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  1. Skill set? Mike Mitchell 3 inches taller.
  2. This might do the trick for Harsin. After all, this lifetime "Northerner" pulled it off......
  3. He is so heralded in fact that Oklahoma, Clemson, Florida, LSU, USC, Notre Dame, Oregon....all wanted him. But they backed off because working for that big ole meanie Harsin damaged his reputation. Got it.👍 OR. Maybe it really is philosophical, which is the same reason why he's not at Auburn anymore?
  4. Hopefully the old alma mater is the one place to reignite some fire and passion for the job. 🙏
  5. NFL Pregame and Playoff game Bengals @ Titans kicks in after Aub/UK
  6. I felt hope(less) watching it all unfold. Hanging by a thread. But yes, TJ needed reps, reps, and more reps to try and somewhat get up to speed with Bo. Then TJ gets hurt during the IB.
  7. Leading 21-3 late in the first half, stop the fake punt. Go into the locker room leading 21-3, 24-3, or 28-3. Would keeping Jeff Grimes as OL coach from Chizik's staff have altered history? Or was Grimes offered, but left anyway?
  8. A little novocaine would help......
  9. With a side of hash brown potatoes
  10. Of course. Every team is supposed to have a 3rd or 4th string QB ready. Who, he's if not better than, is at least equal to #1 and #2. Especially with a new offensive philosophy.
  11. He looks like the Tasmanian Devil guarding people. I wouldn't want him dogging me 94 feet. No sir.
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