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  1. That’s because it is a s*** take. If we can take away the Hail Mary, then we can also take away Murray’s TD on 4th down. The lengths people go through to s*** on a coach is outstanding. Yes, he has made massive mistakes in many facets of running a program. Yes, the offense hasn’t evolved and has weaknesses that can be exploited by teams that have equal talent or better. There is no denying that. 2015 and on is fair game. You can point at maybe the 2014 UGA game as a red flag. But good lord, let’s dive back and point out breaks that 2013 team got and say they didn’t belong in a NCG
  2. Wow Jay G Tate tweeted that Whitlow is cleared to play....
  3. Had we made an adjustment to run more inside zone in the first half of that game, it’s a completely different game. Stuck GT counter/power concepts which completely plays into the strength of UFs defense. UF has excellent speed on their defense which is why we did not test them with sweeps much. The GT concepts involve pulling the Guard and Tackle from the same side of the line which makes it long developing. UF DL was able to beat our pulling OL to those holes and stuffed our rush attempts. The thought behind it is that you overload the point of the attack which was the interior. The pr
  4. Unless we have several turnovers, I think we cover. Going to need an efficient outing from Nix. Hes been efficient on first down this season. He’s 46/70 for 657yds, 8TDs and 1 INT. He’s most efficient on first down in the second half. He’s 22/26 for 354yards 7TDs and 1 INT. His loan INT coming against Florida on the final possession. If we can get him in rhythm early and find ways to work him in the run game, I like our shot at putting up a winning effort on offense. Just can’t afford to turn it over or get behind schedule on offense.
  5. We did it against Oregon and had luck with not against Florida once we made a concerted effort to do so. Just have to finish. THAT is the real problem. Too many missed downfield shots which lead to third and long situations. Gotta be very efficient on offense and limit LSUs first down success. If we can win the turnover battle and tackle for loss battle, this game will look a lot closer than what many imagine.
  6. I don’t think this is a game where we can afford to let LSU dink and dunk us. Sounds counter intuitive, but I rather we play inside leverage and do what we can to limit the short passing game (slants and drags) and force LSU to live and die on deep shots and intermediate passing. Give our DL the best shot at changing the game. I still don’t know how we are going to attack offensively. I’m hoping DJ gets a substantial work load. I think this could be a breakout game and the offense could be much more consistent. I feel like DJ can do more with our current run blocking than Whitlow has bee
  7. Also helps that he’s healthy. Hell we had complaints about us throwing to him with his cast/support device on his hand. Im curious what this changes for Cannella if anything. He’s been very underrated this season both in perimeter blocking and as a receiver.
  8. There is a twitter account called ‘College Football “Quotes”’. They constantly made posts about various QBs and coaches making ‘controversial’ comments and it’s completely false. The latest was him saying Bo called Death Valley nothing special because he played in Jerry world.
  9. I remember when Chandler Cox would motion, he liked doing a rapid foot stutter step once he motioned to his new spot. It’s gotta be a timing thing.
  10. Just a quick check... Didnt see it with Memphis in the AAC championship game in 2018. Although I didn’t see any plays with the RB in motion. I checked our 2019 opener against Oregon and also do NOT see us hopping before a run play, but also we didn’t motion the RB from one side or the other. Most of the motion was from the Hback. Im gonna go out on the limb and say that motion is a key and establishes timing of the snap. The RB motioning from one side of the QB to another likely uses the hop to sync the timing to be in time at the mesh point. Didn’t motion or use much H back
  11. Out of curiosity, I want to check Memphis film from last year. I know there were a few things the QBs and RBs repped a ton in camp to help with timing. Doesn’t make it okay but it may be part of that. I’ll investigate.
  12. Not to derail the thread, but speaking of Richt. He apparently just suffered a Heart Attack. He announced this morning that he is fine and is aiming to be back on the ACC network later this week.
  13. 31-30 Auburn. Carlson drains a 40+ydr to win the game.
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