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  1. I wouldn’t say it like that, I would instead say, if Stoops was an average 8-5, it would say more about the support structure around the football team than it does the HC. I would take Stoops solely for the fact that it would put all aspects of the football program on alert and would point out any faults in the foundation. This is why I don’t think Stoops would come unless we are throwing funny money at him. Either way, should we make a change, Meyer and Stoops are my first two I reach out to even if I think they aren’t coming.
  2. I’m hoping that we have Seth, Prince and Derrick Brown available for this game. I think with them, we win in a 27-20 type contest. When I say this, I’m not looking at the result of the game, but it felt like the Kent State game was the closest we looked to having an identity on offense. I’m just hoping that we avoid turnovers and we hit on our designed deep shots. If we do, we can change the flow of the game in a hurry.
  3. When folks look at raw completion percentage, it doesn’t tell the whole story. What we need to look at is his completion percentage broken down by depth of the attempt and down/distance. His usage thus far through 3 games has been different in each game with the Tulane game being the most bizarre. Through 3 games though, we have seen a shift in how we are using Nix in the passing game. We will know more about how he will be used for the rest of the year after the A&M game. There is room for criticism of his accuracy for sure. Whether it is nerves, footwork or pressure, those things can be accounted for and they will need to improve. Yes there have been drops, but imo the biggest thing comes down to him making the proper read and making the throw. He missed open TDs against Tulane (Hastings before half) and Kent State (Wilson overthrown). So far he is owning his mistakes, but I think as we get into conference play, the staff will put an emphasis on putting him in better situations. This likely means a bulk of his attempts coming in earlier downs and off play action! Think more of how Sean White was used in 2016. While this does take off pressure from Nix early on, it requires him to be extremely efficient on the deep shots we do take. If we can’t convert our deep shots, A&M (and others) will be able slowly strangle our offense by collapsing down on everything underneath.
  4. Good news is we beat em with less than 20yds rushing last year xD Seriously speaking, I like our chances!
  5. You mean you don’t like the QB room circus? 😂
  6. To add on, assuming all opponents are equal, your base offense is your base offense. There are things you do with the base offense that allow for counter punches to be designed or adjusted for before or during a game. Each week you have a new opponent, you likely add a few plays that you feel will work effectively based on the team you’re facing. With Gus, it’s even more important for the base offense to work as the built in tendencies and personnel alignments are what the staff looks at to determine when a counter punch is taken and what exactly that counter punch play is. When the base offense is struggling it puts more pressure on either the run or passing game. Generally it’s been the running game failing which puts pressure on the passing game. This is the worst case scenario because the base passing offense is simplistic and most of the 15+ yd route designs are longer developing and mostly off play action. Just go watch some 2015 and 2016 film and see how many times we run play action on 3rd and long. It’s brutal.
  7. Yeah the biggest key for Bo is going to be putting him in the best position to win. I feel like we did a decent job of that against Tulane. Atleast looking at it based on passes by down. In the first half he had 10 passes on first, 10 on second and 9 on third down. He was abysmal on first down (3/10) which isn’t good but I don’t track the plays by down only run vs pass so it is likely they could’ve been deep shots. Typically under Malzahn though, our QBs have the best efficiency on first down. That held true against Oregon where Bo was 8/11 for 116yds and 2TDs I’m first down.
  8. All good man! If you’re like me, probably reading this stuff hours after the fact so I don’t blame you 😂😂😂
  9. I don’t think it was vanilla but I do think the approach to the game was more like a scrimmage. 29 pass attempts in the first half and 13 rush attempts. No effort was made to establish the run and when we did run the ball, we constantly were running behind the weaker side of the line. It is clear they are trying to give Nix as many reps as possible. He missed some reads and there were a few drops but also some great catches too. Simply put, no attempt to establish an offensive identity was made and the results show. I do not expect it to stay that way either.
  10. Jay G Tate did an article regarding Memphis schemes we used vs Tulane. Specifically he was talking about a run play we ran several times. The RT and RG pull while the rest of the line shifts right. Looks like a counter play from the RBs role, but ends up being a power play. Cool design, but out execution on it was subpar (Tate includes film). Hope to see more things like that.
  11. My bad I should’ve clarified but the comment I quoted was regarding the offensive coaching staff. I have no concerns against the defensive staff, but we still are looking for an elite pass rusher and absolutely cannot suffer an injury on the DL or we are gonna have some issues. I’ve been very happy with the defense so far.
  12. Yeah this is the major concern. I think this is why many of us were happy to hear Gatewood was trending as the starter at the end of spring. Just felt like the design of the passing game doesn’t maximize Nix’s skill set, but thought if Nix was really outshining Gatewood, there must be something there. It sucks having to wait so long to establish an identity on offense. Hopefully we see some progress this week and next, but regardless, we will have another major reset next year on offense and the then we have the defense losing a ton of folks too. At times it feels like our staff is so hyper focused on putting out the worst fire that they do not see the other fires growing in size until they have to shift focus. Every year it’s another personnel group that has massive rebuilding to do.
  13. I agree this is frustrating but the only way I see this changing is to sub Nix off for Gatewood and continue to go pace with gatewood if we get the first down or big yardage. I don’t think Gus is willing to commit to that.