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  1. If Moo State is a 5 seed, AU is a four at worst
  2. So, is it Pearl Arena, Bruce Pearl Arena, or just “The Pearl”?
  3. Tennessee fans booing a block/charge call down 15 in essentially a home game for them while Auburn singlehandedly takes away both their opportunities at championships this year... Inject this into my veins
  4. Eh, I’ll take trading baskets the next 5 minutes. Do agree on the playing smarter though
  5. Might be pressing my luck but it is St Patrick’s day!!!
  7. Is Wiley still not 100% or is it just a team chemistry thing at this point? Horace and McLemore more than doing their jobs though the past week
  8. If it gets below 5, I take full responsibility and will try to reverse the bad juju
  9. Wondering if it’s the time to tell y’all I pushed record on the DVR after the 12 point lead and it’s never gotten larger than that...
  10. Auburn is definitely “out-efforting them” but Auburn is the more talented team. I’m now convinced
  11. DP being big already today. Not gonna jinx us, but let’s just say this is the time of year you like to see that...
  12. Grant Williams getting the Chris Silva treatment down low 🙄
  13. Personally, I like winning “controversially.” Gives me good laughs reading salty Gator fan tweets for a couple hours. 🤣 40 more minutes for a championship. WDE.
  14. 0-4 on four threes to start the half with McLemore taking two of them lol. This team, man
  15. Every time I get frustrated with this team (it’s often) I have to remind myself it’s not the “Final 4” quality team we thought we would have after the tournament last year. The ceiling for this team with two streaky guards, no consistent inside presence, and replacing their best player was probably always a mid-high seed in the NCAA with the good chance to win one game in March, maybe two if they got streaky at the right time. Disappointed with the season, but also nice to know a “disappointing” season now is this.