especially allowing them to develop a weapon that will allow them to do what they have already stated they would do. I also believe that if iran had a nuclear weapon, they would use it. The world as we know it would be over. Just maybe you should think about that.
  7. GOP Senators - Traitors

    I agree, B.S. The only person that should be charged with treason is Obama. Anyone that would even attempt to make a deal with terrorists should be tried for treason. What makes you da's think that Iran would keep any kind of agreement in the first place. This is not just some run of the mill agreement, we are talking about a NUCLEAR WEAPON. Are you liberal democrats that stupid? Well that was a stupid question. I applaud the Senators that signed the letter and thank God for them.
  8. Ex-Nebraska DE Avery Moss

    I have only posted on this board once or twice. Mostly just enjoy reading posts of those in the know. I do want to take a stand on the side of those that oppose this. I understand that in the past number of years that the American people have elected people to office that in "my opinion" should not have been. It certainly appears that a large portion of Americans have lost their moral values and sadly many on this message board. I have been an Auburn fan for over 60 years and I guess that I feel that I have earned a "right" to express my opinion on something that I feel strongly about. I believe that moral character means something and I also believe that Auburn should have higher standards than to bring someone in under these circumstances. I also agree with those that honestly believe that players with this type mentally can be a cancer in the locker room and to team chemistry, not to mention the liability to the university itself. I vote with those that hold Auburn University and it's football program to a higher standard. WAR EAGLE
  9. Prayers needed!

    Praying for complete healing. Please keep us updated.
  10. Kalvaraz Bessent: CHARGES DROPPED

    Some on here that are posting negative remarks directed at others that think he should be dismissed, must not have read the report on It clearly stated that the reason the car was searched was because the officer smelled burning "weed". To assume that Kalvarez is now completely innocent and did not know who he was riding with and what was going on, is not a sane assumption. I don't know if he should be kicked off the team or not, but I have serious concerns about his judgement and the friends he associates with. I do trust Gus to make the best decision, and it is his decision and not ours, but do not judge others for their misgivings when no one on these boards know "all" the facts.
  11. Stephen A. And Skipp giving to Danny Kannell

    There is no need to jump on these guys, heck I've seen Auburn fans saying the same thing all year. We can't do this and we can't defend that but here we are. I cannot adequately express how proud I am of this team and what they have accomplished this year. It is just like our country or anything else, you have to have leadership, and we have it from the top all the way down. WAR EAGLE!
  12. People's Heisman

    I sIIiII saw this on facebook and voted there and then saw it here and voted again. Appears that I was able to vote twice.
  13. First post, but an Auburn fan for almost 60 years. I alway thought that Auburn was about building men with character, and then I read all this talk about Petrino. What am I missing. Win at all costs, sell our souls? Hopefully with PS and Bo on the search committee, we as Auburn faithful will not settle for someone like Petrino. I honestly think Auburn can and will do better than that. I could certainly get behind Jeff Fisher, Butch Jones, Shaw or Patterson. We should not "settle" until some of these men of character turn us down.