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  1. You mean we're not going 30-0 in conference? Well, damn....
  2. Welcome to some top 25 talk in some baseball publications, Tigers (#20).
  3. Mize and Lipscomb showed some grade A grit today through some tough situations. Type of game AU hasn't won very often in the past several years. Way to close it out, Tigers! Already a great weekend, but let's use some brooms tomorrow on Sunday Run Day!
  4. Not a bad opening series win for "just a pitching coach"
  6. 0-2 count...
  7. 3-2...K!!!!! 2 down!
  8. Groundout. 1 down.
  9. Uneventful 8th for AU. Let's get 3 outs and close out this series.
  10. Inning over. To B8. Let's get some insurance, Auburn!
  11. Flyball with the runner going. Todd makes the play...throw to first for the double up....YESSSS! 2 down, bases clear.
  12. Yikes. HBP on 0-2. UF with a runner on, no out
  13. Lipscomb in for Mize. Let's go Cole
  14. K. Inning over. To the 8th clinging to a 1 run lead.
  15. Flyout. 2 down with a Tiger on 2nd.