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  1. Guy's a warrior, if he can come back off the bench against some of those meh teams in December, I think it'd be a huge morale boost going into SEC play, even if he himself is just rounding to form
  2. And really, alot of the extra things you'd like to see revolve around history. Museums displaying history, statues, grails, big screens that spotlight memorable past players, etc etc. In time, I could see Auburn adding some halls that really amp the prestige of AA.
  3. Here's UK's basketball facilities: https://ukathletics.com/sports/2016/5/25/_131461808988945439.aspx They seem to have a separate basketball facility that's a catch all for everything other than playing games. We seem to just merge all those extraneous things with the game court, and just use the game court for practices. I think we have more of a space issue than anything, in that regard. I'd love additions that make it a bit flashier, ala the new football facility, but it seems to be functional.
  4. My interpretation was that he meant expanding our success with elite talents past just our backyard
  5. A real ace coach for them could honestly give flashbacks to UGA getting Richt in football. I hope we can progress at finishing with at least other elite regional talent. Maybe the money (and brand structure) starts improving to where we can be a national power, but we def need to expand past just the state of Georgia
  6. Alabama and LSU have been insane as of late. UK and Tenn are what they are, and Arky is doing their thing now as well, but Bama and LSU being this good always does suck especially Truly a blessing UGA has the abundance of talent that it does and Pearl has the pipeline there that he does. We'd be in a veryyyyyyyyyyyyy not good position in the arms race, otherwise.
  7. Dude has got to improve on his backup QB development. THAT is his offensive problem right now. They looked absolutely fine on that side before Gabriel went down. That's always been the thing about Gus. He kinda needs these particular circumstances, and when you have those, you have an elite coach, but can he create that environment? In the same sense that 2013 didn't answer that in the affirmative, I don't think this year should answer that in the negative. Wishing Gus well next season, hope they can get back to at least playing fun football for that pretty cool fanbase's sakes
  8. So your mind went to me talking about “starting” when the post I quoted (and the post it quoted) was specifically talking about whether or not he could still redshirt this year? That’s what you thought?
  9. kinda like a less severe version of how basketball works. If you get hurt during a foul and are unable to shoot the FTs, your night is done.
  10. Yep, every team does fake an injury a time or two. Every team doesn't have 10+ fake injuries in a prime time game.
  11. Finley almost certainly will appear again at some point, but if he doesn’t and we burnt that for…that. Won’t be a happy camper!
  12. Hope the secondary ones do a bit better than they have, but it's pretty gravy other than them
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