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  1. So...if Hugh walked in to your place of ministry needing ministering (like we all do), you'd leave because you can't be associated with him or Auburn University? Or would you tell him to leave because your reputation in that place of ministry would be jeopardized?
  2. Bill Clark...(crickets) ... Not really. Just said that because it's not a popular name with the family
  3. We didn't have a good chance...but I still wanna kick a turd in the teeth!
  4. Well, i guess God doesn't want the turds to beat their wives tonight
  5. Btw Freeze isn't the leader for the AU job ...LK is... according to social media.... which never lies! (And I'm a French model)
  6. She came into my life in 2013 when AU was electric and became an instant fan. She watched AU football with me & loved it... then our kids stole her away. Now I'm left watching and cheering alone. Every now and then she asks if we're winning which I give her a complete rundown. On Saturdays she's vocal (bitchy) about how much I'm ignoring her and focusing on football. I'm well but I think she needs therapy. I often wonder if married the wrong woman so maybe I The one who needs therapy.
  7. I found it difficult to watch until halftime. Great job coaching these kids up to smash wku in the second half. Hope to see a great fight in Tuscaloosa.
  8. I won't be there but man I can feel the energy clear up here in East TN. Go Crazy Cadillac!
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