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  1. 5 star 247composite, 4 star On3 composite. The latter includes all sources from the former + On3’s in-house rating its fair to think of him as closer to a 5 than a 4
  2. I tried to give my gma the same vibe leading up to the game. I thought we’d get 30 balled and score even less than we did. This defense we played has been called everything short of generational all season. Even though our shooters are bad enough to where an open look isn’t an open look, we still generated a ton of open looks and didn’t get as many fouls as we probably should’ve. This was one of our top 3-5 performances all season
  3. He came back later than the expected timeline for that injury too. There’s definitely a desire to not throw him out there in battle without being completely ready to fight, but I really think they want to baby that knee too And maybe if it was a team where he could feasibly ease back into play because everyone else is so good, that’d be something to consider. But THIS team is basically fighting for its life every game, and they don’t have any real cupcakes left to re-acclimate someone in
  4. If not for nothing else than having a guy who knows his game on offense. There’s so many things Chance at his absolute worst could’ve potentially contributed that I don’t think this team has
  5. I think the lack of PnR all season is just to avoid the ball handler being trapped
  6. I thought it was a pretty strong performance from THIS Auburn team. They did everything they possibly could with what they have. I don’t know what realistically could’ve improved on offense knowing every player on this team and how they generally play.
  7. Jaylin has just been totally taken out of the game on O
  8. That to me is one of the greatest differences between Broome and Kessler defensively to me. There’s like 1-2 completely inexplicable reaches from Broome every game
  9. We have negative margin of error to just be missing FTs
  10. Can you send insert the ability to shoot into Zep’s brain? Like a SD card or usb drive?
  11. Pretty much the best case scenario so far. Hopefully we can keep it up!
  12. Their center options are definitely stronger than ours. Like physically stronger. That’s just gonna be something you try to manage to the best of your ability but it’s a fact from what I’ve seen so far
  13. I don’t think you can afford to have KD out there this long and Wendell on the bench this long
  14. Our players have some of the wonkiest efforts in collecting rebounds
  15. Nice to get some plus self creation and crafty scoring on the perimeter
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