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  1. HAYinthemiddleoftheBARN

    Prayers Needed

    ...and Maxwell AFB
  2. HAYinthemiddleoftheBARN

    Prayers Needed

    Praying from Prattville🙏
  3. HAYinthemiddleoftheBARN

    What it will take to Beat Bama

    Um...I'm trying to imagine it, but ...crickets chirping... I'll be proud of our boys if we can just score a touchdown 👍
  4. HAYinthemiddleoftheBARN

    Upon Further Review -Georgia Game

    Never thought this season would be this poor. The statistics reflect what this team doesn't deserve.
  5. HAYinthemiddleoftheBARN

    Georgia game Score Prediction

    55 - 10
  6. HAYinthemiddleoftheBARN

    No practice today

    Hmm, wonder why? Making changes starting with no practice...only meetings. Ok, let's see what results this produces.
  7. HAYinthemiddleoftheBARN

    Can we...

    Fire him??? Why? He's under Gus doing what he's told to do.
  8. HAYinthemiddleoftheBARN

    Auburn moving up

  9. HAYinthemiddleoftheBARN

    Run up the middle after a first down

    Coaches insanity
  10. HAYinthemiddleoftheBARN

    Some things I hope Chip/Gus doesn't do this season

    Hope Gus doesn't screw us out of a win because of bad coaching decisions. With the daunting schedule we are facing, it's gonna be hard enough to win those games where we face ranked teams with great coaching decisions.
  11. HAYinthemiddleoftheBARN

    KJ motivated by last trip to Atlanta (this year)

    I dig it! Go getem KJ!
  12. HAYinthemiddleoftheBARN

    A Few Notes From Inside the Stadium Today

    Great real life story! Thanks for posting. Great vibe going around. It feels really good to be where we are on the way to where we're going. WDE
  13. HAYinthemiddleoftheBARN

    HAPPY CHAMPIONSHIP GAMEDAY!!!!! Beat the Dawgs! Again!

    Heard on this radio yesterday...Now let's rub their noses in their dawg crap and send em back to Athens so they can do what Dawgs do best, smell each other's butts!!! War Eagle Y'ALL
  14. HAYinthemiddleoftheBARN

    Why it's realistic to have championship hopes

    What an awesome November it was! Bring on Championship Season! ...For years to come.
  15. HAYinthemiddleoftheBARN


    Ooooooh YAAAAAhhhh!! War Eagle y'all. What a great day to dethrone another glorified #1 ranked team. It's been a long time coming. Miami fell, now it's gonna be bamr falling causing a shakeup in the top 4. The Fam & I are gonna be cheering from the hilltops of Chilton/Autauga County. WARRRR EAGLE HEY!!!