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  1. It does
  2. The year after we beat any SEC team is a trap game against said team under Gus, I've learned. Swag gave a likely better defense complete fits last year, and Shea looks just as good if not better. Their receiving corps is also just as deep, although no Engram to scheme against.
  3. 7 touchdowns against the vaunted Southern defense? quite the challenge
  4. Kyle or Nate could be threats for 1K with Stidham reasonably throwing around 30 times a game.
  5. Only time I can think of where we dominated one of our big 3 rivals this decade. That 2014 squad was unbelievably stacked on offense.
  6. OUR receivers aren't good? I don't know what game you're watching. The guys that are supposed to be good, Ryan Davis, NCM, McClain, they looked pretty good. Hastings looked like he had alot of potential as far as slot receivers go. Canella looked like he could be a solid pass catcher. Only guy that probably did little to help their cases was JF3. Not to mention that KDszn is coming back as the presumed #1
  7. I really think losing Myron hurt that 2015 team substantially. It seems like he was bred to be the WR2 for that team, as well as the deep throw receiver (with any type of hands). They never replaced him
  8. Adams has been the practice squad QB since last year, although alot of people saw his tape preseason back then and wondered could he push for a top 3 spot. He couldn't have done much less than JF3
  9. Would really like JF3 to succeed at those screen plays. Its literally the best way to highlight his abilities as a football player.
  10. Its crazy to see how good our WR recruits were from that class last year. Like legitimately all of them are GOOD.
  11. I don't know if burning his RS is worth seeing him in garbage time, but I certainly want to see some more Willis somewhere behind Stidham if possible. Its gonna be extremely rough waiting 1 maybe 2 years to see him get burn
  12. Malik Miller is a damn beast
  13. I don't think teams are allowed to have good ball bounces against Alabama
  14. yeah that was basically it. But I also dont think it was because of their lack of want. Like those guys that weren't getting time would come in and be ballers. I feel it was more due to being mad at the coaching staff for not giving the freshmen a chance because they were freshmen
  15. What a drive Stidham is everything I want as a QB