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  1. QB race still has too many valid options for this to be more than just random ramblings. Lets get past ADay/spring camp and see who transfers out/in.
  2. This thread is speculating on his destination, not sure how listing Oklahoma is jumping the gun?
  3. Well Gus actually suggested that Clemson do this before the game when he was on set a few hours before the game.
  4. The talent level became very apparent as our size and speed took over. That being said, we seemed to attempt many more deep shots in this game than we had in any this season. Everyone was healthy and had time to rest the mind/body. It isn’t so much the play calling as it was the simplicity. The execution of the plays that were called was great. Not many blown assignments and we were converting on our deep ball shots. No turnovers either. We were able to go tempo due to creating explosive plays and that reduced the amount of substitutions which facilitated our faster pace of play.
  5. There was a big hit he took against Washington. It was a third down later in the game. He scrambled out and he lowered his shoulder on a LB and got blasted. Not sure if that was THE play but he was ginger from it. And then the rest of the year he was constantly taking hits. It was nice to see him after a long break though. Had confidence and was stepping up in the pocket the few times he had to.
  6. Coming off 2012, there were several that were worried about Washington State in 2013 and for good reason.
  7. Seeing Willis/Gatewood/Sandberg playing in a bowl game will not give any of those QBs any meaningful ‘experience’ so why are we trying to make this point? If you want to argue the experience page, whine about Willis not getting more passing reps in 2017, not about starting Stidham in this bowl game. Calm down and back off the ledge.
  8. Biggest issue we had was never being able to establish the run. Came out of halftime and scored 2 TDs and tried to get the run game going and stalled on a few series before UCF was able to regain the lead. Then we leaned on Stidham/Hastings for a pass happy late 4th quarter. Our OL issues were just as prevalent last year in the run game. We struggled to run against Mercer, LA Monroe (Or was it La Tech?) and UCF. We were under 3ypc in all of those I believe.
  9. It’s not him, it’s the situation he will/would be in.
  10. Or, you could actually look at the run/pass percentages by down for the last 5 years and see what’s changed. I stand by my comment.
  11. So you were okay with the UGA loss in 2014, but the Iron Bowl loss is what made you question Gus?