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  1. twitter impact rarely translates to real life influence, but I will say one of the bigger Alabama football twitterers is an Auburn basketball fan so we could have it worse
  2. Would’ve probably been at least in a position to be an All American at a lot of different places, if not a champion Last game, and the 4th quarter specifically, was a microcosm of her tenure here
  3. Far more people, that actually know what they're talking about, complemented Cooper's shooting ability in high school, by the way!
  4. I don't do insults when talking things I can't control, but your whole slant is just posting the most nonsensical things at the most opportune time for hot takes There is absolutely nothing stopping you from saying idiocy, and nothing holding you accountable for when you'll be wrong. What honest discussion you honestly expect to be made??
  5. I think he’s the most complicated potential...I don’t want to use the word “bust”, but underperforming Auburn QB in recent memory Jeremy - mental, Kiehl - lost himself in that pro style nonsense from 2012, Stidham - OL trust but Bo has a combination of all of those traits, to varying degrees. You really can’t point to one thing and say “If that didn’t exist, he’d live up to the 5 star billing”. I hope he gets a ton of work with a QB coach that’s not his father during the off-season, and hoping Bobo works his magic
  6. Almost all of that OP reeks of not understanding the weight of the same qualifiers and reasons that you were listing lol “Yeah, I know he missed a 5 star point guard, then one of the 3 ball handlers transferred out, then the other one went out for the season, then the players lost focus [LIKE BRUCE SAID THEY’D STRUGGLE TO MAINTAIN]...but MAN, we should be way better!!!” Try really following other teams outside of Auburn and you’d answer some of your own qualms man. You thought bad losses were going to stop just because we got a taste of success? UK and Duke were both under .500 at
  7. The guy who saw something out of a 5’11 point guard and 3 star shooting guard is currently wrong on an ENTIRE roster because of one down year
  8. I’m going off topic now so I’ll chill, but this is why I hate inside the NBA so much. These old heads give THIS type of analysis to any player above 6’7 and flash their stats or rings as a backbone for why you should listen to it
  9. there was one player with a positive ast:to ratio (1:0) and he played 3 minutes I’ll watch a lot of CBB one day and then none for like a week, but I don’t think there’s any program that asks as much out of their “table setters” as this one does. That’s partially why having Jabari and Trey excites me so much, we haven’t had the potential of four guys who can create their own bucket consistently, in one lineup, period
  10. My personal story on that subject, my homie during varsity was 6’5, probably about 270s ish. So our coach, who actually hooped overseas a lil, wanted to run him in 4 out sets and let him work on the block. BUT he hated the post. He loved bringing it up the court and shooting and positionally, he was good at it! Ended up being a lot better after he graduated and slimmed down. Achilles heel, he’d get out rebounded like 5’8 kids bc he had no drive to bang around the rim I say that to say, coaches gotta have a balance with tall kids these days
  11. I posted on it a couple weeks ago, but Cooper had an above avg shooting form in HS. That....guy.... on this page is posting like Cooper’s shot form is completely unsalvageable lol His biggest issue was being thrown into the fire and left to his own decision making on how to get his shot off against taller, elite defenders. With the resources he has, he’ll get a shooting coach to work that out this offseason (IMO)
  12. I remember about this time last year, there was a small group of people that had the opinion he’d be about as good as Emoni if the two were to be in the same class, and I thought that was insane with how the latter was perceived at that time the forward talent in these drafts is just insane. A new KD or a more skilled version of Thon Maker (and that is their floor) every cycle
  13. If you live in a world the rest of us dont, then why not take your opinion to a better suited place?
  14. Didn’t even know we were playing tonight but it looks like I didn’t miss much
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