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  1. Man, even as piss poor as UVA has been this year, I think playing their pack line or Syracuse's zone would be a nightmare with our shooting. If our 3 NBA caliber guys couldn't figure out how to break it until about 5 mins left....I just dont want to imagine it anymore
  2. Fella definitely hasn’t shown consistent play making abilities that’s for sure
  3. You can spend an hour cherishing JG NBA comparisons, no lie. I don’t give a DARN how bad this season is if BP lands that guy alongside SC
  4. guys one of the most knowledgeable fellas you’ll find on twitter, I just happened to see him tweet about Sharife and my eyes went yuge
  5. I don’t think getting killed in 2 of ur 3 quadrant 1 games is a good look.
  6. I don’t think he could be a PG either but I wish we had more sets that flowed through him. He has pretty solid vision positionally, probably better than Samir imo.
  7. In my humble opinion, I know BP did things differently at different destinations, but I think here, everything starts with the guards and goes from there. Kuminga is a better player but Green is more needed when you look at the roster and at what's lacking. BP can live with underskilled, role players at the forward spots. We're not living long with the 2 guards we currently have
  8. I got us dropping to about 20 based on what little discussion people have even had about us after the past two games. Auburn, as many of us know, didnt garner much respect during the winning streak until the last 2 weeks, and its alot easier to lose that respect when you get crushed in the two hardest matchups of ur schedule thus far and this is just me talking for the folks who care about the poll, this obv looks even worse to the tourney committee
  9. Like as amazing as Okoro has looked, his offense could be at least 2x better if he played in last year's spacing versus this clunk of junk we've become.
  10. I suggested something similar during the UF game after seeing the fella try to slash from the baseline and have like 3 people swarm him...people that were defending our other guards. You should never be able to help off a guard in today's basketball landscape the way they were doing in that game.
  11. If Auburn lost to Florida and Alabama back to back like this the season would be over Two games alone shouldn’t critically concern anyone in basketball ever
  12. Yeah Arkansas is the epitome of a finesse team for the most part. They’re not gonna beat us bc athleticism. I don’t even think Alabama did, other than the fact their guards foot speed was just faster than ours
  13. Kinda misnomer with how many other guards they have starting but I was thinking about that earlier too. We woulda had two years of him, and someone to take the pressure off Sharife early. We got no guard of value to help our prodigy get acclimated