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  1. Alright guys, Im going to assume (with a great deal of faith considering this bullpen) that a 4 run lead is going to hold. Going to go enjoy an awesome Auburn afternoon at Chewacla to avoid studying. Someone else bring it home. WDE!
  2. Popup ends the inning. 4-0 to B5.
  3. 2 out RBI from Davis brings in Estes. 4-0 AU.
  4. Tigers with runners on 1st and 2nd with two outs here in the 5th. Still 3-0 AU. Pitching change upcoming
  5. I have not heard. Maybe because of the offset series schedule for Easter weekend, but that's just uninformed speculation on my part.
  6. Bo Decker with a homer to extend the lead to 3-0!
  7. DP ends the inning. Davis Daniel last two innings have been 10 pitches and 7 pitches after 45 pitches thrown the first two IP. 62 pitches through 4. Auburn leads 2-0 to the fifth.
  8. Single to RF.
  9. 1 pitch, 1 out here to open the 4th for Davis.
  10. Headed B4. 2-0 AU.
  11. T4. Auburn holds a 2-0 lead. Davis Daniel on the mound today. Little dicey with 55 pitches through 3 IP. Would like him to get through 7, but might be asking too much right now. Hold on, could be a wild ride.
  12. Listening to the postgame and D-Rob giving some insight into Coach Sisson's approach to hitting: "Coach Sisson always talks, ya know, it's our at-bat until there's two strikes, then it's Auburn's at-bat."
  14. Do not understand that bunt at all...