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  1. The slot receiver in most of these play calls seems to get the most unique play routes. The outside receivers basically get seam/go routes. KD is a receiver that can catch contested balls as he has done a couple times this season. Either fault Stidham for being incapable of getting the ball to a 50/50 spot (something Danny Etling can even do), fault the coaches for not making him a target for 50/50 routes (something Ed Orgeron can even do), or fault him for being incapable of breaking down the CB 1 of other teams with simple streak routes (something I'd hope nobody would do), but there's only so much he can realistically do. Its not like he's facing stationary targets that dont know the tendencies of our 3 passing plays. They spend time studying film too
  2. he dropped like 1 maybe 2 in that game saturday, but its easier to catch in rhythm. You cant just be thrown in the dark of the night and be expected to just make contested catches with a man literally draped on ur back
  3. I love Will Hastings ability to get open, but you couldn't pay me enough to take him over KD. KD has a radius similar to Duke and can catch over just about anybody. Its an actual shame how little he's been used.
  4. Our new HC? He nominated himself.

    Evans has probably held his tongue for the past 2 or 3 embarrassing seasons of Auburn football. Its about time for someone to say something I'd think.
  5. This is turning out to be much like 2015. Overrated, more and more undertalented by the week, and overall ******* depressing
  6. Don't you for a second insinuate Kyle Davis sucked. He was better than the rest of the receiver corps sans Ryan Davis combined. This team cant even throw the damn ball without him
  7. Fatality and mediocrity

    It does seem like the Auburn family is okay with like 2-3 years of being irrelevant as long as it ends with either a championship season or one so bad that we can fire said coach and bring someone else in that can right the ship. It’s such an unfortunate cycle
  8. Moving Forward

    A lot of people had the gall to pretend as if that was unreasonable at the time. I think they were just more so hurt by how integrated he was into the Alabama success back when. I was too to some degree but the dream that we could’ve fielded a team annually that would be close as dominant as some of the ones he’s been on (has a Richt, Saban, and Bobby pedigree!!) had me thinking. Currently looks like the next great head coach and ended up landing only a few dozens of miles of an Auburn fan
  9. Moving Forward

    A lot of people were mad at me back in 2015 during that JSU game that I hope we lost, and I’d just like to show them the timeline we live in now where we’ve had several losses that are actually more embarrassing than that one could’ve been. We could’ve hired someone back in 2015 that would already be in year 2 of their cycle (maybe Kirby!!!) and showing the country auburn isn’t a joke.
  10. Anyone talk to Gus

    Its hard to have a complete lack of compassion after embarrassing loss after embarrassing loss, but hes pretty consistent in that regard
  11. Stidham not allowed to audible

    Im glad the world is learning something we already knew. Helps with the firing process Also glad Stidham is at least attempting to save his own reason to cape for someone like Gus. Stidham didnt have a great day, but as we all know, he looked good early with time and open receivers. It isnt THAT hard to draw up plays that neutralize blitzes/extra mans and give the QB the capability to call said plays. Stid is supposed to be a smart QB, so allow him to be smart. Cant wait for Gus to be gone
  12. What happened yesterday? Persepctive (LSU)

    the death knoll for me was when it was like 3rd and 4 and we essentially drew up a double bubble screens that featured Chandler Cox and someone else as the recipients. Of course it was clogged up and Stidham was forced to run it up the middle and was stopped. Either that play was a fake screen and a QB draw for JARRETT STIDHAM or it was a screen play with the one read being Chandler Cox and if that wasn't there...its still basically a QB draw Gus is just horrible
  13. Auburn's next Head Coach

    Man it sounds wrong, but the period where we were looking for a head coach has been one of the more interesting times in my Sports watching life. Every day a new rumor shot out, then you had a lot of people supporting the BOT as they essentially refused to give Kirby autonomy, and you had the makeshift alumni group that spent days trying to find a suitable candidate, and finally, the poll they sent to residential auburn fans of who you would prefer. That time span had everything you could possibly want from an entertainment perspective
  14. Auburn's next Head Coach

    I didn’t understand people’s issues earlier when I mentioned Tubs as an AD. Seems like a cutting-edge personality that isn’t gonna meander with the sports programs the way the current Board + puppets does. I’d love to see them so desperate they have to hire real people to do real jobs
  15. Trick play

    I was saying to myself unless we score on this, its pretty much over. It does seem like they'd both be back there for only the reasons of trying to cause an explosive play. But this is all part of a bigger issue, our special team returning game is abysmal. We're about a threat to cause a long return once per 30 attempts? Somewhere around that it felt like