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  1. Lol, I didn’t even notice UGA on that list. Can’t imagine having to play him for the next 2 years with their talent
  2. Man whenever we lose Joey, it's going to hurt. 30% because we're probably never gonna have a fraction of info to figure out if he was ever going to be the better of the two (at this school) and 70% because he has a pretty high chance to be great if he goes to the right school
  3. I think they're scrappy enough to beat ATM, and it is a SEC West where the other two powers have obvious issues, but our secondary still hasn't proven itself, and I don't feel any better about this offense, as it was constructed with the starters
  4. IDK what you're referencing as far as specific posters, but it would make sense that people would be less negative as the team played better. I dont see how people get labeled negative for not calling a spade a spade
  5. Ill agree with your sentiment though, but its not just an Auburn thing. Alot of guys, like a Hurts (pre last year) get called horrible throwers when he wasn't much worse than 80% of other SEC QBs that year. I dont think its you trying to divide the fanbase by acknowledging that it does happen, in the same way that some people (white, black whatever) say that white QBs cant run until proven otherwise
  6. Bo was unable to hit several open receivers, and that was against one of the worst defenses in the entire nation. Auburn's backups are better than them. Woody had one drive where he looked bad and another where he looked great.
  7. I feel like there has to be some chance Ive seen shelby bramblet in at least a general course, I didnt know she was in college , much less in my class
  8. Woody Barrett lowkey.....midkey.....high? key looked like the best QB to play in JHS this season except the Crum dude
  9. How do you continue using every single back up QB like this