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  1. BigWhiskey91

    Chip Lindsey

    The Ellis change actually fixed things though. Its the offensive staff changes that havent helped. I am curious though to see what moves will be made in the off-season. What I struggle with, is if we want Gus to hire a guy to run their offense, then what use is Gus to us? The CEO thing got ruled out in 2015. To me, I think him hiring Grimes was banking on a short term miracle as he knew what OL recruiting looked like at the time. 2019 will have the weight of 2018s struggles on it and if we thought the blocking was bad this year, we lose Cox this year. That is scary.
  2. BigWhiskey91

    Liberty post game

    You literally mentioned both and specifically mentioned the situations, that is a comparison, not just my thinking. I guess you missed Malzahn ripping into Willis multiple times as well as Stidham after he ate the massive sack in the first half. I am not saying hes perfect, I am just saying are we really going to pick him celebrating his defense putting up points? Different coach, different style. Again, at the end of the day, he will be fired or kept based on his teams performance, not how/when he celebrates lol.
  3. BigWhiskey91

    Liberty post game

    Thats fair lmao. If things work out in that direction, it might not even take another full season IMO.
  4. BigWhiskey91

    Liberty post game

    Never said that I wanted otherwise. Just was saying that out of ALL the things one could easily prod Malzahn for, he chose him celebrating a pick six that happened early in the game? How about the poor 3rd down conversions? How about the lack of explosive plays against a VERY poor defense tonight? Complaining about him celebrating a pick six aint it.
  5. BigWhiskey91

    Liberty post game

    I think that would be better directed at the person comparing CGM to CNS but thats cool.
  6. BigWhiskey91

    Liberty post game

    Considering Citadel rushed for 275 and the game was tied at halftime, no I dont think Saban wouldve been high fiving anyone. I dont know why you're so upset about a coach celebrating a pick six. Gus has plenty of deficiencies to legitimately attack, deciding to make a complaint about that is more "cringe worthy" IMO.
  7. BigWhiskey91

    Liberty post game

  8. BigWhiskey91

    "Air Raid" against UGA?

    The Draw has arguably been our most effective run play this season. Using plays like draws and screens can take advantage of over pursuit. Problem is I expect UGA to play zone and rush 4 most of the time to keep us from being able to lean on the misdirection/screens/draws. We dont have to go air raid, but just throwing more on first down in the first half would be nice. Idk what to expect. Just hope the players come out and play well/resilient.
  9. BigWhiskey91

    Chances of a new Offensive Game Plan

    Much like we talk about rumors and insiders now, the talk then was Malzahn wanted to open up the passing game a bit with Trotter and that Chizik handcuffed him.
  10. BigWhiskey91

    Gus on CBS

    Maybe it’s his Goodluck suit? 😂
  11. BigWhiskey91

    Texas A&M Score Predictions

    34-20 AU! Fresh legs coming off a much needed bye!
  12. BigWhiskey91

    Texas A&M kickoff set

    I think they should make all noon kicks broadcast only in standard definition with Jefferson pilot 90s/2000s graphics 😂😂😂
  13. BigWhiskey91

    Gus on CBS

    It’s not about how him being at CBS impacts the team as I don’t believe it really changes anything. I more so think it’s about the perception. That being said, I don’t remember the last time any coach was an analyst for a mid season game. That’s the only odd thing that stuck out to me.
  14. BigWhiskey91

    should have beaten UT and MSU

    Major Applewhite 😂
  15. BigWhiskey91

    Mississippi State Post Game Thread

    The Muffed punt hurt not only because of a turnover, but State has the ball almost half the second quarter and half the 3rd quarter before Auburn ever got the ball back. And by that time we were already trailing and needed to move the ball quickly. The 76 yards or so at half time sucked. We moved the ball more effectively in the second half but damn did we miss out on a boat load of opportunities.