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  1. Oh no doubt it’s personal preference. I meant to preface my comment with that. I still wonder how the Clemson game turns out if Kerryon was healthy for that game. Oh well. I’m just hoping for this year, that whoever starts at QB, can lead this offense to be one where we have a shot at winning any game we face. I miss that feeling lol.
  2. Honestly it was easier to watch the offense steam roll while the defense struggled than what we got now. That South Carolina game was nuts though. spurrier threw everything at us that game. Defense made a few key stops and the run game was unstoppable that day. It’s amazing that Mason (2013) and CAP (2014) were able to go the entire season without major injury. We haven’t had that luck since.
  3. Yeah the LSU loss was brutal. I still hold that had we defeated them, we don’t lose to Miss State or Tennessee. Brutal loss that lingered on. Felt like we were gonna lose the team like 2012 and thankfully that never happened. If what I heard that offseason was correct, it sounded like many folks weren’t impressed with how Stidham was leaning to the NFL no matter how 2018 went. So when the team began to struggle it felt like he was checked out which killed morale. At least that piece is no longer in play for 2019.
  4. I have faith, but we lost a lot of experience at LB.
  5. Yeah it just felt like a lot of our big 3rd downs we gave up happened while we had decent coverage. Just had some things not go our way. Like Davis missing the INT just BARELY against LSU which led to a huge play in the game. Those sucked so bad. Im worried about LB this year. Hoping I am wrong
  6. I worry about Florida because we play them after at A&m and then Miss State. Florida plays Tennessee and then Towson before us. A&M is going to be an early road game. I will be less worried if our QB situation is stable. But if we have a struggling gatewood and we are looking at yanking and bringing Nix in, it could fall apart quick if Nix doesn’t work out either. The first 4 weeks will tell us a lot and then from there it’s about injuries and building depth!
  7. I feel like we will be 9-3 with some close losses. I think A&M, LSU and Alabama will be our losses. I think we have some great timed bye weeks which will help us with UGA this year for sure. That being said, I would be okay if we we 10-2 and our only losses were to Florida and Alabama. Of course the loss to Alabama being 10-1 that would hurt bad
  8. Give me some 90s nostalgia for the road trip against Florida. Give us the jersey number shadows 😂😂
  9. Thanks! Gonna have to get some of my own to fly under the radar there!
  10. It’s always fun to have debates that don’t resort to name calling or anything like that. I love Steele. I hate that things get turned into a Malzahn vs Steele conversation some times. Im stoked for 2019 as we got veteran linemen in the trenches and return a lot of impact plays on the offensive side of the ball. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to see us field a very explosive offense this year. All comes down to consistency and injury luck. Still picking us to beat the brakes off Oregon and possibly a loss to A&M early. Hope we’re firing on all 8 cylinders cause I just bought tickets to see in in Gainesville (wifes a Florida fan).
  11. Which likely means it’s a difference of perspective. I don’t want to make anyone think that I thought the defense was the only person to blame. The offense was poor and the few positive drives we had resulted in a missed FG, missed TD to Slayton and a Boobies would be TD turned fumble. The muffed punt not only gave MSU a short field, but it sent the defense right back on the field. State maintained the ball 8minutes to close the first half and 8 minutes to start the first half. Both resulting in 10 points and an entire quarter (16 minutes) that Auburn’s offense could not possess the ball. Cannot blame the offense for that. It’s like the 2006 Auburn vs South Carolina game where we possessed the ball the entire third quarter and got 10 points out of those two drives. The offense actually played much better in the second half but it was too little too late. Only have 10 total possessions is killer for our offense. IIRC, StatTiger said that we historically average like 6ppg when held to 10 possessions or less. I’ll have to double check that with him when I get home.
  12. Auburn’s offense by design is not one that prioritizes TOP. Mississippi State made a concerted effort to maintain possession by maximizing time on the play clock. I am disagreeing with your remarks because Malzahns offense relies on simplicity to maintain pace and explosiveness. Making adjustments to ‘save the defense’ by prioritizing TOP would make our offense even worse. The only time I’ve seen us be largely successful while maximizing TOP was one series against UGA in 2017 when we used the sugar huddle exclusively. We drove the field but had to settle for a FG due to a fumbled center/qb exchange. Another issue we need to consider is that State held the ball for the last 8:30 of the first half and the first 8:05 of the second half. This reduces the available possessions for our offense and forces urgency due to the score deficit. It goes both ways. Also, if we want to list different game examples, check the bowl game. Purdue has almost twice the TOP in the first half that we did. We had just under 11min to their just over 19 min. Defense had to survive 8 possessions and 48 plays in the first half. Auburn’s average possession last just 1:30 seconds in the first half. 5 of our 7 possessions lasts 63 seconds or less. Convert the two big plays for TDs and erase the fumbled punt, we’re talking about a much closer game even with the deficiency in the run game. It’s possible that if the game was closer, State would’ve needed to go back to pass more which was clearly a weak spot for them in that game.
  13. Lots of former players from AU were eating this up on twitter though!
  14. 1) It’s not a contradiction at all. You were referencing the offenses TOP in your argument and I was stating that TOP is not a stat the offense is built to prioritize. The defense not being able to get off the field and allowing over 300yds rushing was a problem. It limits the total number of possessions our offense gets. Don’t be dense. 2) The problem with the offense was not capitalizing on the opportunities that were there. Left 14 points off the board on two plays. That’s on the offense. 3) Question my background all you want, I played soccer and coached as well. I understand pace, conditioning and strategy. Kevin Steele knows the offenses general game plan and is aware of the offenses proficiencies and difficiencies up to that point in the season. The defense was getting gashed by the run and Miss State only ran the ball more in the second half. Defense was never able to contain the run game and it got worse in the second half. 4) 50+ yarders have been talked about all year. That is something we missed on far too often to continue attempting them. That did the defense no favors either. Lastly, you seem to be hell bent on not allowing this to be a total team loss. No one is blaming the defense in isolation. That doesn’t change the fact that they share part of the blame. No one is sitting here saying the offense doesn’t deserve blame either. The entire team sucked that day. No one played a consistent 60 minutes of football and any flashes of hope were smashed by either a turnover or another Mississippi state first down.
  15. I’m partial to @augolf1716 and @bigbird reactions to golfs posts 😂