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  1. Chuma and Franz might be able to do some 3 and Paolo should be able to do some 5, but yeah it’s weird that they picked the forward option that does the least amount of spacing and requires the most touches. Jabari made the most sense because he’s the most complementary. and maybe they don’t value the forward/center options (outside of Franz and Carter) as long term guys, but it’s still a bit odd
  2. With the relatively low standards as far as NBA players go and his college accomplishments, Horford is likely getting inducted whenever he’s done too. Not to mention AD but the SEC’s programs don’t have the best NBA track record edit: Shaq
  3. The Twitter trolling, the camping out before games, the rather public push for #1, the Jabari/Chet/Paolo debate, etc you would really think this was the premier sport for a college with how much they’ve gotten right over the last ~8 years
  4. wanted Dallas or Milwaukee for him but that's an interesting spot too. Rim protection is something they can use
  5. I would’ve loved to have Bo vs Robby back in 2019. Just having a Birmingham brawl. Loser had to play for Samford
  6. Don’t know what Bo is but that kid he’s supposed to beat out at Oregon had some pretty lofty praise coming out of HS. I don’t know why anyone would have real disdain for him honestly. His family had an emotional reply to having their name battered for a year but Nix himself always played hard (sometimes went too hard) for the O&B
  7. I believe they had 2/4s of that list on the last team iirc. The novelty probably wore off for the guys who could spend that time working overseas or trying out for a real team
  8. How much to get Sharife on it? I think we need a NIL for that
  9. Good run. Not much else you can do at this point. Think this at least washes the taste out of my mouth for how the basketball season ended
  10. gets pretty ugly if you let another multi-score inning happen here
  11. May be recency bias. The Tech crowd when Beard came into town is probably the livest atmosphere in CBB I can think of from last season. And the Auburn @ Arky, Auburn before Kentucky, Duke vs UNC the last time…those were nuts last season was just a great year overall for crowds though
  12. I think Creighton beats Kansas if they had Kalkbrenner. I watched a game of his at some point last season and dude was kinda nice. Their defensive schemes vs Kansas was also really yucky with not having him, it was clear he was their anchor
  13. That first list is god awful edit: that says backcourts...lmao. That's a big difference, I shoulda caught that
  14. I also think it’s borderline impossible for him to not go #1 unless Orlando has an 11th hour change of heart. They apparently have a tight lipped org, so it is possible that the information these agencies have been relying on for mocks isn’t entirely correct
  15. Chet is definitely the ceiling pick. The weird thing is the high floor pick is Banchero. Jabari is the inbetween guy. He’s always had the most nba translatable skill in his outside shooting as compared to the other 3, and I think that’s helped in the “needs” evaluation for Orlando They also don’t need him to be a ball handler, which I’m sure helped in ignoring that weakness. He should be a day 1 top 6-7 guy for them, and it’s only that low because they as of right now, have like 3-4 guys who could feasibly get minutes at his position
  16. I think this fella needs to be arrested (and needed to be for a while) for his own sakes. He clearly does not give a s*** about the laws of society Can’t claim to know the contents of what he was looking at, but I know some people when I was at that age where you exit teenhood would just not delete their salacious material that they received when they were minors. And they’d get caught up with that stuff but it’d get handled differently in the eye of the courts. Not making excuses for this guy, but just presenting this as a possibility. Either way, he doesn’t deserve the benefit of the doubt
  17. Robert Huggins led team is a great challenge for a young squad imo. Will be a great gauge to see where they’re at
  18. Almost felt like a redemption moment for Burkhalter, for some reason great job
  19. 6 am wake up time tomorrow..gotta call it a night wishing the guys well
  20. I looked down and back up on the 2nd and 3rd whiff and thought my stream was just buffering
  21. I’d love if Westry could be a Jaden Ivey type and have some glimpses of playmaking just off the supreme amount of pressure he puts as a shot creator I think we needed a legit play maker more last year, with how many dudes needed to be set up. There’s less of those in the rotation; however, it’s still dependent on our scheme. If it’s just our lead wing guys get 95% of the ball handling, then yes, we need a supreme facilitator
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