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  1. Engaging. Uplifting. Positive. Putting those Sales and Public Relations degrees to excellent use. But seriously. You've missed your calling. You express such a high level of wit and rare insight into the game, you should be in basketball administration somewhere. Pronto.
  2. Hello Coach Barbee! Shame about that home game with A&M being canceled tonight. Putting that time off to good use I see.
  3. That Facepalm made me chuckle. Honest.
  4. Yes. Those cleverly cherry picked numbers indeed show that. Most people are curious enough to look beyond such a microscopic view. In Football, from Dye through Malzahn, all six of them, had at least one to two exceptional years (undefeated seasons, division champs, conferences champs, and a national champ). In Basketball, from Sonny through Bruce, 3 of the 6 got us to the NCAA. The other 3 never did. Prior to Bruce, there were 6 straight losing seasons and 8 out of the last 10. Football has not gone through the utter despair and hopelessness basketball has. Not even close. And
  5. I admire this 4 star rated young man for giving hope to Auburn fans in despair everywhere........Cha Ching!!!!!
  6. Were the programs on the same footing when these coaches took over? Is Malzahn gone because he was a winner? Why is Pearl still around if he lost more than Malzahn? I don't understand. Please explain. By the way, if I had the power and money to give Pearl a lifetime contract, I would.
  7. In a perfect world, you want a healthy mix up and down the roster (3 Fr, 3 Soph, 3 Jrs, 3 Srs). The scandal threw a monkey wrench in it, which resulted in the glut of upperclassmen last year, and newcomers this year. As for this year's shortcomings. You can hide and mask things when a big or two goes down. Losing guards affects everything. It is tough to compete and improve when your 2 best guards alternate being out, AND you're less experienced than every team you play. If Coop and Powell had played every game, this discussion wouldn't be taking place. I agree with cole a million times over o
  8. You're the one who sounds defeated. Coaches can't pick out SEC talent. Quick to criticize an offer. Belly ache about rankings. Knowing where Auburn stands right now, right this minute, is NOT being defeated. It's being realistic. After all of that, a little bit of wisdom creeps in ^^^^^see above^^^^^. So there is hope for you yet. As far as relationships go, all the current staff can do, is respectfully reach out. Kid says no. Say thanks and move on. They're going to hear a lot of no's, too late, and not interested this year. It is naive to expect otherwise. That is reality. If they
  9. Obviously you're an expert at muscling your way into long term relationships on the recruiting trail. Have you made that follow up call yet? Maybe you can teach the coaching staff how to effectively do that without pissing on ANY chance at establishing bonds with HS coaches and future recruits. And thanks for reminding me that Bama and uga are NOT the only schools with a 1-2 year head start. Good job.
  10. You're on to something big. Obviously the current/new coaching staff, barely 2 months on the job, is deliberately not going after higher rated kids, whom EVERYONE already has a 1-2 year head start. Have you made that follow up call to CBH to remind him of your interest? You can be that voice in the room for us fans to constantly remind the staff to recruit only 4 & 5 star guys. Particularly those committed/leaning to Bama/uga. We need someone with your evaluating skills (able to read recruiting rankings) yelling in CBH's ear to get with it.
  11. If this young man is believed to be "skinny", then that 215 shows up somewhere. Which means lower body strength the way he pushes blockers into the backfield. Relentless. You can bet every opponent AHS plays this year WILL look for where this kid is lined up. 88 tackles is good, but the 14 sacks and two dozen tackles for loss are game changers. A young Kevin Greene type?
  12. Bingo! Craig Sanders was devastating on special teams.
  13. A 6'3" 215 lb. LB, who could add some weight, already playing multiple positions at a top level 7A school, as a junior, must have something going for him. Every team needs a few of those intangible guys. Heart. Hustle. A motor that never quits. Inspires others. Winner. He's not some 5'9" 150 lb. water boy who plays when the game is out of reach. He has the frame to contribute. Special teams might be an early option.
  14. Since you're so good at instantly predicting future failure on high school kids, maybe you've missed your calling? Do all Auburn fans a favor. Give CBH a call. Line up an interview. Bring all those rankings along, and get yourself hired on his recruiting staff. I'm sure you won't look foolish when asked to watch film and pick out SEC level talent.
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