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  1. Whitlow like a Pettway and Kerryon mix

    I really want Whitlow to work out. I also would like to see us do a true 1a/1b like some are asking for here. Hopefully the rotation some have heard about in spring isn’t just our new backs learning the swing pass for their designed play they get once a game.
  2. Gus's update on spring practice

    Check that. Alabama A&M in 2016. 2 carries for 6yds and a catch for 25yds.
  3. Gus's update on spring practice

    Rudy did. He got a TD carry against a scrub team IIRC.
  4. 2018 3* SDE/DT Caleb Johnson

    Too cool! This kid goes to my former high school! My brother is friends with him and he is also going to Auburn. Was telling him to do some recruiting for us lol!
  5. ***2018 NSD Thread (Feb 7th)***

    Hopefully a GT on the OL could add to that talent though!
  6. Herb Hand to Texas

    IDK but I’m expecting a comfort hire here. Former player or GA? Ryan Pugh, Jeff Grimes, or someone like that? Grimes was the OL coach here during Chizik era but is an OC now at BYU so idk if he would revert back.
  7. Kyle Davis transferring to FAU

    Gets a “humbling” and a chance to be fully utilized in Lanes system. Wish him the best!
  8. Gus Malzahn at the AFCA Convention - Quotes

    Seems odd to call them out specifically unless he was specifically asked about that network.
  9. Gus Malzahn at the AFCA Convention - Quotes

    Gus has always been a pro HS coach guy. Every NCAA rules change to anything impacting Hs coaches and getting jobs in the FBS, he has been one of the first to respond about it. While the quotes suck and diminish the accomplishments he’s had A. winning it all and B. Becoming a HC at a FBS power, I think the overall message was to reduce the intimidating factor of going from HS to College. It just sucks that Auburn is victim here lol.
  10. The great debate

    I think the decision to practice exclusively at GT was by choice. Lots of talk that this bowl game had the least amount of media access under Malzahn.
  11. One burning question.......

    I wonder if he was referring to 10 win regular seasons?
  12. One burning question.......

    The difference between seeing it and fixing it is why they get paid and we don’t. The quality of play of the OL seems to be the root of the cause. I am curious as to what happens with Hand.
  13. One burning question.......

    I know after the game, Golson and Braden Smith continually said communication was an issue. So I assume that they were referring to the twists and stunts and 78/OL not communicating the assignments effectively? Sounds like a focus issue to me and something that Hand should/could’ve addressed and maybe he did? Because there were moments when the OL was holding up fine in pass pro. But my god they were getting tossed in run blocking all game.
  14. My thoughts from inside the stadium

    For those at the game, did anyone think that some of the audio from the PA was too loud? It almost sounded like it was clipping at times. I was in the upper deck behind the AU bench and the PA seemed obnoxiously loud during some of the music and highlight vids.
  15. One burning question.......

    My guess would be a mix of execution, scheming and potentially sequencing? The UGA and Alabama games felt like the offense had a flow. Every play felt like an extension of the previous play. We were showing new looks and running new plays off of our base formations. Against UCF, it just felt like our RT was getting burnt all day, and our slow developing plays were getting blown up every time. Ucf sat on the short stuff and left the middle wide open fairly often. A dedicated effort to exploit that didn’t come until we were down 14 points. Then Hastings shows up and gets a massive amount of targets over the middle. Im still not sure how our OL was getting trashed at the tackles all game. 78 was the usual suspect but 73 got pushed around a few times. 77 was lost on a few plays where he pulled, but it wasn’t as frequent as 78. Hindsight makes it easy to say what we should’ve done though. The staff adjusted but were probably hesistant to do so as the game unfolded until it was painfully obvious that we needed to score. It was like watching us face LA Monroe honestly.