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  1. Yeah Mustapha was atrocious, didn’t get to watch the game but thats quite a puzzling performance
  2. An article on Al.Com wrote in a piece on Malzahn that Bo only stayed at Auburn, because of Gus sticking around (supposedly said by the family). that's really interesting to me
  3. I didn’t know Kansas didn’t have Udoka Azubike...this should be a cake walk to the S16
  4. That team moves as Shamorie does; hope Heron makes it easy on him though
  5. Golden State isn’t going out of the late first round lol, as far as the team, that’s the only one I’m trying to see him on now
  6. A Gatewood inverted option PA with Whitlow running the wheel and Schwartz running the post has to be extremely tantalizing to Gus. I'm really hoping Joey shows him the most in the deep game, because that's going to be the first thing Gus wants to see out the passing game after last season. I don't know the extents of Bo's arm strength, but based on his size I assume it'd be slightly limited. Malik has a cannon but I don't know if he has any accuracy in that regard (or any regard really)
  7. This thread REEKS of just burying Malik Willis. Guys have named 100 factors more needed for Willis to be the guy and instead, the OP replies with, "but yeah those are HOF guys" the point shouldn't be that there's only rarities who can fight through a weird throwing motion (Nick Marshall had a weird throwing motion, to me anyway, and he isn't soon to be a HOFer), it's that you can build a successful game around a weird throwing motion and it's not truly detrimental. especially on the collegiate level
  8. So they ran what appears to be the first team skill position players with the second team offensive line and called that the second unit
  9. Unlike the NCAA, people have been watching our last month or so, having like 2 hurt games in a row probably didn't do much to hurt his stock, and doing what he did against UT certainly recovered what drop off happened. If he shows out against Luke Maye and that exotic cat from Kansas in consecutive games (not in that order obv), I feel like someone would take that risk on him in the mid first, definitely.
  10. He may not be close to that money, but if UK had a real coach like him combined with their innate recruiting advantages, they'd be unstoppable. Calipari is a bottom tier 1 coach to me, wouldnt take him over Roy, the guy from UVA, Jay Wright, Coach K, etc
  11. A 13 man rotation is very interesting. I know in CBB, you like to go the reverse of NBA where you shorten your rotation severely, but that is interesting. It's a wonder how they ever get hot as a team