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  1. SCTiger2011

    Another loss to a rival

    I know I'm probably asking something that can easily be found on Google but I'm headed to grab drinks with an ex (figured I'd be specific to show how much I'm enjoying pain tonight between watching that ****show and now this 🤣): What does the buyout drop to on December 2? Or January or whenever it drops?
  2. SCTiger2011

    Another loss to a rival

    Ah, damn. It just hit me we're not gonna do that back to back 10 win season thing...again...
  3. SCTiger2011

    Another loss to a rival

    Steele gets a longer leash from me because of overall performance. His side of the ball was a big catalyst in the comeback last week and only gave up 7 in the second half tonight and gave the offense plenty of time to get back in a position to win the game in the third quarter. I'll agree they have performed average, but like I mentioned last week, I remember the few years with Gus, we were just like "Damn hold the other team under 30 and we would win by 2 TDs"
  4. SCTiger2011

    Another loss to a rival

    nah, I can think of two off the top of my head who just like to blame everything on Steele (whose group was terrible tonight but DAMN HIM FOR GIVING UP MORE THAN THE 9 POINTS IT WOULDA TAKEN TO WIN THIS GAME)
  5. SCTiger2011

    **Georgia Game thread***

    Bruhhhhh? Auburn. Has. Ten. Points.
  6. SCTiger2011

    **Georgia Game thread***

    "7-5 looked bleak when we were 4-3! Everyone was talking about how we would finish 6-6, but Gus turned it around and got us to 7-5!!! Great job down the stretch! Steele and Chip just let him down!" -Gus Bus Sunshine Pumper Association in 12:10 of game time from now
  7. SCTiger2011

    **Georgia Game thread***

    The offense had the third quarter to take advantage and didn't. Defense picked a bad time to regress to the first half version of themselves now...fat lady warming up...
  8. SCTiger2011

    **Georgia Game thread***

  9. SCTiger2011

    **Georgia Game thread***

    Steele's defense gave up 30 to Tennessee. That I will fault him for. They look to be on the way to 30+ tonight. I'll fault him/them for that too. That's two poor showings without a doubt. But this defense has bailed out the offense numerous times, it would be nice for the offense to return the favor for once...
  10. SCTiger2011

    **Georgia Game thread***

    I promise not to get pessimistic until Auburn is down by 17+. Until then, I believe Auburn wins 55-17! WDE! EDIT: Disclaimer that this post was written 95% sober and I stand by my current optimism!
  11. SCTiger2011

    What a horrible place to be

    Yesterday's win still not enough to get AU in either of the two major polls, meaning barring a much improved performance in Athens, the next time AU will see a number by their name in football will be in July of next year... ROI not good for year 1 of 7...may year 2 make up for it and then some.
  12. SCTiger2011

    Texas A&M postgame thread

    Beat a team Auburn is supposed to beat. Not knocking that feat, because it hasn’t happened consistently enough recently, so War Damn to that progress! I understand the frustrations of the “Fire Gus” faction, but I can’t get upset over a win, especially with the fact the 32 mil buyout was probably a pipe dream for this season anyway. As for the “Gus Bus Sunshine Association,” I would say that pulling for the boys and supporting the coaching staff can be mutually exclusive events. A good many sunshine pumpers have been telling people how to act after losses, so I suggest they maybe just continue their sunshine pumping and not do the same after wins, it appears as quite a self-serving exercise. As for the AUBURN FAMILY, it’s always a great day to walk out of Jordan-Hare after a win and it really sets the tone for the weekend mood. Today, I’m happy. WDE!
  13. SCTiger2011

    **Texas A&M Game thread**

    For context, in the stadium, and most of the booing was from students. Doesn’t excuse it but yea, my Sky hangover has me irritable this morning too
  14. SCTiger2011

    **Texas A&M Game thread**

    I mean I get it’s fun to **** on the defense now (and yea, they have played very average for a couple weeks), but three-five years ago, our narrative as a fan base was “just hold the teams under 30 points and we can win going away.” Also I’m more confident in the defense’s regression being fixed in future seasons than I am at the offense ever getting their act together