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  1. Dual-Threat Rigby

    Auburn over the last 25 years, FWIW

    Gus has to get it started now if hes gonna ever do it....Bama is set at QB with the Tagooblers, LSU is rummaging through everybody else's depth charts for QBs and With Stidham, a deep RB chart and the best DL run talent wise we've ever had, Gus has to make power moves occur now
  2. Dual-Threat Rigby

    Defense has "bloodied the nose" of offense

    Offensive line looked absolutely putrid, but I suppose it was the #2s of a transitional OL missing the best players from a previously very not good OL against arguably the best DL in the league a match made in heaven
  3. Dual-Threat Rigby

    Starting QB Rankings for 2018

    to be quite honest, if Tua is half as good as the performance in the natty, its gonna be a rough 2 years. Hopefully that was a farce
  4. Dual-Threat Rigby

    Favorite/least favorite game vs. SEC teams

    Alabama: F: 2010 L: 2009 (maybe this dynasty never happens if they dont make that first title happen) LSU: F: 2014 L: 2007 (couldve been that first 2 loss squad to make a title) Georgia: F: 2013 L: any year in the past 5 years, it really doesnt matter. Every L against UGA is the exact same A&M: F: the win that folds this as a program and embarasses them as much as 2012 and 2014 did me L: Manziel couldve easily dropped 100 on us if that's what he and Sumlin desired. They beat us a year we had probably our most stacked offense ever and won like 1000 straight home games. With a true freshman who looked like dog s*** against a D2 team. It blows my mind how unbecoming some of the losses we take are. There's not enough just "ah man we were equally talented, you just beat us in a close game" type of Ls, at least not since the 2010s started.
  5. Dual-Threat Rigby

    Auburn in the 2018 NFL Draft

    the simple thing is neither couldve done that much better on their own, especially Holland. Holland had a year that STRONGLY outdid the best of those before him here that got drafted, Id say he outdid Lemonier and Carl's best in spades. Id also be willing to say he outdid Ford in 2013, but thats a tough argument to make. Another simple thing is that those three were just more of physical freaks (more so Carl and Dee than Corey). I hate that you cant test the waters and come back like in CBB. Neither do the athlete enough justice as far as deciding on your future, but both (mainly CBB) are trying to make spades. Maybe we see a similar system instituted before long. Basically all you know about your future is what your agents telling you, and sometimes agents are trying to eat off your hype like any "analysts". Its a sad game to play when you look back at these guys who might end up financially stuck for years hoping for that big break cause of some bad info. I wish Holland the best tho, one of the best defensive players I've witnessed.
  6. Dual-Threat Rigby

    Top 5 Pay = Top 5 Expectations?

    looks like the floor for Kirby too based on his typical schedule and how great his (legally-gained) talent is shaping up to be. Georgia is just a powerhouse of an opportunity with the rising recruiting hot bed that is the state and how easy the east should be for the next few seasons
  7. Dual-Threat Rigby

    Top 5 Pay = Top 5 Expectations?

    10 wins SHOULD be the floor for this team. Im sure people are gonna itch to explain why it shouldnt but based on all we return, it should be
  8. Dual-Threat Rigby

    Greene VS Jacobs

    Greene is somebody that's gonna bring in alot of recruits just off his personality. Thats all I have to say tbh
  9. Dual-Threat Rigby

    Jordan-Hare Stadium Renovation

    The sooner I don’t have to do gymnastics to fit thru that tight 4 way in avoiding shuttles, the better
  10. Dual-Threat Rigby

    Auburn in the 2018 NFL Draft

    Callaway would probably be the second or third most talented receiver to play for Auburn this millennium. Dudes a beast that carried some god awful QBs
  11. Dual-Threat Rigby

    Auburn in the 2018 NFL Draft

    Holland had an unbelievable year, I don’t think there was anything substantial he could’ve showed that he didn’t
  12. Dual-Threat Rigby

    Starting running back today per Horton

    They say this now until Gus sees the size of Washington's DL and gives him one carry per quarter
  13. Dual-Threat Rigby

    Jordan Rodgers on Stidham

    This offense must be incredibly restrictive if Stidham rather have left as like a mid rounder than deal with it's limitations again
  14. Dual-Threat Rigby

    Jared Harper to enter name in NBA draft

    If only this statement had any validity to it lol
  15. Dual-Threat Rigby

    Brown 4th Tiger to enter draft

    we got like 13 people declaring lol, I doubt any of them come back if they're all declaring at the same time lol