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  1. ...not dance around in the backfield until he's sacked, for starters.
  2. Nope...he's still a losing season away from the unemployment line.
  3. Gus hasn't earned that right unfortunately. IF his plan (A) was Chip Lindsey and plan (B) Eliah Drinkwitz, then I totally get why the PTB are stepping in. I'm not saying those aren't viable options, but they're definitely not where you should start a search after all the criticism that he received while Lashlee was here. Gus should be able to hire who he wants, but if that's who he feels is the BEST candidate for Offensive Coordinator for Auburn Football, then he is WAY over his head and shouldn't be trusted with the keys to his hall closet, let alone our Football team.
  4. OMG, OMG, OMG... I think I took too much acid this time.
  5. I get it. I've seen the resume. He hasn't had any "ghost" years that he's been out of work. Furthermore all that matters is if he can develop what we've got and recruit where needed, but I'm still curious why his resume is 90% 1 year stops here and there. No negativity insinuated...just genuine curiosity.
  6. Problem is...with 20 stops in 36 years, does anyone believe he will stick around? Honestly I'm more concerned about why he hasn't stuck around than if he will stick around.
  7. Im not on it either, but our inability to score is why I'm concerned.
  8. Lol, that's what I wasn't understanding.
  9. @DAG Obviously you don't take this as I believe Sean did it by himself, but you keep quoting it so I have to ask?
  10. Meh, it sounds like a misunderstanding. He quoted me saying "Sean drove the ball down the field" when of course I only meant that Sean was the QB of the offense when we moved the ball down the field. He didn't mean anything by it, and I didn't take it personal.
  11. I can't argue with any of that...
  12. This is my sentiment on our situation. Honestly, Arkansas is a toss up at this point with me leaning towards a loss. Unless we improve we're looking at 7-5 IMO.
  13. Come on man...I'm not that big of a SW fanboy to say he won that game by himself. My point was with JFIII or JJ or WB in at QB, we don't win that game. Is he the savior of Auburn Football? No! But HE'S THE BEST QB WE'VE GOT RIGHT NOW!
  14. Surely you don't believe we'd have been better off without SW? Who's the QB if not SW? Franklin? If he was capable, he'd be starting.