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  1. If we can get ~8 more years out of him, I'd expect at least one NC appearance to come out of that. More SEC titles should be easy (as can be). LSU is gonna be there every year, UK is always gonna have talent, but Pearl seems to be the best combo of X/Os and recruiting IMO.
  2. dude couldnt throw a ball 35 yards without it being a warbler and he was teflon. Crazy.
  3. people really thought this guy that coached no where except arkansas and auburn was teflon and unquestionable lol
  4. Ill put some respect on Sammie's name, he was supposed to be the third or 4th option with Phillip (RIP) and Emory above him, but I think Phillip had several injuries weigh him down in the first half of the season
  5. Here's one reason that recently arose to me; try rewatching the 2011 and 2012 teams. Auburn didnt even look like they belonged on the same field as good SEC teams. Their starters were bad and the depth was....Last year was shameful at times, but I'd like to think thats a down year for better things this season. I just dont want to believe we'll have a game like 2012 LSU where the difference was a first quarter safety. Where Sammie Coates was your #2 receiving option (I know he was up there during the 2013 season, but the passing game hardly existed then). We got 30 4* or better receivers and at least 2 QBs who could be better than Kiehl Frazier (a guy I respect a ton)
  6. He was/is treated horribly by the fans. Dude wasn’t good but you would’ve thought Auburn was QBU with how low people viewed him. I’m not immune to some of that either (specifically in the midst of the season), although I definitely refrain from looking at him like that now. Maybe JF3 flopping and a Stidham being a complete burn out last year was karma for that. I just hope people learn to view things in perspective when we have another highly touted guy be underwhelming.
  7. Yeah I didn’t even factor the fans into that. They’re universally heralded as the worst in b-ball these days
  8. I forgot the Hawks, but their FA/vets IQ isn’t quite as good as the Bucs, plus they don’t have a guy who looks like a superstar SF yet
  9. They’re probably the best contender in the East in terms of ceiling. 6ers are gonna be cap strapped, Raps are probably going to lose Kawhi at this point and blow it up if so, Cs just don’t matter plus they’re losing Kyrie. Bucs MIGHT have to give Khris the max, but they only need like one or two pieces and Giannis to keep working on his outside shot. Natural development more than anything
  10. I don’t know why anyone would take Coby if he’s normal height and has no definitive offensive skill
  11. I thought Coby was like Magic height. Maybe I was thinking about Nasir little
  12. Man the Buccs would be an fing problem if they had another long versatile defender that can bury the trey