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  1. Pettway Out for Peach Bowl

    Cowboys use a FB as well. Would be a nice line to be behind as well.
  2. Pettway Out for Peach Bowl

    Poop saw your thread after I posted mine. Yeah this sucks. Could use him for sure this game.
  3. On to UCF

    Exactly. Another top 10 team who’s undefeated to beat. A solid win over them will validate some of the claims that Auburn was beat up vs UGA. Gets us momentum for the following season as well. Let’s get our back to back 10 win seasons baby!
  4. Looking ahead to 2018 RBs

    Oh no doubt. This has been the case for a long time I feel like. Would love to see it change!
  5. Looking ahead to 2018 RBs

    Don’t you think that the amount of carries our backs have received are also increased by the injuries we’ve sustained? Our #1 AND #2 backs have been hurt and missed games in 2016 and 2017. Hell in 2015, Robinson and Thomas both got dinged up in the opener. Then Barber wore down as season went on. UGA was fortunate to have both Chubb and Michel stay healthy. It also didn’t hurt to have their schedule either. Having KJ and Pettway healthy together for this back half of the season would’ve been huge. We got it in one game, Arkansas. Even in 2009, Ben Tate was battling injuries late in the season and his production dropped off. When you have a RB that gets close to 300 carries, they are going to have some injuries. Tre Mason and CAP were fortunate to not have any major injuries during their time and their numbers were great. I wasn’t arguing that you were wrong, I was just saying that this offense is going to get it’s feature back serious playtime. You get the yardage, the media will talk about you and the NFL will atleast give you a shot. Pass blocking and receptions is where we drop off. KJ has been the exception to that as far as feature backs go at Auburn.
  6. Looking ahead to 2018 RBs

    Other than the lack of rotation, we constantly have a RB that will get carries and likely get over the 1k mark if he stays healthy. If the deal is NFL, look at all the backs the Gus/Horton have had that made it in the NFL. McFadden, Felix Jones, Ben Tate, Mason, CAP, Barber, Corey Grant. Now we have KJ who looks to be a drafted everydown back and Pettway could make some noise if he can have another 2016. Weve has some poor luck as well. Alaric Williams not qualifying sucked. Jovon getting kicked off, Roc Thomas transferring. We shall see how Barrett and Martin turns out. Barrett could be a nice back, and there is always JaTarvious Whitlow. This means absolutely nothing, but I could hear Rod and Stan saying “Whitlow down the sideline” and it has a nice ring to it. With out luck, we would hear it once in his career and it would against Southern Miss or something like that.
  7. On to UCF

    Well if they lose in the playoffs, they still haven’t secured a Natty since 1980. And it took them playing a battered Auburn team to get their revenge. I do find it interesting that they have been out full force talking smack despite not really doing much in the last decade. Either way, we’re talking moral victories. Imo the most painful thought is that Alabama got in and didn’t play in the conference title. So now both of our #1 wins don’t hold much value other than it getting us a chance at the SEC title.
  8. Hugh Freeze

    I thought one of them debunked that quickly during the early part of SECCG week.
  9. Chip Lindsey

    Oh no doubt about the player vs coach deal. I would guess that most of the time, a school wants to get on the map or get back on the map. When Petrino left Arkansas, he became the ethical/moral risk. But, because he’s a great coach, someone was bound to take that shot. And each time he gets rehired by someone else, that perceived risk drops, atleast with the media. Kendal Briles has his dad as a scapegoat. He is fortunate for that. I don’t know his involvement, but his dad being the scapegoat allowed him to get Hired by Kiffin at FAU. Kiffin knows how it goes and the media railed them for a few months and now it’s gone. Now, if a P5 job hired him in coaching capacity in the next year or so, they will get heat as well. It may be bias, but Auburn is one of the schools that would get blasted all year. Likely due to UAT and our “Family” oriented advertisement. I do agree with you overall though. I just think that sometimes the hunger/pressure to win outweighs the pros/cons argument. Gotta win at all cost mentality. I do feel comfortable saying that Art Briles will never coach again in FBS football.
  10. Looking ahead to 2018 RBs

    In terms of the 200lb type, they can range from 200-225 and I’ll be happy. Just the bigger guys we’ve had in the past have been in that range and we’re our bell cows. The younger backs coming in at 170 or less will always be in that change of pace role and that’s fine. Thankfully we found Pettway can be a serviceable force as a bruiser RB. If that didn’t happen, we would really be in some hurt. That being said, Martin runs between the tackles like he is a 200lb back. If he can get up to around 190-195, he will be out next Corey Grant.
  11. Chip Lindsey

    Historically we’ve hired the young HC or up and coming guy so I don’t think we will atleast at HC. However, we have had great success with taking in players who have had issues in the past, so it’s not too insane to believe we could do the same with a coach. But guys like Briles are definitely off limits. That is where I am torn with Hugh Freeze. I think he would be a one and done as an assistant, but the impact would be huge to our success. The question is how would his presence on campus impact us on and off the field. The concerns are very valid!
  12. Looking ahead to 2018 RBs

    Yeah that’s the puzzling thing @McLoofus, we have been 70/30 run/pass for so long but our RB recruiting has been all of the place it feels like. You would think we could land atleast one back over 200lbs each year. I understand the want/need for the 185/190 guys coming out of HS, but we need size. In 2013 and 2015, we got went JUCO to get that extra back. Robinson got kicked off, but he was coming into his own in 2015 late. Had he kept upright, he could’ve had a nice 2016 season. I think our RB injury situation is a mix of luck and philosophy. Everyone can agree that it’s annoying to see our RB break off a 30+ yd run only to have us go tempo and slam him up the middle again. Both Pettway and Johnson’s injuries early came from fatigue (pulled muscles). The shoulder and broken shoulder blade injuries are hard to avoid imo. The timing of the injuries has made the carry distribution even worse. I will say that I am disappointed that Miller was passed by Martin. He did have the knee injury, but his ball security must be questionable. The biggest head scratcher was Gus saying Lb size was a concern that kept Martin from getting Reps. Why recruit smaller backs then? I am hoping the JaTarvious Whitlow can pan out at RB. 6’ 225lbs sounds nice if he is serviceable. Would be great to have in the stable.
  13. Chip Lindsey

    Well most of the time if there is a proven name that is available and isn’t locked down by someone, there is some baggage. Some baggage is forgivable, some is not. If someone commented on these threads talking about wanting Saban, Swinney or Meyer, they would be laughed at and dismissed as pipe dreams because they are locked down by other schools. It’s not until one of them doing something unthinkable that they become available. Generally that’s a NCAA violation, loss of control accusation or bad history that comes up.
  14. Chip Lindsey

    I don’t think we could survive hiring Art. With each passing month, more details come out about various off field issues. If we take away all the off field issues that got him fired, I would love to have Art as the OC. But with Auburn getting dragged through the coals when allegations pop up, I would hate to see what the media would do if we hired a guy like Briles. The difference with Freeze is that you already have media looking at his resume saying if the NCAA sanctions are minimal, he could be a prime target during this carousel. I think the biggest hurdle with getting K Briles or Freeze would be our compliance office. They’ve been strict to keep us clean and it’s paid off especially when the NCAA parked on campus after the Cam allegations. Either way though, a potential vacancy if Lindsey leaves would be interesting because of the 10th assistant opening in 2018. We could have a new offseason to revamp again. The obvious downside would be a new OC to mesh with Stidham and a young OL.
  15. Chip Lindsey

    Kendal I’m assuming? It’s crazy that he got maybe a month or so of heat at FAU then the season started. I’m sure if he came to AU, the media would give us hell for awhile. Especially if any incidents came up. That being said, I wouldn’t be upset with the hire. The media spotlight would suck though.