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  1. I’m just going on the limb but when I saw him post this yesterday, my first thought was how the perception of his mental state seems to validate a lot of rumors that went on summer/fall of 2015.
  2. Our offense was cooking that game, just an obscene amount of fumbles and the INT on the slant.
  3. I could easily see this game being a beat down. If we run a clean sheet turnover wise, I could see a 21+ pt win. Tickets are fairly cheap and Oregon doesn’t really travel well. Youre right about Gus vs Mediocre defense. If Oregon hasn’t improved in their discipline, we are going to gouge them with big plays.
  4. We really were. Offense was moving the ball through the air and running game looked ‘okay’. Who knows, if we punch it in for 6, that may be another blowout and we play Oklahoma in the Rose bowl. I honestly thought we were going to lose to OU. Guess I should’ve worried about UGA more 😂
  5. KJ was hurt and Pettway wasn’t available. While we moved the ball well early on, the Stidham strip sack changed the tone of the game. We were moving the ball well up to that point and looked to put up another TD early. That could’ve tilted the game in our favor. Just how it goes.
  6. Really depends on the game honestly. Check out our games against UGA 1.0 and Alabama in 2017. We attempted more passes in the first half than rushed against UGA and we had a 50/50 split before half against Alabama. Both games we closed out the games running the ball to kill the clock. If you watch/read any of Gus's old stuff on his Tulsa offense on youtube, he specifically stated he likes to throw to open up the running game. Stark difference from what we've seen here.
  7. What was sad was our offense was actually moving the ball well at times during the Tennessee game. Turnovers killed us. Stidham had a rough game that day to say the least!
  8. I missed that. I spoke with Stat prior to the game and he gave me a run down of the talent difference. Our average player on offense had an average ranking coming out of HS of like 350-400 IIRC. For Purdue's defense, the average ranking was like 1500. I didnt think we would hammer them like we did, but I thought a 31-10 type game was more likely. We could've put up 100 EASILY. God I would've loved that.
  9. I mean if we are talking Purdue Brohm vs Auburn, then that isn’t a fair comparison. The amount of star power on the 2018 offense compared to Purdue’s players was a HEAVY mismatch. Gus absolutely did everything right that game and we should’ve waxed Purdue. I don’t think it’s a fair comparison. I think Brohm would do fine at Auburn, at least early on. Hell, every HC we’ve had since Pat Dye has either gone undefeated or won an Sec title. I think that was what was so attractive about the Stoops rumors. It would’ve been the first time we’ve had a proven commodity as a HC.
  10. Every aspect of that program fell apart under McElwain and he continued to blame the failures on the previous staff. He was at UF when no one had a pulse, that’s how he got to the SEC Title twice. Like BigBird said, I just our old school Gus back. The Purdue attitude Gus works too. Timeouts before half to hit 50pts would be epic against a conference opponent.
  11. I could be wrong, but when we talk about Dabo and Pearl here, most seem to express interest in their personality types. However, I think it’s tolerable or likeable because they are winning. There were folks jumping on Pearl for his ‘mistakes’ on various forums when Auburn was doing so hot early on. With how we have hired football HCs in the past, I don’t think we are in a bad spot. Just take a look at the FSU folks who were pumped about Taggart heading into 2017 and what they are saying now. The fun and games become negatives when the losses pile up. I think I am with DAG. Let Gus be Gus and don’t make him be anyone else. If he gets canned, I don’t want it to be a what if he was allowed to do X or anything like that. Yeah it seems we have trended down, but that is gonna happen when you make the national title year 1. We did make it back to an SEC title chance in 2017. We just have to find a way to make the program more consistent, and unfortunately, it revolves around building the trenches. OL recruiting may be his last nail in the coffin.
  12. Losing Lawson after the first half sucked too
  13. I am not duo sure I would buy into the figuring out part. Schematically his offense has always and likely will always be the same. He does have personnel keys in his offense which are tells for certain plays, but based on his book and various vids and clinics he’s done, it seems to be by design. Repitition and simplicity are staples to aid in execution and explosive play generation. The personnel keys are allowed to exist in order to condition a defense to think a certain play is coming. It’s why I always argued when folks called his offense finesse. He beats you over the head with the same base plays to condition the defense to react. It is why pave usually helps as it only makes the defense have to react quicker which leads to more busts on the defensive side. I honestly think the issues we had on offense over stretch of seasons post 2014 was Gus shifting to being more conservative. He’s become more reluctant to throw in the red zone and more satisfied with settling for FGs when we get in plus territory. That’s why our offense has become successful only when the run game is working. That allows Malzahn to pass only when he wants which minimizes the likelihood of turnovers. The number of deep shots we took in 2018 were limited and the screen game wasn’t as effective because our run game could be stopped without the defense having to bring 7+. I am hoping that the Purdue and ADay games are signs of what is to come. Those looked more like his Tulsa offense than anything I’ve seen lately. EDIT: I didn’t type all this to you specifically DAG, just leveraging your post to make my comments
  14. I got a feeling that Oregon is about to run into a buzzsaw. The rest of the season may be different, but I just feel like we are going to stomp a mud hole in Oregon.