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  1. Boobie provided us our best running game when you factor in who we were playing and when the game happened (LSU) Maybe he isn’t a competitor for best back in conference but outside of the fumbles I think he did great. Kinda like a big Tre Mason, with comparable speed.
  2. We haven’t a workhorse back who could be depended to be healthy for most of an entire season since the 7-6 season
  3. I’m just bored and saw a tweet about the kick 6 so this thought arose to me 2007 - fear the thumb, Auburn W 2009 - miracle drive, Alabama W 2011 - moving on, Alabama W 2013 - greatest game ever? Auburn W 2015 - one of many games where Gus created an illusion that we could compete against a far superior Alabama team, Alabama W 2017 - “the kick ass”, Auburn W 2019 - ? If you’ve followed me till this point, we’re 3-3 the past 6 games, with wins alternating the previous 4 meetings. This trend would lead one to believe Bama will win this season but that’s not the bias I had coming into this thread. Hopefully we break the trend!
  4. what do we need to get to a top 5 class (in whatever metric deemed most important)
  5. Michigan is going to be very similar to Memphis in terms of recruiting prowess soon. Juwan isn’t quite as attractive a name as Penny Hardaway, but he has the college rep on him. I’ll take #2 with an outside chance
  6. Also allows Auburn to redirect their own resources towards other pieces, assuming this just now has been his only silent commitment. I thought he has been given one but who knows
  7. Why are people even trying to predict a bowl game, we’re just putting out bad vibes now
  8. I still think Gus should’ve dropped 100 in that game and let Joey shine. It would’ve answered a lot of questions we’re having now
  9. In his defense Gus hasn’t ran the offense since 2015. Against Purdue, which is a better opponent than some of the teams we’ve struggled to over those three years, they went pretty darn fast
  10. I guess we shouldve expected it at some point, the guy got hurt like 2-3 times during the RS. I truly do blame Gus more than UGA, but it'd be alot easier to lean the other way if we didn't keep it within one score for most of the game, plus get past the 50 yard line repeatedly. If he could've been 50%, instead of 0%, it's a different game
  11. 1. Oregon: 29-22. Offensive line does enough to neutralize Kayvon and the rest of the DL, lack of film on the new look Auburn offense pays off and we escape. 2. Kent State: 72-11. Bo Nix gets 4 TDs off the bench 3. Tulane: 19-6. It wouldn't be an Auburn season struggling against a nothing opponent 4. TAMU: 31-32. Last second loss, due to their team being pumped from last year's embarrassment, getting whooped by Trevor and coming off a nothing game. 5. MSU: Abuse. After that embarrassing loss last year, they gotta beat the hell out of MSU. It should be worse than the 2017 game for them. 6. UF: 21-18. We beat another product associated with cow teats. Think we also catch them looking ahead to LSU, plus we just own the Swamp (dont look up the stats and prove me wrong). 7. Arkansas: lol. If this is within 20 points it's a lost season 8. LSU: The streak ends. They lost most of their defensive backfield if I remember correctly, plus the transcendent, biblical Devin White. They got Danny fn Etling as a Heisman candidate. Cmon now. Danny Etling. Guy had the worst game I think ive ever seen that resulted in a win against Auburn in JHS 9. Ole Miss: Next. 10. Georgia: 42-37. By this point, Joey should either be benched or a Heisman favorite. Theres no in between. This is his coming out game. DL takes away the running game, Pickens has 2 TDs, BUT.....BUT. Seth has 165 yards and 1 TD and Schwartz also supplies 2. Instant classic 11. Samford: Bo Nix has 5 TDs as the starter 12. Alabama: Game of the year. That's all I want to predict
  12. UGA ruined our playoff chances with what they did to Kerryon (I would agree with someone that says Gus shouldn't have relied on him like he did though). Whatever happens to that garbage program is okay to me
  13. That's really what I feel like we miss in our pursuit to become a consistently elite DL. Guys are great, but I feel like there's not the urge to bury a QB. I think that helps explain why we've had so many elite pass rushers but not elite sack numbers