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  1. Can anyone explain how Auburn could pony up the money for the Football-Only facility (which is needed) but can't throw $4 million baseballs way?
  2. Forgot about the 3-3 in those 6. .500 there would beat expectations
  3. It's a 5 game schedule the rest of the way: TAMU, MSU, LSU , UGA, UAT. Win 2 of the first three and the season will probably meet/beat most expectations for a freshman QB at 9-3. 8-4 or worse and I'd be frustrated.
  4. Joey Gatewood should be a starting QB in Power 5 college football...and I say that as someone who is ok Bo is currently Auburn's starter.
  5. I get the "let's be patient/supportive of Bo's mistakes" sentiment trickling in here and agree with it insomuch as I would with any QB, freshman to senior who is bound to have moments of struggle over the course of a season. I don't think he should be given any extra understanding just because he's a true freshman. True freshmen the last decade have shown they're more than capable of leading teams to championships, and Bo just won what many have called the toughest QB competition Auburn has had in a long time. Him coming out on top means he's a worthy QB1, regardless of age, and his talent/rise to this role should be above the "well, he is still learning..." crutch when/if he struggles. Gus thinks he's found the guy who gives him the best shot at a championship. Let's hope he's right!
  6. This is exactly my issue with it. Several of the new apartment complexes just off downtown have added hundreds of people but left the nearby roadways the same (Wright, Thomas, and Toomers streets are still one way between Glenn and Magnolia). If that entire 8-block area bounded by North Donahue and College street is about to get upgraded to high-density apartments, they might as well extend the "walking campus" concept of the university to include all the way to the railroad tracks, because that is going to be a nightmare 🤣 As for the freshmen not bringing cars scenario, I'd hate to see that happen because it was one of the things that turned me off immediately to other schools I was considering out of high school but it might have to happen. A new parking deck next to the Hotel and Conference center was just completed, but in all honesty the campus needs about five more of them.
  7. Before we start the actual informative Fall threads in here, thought I'd offer the general main traffic changes since the end of last season to make everyone aware. The biggest change is South Donahue is now two lane out to South College Street instead of four lane. For some reason the outer lanes were replaced by gigantic bike lanes. I expect this to cause backups and frustration as people head that way to I-85 after the game. (semi-rant: Why this town keeps putting higher density buildings on lower-density roads I do not understand. It's not unusual for Magnolia or College to get backed up on a summer afternoon, much less a crowded football weekend. \End rant). Construction of adding new parking spaces to the hay field on Donahue is still going on, but I see that being completed before RV season. Last I heard, the City Council still hasn't set a concrete date on the new apartment building going up on Magnolia (where ChickfilA now) but it would be the dumbest thing ever to start it during the fall (which means the city of Auburn will probably start it during the Fall). This has been your pre-season traffic update. Drive safe and war eagle! 🤣
  8. I worked in Pensacola on a team of 7 for a couple years after undergrad. 3 UGAs, 2 FSUs (right after 2013 football too), and a sidewalk Bammer. I blame my postgrad 40 pounds on the alcohol consumption I put myself through to drown out their incessant bashings of all things Auburn no matter what season or the level of success was. Although it weakened my liver, it thickened my skin that's for sure.
  9. Bryan Matthews just confirmed he’s signed with Minnesota for 500k
  10. Me too. All since the beginning I've received my info from a "source of a source" so I've been wary of any information I get, but most of it has been correct. The people within the city of Auburn all seem to hold strong opinions on this, and regardless of the outcome the two obvious battle cries from the sides are ready to go. It's either going to be "his connections to important people in Auburn played a part" or "he's being made an unfair example of because of the high profile nature of the case." I am trying to opt for a more nuanced view than the extremely polarizing ones, but in honestly my meter for grace isn't as high as my belief system probably expects of me. This has been a weird summer in Auburn since these two tragedies in the late spring, and I'm ready for fall semester to give the city its breath back again.
  11. "Manslaughter. A motorist who kills another person while driving “recklessly” can be charged with manslaughter. A person acts with recklessness by knowingly doing or failing to do something that creates a substantial and unjustifiable risk to others. The risk must be of such nature and degree that the failure to perceive it constitutes a gross deviation from the standard of care that a reasonable person would use in like circumstances. So the difference between negligence and recklessness—and therefore between negligent homicide and manslaughter—is whether the defendant was aware of the risk created by the conduct. Generally, a person who was aware of but disregarded the risk is guilty of manslaughter, whereas a person without such awareness is guilty of negligent homicide." I got my law degree at the university of Google, so hopefully the experts have more to add
  12. This has unfortunately been the rumor floating around Auburn since shortly after the accident. Sad to see it confirmed