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  1. Crap shoot meaning for those of us who don't swear, "CRAP!!!!" ...SHOOT!!!!!"
  2. Um...I'm trying to imagine it, but ...crickets chirping... I'll be proud of our boys if we can just score a touchdown 👍
  3. Never thought this season would be this poor. The statistics reflect what this team doesn't deserve.
  4. Hmm, wonder why? Making changes starting with no practice...only meetings. Ok, let's see what results this produces.
  5. Fire him??? Why? He's under Gus doing what he's told to do.
  6. Hope Gus doesn't screw us out of a win because of bad coaching decisions. With the daunting schedule we are facing, it's gonna be hard enough to win those games where we face ranked teams with great coaching decisions.
  7. Great real life story! Thanks for posting. Great vibe going around. It feels really good to be where we are on the way to where we're going. WDE