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  1. people are coming for Bruce's neck if we get 3/5 first team all americans im ready for it
  2. I think it's probably the most tone deaf tweet any one's said in football recently You can look at it however you think it should be, but he's already a known chum of DJT and is coaching at a university in Mississippi. The optics of such a situation are pretty bad
  3. IDK I know its a massive culture shock, but unlike the Tagov...whatever family, its only one year versus the 4+ they'll have to do. And Auburn will certainly cover the costs. I cant see them not moving unless they just got that many things preoccupying them, they'll be good for life fiscally as long as JG doesn't get hurt in the NBA, so work shouldn't be what holds them back
  4. thats what I mean, ideally we wouldnt have him ideally is getting the guys higher up on the totem
  5. Im honestly amazed that no one's brought up the numerous ways we can market that last name
  6. UMD is an excellent program on the rise, we gotta go ahead and bust a move if they start running the press on dude. Even if he's been a take for however many months, there's only so long someone's wait
  7. Staff is probably hoping for a miracle in that regard, but Powell + Turbo should equate to one backup 2
  8. Im probably in the minority but Ill take losing out on Greg, getting Thor and missing out on someone else if it means we have a 50/50 chance on Kuminga and gotta save a space for him. Im pretty sure we'd have 2 spots after Thor if im following this thread correctly, but you get Jon and we dont need anyone else. Whats the last time a SEC team had the #1 and #3 guys? (Im assuming Jonathan would be rated higher than Cade Cunningham)
  9. I think the absolute best case scenario for sports to occur is that tests become so readily available and quick to display results (the latter of which is coming along), that you can test participants before every game and have games in empty arenas just to be safe. You have to control every variable you can And before someone says "that seems like too much to go through"...too much is the revenue the college game is bleeding and set to bleed without basketball and football. They'd probably relinquish every other sport if they could get these two back going safe and secure. but until we get a plan in place there's no reason to expect sporting events to be any less dangerous than they woulda been 2 1/2 weeks ago.
  10. If the rate of casualties doesn't drop off from where it is now, that will be the biggest problem It's okay to say we'll be forced to push through a second wave, but in actuality, that just can't happen
  11. Its okay to think that I suppose. No QB is naturally having a jump as large as he did from year 1 to year 2 without a massive outside force helping.
  12. I think any good pure pocket passer would've accomplished similar numbers under Brady's system
  13. there's a pretty extensive list of drugs a nurse homie sent me that they use to combat symptoms, I can PM it to you if you want Hope you get through this my guy, Im pretty young and havent experienced serious loss and its one of my biggest fears. Hope you dont have to go through that