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  1. I think you need a physical dog at middle linebacker, but nowadays, you do need those speed guys just to keep up with receivers. The problem is our fairly undersized guys (Pappoe) also suck in pass coverage. Maybe scheme is to blame, bc I don’t remember it being THIS bad before last year’s debacle with Penn St. but you are right that some of those more physical running attacks did have their way if our DL wasn’t having their usual otherworldly days that we came to expect. I seem to remember the 2018 MSU game being similar to yesterday’s in that our LBs, even when brought up to the line, just was a non-factor in containing Nick Fitzgerald on the edge or stuffing the middle
  2. Going over half a decade with borderline elite LB play has made me expect that to be a fixture. Didn’t realize how apparently difficult it was to find those until I saw the current crop. And Owen has just seemed broken under the current regime
  3. Bo is an Auburn guy, I’m not mad at folks wanting to support him tbh I would think it helps Auburn to some degree if that guy and to a lesser extent, Dillingham, succeed. The same way it helped Alabama that Hurts became good elsewhere
  4. I mean, we do have the best kicker recruit in last year’s cycle, and Carlson has been bad for quite a while now. It falls on SOMEONE that Anders is still out there at all.
  5. I think it's dramatically worse with Harsin bc he's not beholden to a philosophy or a narrow set of plays. We throw alot out there and did today. And some of that worked...and unfortunately we didn't do alot of worked consistently. One thing that he does truly share with the prior coach is a fascination with straight up the middle dive plays that put you behind in down and distance. Idk anything about OL technique, but they did somethings that felt exotic with the blocking schemes, and those tended to work it felt like. I'd like more mesh point things with Robby, but it doesn't feel like he's at the point mentally for those.
  6. This is why I (me) was so hard on the guy after last season. Dudes could say whatever they wanted me to about talent, Bobo calling plays, and whatever else. But there were some very obvious "THIS CHANGES THE COURSE OF THE GAME" moments that Harsin consistently whiffed on. I give him brownie points for willing to throw TJ in vs GSU, even though it was later than it should've been in my opinion. He risked it putting TJ in vs LSU, and that inspired Nix. Outside of that? I feel like he might've whiffed on every potential season shifting decision. There were so many weird calls vs Penn State. Really no urgency to do anything to regain momentum vs Ole Miss, just kinda a hope that Kiffin would continue calling like a moron and he thankfully did. No desire to use Dee Davis and at least delude the kid to thinking he had a fair shot (which the best roster managers do, nowadays). The Alabama game post TJ injury. and he's somehow compounded what was a season of weird choices and has simply outpaced himself in these 5 games. He's a bad in-game AND roster manager, which just can't be the case if you're positioning yourself as a CEO (the original direction he went, before he whiffed on finding a OC prospect of value). I think he's a middling play caller, but I will give him that Ashford's inconsistency with ball placement is a speed bump that any play caller would have to account for. That being said, it's clear that guy is at least serviceable in the intermediate range, esp when you strip the amount of reads. I dunno
  7. 2012 was far worse just based on the fact we beat Missouri lol 2012 had a let down game like that vs Clemson and didn’t close, then lost every other game against P5 (except LSU) by 10+ lol. It is an insult to the heart of these guys to compare this to 2012
  8. People are Harsin apologists after that mofo went for 4th and 10+….TWICE??? WHAT?
  9. That was two horrible offenses playing horribly either of these teams should’ve ended this game 30 minutes ago
  10. This is the least comprehensible game I have witnessed.
  11. Was commenting on the make Missouri just had vs UGA haha I wanted to bring up some happier news in the thread
  12. I think Harsin actively cost us this game. That is the worst play call I think I have ever seen.
  13. I think it’s probably too late in the game for Robby to get his throwing form corrected to where it needs to be, but the guy seems to identify what an open receiver looks like (not always the case when it comes to a not open receiver). He just can’t put it where it needs to be at this stage Just a marginal improvement and that guy can be anything he wants
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