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  1. I try to not ever take one player’s opinion as a show for how all the players felt, but those coaches he mentioned, they were all huge player guys Also I think he is probably the most in-tuned individual to confirm that there was hands in the pot after the championship year. It’d be messy interviewing, but I’d love if other players were given anonymity and asked about that topic.
  2. We’re in the intermediary between that old dream of CFB and the hyper competitive super conference version. The in-between always seems odd and weird. At least the end product will finally take the bag off and give a definitive segregation between the haves and have nots. im sure some version of G5 football will always be there for people who just want to watch some laid-back amateurish ball
  3. Mays is a gamer, plus a guy that has some in game experience. He’s gonna have to earn everything, but I think the guy has always matched the challenge, and they’ll make each other better. I wouldn’t shocked if they sign some cheap ver min PG option out the gate, and look to promote one of those two into that role by the end of the season (development permitting)
  4. Yeah he’s definitely going to be on their GLeague, if not end of rotation. Hawks had options that would’ve made more sense with their current roster construction, they’re gambling that the future version of him will at least be able to emulate things that Trae does. He becomes a rookie deal (cheap) worse version of that guy, and can be the backup PG.
  5. Thor with LaMelo Ball is going to be very very (very) fun
  6. Trae Young is honestly the best player in all of basketball for Sharife to learn from, so there is a positive there. If he can raise his stock to be their lead second unit floor general, there's some fantastic options for both shooting and PnR lob threats. But I'd be lying if I didn't feel a mixture of disappointment and sorrow at a certain point in that process. Maybe some of it was selfish (dude would be leading a championship winner if he came back), but 80% of it is...a guy that has a skill as insane as his passing shouldn't be closer to being undrafted than being a lottery pl
  7. That was actually the primary value I heard of even getting the guy. People gave him alot of flack for how horrid UTk was with the talent they had, and the spin was "just keep feeding the OL unit talent and they'll figure it out"
  8. I just think you and that guy have an interesting dynamic, but I do applaud you for taking the high road.
  9. How long will Cole go before he takes the bait…🤔
  10. I feel like a place like Baltimore would love this guy. They have 100 pretty good RBs come through recently though
  11. That rivalry arguably has more spite than any SEC ones, other than UGA vs futility
  12. Texas is one of the 2 biggest brands in the sport how does the SEC not gain from adding that 😂😂 edit they’re actually #1
  13. Well the playoffs have objectively fielded a less enjoyable postseason. The semis have been largely horrendous and there’s been even less parity in the title games. They’ve also sucked for the most part. Bowl games don’t even matter anymore, and the coverage matches that sentiment. And we’ve still had issues with deserving teams getting leapfrogged for the playoffs, the biases and reasoning has just shifted
  14. the idea of multiple southern teams being the face of collegiate football’s biggest league may never happen again, and that does sadden me
  15. Before we had all these things that would’ve supposedly killed CFB implemented, let’s say 2013, I think we were at a good point…but I don’t think it was sustainable. Too many people disliked the NCAA, the SEC simply grew too powerful, sports media became too interested in focusing on its money makers/viewership, sports personalities in CFB became too large to not make money, and the idea of two teams being even close to clear national champion contenders just became too idealistic I don’t know what the end result is, or if it’ll even be worth all this change, but I know that what we had
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