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  1. Just curious, hypothetically, Cole. If another high profile former Auburn receiver came out in favor of the firing, would that player's opinion be just as valid? I doubt the former players have homogeneous thinking, just like none of us uninformed-to-somewhat-informed forum posters can ever agree on anything lol. Sammy loves Auburn, knows the game, and has the right to his opinion. But it would be difficult to know if every former Auburn WR shares his exact viewpoint.
  2. Yea, I don't get it. Well, partially I do. Theres always a "pro-hire"/"anti-hire" faction split after a new coach is hired that creates the initial biases of fan reaction. But, I don't get the extreme initial negative reaction here and on social media over a position coach. Harsin will succeed or fail on his own merits. I think the ceiling for a Gus Malzahn or Harsin Auburn team in 2021 was always 8-4 and that depended on good QB/WR cohesion. So, in my opinion, people looking for blood in a Year 1 that's looking increasingly like a 6-6 campaign at best are just impatient and don't want t
  3. I usually have strong opinions either one way or another, but I gotta say...kinda apathetic on this one. Not even upset if there is a real "Boise way vs SEC way of doing things" fight on staff. Hell, the Auburn SEC way hasn't proven itself consistent enough times so I'm okay with bringing everything, excluding the blue turf, from Idaho and seeing the results speak for themselves.
  4. It's December 2021...Bo Nix has just led a valiant 4th quarter comeback to beat Georgia Tech 17-16 in the Doritos Ranch Chip Bowl to give Auburn a 7-6 season after taking over for TJ Finley following a loss to LSU and reclaiming the QB1 spot. Bo supporters everywhere take a victory lap of bragging after the 3 year veteran finally learns how to complete an out route for the W and claim "Next year is the year he puts it all together...!" Is it nostalgia for the days of his dad that have so many in here believing there's untapped potential almost 30 games into his career? The sample size w
  5. Ok guys, the first L looks imminent. So let's get the "previous regime" nostalgic love-fest out of the way from the people who hated the head coaching hire and then put it to rest for the rest of the year.
  6. He had put his hand on the ground to try and lunge for the end zone. He can't both be trying to score and be a defenseless player. Terrible call
  7. I'm guessing this isn't as widely known as I thought, but Mark Jennings is a satire/parody account. Coach Harsin didn't say this.
  8. Trying not to switch automatically from anti-Gus to pro-whoever the next guy is but I'm hopeful in the hire. Personally, I get intrigued by the "non big name" hires because it shows some creativity that goes against modern groupthink. With everyone else, I'm curious about 1) how he can relate to recruits in the SEC and 2) does he have full autonomy. At the least, we've gone from paying 7 million a year for 4.5 losses a year to hopefully 3.5ish million, so an automatic increase in our ROI 😂 Also, excited to see a pro-style offense at Auburn.
  9. 6-4 year with the whole world knowing two of the first three games could have Auburn easily at 4-6. Allen Greene, take a page from every good manager's playbook and "never let a crisis go to waste." Fire him, Covid year be damned.
  10. His footwork's terrible. He reads through progressions like a 9th grade QB even when he is given time by the (yes, an inconsistent) o-line. I haven't seen his front shoulder point toward the target ever. He mismanages simple QB situations (Arkansas). His accuracy inside of ten yards is spotty at best and receivers consistently have to alter their body just to make the catch. Need more "logic"?
  11. Eh, sometimes I have a few drinks and talking to the Brick Wall that is the Bo Nix Fan Club doesn't irritate me
  12. Lol, moving the goal post of the argument? The thesis of my argument is Bo is getting preferential treatment. Whether he is the cause of it or the coaching staff is facilitating it is irrelevant. It seems here, on your side of the argument, there are just as many people who think NOTHING is Bo's fault. And, hate to spoil the "great kid" narrative, but there are just as many anecdotal stories that he acts as entitled as he is perceived.
  13. No it doesn't. You just don't like hearing it so YOU tune it out. Auburn has plenty of problems outside the QB position. But that doesn't negate that the QB position is one of the plenty of problems. The two are not mutually exclusive.
  14. Why? I don't think many people actually think those two are better QBs than Bo Nix. The fact that Bo Nix is the best we have because we cleared out our QB pipeline (both on current roster and on the recruiting trail) so daddy's Legacy boy wouldn't feel any pressure to actually perform at a high level with a half-decent option behind him is what frustrates many.
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