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  1. Peach Bowl Ticket Prices

    one fanbase was expecting to be in the PO and just played in ATL....the other just had arguably their best season ever For $150 after already taking a hit with SEC CG tickets, its probably not the most likable preposition
  2. Pettway Out for Peach Bowl

    I dont wish for any talent to be forced to play for Mike Shula, but the K/Cam triumvirate in one backfield would be incredible.
  3. Pettway Out for Peach Bowl

    Hope he finds the right team in the league and feasts. He has pretty respectable 1 on 1 ability for his size and has that quick first burst. He likely wont get drafted, but there's quite a few teams that could use his size and solid pass blocking ability.
  4. Pro Football Focus player grades

    The game was alot longer than that first quarter as I remember. Not too many deep passes that had a hope of completion after the one you just listed
  5. Scarbinsky: LSU kept Auburn out

    I dont think check down options wouldve done a single thing for Stidham against Clemson
  6. 4 Freshmen who could breakout in 2018

    I like Kam Martin and the rest of the fellas, but if I was a casual and saw our duo's health status over the season, you would have to convince me the coach doesnt have some distaste for our backups based on the carries they got. Kam was hurt admittedly, but even when he could go, and even when he had good runs, he still didnt get to ride the flow because coach was if you dont have other running options, but you also cant use him, then......????? I just think Asa's gonna get immediate PT for the simple fact he looks like what Gus usually wants. Can do everything on the field and is built right. Top end speed. For his own sakes tho, I hope he takes a while to become a star and forces Gus to actually use all his options.
  7. Pro Football Focus player grades

    You cant win a championship without being able to hit 50/50 plays and involve 50/50 receivers, thats just a simple fact I believe. You can only go so long with running the ball up the middle and throwing screens before one of those collapses (or both). I would say after seeing his two most successful QBs both be very adept at putting the ball where it needs to be down field, Gus should seriously consider getting over his fears and re-introduce that level of play. I think Stidham probably had less than 10 ATTEMPTS at 50/50 balls with guys like KD and NCM out there. Why even recruit them (or McClain)? You dont get a Devin Funchess or Mike Williams for them to burn dudes downfield....
  8. Pro Football Focus player grades

    To specify, there's a ton of moments against good teams where we were just throwing deep to throw deep. I dont remember those games against scrubs, but when you watch the Clemson, LSU or 2nd UGA game, there was no real logic behind the times they threw deep. Seemed like pure desperation
  9. 2020 NR RB Deondre Jackson Commits to AU!!

    we get this Dell Mcgee fella and we'll be pulling alot more Deondre Jacksons I believe or at least should keep them locked up long term
  10. 2018 3* OL Walker Culver

    a masqueraded truth usually hurts less than the alternative
  11. 2018 3* OL Walker Culver

    I think a player rather take a later offer with the belief that the coaching staff really needs him vs taking an offer and having to face that the staff wants someone else more and you're the backup plan Just comes off better
  12. 2018 4* OG Trey Hill (UGa)

    yeah theres only like 5 or 6 programs that AT THEIR PEAK with excellent coaches can expect to roll into any state and get a commit reasonably. And one of those programs unfortunately shares the same state as us so they'll probably be above in that pecking order
  13. Tim Horton

    Its an absolute shame we dont run it more often. Jovon feasted with it and it'd excel with a 2016 KP or KJ running it. Its just so easy to pinpoint where the ball is going in our running game, especially when we dont run RPOs off that jet sweep to at least have someone key in on the QB
  14. Pro Football Focus player grades

    Yeah thats the biggest red flag for this passing offense to me. You cant make an entire passing game built around only throwing to wide open targets. NM was so good deep because he put it in spots to where receivers either catch it or drop it. Stidham only unloads these long streaks/posts as a formality and to receivers who arent meant to make tough catches. He and Gus need to develop a report for giving NCM and KD type receivers the chance to make a play. Those are two transcendent talents who should be able to completely dominate every cornerback every play. But we rather see screens, chunking out of rhythm passes, double reverses, and a few crossing routes. Gus and Lindsey are gonna have to come out with something new for me to think we can bust through this glass ceiling and beat down these elite teams consistently
  15. Coe and Bryant all-sec freshman team

    I think its more of who you see that can be replaced. They arent not starting Dylan Moses. I heard this Miss St fella was pretty good too. Moultry might've been a beast but there were some beast LBs this year in conference