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  1. We gave Kessler every opportunity and seems like we lost out on Gurley the second other teams started pushing hard, it is what is with those two. However, I haven’t heard any other center potentials named, so that is a bit scary I think this is going to be another offseason some Auburn fans consider disappointing due to how many names were thrown out there that we were early on, and I hate that we’ll have to hear that griping for the rest of the offseason
  2. Pros and cons to either. If we have a good enough playmaker, Cardwell will be able to force help D via the PnR and his athleticism, and that can also make the wings’s job easier
  3. I had like 2 paragraphs that ended up sounding like I was pooping on Walker to big up JT, so I'm going to delete that Here's my POV: Walker isn't very mobile on defense. Not a great rim protector from what I see, but in a system where Thor is positionally good on the perimeter, can excel at the rover role, and his length makes it a bother to pass into the post when he's sitting in the mid range, Walker's job becomes incredibly easier and simpler. Just to throw out a set I'd think a coach would ideally like to run vs this roster (if they get Walker), PnR 1-5, the opposing guard would
  4. Incorrect interpretation of my post my premise was, what did this mean in relation to their thought process for the other two PG candidates. It was answered though
  5. Even as a starter, Arky basically keeps 4 guards that’ll get significant touches and minutes every season...it does worry the back of my back of my mind when we get like 4 new players in one season and a couple are just bc they didn’t get minutes. What if they don’t get minutes here?
  6. So this probably leads to a situation where Scoot doesn’t reclassify and we don’t know what with Tyty?
  7. It’s a hard knock life for us...put on this random 6’6 kid from Kentucky that prayed every night from a look for UK. Family forces him out the second Cal shows any interest. UK blocks his dad’s number. One of the first on this guy, FBI s*** pushes him out...rides the bench for an entire year on the worst UNC team in years...we’re competing with that weirdo Hubert Davis and a Zags team with at least 3 forwards ahead of Kessler day one It’s big woe is me energy but I don’t get it lol
  8. The press some of their twitter heads and reporters ran with him being one of the primary reasons Roy retired (something he touched on in his IG post relating to the coach), I don't think that was a bridge that could be restored. Hubert could've likely threw 500k on his desk whilst talking to the kid and still not had a chance
  9. I think White definitely could've been better, and UF shouldn't have been the perennial "if they could put it all together...", but the guy dealt with the entire team having covid, and had the entire program/nation looking at their best player laid out, at the time in a presumed fatal situation. They'd be up sh**s creek if they fired the guy this season
  10. Not trying to say anything about your upbringing or how you live, but this reeks of a lack of understanding for what some of these players are going through. You been poor your whole life, you're some star at a D2 school where you don't even have the amenities that an Auburn gives you, there isn't enough in your bank or your families bank to be worrying about that. The majority would struggle in college or some trade equivalent if maximizing your long term financial security was possible
  11. I think he’s very capable of delivering a phenomenal combine performance, I also think the draft is just too stacked for it to matter a ton. If he wants to go, I’m fine, but this isn’t the draft to expect a team to take a flyer (unless they have a glut of picks) until the back half of the back round. Don’t know his financial situation at all though. I wish Auburn was more like a Duke or Kentucky and I think his family would be taken care of with the financial worries...
  12. Well that was my original premise to Fred, but I looked over things and from a roster perspective, we do have enough bodies in the front court to survive. I legit don’t think we would be good, or maybe even average, if we didn’t pull another point guard option. But initially, I was right there with you on this train of thought. Scoot (and Tyty hopefully) take you from barely surviving to being well off and Kessler takes you from solid to elite, as far as PFs and Cs go
  13. An article from 2018 has shown that about 90% of guys drafted between the 31st and 45th picks at least get one year of a guaranteed contract. It’s at the teams discretion but in that range, it’s generally assured. https://collegebasketball.nbcsports.com/2018/05/10/in-the-money-second-round-picks-cash-in-guaranteed-contracts-at-exceedingly-high-rates/
  14. I don’t have any sources or anything, but it’s kinda like a combination of things Ellitor said and Cole said. The guy has elite physical chops, plays a style that many teams desire these days, and probably needs any type of first round money. How does he get in the first round?? I don’t know! Super stacked draft, even the last handful of guys are either amazing in potential or collegiate studs that might be capped out SHOULD come back would be my suggestion, and second round money...I don’t even think that’s guaranteed money after the 45th spot.
  15. This feels correct, but I feel like another big option would really alleviate some strain for Jaylin. Chris Moore will be the “backup” power forward, but I’d think Jaylin will actually be the guy Bruce slides there when Jabari sits. And he’ll also likely start at the 5. Walker/Gurley allows you to maximize that guy’s effectiveness...and put him back at his natural position i still do think you’re correct though. We need at least one guy with true PG tendencies, and he seems more ahead of Tyty
  16. I just don’t see what the heck he expects to happen between Timme, I assume Watson and Holmgren all being at Gonzaga this shouldn’t even be close, if he doesn’t want to ride the bench
  17. we also had our best athletic year arguably ever 2 seasons ago...just need more consistency
  18. I don't think much of jboy when it comes to basketball. just one too many whiffs for me during the last recruiting cycle.
  19. Timme needs to be a Luka type and stay his 4 years. Just don't see much of an avenue in the league for him.
  20. One thing I didn't include was Mac was the highest graded rim protector in the conference pre injury. Unfortunately his bounce never got back the same (maybe it was all physical, all mental) and he never did move his feet quite the same. But before that, I would honestly contend he was the most athletic player on the team.
  21. yeah, its always going to be underrated due to the second team going to the final four, and the last team having the long undefeated streak, but that first year appeared to be a squad that was going to DOMINATE the SEC up until Mac's injury. 2 Ls between November 29th and that fateful injury on February 17th, 2018. One was to Alabama in Coleman vs Colin Sexton, the other was a very contentious finish against TAMU at home. This was a team that had their depth stripped by having 2 of their best players from the previous team not allowed to play either. I think there's a legitimate chance t
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