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  1. I don't care if our head coach "excites" us as fans. 2013 Gus "excited" a lot of people. The next head coach can be the most boring man this side of Nick Saban. Just win.
  2. Nix stays good enough where those who are nostalgic about Auburn history enjoy the novelty of him being QB1. He is not currently and has shown no major signs of developing into more than a game manager.
  3. They are. If I were them, I'd sit out the Iron Bowl too.Especially after seeing what happened to Tua today.
  4. Steven Leath and company dug this hole. Never forget that.
  5. Gus literally just said "We're a work in progress." Year 7. Game 10.
  6. Where do I report for the "Our 3 losses are to top 10 teams" excuse-gathering thread?
  7. Saw the TD and figured it’s good to leave on a good note. Y’all pull them through and make me regret leaving
  8. Still a good crowd unfortunately. I’m about to add to the small exodus tho
  9. Same people as always. Not like they gave the offense the ball around midfield 4 times in the first half and were rewarded with 3 three and outs and a fumble
  10. Our O-line is bad, but there were three instances in that half Bo had either a clean pocket or a clean rollout with a guy on a seam and chose to tuck it and run. He’s missing his opportunities
  11. Guys, I’m in section 50-something and the idiot behind me who has yelled at Steele all season is doubling down today after that last drive. Tips with how to proceed that don’t get me escorted out of JHS?
  12. A small % of our fans need a good spanking. Suggesting anything negative about Malzahn (and there are many if emotion is parked and intelligence used) is now branded as being anti-Auburn. Some guy here responded to a negative post about our 6 point home win to unranked Ole Miss by saying "a win is a win, get over yourselves" for like the 10th time in 4 posts. He got loads of "trophy reactions." Can we call ostriches with their heads in the sand when we see it? Injured key players and youthful mistakes by talented underclassmen happen on every team but nobody plays the schedule from Hell we have virtually every. Single. Year. And just accepts that's how it is and becomes satisfied with 6-13 against our top three rivals. "Keep Gus right now, HE'LL eventually learn from his mistakes he's made... every year! Go git him a contract extension!"
  13. And now I feel like my post is completely inadequate for leaving out this meme. I am rightfully ashamed for not including it 🤣
  14. They already keep track of the attendance in the blocks and punish/reward accordingly.. The Auburn SGA created this mess a couple years back by making it borderline impossible to sell/transfer your student ticket to someone who might want it. When I started, it was as simple as giving someone your Ignited card. Now, I believe (not familiar with 2019 rules) it's restricted to the owner of the card and there exists a complicated, dumb "guest pass" system if you want to bring anyone else in. Also, if you're going to use the students as hostages in this situation, why not do it to everyone else in the stadium too? Leave at halftime of a boring game in 40 degree weather one too many times? No more season tickets for you.
  15. To reiterate what's been said by many, the players are the subject of zero percent of the frustration. That said, I get how they will use pictures like that one to put a chip on their shoulder. Good. Also, I've seen recent former players make some of the same criticisms on social media as fans are. I get that they're probably "allowed" to without pushback because they've been in their shoes, but honestly the amount of focus put on it by the current players is surprising to me.