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  1. I'd feel a whole lot better if we were to start making more free throws. We're going to need them soon either in the SEC tournament or the Dance.
  2. Agreed, I was just stipulating that Auburn can have a great basketball program (and now does). Bruce Pearl has proven that. I also agree with you on that there aren't many coaches that could have done what Bruce did in the shape we were in.
  3. I just want Barbee to see every time he walks into Auburn Arena what he could have had in our program. Bruce has thanked Auburn and the Good Lord at every turn for the chance we took on him. Bruce loves Auburn for that and we love him back for giving us the program we've always wanted. Auburn could never have the program that we have currently if not for a few things to have happened when they did. We needed a coach that could coach his tail off and also recruit the biggest names. The "up and coming" approach has not worked. The "great assistant at power program" has not worked. Frankly, th
  4. This whole thing has been orchestrated. I'm thinking Gus knew that if Morris didn't get another HC job at a Group of 5 or an OC job at a Power 5 by now, he would bring him on as an analyst. It just seems to me that after it became apparent which job Norvell was going to take that Gus had a conversation with him about bringing Dillingham back on staff at the new landing spot. Norvell gets back a valuable assistant and Gus gets an OC spot open. Dillingham moves to a reputable job without losing face. Gus brings in someone he trusts (this list is extremely small) as his OC. Everybody wins.
  5. Also if you go to Jack's Stack, get the fried mushroom appetizer. They're huge and delicious.
  6. No, but cheers to whoever did. WDE!
  7. I live just outside Athens, GA in Oconee County. I live, work, & play with many UGA fans. I'm going with NorthGATiger. There is no way I could continue to live here if UGA wins the championship. Also, I couldn't use the "Meet Pam" meme anymore if they win.
  8. Great pickup by CKS at uga. Reported by auburn.247sports.com
  9. Yep, that's the one where the opponent's helmet was knocked off and landed several feet away on the sidelines.
  10. Darn, I hate we missed out on him. He's a great kid and wish him the best at UGA.
  11. I just dropped my daughter off at school. I saw Jaleel's brother and I asked if this was going to be a War Eagle kinda day. He said I don't know, but we're about to find out.
  12. I sure hope so. I told my daughter to wear her Auburn jersey to school tomorrow for luck. Jaleel is supposed to announce tomorrow at their high school.
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