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  1. SCTiger2011

    LSU postgame thread (merged threads)

    Also, can I get a clarification on the Anders "hate"? I know he missed a chipshot opening weekend, but guys 52 yarders aren't gimme's in this game and from inside the stadium the snap looked low...I mean he might not be as good as Daniel when all is said and done, but neither has any kicker in the HISTORY of the conference.
  2. SCTiger2011

    LSU postgame thread (merged threads)

    I know nothing about football (guess I should stop there and not even write the rest of the post but maybe it'll be therapeutic for me so y'all cut me some slack lol) LSU seemed automatic on third and long in the first half. That was frustrating. To drive and get into scoring position all the way from inside the 10 and not get at least 3 out of it was very frustrating in the first half. I think I'm the only one out on this limb (again, I don't know football though lol), but I thought the O-line played pretty well (?) actually. It seems Stidham continues to sometimes get happy feet for no reason in the pocket. Gus as the problem/Gus not as the problem: I don't know (end of last year I was of the first opinion), but all I know is Auburn football has lost a lot of its fun lately, and I'll candidly admit it's because the team across the state keeps bringing home national title trophies. I don't allow AU football to raise my blood pressure anymore and just kinda view every season as an 8-4 ready to happen though and I'm not sure how I feel about it... Auburn soccer is top 10 and undefeated, Coach Pearl and Coach Thompson have me excited about the other sports on campus, but Auburn football has me disenchanted at the moment. Ok, I'll hang up and listen to the rest of you guys now. War Eagle everybody
  3. SCTiger2011

    Next years pitching rotation

    Earlier in the year when the MSU job came open, I was over 50% sure Butch would bolt, especially growing up a stone's throw from Starkville. Florida's run notwithstanding, MSU is the capstone of SEC baseball and one of the crown jewels in NCAA baseball, so I figure it would be the ultimate "dream job" for CBT. However, after hearing comments about how he likes this core of freshman and looks forward to coaching them the next few years, I believe he's an Auburn Tiger until he wants to retire in 25 years and get the park named after him. He doesn't strike me as one for much "coach-speak" so I think he is truly fond of Auburn and plans to be here.
  4. SCTiger2011

    Upgrades to Baseball Stadium

    Good to know this, because a couple of times this year, especially down the stretch in the heat of a hosting race, I was disappointed by the "eye test" look at the size of the crowd.
  5. SCTiger2011

    2018 Baseball Recruiting Thread

    Rivera signed a professional contract yesterday I believe. Got paid 800k. He gone.
  6. SCTiger2011

    Baseball vs. Florida game 3

    Regardless, when game 3s are often lopsided because one side’s pitching is gone, this is a game 3 played at the highest level tonight. Our guys have gone from 8-22 SEC two years ago to fighting the national champions in their house with 12 outs to Omaha. So damn proud. Now bring it home boys
  7. SCTiger2011

    Baseball vs Florida - Game 1

    Final: Florida 8, Auburn 2. Game 2 tomorrow at 11 am.
  8. SCTiger2011

    Baseball vs Florida - Game 1

    Florida's the goal program right now. This program will get there. Hell, already made a big stride toward being there. And they go to bed tonight with the same situation as they did last night. Win two, go to Omaha
  9. SCTiger2011

    Baseball vs Florida - Game 1

    Burns versus Kowar tomorrow. And Auburn still with enough arms to go toe to toe with Leftwich on Sunday if they can get there. Hopefully same early innings approach as today with better execution with RISP
  10. SCTiger2011

    Baseball vs Florida - Game 1

    Hats off to Singer for pulling a Houdini act of regrouping. Still don’t like the kid for his temper/dugout antics when things don’t go his way. I get the competitive spirit but there’s a way to do that without acting like a petulant child
  11. SCTiger2011

    Baseball vs Florida - Game 1

    It appears we shouldn’t have been playing for bunts earlier...*ducks and runs* 😂
  12. SCTiger2011

    Baseball vs Florida - Game 1

    Kinda hard not to try when the offense looks on pace, outside of lesser matched Army, to give you 16 runs total in your past 6 appearances
  13. SCTiger2011

    Baseball vs Florida - Game 1

    And by struggling for command, I mean relative to an extremely high standard. The 2-RBI hit down the right field line was just a perfect example of opposite field hitting on a ball low and away
  14. SCTiger2011

    Baseball vs Florida - Game 1

    Casey struggling for command today, but that arms already got over 110 innings in it. Stetsons ace crapped the bed yesterday, Singer’s off’s almost an inevitability toward the end of the season with these young arms. To be honest, not that I’m taking the defeatist approach, but a super and Casey getting that number one draft pick have made this season for me. You’re facing the defending national champion at their place with two guys who went first round in their rotation. It’s competitive so far, which is all you can ask
  15. SCTiger2011

    Auburn Players Drafted

    Brett Wright drafted by the Blue Jays in the 26th round