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  1. Tigers scheduling "flying high" this week with the scrimmage times.
  2. Weekend Baseball Commit: Richard Fitts

    Also mods, I overlooked that E had already started/pinned a thread for 2018 recruits. Feel free to absorb this thread and move it there to keep the board clean and organized.
  3. On Friday, Richard Fitts, RHP (Helena, Alabama) committed to the 2018 class. On PerfectGame, listed as 6-3, 185 pounds. Missed last season due to arm injury, but expected to play his senior season. Below is some of his stuff. Looks like some nice 2-seam action at 86-87mph, slider around 78mph, and a 71 mph curve ball as of July 2016. War Eagle!
  4. Embarrassed or Mad?

    Not really much of either. After I graduated undergrad a few years ago, my zealous fanaticism has kind of waned and I don't know why. Maybe its something you go through when you first start getting older than the team you're pulling for or maybe it's just a priority shift. I'm from a (rather obnoxious) half-Bama family so I'm kind of numb to rival taunts. I just get tired of Auburn settling for "being Auburn" on so many things. P.S. However, an odd occurrence that has happened since undergrad ended is I take AU baseball losses much harder than I used to. Its always been my favorite sport, but it's kind of strange how I feel my passion growing in that area and lessening toward football losses. Is this a quarter-life crisis ??
  5. Washington v ASU

    Like so many weekends in the past, AU has the chips fall in front of them that would put them squarely at the front of the national title picture and can't take advantage. Makes today even more Frustrating...
  6. The team has started their fall intrasquad/practice sessions. The link gives dates of those open to the public. For times, usually check the Auburn Baseball twitter account. A little over four months from first pitch, but I'm excited on what the sequel to last year's regional final team looks like. War Eagle and Let's Go Auburn Baseball!
  7. Personnel Assessment

    Oh my mistake. I thought you were going to talk about players currently on this roster. I don't recognize anyone you've mentioned here....
  8. Personnel Assessment

    I had planned to go down that route honestly, but after my initial broad questions, became angry at the L again and lost heart to continue lol. I urge you to pick up the baton and continue though!
  9. Auburn's next Head Coach Not a fan of SDS, but hire the dang man lol
  10. Personnel Assessment

    I know there are a lot of dumpster fire posts going on right now (as there should be, heck, I want to start 20 of them right now), but as to not clog the board with clones of the same topic, I figured I'd discuss something else I'm interested to get opinions on. Do people still "like" a Gus offense? And I mean an Auburn OC Gus Malzahn offense. I watch a lot of Pac-12 games because of family ties and I reminisce about the old 2004 AU West Coast offense probably way too much. While once "revolutionary," this offense just seems so cumbersome, relying on a process to happen (wait for the DE to crash) instead of relying on instinct. Personally, I miss things like a fullback, athletic tight ends, and 6'5 receivers. So I guess my question is, although AU is racking up in recruiting "rankings," is this offense so dependent on a "type" of player that AU is pigeon-holing itself into the type of athlete it can recruit to effectively run this offense, thus making it difficult to put together the "perfect formula"? As for the defensive side, I do find it a bit laughable that we as fans are frustrated now with 14-20 point defensive performances when I could swear in 2013-2014 we were lamenting "just hold them under 30 and we'll hang NC banners." I realize this defense has holes, particularly in the secondary, but I thoroughly enjoy watching them every Saturday. And for final icing on the cake, our special teams snaps and punts give me massive nausea this year. I don't know what/if there's an issue, but it sure watch.
  11. FINAL: AU 23 LSU 27 -- Postgame Thread

    Wait...people are really taking the chance here to talk **** about the DEFENSE? LOL i'm done.
  12. ***Auburn vs. LSU -- Game Thread***

    Jet sweep on this first down.
  13. ***Auburn vs. LSU -- Game Thread***

    Seriously though, lets turn over the playcard and find the other 4 plays this offense knows how to run. The front side of the card getting a little stale.
  14. ***Auburn vs. LSU -- Game Thread***

    OH NO PANIC THE DEFENSE GAVE UP ALL THOSE YARDS AND...forced a punt...cancel the panic I guess? Or are we still going to panic because we can't handle nice things?
  15. ***Auburn vs. LSU -- Game Thread***

    Defense made some mental errors, but to be honest I'm glad to see they were from being overaggressive and not lackadaisical. Still can't do them in a game this close, but better that be the problem than lazy technique/no hustle. It will be adjusted. Auburn wins by 20+. WDE