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  1. Boy I’m really surprised we didn’t go with the fire to get a Thompson/Gross/Nonemaker ejection trifecta there. Woulda been worth it. Pure incompetence. Game balls to Scheffler and Holland late and Greenhill. 3 regional appearances in a row is impressive for the state of Auburn baseball since 2000. This team hasn’t played up to their potential at all, but Auburn in position next year to not have a player with prior experience at Auburn who hasn’t seen regional play. Big accomplishment to the staff.
  2. Baseball at a Discounted Price Per Inning Coming up. I watched innings 1-7 and disgustedly ignored 8 and 9. So for the good of the result, think I’ll watch Koepka until this one is over. Take advantage of the opportunity Auburn
  3. Teams show you who they are down the stretch. Auburn just showed they’re not a regional worthy team, strength of record and RPI notwithstanding. Using the eye test, this team isn’t one of the 64 best. That said, I didn’t really expect them to be coming into the year and especially once the injuries hit. Still disappointing though because as of the Georgia series they had scraped and clawed their way to an appearance. The past two weeks have been textbook “playing yourself out of “ the postseason. Edit: Still leaving after the homerun because I own my takes and, well, it led to the homerun. So please direct all thumbs down reactions down and to the right until this one goes final
  4. Mentally checked out at the plate so many times battling when behind in the count...weak waves at 55 footers...probably could count the number of good ABs on one hand
  5. Final. LSU takes the series with a 5-1 victory. Two hits for Auburn tonight. The Tigers fall to 31-23 and 13-16 in conference. Series finale tomorrow at 2pm.
  6. Strike out on 3 pitches....2 of which were in the dirt....2 out.
  7. To the 9th. Grand slam will tie it. 5-run homer will take the lead
  8. Williams flies out to deep RF. Inning over. 4-1 LSU to B8
  9. Scheffler pops out to the catcher. 1 down in the 8th.
  10. LSU goes to their bullpen for the start of the 8th
  11. 4-1 LSU to the 8th. Outside the 4th inning, Owen has looked good tonight.