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  1. "This game will likely cost us our jobs"

    Fair enough. Like you said, he’s doubled down and is going to live and die by the sword. Right now it’s not looking good for him. EDIT: Man this is why I was so excited by the Borges hire. People can say what they want about Borges offenses, but the man could create ways to get guys open.
  2. "This game will likely cost us our jobs"

    In terms of actual intelligence he is plenty smart. He has a masters degree and has been coaching football for a long time. Now inexperienced is absolutely a valid claim. No argument there. 1yr at Ark State before coming to Auburn. We knew going in that there would be growing pains. Like you said, once he made staff changes and doubled down on his way or the highway, he sealed his fate. He either had to win and be right about his decisions, or now he has to own every single loss because of the coaching hires he made. LSU was a no excuses game. Healthy QB, healthy KJ, strong defense and one of the best kickers in CFB. We built up a big lead and tried to coast on it. Whatever the reason was, it failed in the end. In a must win game, he decided to chance riding the defense instead of continuing to push on offense to build a larger lead. Had the last two FGs been TDs in the first half, we aren’t having this discussion. It sucks and everyone is justified for being mad.
  3. "This game will likely cost us our jobs"

    Auburn had several possessions after the Carlton Davis dive attempt on the hitch to rebound. The defense locked down in the second half but the offense did as well. Against FSU, Auburn had seconds to try an pull another miracle out. Besides I remember two defenders colliding with the FSU receiver which sprung him free. What sucked about that was not only the gain, but the 15yd penalty for the horse collar. The comparison that was being made in my original response was that the FSU and LSU losses were both conservative Gus decisions. That’s why I said that comparison stops after the large blown leads.
  4. "This game will likely cost us our jobs"

    The whole issue is your continued insistence that I am trying to insult you. I am only defending my original comment. You said that I keep changing my point and say now I am off course, but your original argument has now changed in your last post. Originally you said choking and being unprepared are the factors. But now you’ve added fearful play calling? I have provided my examples for my observations. I explained how the stubbornness and lack of trust has caused the choking and what you describe as unpreparedness. There isn’t any drive to “win” an argument. I’m just defending my point of view and listed evidence to back my claims. So lets start over and go line by line. 1) If the fearful play calling started in 2013, why was the 2014 Offense more aggressive? You can pick the metric and I’ll respond based on whatever metric you pick. 2) Since you have stated that Malzahn chokes, what causes the choking in these games? 3) Being unprepared. What games do you specifically want to mention for this one? After you pick the games, what do you think we’re the causes for being unprepared? TL:DR - My whole point was searching for what causes the issues rather than just listing them out. Anyone can point out issues but finding the solutions for them proves to be more difficult for others.
  5. "This game will likely cost us our jobs"

    And that is where the comparison stops. The reasons for the collapse are different. The 2013 defense was facing one of the best offenses in the country and held them to season low output. FSU just happened to have the football last (meaningful possession anyways). The LSU game was self inflicted. A deliberate deviation from the initial game plan that was working caused the stalling of the offense. The defense actually played better in the second half, but the punt return really broke the game open. This was an LSU team that lost to Troy and barely escaped a very battered Florida team. I am fine that people are mad at blowing a lead. It sucks. It sucked in the national title and it absolutely sucks in this LSU loss. However, the 2013 loss was nowhere near as embarrassing because of the quality of opponent and the performances both the offense and defense had for the ENTIRETY of the game.
  6. "This game will likely cost us our jobs"

    Off the top of my head, there are a few instances of this against Ole Miss in 2015. Specifically in the red zone. In one instance, we actually checked to the sideline after the corner creeped down to the OL. If I recall correctly I think in this particular instance, we did check into a pass but the WR was still run blocking.
  7. "This game will likely cost us our jobs"

    In before "Gus does it against weak defenses though!!!".
  8. "This game will likely cost us our jobs"

    If stubbornness isnt what cause Malzahn to make the decisions he has made, then are we saying that he is simply not a smart guy? You can be stubborn and successful. I am not saying that successful coaches aren't stubborn, you made that connection or assumed that is what I meant. Between the 2015 and 2016 offseasons, Malzahn replaced the OL coach, WR coach, and the OC/QB coach. In those 3 positions he had the opportunity to reach out and get the best available. Instead he decided to get Herb Hand, Kodi Burns and Chip Lindsey. All 3 of these coaches have Malzahn connections. Herb Hands connection comes from Tulsa, and his tenures at Vandy and Penn State featured pretty poor OL performances. What did Auburn get in 2016 and 2017 to start the year? 4 games of being one of the worst lines at allowing TFLs. Kodi Burns replaced DC who was an ace recruiter. Its too early to tell how he is doing in recruiting and so far the WRs have been the same if not better than when DC was here. No complaints, but I do think there were more qualified coaches for that role. Then comes the OC hire. Out of all the people we couldve brought in to make serious overhauls to the offense, we hired a guy who was a grad assistant 4 years ago. Do we think that if Gus had brought in a real OC, that we wouldve had the issues with "Gus is still calling the plays"? So tell me how that isnt stubbornness and how those hires dont show signs of distrust? You keep saying your points have merit but mine dont, even though all I was doing was providing reason for your points. The stubborness and lack of Trust has caused the choking in the games. The stubborness of not wanting to give the backup QBs real reps in mop up duty have come back to bite us in 2015 and 2016 when our starting QB was hurt and we had no viable options to turn to. Youre being obtuse. Your original comment was snarky from the get go and simply said that choking and not having the players ready for big games is what will get him fired. My response was that the cause of his firing is deeper then that. Simply saying he chokes in big games and his teams are unprepared are blanket statements. Why does he choke? Is it him being conservative? Is it a lack of knowledge? Is an unwillingness to change? Why do his teams seem unprepared in big games? Is it because of the inexperienced staff he hired? Is it because he surrounded himself with yes men? Again, let me reiterate that I am not advocating that Malzahn shouldn't be fired or that I think when he is fired that the press conference should say "Gus is stubborn, we need a coach who isnt stubborn". Nick Saban is very stubborn, but you know who made the decision to hire a spread guy and implemented an up tempo style offense despite hating it? Nick Saban... You can be stubborn and make changes against your own preference or tendencies. Or, you can run the ball continuously into 10 man fronts. To your point about not being able to coach players up or develop/evaluate QBs, what metric do you use to evaluate this? As far as evaluation, Cam Newton and Nick Marshall were great. Stidham so far has shown promise and looks to be as advertised. I think we did a fine job at evaluating those guys. Notable misses were JF3 and JJ. JF3 was a bigger evaluation miss IMO. 2 schools had him and he didnt start at either school. JJ had all the measurable's and even played at a high level in the meaningful snaps he was given. However in 2015 the turnover machine made its debut. I think what Malzahn did with Sean White was good as well. Before being injured, he was leading the SEC in passing efficiency in 2016. He was a much better passer in 2016 than 2015. Chris Todd is another example and those are just QBs. Can you name another coach that has had as many consecutive 1000yd rushers as Malzahn has had? Malzahn has had atleast 1 1000yd rusher every year he has been at the college level. Many of those backs played in the NFL as well. Again, next time I will be sure to spell everything out since you require all gaps to be filled. If anything else needs to be explained, let me know. If you wish to continue being obtuse and condescending, Ill do the same.
  9. "This game will likely cost us our jobs"

    The fact that we lost after having such a large lead is indeed similar but the reason most are flaming about it is because they see we only scored 10 points in the second half against FSU and immediate thing Gus sat on it. The whole point to the rest of my post after your bolded section was to point out that being upset about the LSU loss and blowing the lead is a very acceptable response. I dont think there is a single Auburn fan that isnt mad about that. But that is where the similarities stop. The second half of the LSU game was simple grind the clock and play defense. No pace, no motion and only passing was done on third down with deep balls. That is not even close to what happened in the second half of the FSU BCS Title.
  10. "This game will likely cost us our jobs"

    Since you took the time to quote and bold portions of my post, it would've been nice if you kept reading past the bolded part. Ill post the full piece below... This is legitimately the first Loss Gus has had where we were up by a large margin early on and lost. That’s fine to meltdown over that. It was by choice for whatever reason and the levels of conservative decision making were off the charts. Safe runs with our sure handed, injured/tired RBs using our base run plays to prevent turnovers or execution penalties. Deep balls were only called to eliminate ints providing short field for LSU. Gus just has trust issues and will likely be fired for it. So please tell me how these are the same? Auburn gained more yards per play in the second half vs FSU than they did in the first half. The difference was FSU gave Auburn short fields on two of the 3 scoring drives in the first half. Two drives required 27yds for one and 25 for the other. The second half required to drives of 69+ yards. Auburn had one less possession in the second half as well. First Half vs FSU 7 possessions, 42 plays, 242 yards, 3 TDs. Second Half vs FSU 6 possessions, 36 plays, 215 yards, 1 TD 1 FG. I'd say that was quite the show against the #1 scoring defense. There are plenty reasons to be pissed off at Gus, but some of you folks are looking for every single box score stat to throw in the fire.
  11. "This game will likely cost us our jobs"

    First Half of BCS Title vs FSU Auburn: 7 Possessions, 42 plays, 242 yards and 21 points. Average scoring drive took 45 yards. Two TDs came from drives of under 30 yards... Second Half of BCS Title vs FSU Auburn: 6 Possessions, 36 plays, 215 yards and 10 points. Average scoring drive took 72 yards. Both scoring drives required Auburn to drive 69 yards or more. You can say Gus "sat on it" against FSU but it was no where what we did against LSU. FSU wasnt giving Auburn the short fields in the second half that they were in the first half. Keys to the loss against FSU was special teams. Missed FG by AU and a 100yd kickoff return were the difference in points, and the fake punt on 4th down swung the momentum and likely kept FSU from being run out of the stadium.
  12. "This game will likely cost us our jobs"

    How are you taking what I say as trolling? Are you advocating that Malzahn was playing not to lose all of 2014? The continued reference to the national title loss as the start of Malzahns conservative nature is a joke. You say that the chocking under pressure and being unprepared is directly tied to performance but don’t understand how his stubbornness and untrusting tendencies are tied to performance? Those qualities are what cause the “chokes” to happen. His stubbornness to run his system his way led to hires of Herb Hand who has had issues with having the OL ready out of the gate two years in a row. I didn’t think it was that hard to relate those but I’ll spell it out next time.
  13. "This game will likely cost us our jobs"

    So scoring 31 points against the #1 scoring defense (look how many of those defensive players landed on nfl rosters) and that proves the “real” Gus? Ill conceed the UGA game, but the defense that year was largely inconsistent and Murray picked apart the zone coverage in the second half. How about the Mizzou and Alabama games from that year? Come on man.
  14. "This game will likely cost us our jobs"

    The 2014 was even better than the 2013 offense and the defense allowed 40ppg in our losses. Gus made the needed change to rectify the defensive issues. Gus is being fired for being stubborn and untrusting. When his back was against the wall, he replaced his staff with inadequate members and doubled down on hiring Gus guys. Outside of the Clemson game, the team has been prepared to win every game this year.
  15. Notes on second-half scoring