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  1. I'll never forget the Nick Fairly sack on Jefferson where Rod said "Ripped out of the ground!!!"... hope to hear Andy say something similar and authentic today. WAR EAGLE Y'ALL
  2. Ugh! Red stick rednecks score way too much because our secondary lacks the ability to turn their heads & make disruptions on Burrows passes. Not believing AU will end the curse until I see it live in action on Saturday... when our DB's actually turn their heads & disrupt Burrows passes! Wanna say something like 34 AU to 52 LSU... and hoping our 2ndary proves me wrong with 38 AU 24 LSU
  3. Yeah I don't think I'll be starting topics anymore. I'd rather read & make comments. The Facebook post from Krista was what I loved so much I wanted to share, but you see how that went. Can't believe it wasn't already posted by someone else. Thanks. War Nix Eagle!!
  4. I don't ever post topics (not savvy) so not sure how to display the material other than the link...{I need my teen & she's not here}
  5. include at least a portion of article when posting a link
  6. I'd have to say the loss to Clempson when over enthusiastic daba dabo doo blasted out on national TV that "the streak" ended!
  7. This forces Gus to call on Cadillac to have his boys ready. It's gonna be interesting to see what matriculates from this. I'm hopeful we see the other talented RB's & their strengths explode...and the passing quality plays increase. It was late in the season when KJ went down. Gus had no sufficient backup plan ready. This could be a good thing heading into the 2nd half of the season. Bye week+ Arky gets things ready for LSU & that will make it harder for the Lousy Stinking Ugly tigers to prepare.
  8. I think AU will score in the upper 30's somewhere around 17 more points than UF
  9., Whitlow's touchdown scamper...when he was about to BITE that bulldog on a leash
  10. Praise the Lord. What a blessing for these young men. I miss witnessing Tebow's enthusiasm for the game & his dedication to the Lord... even during the games he played. I know he's a gator but War Eagle!!
  11. Nah it's a good sign. The photocell is doing it's job. 👍
  12. 34 - 16 Just my imagination, running away with me