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  1. Report: Malzhan staying

    As somebody above me mentioned, market conditions prevailed here. AU pays a premium for stability and a continuation of an upward trend. Best of all it gets settled early so recruits don't have to hear "will he or won't he" for another three weeks. Good for the program to put it behind them, lock it up, and focus on the future. A second straight New Year's Six Bowl awaits. All the hay is now in the barn to see completely what a Gus Malzahn Era looks like at Auburn. Good luck coach, you have your commitment, now keep up the work! WDE
  2. The Absurdity of Auburn’s schedule

    And then to top it off, next year has the murderers row BOTH ON THE ROAD, in addition to what would today be a #7 vs #11 matchup opening against Washington in Atlanta next year. Yes, it's the gauntlet that so many love the SEC for, and what gives the conference so much respect, but I've always hated the Novembers since Mizzou and TAMU joined. I hate those Novembers more now after it being confirmed about two hours ago that Auburn could be the best SEC team, be out of gas and lose an SEC championship, and have a team who played Tennessee and Vanderbilt coast right in.
  3. did we just screw Bama........again

    My only solace is knowing that Clemson would probably club UAT by 30, but it doesn't help with a month to prepare and a month of holiday festivities with bammers (not Alabama graduates, but pure bammers) upcoming. "HARDY HAR HAR, CUTE LITTLE BROTHER HAPPY BOUT STATE CHAMPEENSHIPS BUT AT THE CAPSTONE, WE PLAY FOR NATTIES. ROW DAM TYDE"
  4. did we just screw Bama........again

    Pro Bama argument: only loss was on the road to a top 10 team (who happens to be the only loss on another playoff's team resume as well); didn't lose by 30 to a 5 loss team Anti-Bama argument: OSU 2-1 versus committee top 10 teams, didn't play for a conference championship. As much as I hate to say it, especially with what the committee did last year and watching the UAT love-fest rekindled on ESPN the past hour, I think UAT gets in...and AU has nobody to blame but themselves...ugh
  5. did we just screw Bama........again

    I think UAT just backdoored themselves in. As if this night couldn't get any worse...
  6. B1G Championship

    I think UAT gets in. OSU got beat by 30 to a bad Iowa team. What a day, man...
  7. B1G Championship

    Hopefully Wisky pulls a late comeback and makes the point moot anyway.
  8. "Our Time" doesn't end now (my eat crow post)

    I know I'm not supposed to feed the trolls's your sister doing after that Iron Bowl loss last week? Did she file for divorce or is she okay with your drunken relations with livestock?
  9. "Our Time" doesn't end now (my eat crow post)

    Agree on the first. Stidham's fumble in the first half was more detrimental to the flow of the game in my opinion. I think that a lot of us haven't given enough thought to the fact that there was no Pettway this year as well. So a game like this puts you down to two extremely green guys behind your premier back. Not your best case scenario at any time, and I would have liked to see more Malik Miller as well, but I would have enjoyed to see this team with their top two backs healthy all year.
  10. As someone who loudly called for CGM's head after LSU, I bandwagon-ed myself back on the bus following UGA and jumped in the driver's lap after UAT. AU got outplayed tonight; yes, maybe a little outcoached too. It doesn't change the fact Malzahn has earned the right to be at AU and it's best for the program if he does. Whatever switch flipped after LSU, that "we beat the dog crap out of them" bravado (although it stings tonight to not follow through) shows a killer instinct that a lot of us thought was lacking the past few years. This year I believe Gus finally grew up into an SEC head coach. He's still stubborn; he still makes head-scratching decisions at times; but halfway through year 5, I believe something finally clicked that will stay with him the rest of his coaching career. With 4/7 new SEC West coaches next year, and a Nick Saban that's not getting any younger, AU is poised for that "consistency" we as fans always long for. There's a really good chance Auburn ends the decade with 4-5 conference championship appearances, and 2-3 National championship appearances in the peak of the "Bama Dynasty." I realize loyalty on both ends (fans and coaches) isn't what it used to be, but I believe a 52-year-old Malzahn can get AU football not only to the consistent level, but to the level where the program begins to run itself in both recruiting top talent and playing for championships. The nuts and bolts of a lasting program have already been built, and I really think this November laid the foundation that Auburn fans will look back on in 2020 and beyond as ushering in a golden period of AU football. Hope the boys go get that 11th W, excited to watch recruiting finish strong, and will sleep tonight feeling better about the program than I have since 2013. But, unlike 2014-2016, this is a different Gus; a Gus who has learned how to be an SEC head coach in all temperatures of the fiery furnace that is the SEC west; a Gus with a killer instinct to not only take a program to the top but to consistently return it there. Gus is our coach; and as long as that's true, I believe for a bunch of future AU football players, that "our time" is just beginning. WDE.
  11. ***SECCG -- Auburn vs. Georgia -- Game Thread***

    Score with 4, use timeouts, score with in Overtime! LETS GO AUBURN! WDE!
  12. ***SECCG -- Auburn vs. Georgia -- Game Thread***

    First half confirmed nothing but what we already knew: this is going to be a 4Q game this time around. After two, we're in great position to win it. Good guys get over their nerves and take the second half. AU wins 27-13. WDE
  13. Kerryon Johnson updates

    My apologies, completely a joke! I tried to make it super outlandish but in today's world, it's getting harder to with the actual absurdity of reality Like everyone so far in this thread, unfortunately I know nothing about KJs status but hope it evolves to a "good to go" by Saturday at 3:00 pm
  14. Kerryon Johnson updates

    I saw Kerryon on campus a few minutes ago. He was running and not wearing a sling/cast/brace. Unfortunately I realized I can't waste my whole afternoon meant for studying on watching highlights from last night so had to turn off my TV. *ducks and runs*
  15. Winthrop game

    I'll be there! Let's go Coach Pearl and Auburn Basketball! Chip on the shoulder boys! WDE!