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  1. Thank you Kristi...now go hug Gus & whisper "kick Jimbo's @&&" in his ear
  2. Truth is we're all too old to be foolin with profile pics. How bout posting white AU jerseys? ... now, someone tell me how do I do that.
  3. Hope we can"find a way to win" without him
  4. Dang PDub...I'm still laughing... maybe the beer I just drank is amplifying it ?
  5. That really makes me lol..lol..lol...still lol...
  6. Bo gonna make me lose my mind ... up in heer, up in heer...WDE!
  7. Male mid 40's Cleveland TN 2004 Science
  8. Crap shoot meaning for those of us who don't swear, "CRAP!!!!" ...SHOOT!!!!!"
  9. Um...I'm trying to imagine it, but ...crickets chirping... I'll be proud of our boys if we can just score a touchdown 👍
  10. Never thought this season would be this poor. The statistics reflect what this team doesn't deserve.