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  1. Consider whom Auburn has beaten so far. FSU, UCLA, Oregon St (twice at their place), and Stanford. All historical programs. Single handedly eliminating the PAC 12’s 3 best teams. Hopefully the bats have awakened now. What better time than now for some sweet revenge on Arky and Ole Miss? Both of them are owed some serious payback.
  2. Most sinker ballers take time to get settled in. Nervous. Amped up. Gonzo's stuff looked a WHOLE lot better in the 2nd. Left handed hitters he's handling. It's the righty's that gave him trouble in the 1st. Ok. Our lineup has struggled since the Regional, except for Sonny. We need to start getting on base.
  3. In a nutshell, Auburn abc baseballed and outexecuted Oregon State to death. We didn't have to bunch 3 or more hits together to scratch out a run. We had timely hits yes, but just as important, we made timely outs that moved base runners along. There was minimal wildness in terms of wild pitches, passed balls, hit batters, and walks. The walks bit us some, OSU received 12 to Auburn's 10. But hit batters flipped it around. Auburn was hit 4 times, OSU 1. Another major factor. Auburn struck out an eye popping 35 OSU batters! OSU struck out 22 Auburn batters. Game 3 was an incredible 14 to 5 in Auburn's favor. The bullpen was lights out. LaRue and the pitching staff deserve major props for winning that battle and keeping us in every game. The overwhelming advantage in strikeouts was a tremendous equalizer. We put the ball in play WAY more than OSU. It can win games when you're being out hit as OSU did in 2 out of the 3 contests. Magnificent poise and mental toughness on the biggest stage in a hostile, completely foreign environment in every way imaginable. The time difference. The late starts and finishes. The weather. The turf. The hour+ travel distance between the hotel and the stadium. The early start for Game 3. This bunch doesn't have a whole lot of boppers, but they are A+++ in the guts, grinding, and execution departments.
  4. Bless his heart, it was obvious KH couldn't see the ball. I hope he never sees a replay of his last at bat. At worst, it's a 2-1 count if he never takes a swing.
  5. Honestly, in this case, I'd rather have a guy with a scorer's makeup, who's not afraid to take and make the big shot. AND who puts severe pressure on a defense. If he's really good, it should open up floor spacing, making it easier for him to distribute. He wouldn't have to be as adept as Cooper or Harper or Green.
  6. It may not have seemed like a good hire at the moment to some. But given the simplicity of the offense and the roster at the time, could a bona fide expert Xs and Os and technique coach really have made a big impact? What we needed was talent at a position. All Kodi had to do, was relate, recruit, and convince players to buy in. And he delivered in big way. The risk was not that big considering the circumstances. No one could ever question his leadership. Switching from QB to WR. That was one helluva of an example of sacrifice for the good of the team. And a sign of future good karma. Like catching Auburn's first TD pass ever in a National Championship game. And later moving into coaching.......
  7. No more "Two and a Barbeque". Classic. You tell'em coach! It was surreal watching Auburn totally dominate and destroy a pair of historic programs. One after the other. This was different. The entire weekend was a mismatch from start to finish. And if they played again? Same result. Weird. Did I just say that? Coach BT was having a real hard time hiding his excitement about where this team is. As if he senses something great is about to happen. The light bulb, so to speak, may have come on for this team.
  8. Oh no. I give credit where credit's due. You're not just everyone. You're someone with insider info......
  9. If you have credibility, then why didn't you share info on Justin Powell a year ago? It seems odd to have insider info on one player and one player alone. And then wag your finger when challenged.
  10. I'm sad to see him go. All out effort and hustle. He rolled his sleeves up and did a lot of the dirty work. He humbly embraced that role for the team. Auburn won a lot of games while he started in place of Flanigan. Team player all the way. And I'll never forget his monster 21 point effort (7-10 from 3) in that magnificent 91-90 OT win against LSU in 2020 as a freshman. Good luck to him.
  11. Miami it is. Couldn't watch due to work. If you look at the stat sheet, how in the world does USC lose that game? Turnovers 18-3. That's a smart, well coached team.
  12. 10th comment down...... https://www.tigerdroppings.com/rant/lsu-sports/5-yohan-traore/101700995/
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