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  1. It was so awful last year to see UGA’s gassed secondary clamp down on Seth’s posts/outside dig, Schwartz screen and us doing absolutely nothing different to challenge those type casts. Hope we have Kirby sobbing for some type of rule change that bans Chad
  2. there's a few games where I felt like Gus has come into a "weaker" matchup with this modus operandi and not switched it up, even if the game gets close. There's something to be said for that level of fortitude
  3. I feel like the lack of backs and TEs in the passing game is more to do with a skeletal gameplan than Chad just not having them. I think between the new OLmen and everything else, they just didn't want to do too much but checkdowns definitely wouldve been nice
  4. Footwork definitely needs to improve, but his ball placement is drastically better than it was last year. I can survive with that being the case, but its also fair to think that when we play teams who can pressure the pass blocking more, that habit PLUS his innate want to roll out right when he is pressured, those are things I feel like Kirby, Saban, even Bo Pelini are going to try to exploit. all that being said, I myself do believe he's on pace to be a NFL QB, maybe not #1 overall like some, but this appears to be a pretty thorough jump from Y1 to Y2 incoming.
  5. I agree with UF being on a tier above us. Final stats won't completely show it but our secondary did not look good against a QB who isnt great at passing and receivers who arent great either. They're thankfully not going to play too many amazing passing attacks but LSU and UGA were good enough yesterday to make me at least worrisome about that. DL also got pushed around way too much but UK had an experienced and well graded OL. Maybe that looks different in a few weeks I essentially believe Auburn is going to have to put some #s on the board themselves to win against a Bama or Florida if
  6. I mean this premise could've applied to the past two seasons. Not like we were supplying Seth with amazing #2 WR play (for 2018, during the games he was on. Rare that him and Slayton were on at the same time). And I never felt like our issue with getting to the ball to him was bc he was doubled. In fact, I feel like we did a better job of making other WRs threats in this one game than we have during 90% of the previous two seasons. B/t Schwartz moving around everywhere, Capers and other guys at least being a threat over the middle and Stove getting the same type of looks that Seth would,
  7. I like MAR more than Tank, in that role. Part of it is the exclusively off tackle role didnt work for Shivers for 99% of the offense last year. Part of it is IF (if) MAR is what they say he is, he should be able to read whether to take the inside/outside better than our other returners could. I don't think either have proven to have that ability
  8. Not disagreeing with you, but Im pretty sure that YPC drops severely when you take out his two really long runs. After that LSU game he would take a step back the LOS and get tackled very very often
  9. I think Tank should be the lead back as we try testing guys out, just bc we already know how DJ looks like behind a bad run blocking OL. Tank looked the best going up the middle, if I'm remembering the names on the jerseys right. Regardless of it being Chad's O, Gus is gonna need his HB dive
  10. If THIS offense continues, and we have a bowl game, Seth should easily flirt with 1K if not break it. You got to think we'll be able to get a few more 100 yard days against the Arkys and the Misses. If Pitts could look like Howard and Gronk's baby, Seth should be able to get off against Ole Miss for at least 100. Just gotta get 60+ in the UGA, LSU and Bama games IMO
  11. eh I guess, I think Jalen is an incredibly tough runner and also isnt a game manager. I really made that comparison to say hes a dual threat game manager.
  12. didnt he have 2 against Oregon? but either way, your point is very valid, that he does a good job of ensuring the other team doesnt get the ball. Terry needed to do the same
  13. Tank and MAR definitely are the guys I want to see as 1 and 2 with how this OL is currently constructed. We gotta get outside, and we gotta have our best "eat mulitple hits at the goal line but still chug out yards" backs out there.
  14. I thought Terry looked really solid, but I feel like that was like 75% scheme. Most of the tough plays where he had to throw...just made the wrong decision often. he's like a really really good Jonathan Wallace, for a comparison people would get. very defined ceiling with him out there though
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