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  1. Men vs. Charleston

    I pray NMSU wins
  2. Men vs. Charleston

    Oh my groot we might win
  3. Men vs. Charleston

    Too late for that now I guess
  4. Men vs. Charleston

    The best solace is that Alabama fans can’t say sheet. Nova is going to be making elephants extinct very soon.
  5. Men vs. Charleston

    I just want to beat this sorry team and then Best sorry New Mexico St and look forward to our stacked ass roster next year I can only pray we don’t get matched up with Clemson
  6. Men vs. Charleston

    Bryce PLEASE if you cant make a wide open 3 I doubt you’re making that smh
  7. Men vs. Charleston

    S-H-O-T someone give Bryce a Charleston Chew
  8. Men vs. Charleston

    Bryce’s shoulder is shot
  9. Bracket Projections Talk

    I just pray we can avoid playing any legit big men for as long as possible
  10. Men vs Alabama

    dont care about the L honestly, I wanted this season to end after the USC game. Bama dropped bands on Colin Sexton, but bigger money will prevail when they have to defend Purifoy w/o him (plus find a way to hold Wiley) next season. Id be SHOCKED if the boys dont annihilate UA everywhere anywhere
  11. Men vs Alabama

    It’s been real boys
  12. USC at Auburn

    Wish you notified me that there was actually an Auburn game a student could’ve gotten a seat...
  13. It's time to put a banner on the roof

    I remember checking the banners during the Barry game (first time going in the arena) like “damn man, I wonder why our program is like this” then I watched the Barry game like “damn, I see why our program is like this” Bruce should win COTY consensus, especially if we win the tourney
  14. Men vs. South Carolina

    You exposed me, but when you’re holding exactly 80s across the board, priorities finally hit me but hey, maybe we’ll have the arena open for the tourney champ!
  15. Men vs. South Carolina

    it still upsets me somewhere in my soul that so little people came early and now I, one of the few early supporters, have to come 3 hours early for a seat I guess thats a very selfish perspective to have but IDK. I shouldve just sucked it up and watched