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  1. I worked in Pensacola on a team of 7 for a couple years after undergrad. 3 UGAs, 2 FSUs (right after 2013 football too), and a sidewalk Bammer. I blame my postgrad 40 pounds on the alcohol consumption I put myself through to drown out their incessant bashings of all things Auburn no matter what season or the level of success was. Although it weakened my liver, it thickened my skin that's for sure.
  2. Bryan Matthews just confirmed he’s signed with Minnesota for 500k
  3. Me too. All since the beginning I've received my info from a "source of a source" so I've been wary of any information I get, but most of it has been correct. The people within the city of Auburn all seem to hold strong opinions on this, and regardless of the outcome the two obvious battle cries from the sides are ready to go. It's either going to be "his connections to important people in Auburn played a part" or "he's being made an unfair example of because of the high profile nature of the case." I am trying to opt for a more nuanced view than the extremely polarizing ones, but in honestly my meter for grace isn't as high as my belief system probably expects of me. This has been a weird summer in Auburn since these two tragedies in the late spring, and I'm ready for fall semester to give the city its breath back again.
  4. "Manslaughter. A motorist who kills another person while driving “recklessly” can be charged with manslaughter. A person acts with recklessness by knowingly doing or failing to do something that creates a substantial and unjustifiable risk to others. The risk must be of such nature and degree that the failure to perceive it constitutes a gross deviation from the standard of care that a reasonable person would use in like circumstances. So the difference between negligence and recklessness—and therefore between negligent homicide and manslaughter—is whether the defendant was aware of the risk created by the conduct. Generally, a person who was aware of but disregarded the risk is guilty of manslaughter, whereas a person without such awareness is guilty of negligent homicide." I got my law degree at the university of Google, so hopefully the experts have more to add
  5. This has unfortunately been the rumor floating around Auburn since shortly after the accident. Sad to see it confirmed
  6. I’ve read a couple articles on the baseball facilities delay now, and I keep waiting to see a legitimate reason it’s being delayed? Facilities improvements and the bureaucracy it takes to get them done are above my head, so I’ll plead ignorance in my opinion, but reading these articles frustrates me to no end. Especially after this season, it feels like a slap in the face to not expedite improvements in any way possible while Auburn baseball is familiar to recruits in the national sphere again. I may be wrong but the Auburn way of facilities upgrades seems to be 1) acknowledge the need; 2) convene a committee, 3) hear proposals 4) choose proposal 5) cite some unforeseen circumstance that delays or changes the project. Baseball (and softball from those who follow that program more closely than I do) desperately need upgrades and seem to constantly have the rug snatched out from under them with regards to what they’re promised. The fan support (sadly) isn’t there for us to get near the baseball shrines that are Starkville and Fayetteville, but Plainsman needed its upgrades just to stay middle of the road about a decade ago, and it is still waiting on those needs. Dont know enough to know if I should be frustrated at Greene, BoT, Leath, nobody, or everybody, but on its head it sucks that Auburn can’t seem to get a minor financial project built for a big three sport. Rant ended.
  7. Dr. Leath was hired by the BoT in a farce of a search that lacked transparency and revealed numerous flaws in his past positions that seemed to be overlooked. He never fully embraced the Auburn community. Auburn University’s rise to a Tier 1 research institute under his tenure is an accomplishment but one that was well on its way during Gogue’s administration. Not sure if his leaving is athletics related or not, but I hope the BoT does a better job conducting a search this time around
  8. Edited because I don’t know how to read a roster 😂
  9. I’m repeating myself to an extent from yesterday but this part excites me. The regular season has a lot of room for growth and improvement to strengthen the program. Next step will be to slay the consistent .500ish monster in conference play (even though in the SEC it’s more than adequate) and start challenging for regular season hardware!
  10. Now the choice on who to root for. I’m half bulldog, but the other night still leaves a bad taste. After Virginia, I don’t wanna see another champion use us as a stepping stool 😂. Michigan’s a nice little Cinderella team compared to everyone else and it’s Martins last year at FSU so I think I’ll pull for either
  11. From the early 15 game streak of W’s to the seemingly never-ending slump the back half of the year to the magical postseason run...that was exhausting and so much fun just as a fan, can’t imagine what the players felt! Good job dudes, hurt for what could have been for a little bit, but then forget it and look ahead to a lifetime of being recognized on the Plains for a helluva year.
  12. Maybe, but with a fifth round pick and Junior leverage, he gone.
  13. If you’re gonna have an “unhappy” end to the season like 350 other teams, might as well have it in Omaha!