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  1. HAYinthemiddleoftheBARN

    KJ motivated by last trip to Atlanta (this year)

    I dig it! Go getem KJ!
  2. HAYinthemiddleoftheBARN

    A Few Notes From Inside the Stadium Today

    Great real life story! Thanks for posting. Great vibe going around. It feels really good to be where we are on the way to where we're going. WDE
  3. HAYinthemiddleoftheBARN

    HAPPY CHAMPIONSHIP GAMEDAY!!!!! Beat the Dawgs! Again!

    Heard on this radio yesterday...Now let's rub their noses in their dawg crap and send em back to Athens so they can do what Dawgs do best, smell each other's butts!!! War Eagle Y'ALL
  4. HAYinthemiddleoftheBARN

    Why it's realistic to have championship hopes

    What an awesome November it was! Bring on Championship Season! ...For years to come.
  5. HAYinthemiddleoftheBARN


    Ooooooh YAAAAAhhhh!! War Eagle y'all. What a great day to dethrone another glorified #1 ranked team. It's been a long time coming. Miami fell, now it's gonna be bamr falling causing a shakeup in the top 4. The Fam & I are gonna be cheering from the hilltops of Chilton/Autauga County. WARRRR EAGLE HEY!!!
  6. HAYinthemiddleoftheBARN

    man i am so nervous

    Nervousness is a choice...& I hate being nervous when I only have 1 pill left!!!
  7. HAYinthemiddleoftheBARN

    Alabama vs Auburn - Score Predictions

    Oh what the heck thinkin EPIC here without worrying the whole game... AUBURN WON 44 to 17! Carlson 3 FG's; KJ 2 rushing TD's; Ryan Davis, Slayton, Stove score TD's. Stidham hit 89% of his attempts. KJ rushed for 168 yards & caught 4 passes for 88 yards. The Steele Curtain contained hurts & co and limited them to just 152 yards on the ground & 97 thru the air. Hurts sacked 5 times on 3rd downs, hurried 7. Holland & Davidson were monsters disrupting bamrs offensive game plan. Carlton Davis 1 interception. Matthews 1 fumble recovery. JHS rocked from kickoff to Victory formation...and the buzz in the air IS traveling to ATL to do it all over again against the whipped puppies. Wow I'm out of breath now... War Eagle Y'ALL!!!
  8. HAYinthemiddleoftheBARN

    My Challenge to You (Alabama Edition)

    I SO AGREE!!
  9. HAYinthemiddleoftheBARN

    #6 CFB Playoff Rankings

    Expecting the (capital) Turds to put up a bigger fight than the dog turds...but I see us whipping the elephant crap outta them too! Then we'll be heading to ATL to give a repeat pounding to the already whipped 3 legged pups. We ain't staying at #6!!
  10. HAYinthemiddleoftheBARN

    Kerryon Interview

    I was listening live today. Impressive young man with a great future. Well spoken & humble. Can hardly wait to see him "blastjuke" the turds. Yes... it's my new word.
  11. HAYinthemiddleoftheBARN

    Favorite play of the night

    +1 Kerryons only TD for the game. It wasn't a rushing TD
  12. HAYinthemiddleoftheBARN

    I confess in front of the entire family I was wrong

    Yeah um...I spoke unhighly about coach always running KJ & not sharing the load... I was expecting negative results & feeling sorry for KJ because he looked winded a couple times. Wow! Kid has been durable and a complete asset to the team. Praying he(&all our players) stay healthy. Sorry y'all for doubting. Confidently Happy with coaches telling the players to have fun during the game. Haven't seen our players(or fans) enjoy a game like that in a long time. Great experience! War friggin Eagle!
  13. HAYinthemiddleoftheBARN

    To win or not to win?

    I can hardly imagine winning or hanging with#1 or #2 after realizing Gus's coaching theology or philosophy or whatever you call it. KJ cannot beat uga or bamr alone with long passes in between. Where the hek is the rotation that keeps fresh legs churning? I love you KJ but I don't have much faith in you being the one who manhandles GA or Bamr. I'm gonna say 8 wins is our max while other teams with great coaching who rotate their RB's destroy us. It's time for change ASATSIO...(as soon as this season is over) ... but who wants to compete with Saban? We need a real MAN to step up & accept the challenge. Gus, I say "goodbye"!
  14. HAYinthemiddleoftheBARN

    #1, #2, (with prayers) sec championship

    I'll be completely surprised if AU has a chance in the 4th quarter to hang with the#1 or #2 team... Maybe even the 3rd quarter
  15. HAYinthemiddleoftheBARN

    #1, #2, (with prayers) sec championship

    Or with running KJ into the ground