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  1. I don't think Greene should have to keep coming out here and bold face lying that everything is peachy keen. That doesn't work after the first couple times, and shouldn't work for anyone with a 10+ year old brain and/or access to the internet.
  2. They should ask a few guys but its probably easier to sell finding an elite offensive mind and just promoting Steele versus firing Gus and potentially bringing a new staff (I wouldnt be surprised if the Board forced whoever they considered to keep the defensive staff).
  3. !!! Same thing the AP poll did giving A&M a BS ranking when it came time for them to play Bama. Memphis and Cincy should be ahead of us, 1 loss is 1 loss.
  4. I think UGA has their own scheme/OC problem they need to resolve. Smart's outdated philosophy, and the people he's hiring to fit that boat, are doing a complete disservice to football. They have equal talent, in numbers, to those two teams, and they've had this problem you've mentioned all year. Just doesnt make sense
  5. the worst thing is I dont know what comes out of this bowl practice. We dont run a real offense with the backups, think Joey for example. If we see Joey in that game, being able to throw, we'd at least have a foundation for his ability in that regard (he probably would've improved immensely there after half a year, but just humor it). You establish receiver depth behind the starters, that makes the first leg of this season less harsh for Bo. I think it might help the defense, but the defense isnt as ass backwards and works their depth anyway, so nothing changes for them
  6. Yeah we truthfully lost the second that 4th and 2 went incomplete. They couldve went back to man to man after but at that part of the field it wouldnt have mattered, especially with the run still being a viable option and the juice Boobert had. Hell Im kind of pissed they ever ran zone because a small segment of Aub fans are deluded into thinking that Gus couldve just coached that well the entire game, when he never changed anything up from what wasn't working. The other team did (stupidly, I might add).
  7. It being impossible to run at the pace that we originally revered this guy for running at should properly surmise the state of affair
  8. I think objectively speaking, this Auburn team should be able to beat, maybe even be favored, against our SEC contemporaries 1. UK - sucks without Montgomery. Not as much size as last year (which wouldn’t be as much of an issue), front court sucks, not much established depth yet. 2. Florida - can’t shoot. Seems like another year where you need to shut down their 2 best guys but if you can...Samir and Okoro should be able to handle Blackshear 3. LSU - I don’t have a great read on them yet, I think they’re probably more talented than UF and maybe UK too, but they’re raw based on the VCU game I seen. Watford is a PROBLEM I got to watch more on UT to get a read on them but their defense got really tested by Tevin Brown, especially from outside. Couple things Samir could emulate
  9. That reporter is a buzzkill lol. It was flashy but there’s not even anyone for it to have been disrespectful towards
  10. This Locked on Auburn podcast is bringing up an interesting point, that isnt just a recent problem. Georgia had DBS that absolutely crushed us in man to man. No one other than Seth could create space and win one on one. They're debating, is it a scheme or what...I still think its half scheme, half the WR coach is only able to recruit, not develop. But that's a huge part of what makes Gus's offense frustrating, you value throwing the ball so little, all your WRs can only do one or two things and nothing else
  11. Devan Cambridge is definitely doing a great job of spacing, looks to be more athletic than anyone we had the past two seasons, definitely is fulfilling the Dunbar role, on court so far. Cant expect him to be as vocal, but hes everything you want from a glue guy on the wing
  12. This article is right out of 2014 or 2016. Didnt even read it