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  1. I think Tennessee would be way worse, and it's for the reason you provided. Auburn's offense is still likely going to rely more on Gus's operandi style early as they transition fully into Chad's version. Remember that they'll basically be going in cold. Pruitt knows Gus's offense better than he does, and it's only gotten simpler since Pruitt's initial time studying it. UNC is also just not as fierce to me, defensively. If we're speaking in general
  2. it's not, for the most part. but its manageable. At least the attending class. The school mandating masks inside every building, trying to limit eating inside, that's something of a start. Its at least a valid attempt for protecting the students. As far as the dorms go, this is where faith starts and mandating ends. Truly impossible to ensure we (I dont live in a dorm anymore) make the right decisions once we get off campus, the best I figure they can do is to absolutely bar individuals from coming in the dorms that don't live here, limit students from visiting one another in different rooms, and probably have RAs do routine checks to ensure no one is being snuck in. there's some technology that can help (thermal checks namely, things that seem to be quite frequent in countries that have already curb stomped this virus), but it's really all faith in an age group and class of people that haven't shown to do anything close to appropriate with such faith, esp. as of late. Sorry if this sounds morose, but it's the reality from this person-watcher and this Auburn student
  3. And I think that's what is breaking down people in power in this area more than safety. The logistics of what it'll take to make football fiscally possible is hitting a crescendo they're not prepared for. I think the fan aspect is just something they can't seem to give up on money wise. IDK how much of a %age that is revenue wise, but that concept hasn't been dismissed yet, even though it's probably the most necessary in having a full season without mass outbreaks. I'm possibly misusing this here, but it's a catch 22 right?
  4. I would've loved to see 4th quarter Sam Howell against Auburn's defense man. Kid is the clutchest QB I've seen since Nick. Him and that RIDICULOUS talent Mack is pulling in next class is going to be a problem for Clemson
  5. That's why I said supersized lol. I couldn't think of a better comparison that would relate to this team, but you couldn't lose with either. I used that duo to say that factors makes/made the "lesser" brother not want to follow the "better" brother's lead. Mackenro from a positional standpoint should've been very useful in that abhorrent defensive backfield also
  6. This would be like a super sized version of the Alexander brothers' crootment
  7. They are in the race to play SEC football in 2020 though it's a race with daily diminishing odds, but still there!
  8. Oregon in the first half before they adjusted their coverage had a few go over our heads (my definition of deep might be a lil bit different). I specifically remember watching Tulane, and they had at least 2 deep balls that failed for different reasons. One, the guy dropped, and the other Justin mailed a lil bit. Not to say we've given up a ton that were completed, but I've seen our DBs get beat There's a few tweets that references Tulane's missed chances btw:
  9. I personally didn't think we were great against the deep ball early last year, but Im thinking about games I was in person for, and most of the time those opposing QBs weren't able to find them its possible most good defenses give up routes like that from time to time
  10. isn't every team in the SEC football race
  11. not just travel, different conferences and regions have different means for how they're doing things. Big 10 and PAC 12 are very unified in their attitudes towards this situation. Plus you sacrifice all the potential things that could go wrong if intra-conference games end up being the ones that cause an outbreak for both teams. Inter-conference, again, more control over things
  12. watching the TBT and as long as you have commentators, basketball doesn't really need fans. I'd say hockey and football (and I dont watch hockey) are the sports that are most hurt by all this
  13. I don't want football from a realistic, unbiased perspective, but if they could get UT and UF in there, and could avoid any deaths (directly or indirectly), I probably would be able to look the other way..