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  1. basically flipped the YPG with respect to passing/rushing from Harsin's tenure to Caddy's. Definitely think this version is much more efficient and built for this team
  2. I'd honestly take a high risk low floor, seemingly s*** candidate that's cheap.
  3. I'd take him as a QB if he can be at about 59-61%, and completing the easy ones on the deep ball can be close to a guarantee. He basically just needs to be 2014 Nick Marshall and he's better suited to succeed game 1 next season than anyone else I think we can throw out there (realistically)
  4. Between the amount of times he's been hit and with the declining performance in front of him (and by him in terms of passing ability) year over year, I don't see why he'd come back
  5. What's the point of national media pushing those pieces on the day of speculation? They can roll them out ad nauseam if Auburn actually hires him, and they'd get more eyes at that point.
  6. the negative recruiting we're gonna get from our rivals is going to be more powerful than a bomb, I feel
  7. Definitely the only ones that made it to a "second interview", to put it in job terms. Even then, if the guys that you're interested in on your side are as lofty as the ones we spoke to, the indication should be that you can settle for some mid coaches. Hugh might be a better than mid candidate, up until you consider the baggage.
  8. Gonna be a real punch in the crotch to come into this season with the ... we had as head coach, miss on the bowl season for the first time in a decade, get a guy who the fanbase finally loves as interim, parlay that into this supposed list of WONDERFUL candidates, and then end up with this gross atrocity as a head coach.
  9. Jarquez pass to Tank pass back to Robby then pass to Jarquez
  10. Robby is a gamer man. I HOPE it works out for him here.
  11. Looks like it's starting to actively rain right now, I guess? Maybe that excuses the no passing attempts there
  12. What's worth more to Sankey, a semi-worthwhile end to the 4th quarter of this game, or some imaginary notion that another couple of Bama points against a 5 win team is the difference between making the playoffs or not That'll decide how this call goes
  13. That is now dependent on Birmingham and the refs, I suppose
  14. only way we're getting this ball back if UA gives it to us
  15. My gma swears that Tank is a bum and Jarquez is worlds better. I try to wean her off of that, but there's been a few spots this season where I've had to think about the two. Jarquez definitely has better open field speed to me, although Tank probably is faster in an uninterrupted straight line. Jarquez has much better receiving ability, and seems to dodge defenders better for the most part
  16. Landen King in the stadium anywhere? The bench, the locker room, the press box, somewhere?
  17. You probably could've ran it up the gut 4 times and got 5 yards lol.
  18. I think Hunter just cuts up better than Tank does, but sometimes it just feels like the play calling is much better with Hunter. I dunno
  19. before half lol. I'm just going through the motions right now before the 4th
  20. If you can get a TD before half, you at least can make them think
  21. JF3 deep ball against Alabama?
  22. Yeah that's tough. Really good dude, I hope one day this program gives him a coaching candidate that can feel decent about lol
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