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  1. You have to admire a guy from a big east coast city. Transfers to culture shock in small college town Alabama. Patiently sits out a year. Plays as a backup his junior season. Makes a critical error at a pivotal moment that led to a loss in the biggest game in school history. Does he hang his head in shame? No. He returns for his senior season and elevates his game and the team beyond expectations in my opinion. Leads the team in scoring and steals and to a 2nd place finish in the SEC. The power of positive thinking and hard work. A winner indeed.
  2. If that's the case (hopefully), then the NCAA and AU better have their PR skills well rehearsed.
  3. How do "ALL" of Okla St's self imposed measures compare to Auburn's? Were ours more severe and far reaching, or less? The school's very wise investment in McGlynn and Dideon's expertise is being put to a severe test once again. Ten years after saving Cam and a National Championship season, here's hoping they can come through again. Forde and Wetzel came up empty looking for their pound of flesh. As a result, thanks to several other higher profile, more sexy programs being involved, Auburn has been fortunate to avoid the attention grabbing headline with the exclusive hit job article these two s
  4. He had a positive impact on the entire athletic department, not just football. What he did for basketball, baseball, and swimming....encouraging Sonny to stay, hiring Hal Baird and David Marsh.
  5. Morris (hired 12/10/19) and Bicknell (hired 1/13/20). They are already outperforming several years of OL recruitment. Talk about a desperately needed shot in the arm. While offensive performance this fall will be the ultimate evaluation, from a recruiting standpoint, with only 4-5 months on the job, these 2 coaches have exceeded expectations.
  6. With you. He puts us on another level. With his considerable top shelf experience and moxie, he fills a serious leadership void immediately until Coop evolves, as he will. Imagine being able to control tempo at will, especially late in a game with he and Coop running the show. Beating the press. Hitting FT's to maintain a lead. Having a "go to" guy at crunch time. As for D, BP would find the best role.
  7. He picked a quiet time, midnight PST time (2 am CST), not noon today, to limit any blow back. Smart. As someone stated earlier, JG would look a little better if he admitted this whole coronavirus thing is hurting his family and the G League offer blew him away. None of this was on the radar at all until the last few weeks/months. In the end, glad he didn't go to Memphis. I hope we learned a lesson from this song and dance. Plenty of low 5 and high 4 stars out there. Unless one happens to be immediately available, crash the grad transfer market. We need guards in a big way.
  8. The trend here lately is having good, quick guards and small forwards, with depth and couple of quick rim protectors. You can go deeper into tournaments. You can control tempo, pressure the ball, and attack at will a lot more without worrying so much about fouls and stamina. The Villanova and Butler teams. Like us last year, Arizona in the late 90s with Bibby, Simon, and Terry beat 3 juggernauts including Kentucky for the championship. For that reason, Baylor would have been my pick this year. They were so deep at the guard position. While Drew is a good coach, in my opinion, he should have pr
  9. Miss St gets the 4 seed with a home win over Ole Miss today. Florida had the 2 seed in their grip, and could drop to a 5 seed.
  10. UK just stole one at Florida. #2 seed is ours! Yes!
  11. Great minds think alike. I did HS radio work back in the 90s.
  12. Some quick observations....Doughty's career game today bailed us out of a jam with foul trouble...outside of that... 1) Flanigan showed some signs of being a finisher 2) Wiley and McLemore MUST to be smarter on D, both need to move their feet better 3) Okoro is still not quite back yet as he looks a little out of sorts 4) Keeping Doughty and McCormick reasonably fresh is a must, which is where Okoro can help. 5) We are a VERY good team when our bench can hold the fort (scoring, hustling, defending, rebounding).
  13. Cool. I know it's tough to stay engaged every second, of every game. You're not doing it for the money. 🙂
  14. Could WarTiger and Maverick kinda work things out? If I were doing play by play, I wouldn't mind someone giving me a break once in a while between media timeouts. Play by play can be exhausting and cumbersome with an active board. I'm just happy to see passion for AU basketball. I did radio play by play for high school back in the day, so I understand.
  15. With Fulkerson and Pons, I figured fouls would be a problem with McLemore and Wiley. But Doughty saved the day. What a game?
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