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  1. It’s always good to learn from NBA talent. They were both freshmen so I can’t call him more wisened, but Okoro was definitely a bit ahead of schedule. I think he’ll come in a new man as far as on court leadership goes, I really do. A lot of pro level talent out there at that GLeague thingy
  2. First time itt, but reading "Kyle Davis was trash" was enough for me to exit it quickly
  3. Yeah the idea of "cheating" should've left the door when the NIL walked in. Not to mention the difference b/t Alabama bending the rules for a couple recruits is going from some divine, far away #1 class to a #2 or #3. It's not like Auburn would've been rolling out more talented rosters if we had the same budget for recruiting that they did in the 2010s.
  4. His freshman year was 19-20, but yeah I think he was pretty big body in 20-21. Now, the weight he played at in his freshman year was enough to bang with dudes like Anthony Edwards, who has just been supernaturally strong since the beginning. He also seems like Isaac Okoro in that he can hang with bigger body wings due to his core strength. He's got a couple inches on him (while having the same wingspan), so I would think there's a lot of carry over in the type of matchups they get tasked with (although Okoro is a better defender obv)
  5. absolutely nuts. As long as he’s half of 2020, that guy is getting drafted somewhere
  6. I think I did mine without including Phillips but I’ll do another one after Green/Zip KD/Chance Flanigan/Chance/Moore Traore/Jaylin Broome/Dylan I could be missing someone but I think of this as a game 1 lineup. I think you want to maximize defense around Wendell starting and Chance could still be green at that end, so that’s why I start KD. But you will definitely need shooting between our 4 and 5 (esp early, when Traore is still adjusting to the college 3 point line), so shooting will be a dealbreaker amongst the wings IMO. Westry also seems so dynamic with the ball in the hand, so it makes sense to me to match him with the point guard that doesn’t ball handle much. Zep should complement him well, I’d think
  7. You had the select few that weren’t getting anything under the table, and you have those now. I’m talking about the majority
  8. I prefer it to us acting like 5 star recruits just picked one school over another purely over good will and an education they willingly put on pause after 3 years anyway this is way less intellectually dishonest
  9. I don’t think we had that money to give at that point, that’s just where I’m differing I think we have a budget and we maxed that budget. Asking for more wasn’t another option
  10. I don’t think there’s a massive difference between us not having the money and it not being financially lucrative to pursue him at a certain price point. One just sounds better than the other
  11. I believe we’re saying the same thing lol
  12. I think we just got outbid. I’m not disagreeing with anything you said; I also said in the Phillips thread that if we didn’t have to pay other big names, we probably get him. But it’s all just conjecture and at the end, we lost. I highly doubt any of our coaches view it as a big one though
  13. I think Mayer is fine as a complementary piece, he was fine in that role for Baylor. I don’t think he’d transfer from being a complementary piece for multiple years to be a complementary piece again. He’d also be leaving from an incredibly guard centric/perimeter offense to another incredibly guard centric/perimeter offense. I just don’t see that as a real possibility, that’s why I didn’t talk on it too much. But obv, he’s pretty solid
  14. I feel like Heron got downhill in isolation as well as anyone we’ve had (when healthy), but Westry’s handle + length could make him a problem to try to contest. Hopefully he develops some finesse finishes, at least until the strength comes on
  15. I like Mosley’s statline the best out of the two I don’t know Seems like he put up top 2 player on a team type shot attempts. I think whoever we get at this point is going to have to be content to be relegated behind Green, Traore, and potentially Flanigan, Westry and KD in touches. Complementary. So I just want the guy that knocks down shots, doesn’t get murdered on D and isn’t a high usage guy
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