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  1. Yeah. I said he played all the good defenses on their schedule I don’t understand where’s the disconnect at here
  2. What about A&M and Bama? Any thoughts on those two?
  3. Brennan and Johnson also had the advantage of looking impressive against literal garbage defenses Finley played ALL the good defenses they had on the schedule
  4. Whats not spoken of is that Orgeron does play favorites with QBs from time to time. Basically ejected 3 QBs with how he named Brennan the back up QB to Burrow
  5. He’s really not too too much of a scrambler, so I don’t reference this name to say they have similarities, but this convo about this guy reminds me of the immediate hype you get after SEEING someone like a Joey Gatewood. That stature can speak volumes for you if you couple it with some talent This guy CAN sit in the pocket and sling it, but I’m more excited to have him than some of the pure pocket guys we’ve seemed to be interested in
  6. Even if you say Bielema just kept what Barry had going on cruise control, they immediately saw what happened when you had a significant drop off in coaching ability take the reins in Andersen Even programs that make it relatively easy for you still need quality leaders
  7. I get that he put the leg work in to establish that program, but no program remains elite just bc they had a good push in the right direction (much less when we’re talking 4, 5 years removed from the previous regime and they’re still elite). You’re not a swatted 2 pt conv from being the 3rd best team during 2010 bc what Alvarez did I’ll admit that it’s easier to succeed there than most places, and he directly succeeded a legend, but you’d have to dismiss some really quality coaching performances to reach the conclusion you posted
  8. Did you completely forget his tenure at Wisconsin while writing this
  9. I don’t see why that’s incorrect for Illinois standards. They fired their best coach in over a decade, who gave em a lil spark, and then hired someone that’s arguably a tier higher...that also has connections in conference and regionally
  10. Gus has appeared to be great for UCF so far to me. Like he’s getting them in the door for talent they never had before lol. If he can continue to recruit like that, it’s icing on the cake if he realizes his flaws in developing talent. On THAT level, they’ll be fine.
  11. A whatever for Heupel is crazy haha. But people on here s*** on RJ for his takes about Auburn last season and he was pretty vindicated. I personally had it at a B closer to a minus than plus, but that seems like the right range Even if everyone here disagrees with the guy, it’s good that we’re sharing the opinion of reporters that have no ties to this school, and especially this conference. That’s the evaluation I’m the most interested in
  12. He looked good early when they were playing pitch and catch and getting something out of the running game. It was when it went straight up air raid that they were done for
  13. I think he’s too good to not look at him, but I also believe they’d look at anyone half decent from here on. I don’t think they currently have anyone on the roster they value enough to protect their feelings about their spot
  14. Superstar kid. Don’t know what happened in that brief period we were on top, but I’m content knowing we prioritized him very highly
  15. He’s a better talent than I’ve seen from Bo so far, but gonna be hard to remove the guy this deep into things
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