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  1. War Eagle! I am happy for AU football players and fans! Hope to be happy for the coaches after witnessing AU was really ready & playcalling was not embarrassing again. I honestly think this game will be decided by AU coaching. Our players deserve a solid win against a top team like OK. ... & I hope bamr chokes against Washington!!!
  3. Fans not happy either. Can hardly stand watching the crimson turds execute their plays promptly due to good coaching while we have less than stellar play execution due to _______ coaching. (You fill in the blank) Not sure if winning next game is gonna rest on the shoulders of healthy White & Bubba. Be glad if AU wins no doubt, but hate the season has turned out this way. When the coaches look back on the season, they gotta be sayin "WTF were we thinking?" I don't think $4 million coaches should be saying that. War Eagle anyway (smh)
  4. Would love to comment, but the delay on satellite TV and Internet radio is way behind y'all. I don't wanna spoil it by reading what y'all say my brothers. Love hearing Rod's broadcast during the game. War Eagle y'all.
  5. Wooo hoooo! Fire up that offense boys. Kick sum butt! Looking forward to this game. War eagle y'all!!! 👍
  6. Profile pic...lol
  7. Disagree with you Jovon. It seems to me that you have a problem with selfishness which isn't good for the team as a whole. Don't blame Gus, blame yourself. Being an Auburn student athlete means thinking of yourself no more highly than the team your associated with. You have great athletic skills, but lack team skills.
  8. Wear yur ORANGE & blue proudly. Purdue folks will think yur an illini fan until they see yur AU.
  9. No he doesn't have our number. Offensive play calling & lack of desire to execute is the culprit
  10. Let's kik sum Idaho butt!
  11. It's not hard to figure out there's a better way to call plays. If the fans can see it, why couldn't the coaches stick to what worked instead of what didn't? Don't believe ugas d is reason our o sucked so bad. Just look at Jovon's 2nd half stats. He was working hard for us. We were producing yards & playing good football in 1st half. Cmon get with it great coach of the high powered O.
  12. Run the dang ball! It's what we do well. I'd rather lose to what we do well than give the game away with razzle dazzle crap plays. ...on the other hand, GREAT job defense!
  13. To reach a greater understanding, ask coaches. This loss is on them.
  14. The direction is completely up to coaches. We all witnessed poor coaching! Don't think uga defense was reason AUs offense didn't produce.
  15. Long time fan completely disgusted with offensive strategy. Mind boggling! Bring back the play calling from the Tubberville era!