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  1. Understood. Just my personal preference. Particularly after the disaster we went just through.
  2. Arizona State's Alonso Verge Jr might be worth a gamble. 6'2" 170 lb SG. Grad transfer, I believe. 2 year juco, then 2 years at ASU. Averaged 14 points at ASU. 2020 Pac12 Sixth Man of the Year during which he scored a career high 46 of ASU's 56 points in a blowout home loss to Saint Mary's (96-56 good lord). Not a great 3 pt shooter (33%), mostly a driver/slasher/finisher. Good FT 80%. Decent assist #s (3.8), but 2.4 turnovers. A surprisingly good rebounding guard (3.9 last year) and defender (1.3 steals, .02 blocks). So this kid contributes in a lot of ways. He might fit in and excel if surr
  3. Darn it! We NEED another guard. There's still a few uncommitted 3 & 4 star prospects (based on their HS rating I assume) in the portal. Doesn't mean they still are. Might have to take a chance on one of them. I could be wrong, but I doubt any of them have the kind of top level D1 experience like a Desi Sills.
  4. Throne and chair is fine which shows some imagination and swagger. Now show a graphic of a real, actual, impactful, successful play by Smoke with all the imagery in the background included. There are plenty of real action images to be gleaned from his big plays. Or plays made by other players. Don't overthink it.
  5. So.....he may still come......but it sounds like a situation with a few credits not transferring, and/or the majors not lining up, which can happen to ANY student. But come on. It's Arky to Auburn. Within the same conference. I know Auburn has a little higher standard than most, but it's not Vandy. As a student, I'd be bummed out if some of my earned credits weren't accepted by the new school. It's a head scratcher for the academic side to NOT accept credits from a fellow school on the same level.
  6. Smoke is the KING of 100 yard plus interception returns for touchdowns. By a long shot. Good for him!
  7. Significant. A QB that knows and understands he's a big guy with the courage to play through contact.
  8. I guess if I'm a G League exec, Bruce's wish list is at the top of my go to list. Hell. Let Bruce and the coaching staff burn countless labor hours and Auburn's recruiting budget. Let them do all the leg work. Why should I lift a finger to spend $$$ on all that stuff? All I have to do, is swoop in with a big check. Up the ante to a million if necessary.
  9. I'll take the '3 star' who stood out at Kansas, versus anyone who went there and disappeared, regardless of their rating.
  10. Yes. Nick had to 'grow up' because he wanted to be a QB and not a DB behind 4 year starter Aaron Murray at uga. Cam had to 'grow up' because Tebow, who won the Heisman Trophy as a sophomore, was in his way.
  11. For him to actually have a stat line from a DE position, at Kansas of all places, says something about this kid. He's coming back home.
  12. Tennessee's OL whipped OUR DL in 2020. And it's not even close. Through the eye test, and in the box score. The ONLY reason we won is because of Monday's 100 yd int return, and Tennessee's FG kicker missed 2 out of 3. If UT's OL was so bad, why didn't AU's DL perform better? Gave up 28 first downs (3 by penalty). Gray rushed for 173 yards on us. Funny how Hardy and Handy for being so 'talented' out of HS couldn't get more PT equal to, or ahead of the teammates who were outdone by UT. At least Fair did SOMETHING, in practice, to get on the field, and actually did SOMETHING on the field after he
  13. Now we're talking. Serious experienced ball handlers. Let these guys find and embrace their roles. Mesh as a team. IF they buy in on effort and hustle on defense, Bruce could sub at will and turn up the heat almost at will. Create some serious chaos. Up tempo. They may not knock your socks off individually, but as a group, I'm hoping they can bring some energy and win with sheer numbers. I'm stoked at the real possibility of wearing down opponents mentally and physically. Let's get those pick up games started asap!
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