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  1. It appears Tanner's reached the "difficult to sign" part of the rounds which is good for AU. Extremely good chance he comes to reside in Plainsman Park for the next three years.
  2. Yup, good draft for the Orange and Blue (the Auburn version, not the Detroit version)
  3. Keegan 3rd round to the Cubs! WDE!!!
  4. Jacob Heatherly from Cullman (unrelated to Auburn, but a local kid) goes in the third to the Reds
  5. Almost through third round right now and still no Tanner. Getting (selfishly) hopeful lol
  6. According to people near Decatur (and I'm a second-hand source on this so I realize I carry little credibility), Tanner has a number in mind that's pretty much a hard cutoff. I'm not sure of the exact slot value, but this person made it sound like 5th round money would do it. Looking at the slot values for this year, that would run somewhere between 250k and 400k signing bonus, which should be no problem for him (his agent) to negotiate since he's a high school kid with the leverage of college eligibility. They're also really confident this becomes a non-issue in about two hours when the draft resumes. He's on a lot of "Best pitchers available" lists right now after Day 1, so unfortunately, I bet we see his name quickly off the board today.
  7. First 2 rounds complete. Draft resumes tomorrow.
  8. Well, AU loses its first signee of the night. LHP Evan Steele in the 2.5 round, to the Royals. Draft slot worth $780k
  9. I think you're overreacting a bit as you didn't even mention the first part of the quote. "I got my heart ripped out, but I had a blast." I took it as nothing more than he saw this team of misfits with very few accolades fight for 4 hours at a high level against a top 10 team that has made the Super Regionals 15/18 years this century. Im sure it was fun watching a team you lead go from the Bad News Bears of the SEC, work their ass off in the offseason, get overlooked in preseason, fight through the adversity of an SEC schedule, over perform for most of the year, underperform the last month, and still have enough fight left in them to get off the mat and come one strike away from a Super Regional. I'd say that experience probably was a lot of fun. Now we can contextualize quotes all day until we're blue in the face, but I'm a terrible speech analyst, so I'll just let my eyes judge CBT's desire to win. So far, I'd say that desire is pretty dang high and his quest to satisfy that desire is off to a great start.
  10. These people were assuming a 2nd-5th round slot, especially with him staying in the top 50 prospects of a lot of publications for the past two years. There's also a high amount of confidence, i don't know from talks or just from showcases, from them that he'll be called closer to that second round than the fifth.
  11. Anything can happen, but from sources in Decatur, if it's even somewhere close to his projected slot, he's gone.
  12. lol don't even count Tanner anymore, E. He gone.
  13. I'm a little wary (besides you're seemingly otherworldly ability to determine the heart of a team who's overachieved for three out of four months from a TV screen) of people who automatically assume we'll be better next year. Losing Keegan, draft uncertain with lots of JuCo guys...hopefully Coach Thompson didn't screw himself by being too successful too early. Hopefully now the program can begin to be built from a freshman class on and not rely so much on JuCo
  14. At my current BAC, nothing is implied! 6-0 to bottom 9, let's score 7.
  15. No no no Foundation. NOT WHAT YOU SAID!