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  1. BigWhiskey91

    10 wins this year?

    And until the east rebuilds, they will draw Tenn every year as we draw UGA. It’s part of the beast and over the last decade or so, we’ve had a tough run of it. I do think that we have become better equipped to handle our schedule over the last 5 years, but it’s still gonna be a tough task. Hoping we have 2010 type surprises versus 2015 type surprises this year!
  2. BigWhiskey91

    SEC records since expansion

    Something we haven’t had in a long time. I am waiting too my friend.
  3. BigWhiskey91

    SEC records since expansion

    I mean it is one thing to have a bust QB, but in 2015&2016 we had to face Alabama and UGA without a healthy Sean White which put JJ back out there. Not only that, but our RB situation was abysmal too. 2013 and 2014 would’ve been worse had Marshall got seriously hurt or we lost Mason/Cap. Now the counter point to that is that is that we don’t rotate our backs very well which I agree is a big time issue. I also have an issue with how we recruit certain running backs despite our wish to have a 30 carry/game back. Those are ultimately Malzahn decisions which have/will come back to haunt us if we are unlucky with injuries. I wish we would dive in for a JUCO RB every other year to get a seasoned 215-225 lb back that’s a decent all around back. Just to bolster our depth. Now to your point about having the tools and everything this year, I agree but our biggest limiter will be our OL which could quickly negate EVERY weapon we have. While I think we will have some evolution on offense, we are still a power run play action team that thrives via tempo and explosive plays. New RBs and a young/thin/inexperienced OL isn’t easing my stomach haha. I am hoping that JB Grimes is the right guy for the job.
  4. BigWhiskey91

    SEC records since expansion

    My thing is that I think most of us really sit on the tipping point and don’t know what to think. There are so many valid excuses to use to defend some of the issues he’s had over his time here. There are also some bounces he had go his way to get some of the big wins we’ve had. What we have now though is a guy who at his best, can beat some of the best teams out there by 2 scores and at his worst goes into OT with an FCS school. However, he put together an impressive 2017 to get himself his contract before the bottom fell out in our last two games. I think both sides can agree that Gus has clearly put himself into a no excuses contract and has to produce. While many will debate as to what the expectations are or should be, i for one atleast wanna see a back to back 10 win seasons in my life time lol. This 2018 squad has the firepower and defensive fortitude to do it. We are st the mercy of Malzahn and Grimes magic for it to happen. Can’t forget the injury gods as well.
  5. BigWhiskey91

    SEC records since expansion

    I was mainly joking regarding SEC champs. I agree though, once you get that big boy contract, you got what you want and you bought yourself increased expectations. It’s year 6 for him and the team is loaded with weapons. Let’s put it all together pllleeeasssseeee!!!
  6. BigWhiskey91

    SEC records since expansion

    I’m sure there are several fan bases in the SEC that would like to complain about their coaches performance in the SEC title.
  7. BigWhiskey91

    Stidham compared to NFL star

    He tore it up at Fresno State.
  8. BigWhiskey91

    the X's and O's of Malzahn's Offense

    I think it was a combo of Chip and Stidham being on a leash so to speak. Malzahn constantly preaches about protecting the football and putting his QBs in situations to reduce turnovers. I’m convinced that especially against lesser opponents, we purposefully avoid any crossing intermediate routes in order to minimize turnovers. I’m sure JJs early 2015 INT dispensery didnt help Malzahns heart burn either. Everything is either screens, to the sidelines or bombs. One of my favorite plays we ran last year was in our SEC champ loss. Our TD pass was a zone read look that went to Nate on a slant. It’s brilliant because we are so run heavy in the redzone and hardly ever throw to the middle especially. The zone read puts the LBs in a bind and helps open up the window for the WR. We could use more of that. Especially if we used a TE and snuck him up the seam using the same style play action look.
  9. BigWhiskey91

    Stidham interview at Manning Camp

    I like Olsen too. Witten was just old as hell but still found ways to burn the NFC East on 3rd and longs. Mr Dependable for sure.
  10. BigWhiskey91

    Stidham interview at Manning Camp

    I agree! It would be nice if Auburn had their own 3rd and Witten.
  11. BigWhiskey91

    Stidham interview at Manning Camp

    I will say though, I love how effortlessly Stidham throws the deep ball.
  12. BigWhiskey91

    Stidham interview at Manning Camp

    I feel like if SW had Stidhams measurables, SW would’ve been insane. Not only did he have a great feel for the pocket, but he had an edge to him. For he longest time though, it seemed like his only throw was a fast ball lol.
  13. BigWhiskey91

    2019 3* OT/OG Justin Osborne Commits to AU!!!

    Golf verbally fought me over some PBRs but not sure if he fought anyone else.
  14. At 5’ 7”, Worm is still comparable. This is an awful metric but Grant at 205 gives him a 2.9 Lb/inch density. Worm at 180lbs would give him a 2.7 Lb/inch density. A 6’ 2” 225lb back would have a 3.0 Lb/inch density. FWIW, Kam Martin at 195 gives him a 2.8lb/inch density so I think we’re okay!
  15. Maybe it’s my brain forcing the comparison but I picture him being a Corey Grant that’s better between the tackles. Hope we get to see him on the return team too.