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  1. Offensive assessment: Lack of concentration Lack of coaching preparation Lack of diversity in play calling selection
  2. Happy we didn’t drive from Charlotte to attend this!
  3. Another factor is when the OC sends in a play package with the player personnel any person with coaching experience(high school) can predict probable plays. IE, double wing(H-back) run play & with doubles, trips. receivers result with down field toss! One still wonders who is making the calls offensively!
  4. The officials aren’t losing this game it totally falls on the staff and player production, chemistry & talent! No talent with the offensive line. Change qb to option with RPO! Line block zone and not need to hold blocks long!
  5. That’s following their game plan? All trick plays from the back of the playbook?
  6. Goes back when he hired Herb Hand after he was released from Penn State. Little recruiting for quality line prospects plus Hand not a teaching coach whereas Grimes is a great technique coach. Like the old saying, “ can’t make chicken salad outta chicken _ _ _ _”!
  7. Forget renovations save to buyout his contract!
  8. UCF staff well prepared this team of lesser talent level speaks volumes since time was divided between this bowl game and transition to Nebraska! Better coached team won, that simple !
  9. Poorly coached especially preparation and mindset of players. Never played with urgency until now. Warm up the bus boys!
  10. Brandon Streeter or Brent Ventibles of Clemson! Prefer Streeter as he recruits & develops QB talent and Auburn retain Steele as Defensive Coordinator!
  11. Kevin Steele head coach NOW! Saw this posture with Ole Miss the second half last week! It rests at the head coach ‘s feet. Change the leadership now including the AD !
  12. Should LSU prevail will the AD reimburse our expenses from Charlotte, meals, motel(2 days), and tickets since he felt the contract extension was warranted? After my first degree in '74 my first high school teaching/coaching income was $5k, that's coaching three sports not to mention delivering the Charlotte Observer(am) and painting houses in the summer months. My wife taught and coached too! Being retired one must be frugal on fixed budgets! "Live The Creed" WAR EAGLE ! GO TIGERS !